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flydubai Refunds

Depending on which fare class you have booked, flydubai will charge a fee for changing the itinerary and also for cancellation of the flights.

The following table summarises the different charges and fees for changes to itinerary and no show cases. 

The charges are mentioned for the following:

Changing Itinerary

  Up to 24 hours before departure Within 24 hours before departure
Pay to change Fare Difference + AED 150 per person, per flight. Refund of applicable taxes only. Change fee is 100% of the flight fare plus the fare of the rebooked flight. 
Free to change Fare Difference  Fare Difference,plus a fee of AED 365 per person, per flight. 
Special offer Fare Difference + AED 150 per person, per flight. Refund of applicable taxes only. Change fee is 100% of the flight fare plus the fare of the rebooked flight. 
Business Class Fare Difference. No fees apply for changes made before departure.  Fare Difference to be paid. No fees apply for changes. made before departure. 

No show 

  No Show
Pay to change Refund of applicable taxes only, as flydubai voucher. No changes are permitted
Free to change A fee of AED 365 per person, per flight + fare difference up to 96 hours after departure. Refund of applicable taxes only, as flydubai voucher. 
Special offer Refund of applicable taxes only, as flydubai voucher. No changes are permitted.
Business Class A fee of AED 365 per person, per flight + fare difference up to 96 hours after departure. Refund of applicable taxes only, as flydubai voucher.  

Full and Partial Cancellation of Tickets

Charges for cancelling flight tickets up to and within 24 hours of scheduled departure time of flight are given below:

  Full Cancellation Partial Cancellation
  Up to 24 hours before departure within 24 hours before departure up to 24 hours before departure within 24 hours before departure
Pay to  Change A flydubai voucher will be issued less an AED 200 per person, per flight 100% of flight fare. Refund of applicable taxes only, as flydubai voucher. A flydubai voucher will be issued less an AED 200 fee per person, per flight+ Fare difference 100% of flight fare. Refund of applicable taxes only, as flydubai voucher. 
Free to Change A flydubai voucher will be issued less an AED 200 per person, per flight A flydubai voucher will be issued less AED 365 per person, per flight A flydubai voucher will be issued less an AED 200 fee per person, per flight+ Fare difference A flydubai voucher will be issued less an AED 365 per person, per flight plus any difference in the fare
Special Offer A flydubai voucher will be issued less an AED 200 per person, per flight  100% of flight fare. Refund of applicable taxes only, as flydubai voucher. A flydubai voucher will be issued less an AED 200 fee per person, per flight+ Fare difference 100% of flight fare. Refund of applicable taxes only, as flydubai voucher 
Business Class A flydubai voucher will be issued less an AED 200 per person, per flight  A flydubai voucher will be issued less AED 200 per person, per flight A flydubai voucher will be issued less an AED 200 fee per person, per flight plus any difference in the fare A flydubai voucher will be issued less an AED 200 fee per person, per flight plus any difference in the fare

Change in Schedule

In case of change in the schedule of flights, flydubai will provide you information about change using the contact details provided by you. Therefore, it is your duty to provide the right contact details so as to enable ease of communication.

In case the change is not acceptable, you will have to take vouchers of same value.

Compensation for delay

  1. If delay is for less than 3 hours, no compensation or refunds are given

  2. If delay is more than 3 hours, refreshment vouchers are given, and

  3. In case of flight cancellation, you would be rebooked on the next available flight subject to availability of seat and would be allowed to change the date of return journey as well, without additional costs.

Denied Boarding

For being denied boarding facility, you are entitled to travel on the next available flight, get refreshments and appropriate care. You can also get the Vouchers for the value of refunds.


Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Sarfaraz Shah

Posted on 14-Jul-2020
Refund may many

Admin Reply :

Please note that we are neither the airline nor any agency which provides ticket booking, so we have no role in refunds of Flydubai. Please get in touch with the airline or the agency which booked tickets for you.


Posted on 09-Jul-2020
hi as u know the travel plans are affected bczo of COVID 19.So is fly dubai offering any cash refund or is it still the same.

Admin Reply :

No cash refunds in our knowledge.

Mohamed Shabeer

Posted on 21-Jun-2020
I have booked the ticket to Dubai on last March 20th and agaIn to change the ticket for April 10th. But I ididn't fly to Dubai regarding the corona virus disease Byt they extended my ticket to six month validity. My visa has been cancelled . so I humbly requested you to return my fare charge as early as soon.

Admin Reply :

flydubai does not give cash refunds. It provides vouchers instead. Please check with the airline as well.

Zahir Mahmood

Posted on 15-Jun-2020
"In case the change is not acceptable, you will either get the cash refunds or you may choose to have the vouchers of same value." Hi. I had a ticket from flydubai but due to covid got canceled. Their next flight isn't till July 1st whereas Emirates is doing flights. Yet Flydubai won't refund the cash and is only offering vouchers even though their dates are not acceptable to me. Any input/help?

Admin Reply :

They do not offer cash refunds. This is the biggest limitation of flydubai. There is no option but to go for vouchers if you want to get money back.


Posted on 11-Dec-2019
If am extending my flight from Friday 13 to next week .how much am supposed to pay

Admin Reply :

Please mention the route and cabin class you are flying.

nikhil haryani

Posted on 30-Nov-2019
I did not show up for my flight pls advice me to rebook my return ticket my return flight was on 29th November 4:10am

Admin Reply :

You have to book afresh. 

Faraz Shaikh

Posted on 06-Nov-2019
Dear sir Can you tell that I had booked 1 ticket, but by mistake I forgot to keep the last name and I had issued the ticket but I filled all the details passport details and all the details, so he can travel without surname Please tell me its urgent Thanks & Regards

Admin Reply :

Name on air ticket shall be same as given in the Passport. To avoid hassles due to discrepancy in names, please contact the airline directly. 

Mir Murtaza Khan

Posted on 25-Jul-2019
I had a flight on 25th July at 4.20 am from Pakistan to arriving at Dubai at 5.40 am- with a 6 hour transit and then next connecting flight to Baku , Flying from Dubai at 11.55 am at reaching Baku at 2.45 pm. I was denied boarding to the flight as at boarding counters closed at 3.30am and I reached at 3.40 am at the airport . Due to this I missed the flight . Can I get a refund on my flight ? I payed pkr 93000 for the flight . Airline reservation code : RXENXY(fez)

Admin Reply :

Since you were late to board, you are not entitled to refunds. Please get in touch with the airline in this respect. 


Posted on 18-Jul-2019
Can I use my FlyDubai vouchers in booking from Emirates?

Admin Reply :

We do not think this is possible. Please check with the local office of flydubai for confirmation.


Posted on 12-Jul-2019
I miss my flight FZ332 Karachi to Baku via Dubai return ticket also purchased please guide me what is the way of cancellation and how can I refund my amount

Admin Reply :

Cancellation can be done online or through call but the refunds will not be provided in money terms. You will get vouchers of the refund amount which can be used for future travel on the airline. 


Posted on 11-Jul-2019
hi i have flight from faisalabad to dubai and then naples italy .can i change it in dubai airport for catania italy .thanks

Admin Reply :

This is not allowed. 

muhammad zahoor

Posted on 22-Jun-2019
sir my tickt lite packege 6 aguste riyadh to fasilabad sir i need to cancel or change date

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline in this respect.

jabran ul badar kayani

Posted on 20-Jun-2019
I was having vouchers for flydubai of a previous cancelled ticket. While I was paying for new tickets, for half of the price I used vouchers and the rest of the amount via credit card. However, the credit card transaction could not be completed due to some tech glitch and the session time ran out. Now when I try it again, I get the message that the amount of vouchers has been used up. Although I did not buy the tickets. How can this amount be redeemed?

Admin Reply :

You have to get in touch with the airline for this. 

sujan thapa

Posted on 06-Jun-2019
how i can get back refund money if i cancel the ticket

Admin Reply :

flydubai offers travel vouchers in lieu of refunds money.


Posted on 06-May-2019
I missed my flight (FZ-5340) on 04-05-19 (03:25) due to misunderstanding of timing. Now I want to know that how much amount will be refund. Booking Ref. # QQ4LQ4 Multan to Dubai

Admin Reply :

Refund amount will be told by the entity whichi booked the flight. flydubai does not credit into your account but offers travel vouchers. 


Posted on 28-Dec-2018
Hello, My flight was delayed for more than 5 hours, from Dubai to Colombo, do I own any money compensation for this delay?

Admin Reply :

We do not think that flydubai will provide compensation in monetary terms. Please confirm with the airline directly. 


Posted on 22-Dec-2018
sir i cancelled by Travel ticket in June and received the travel voucher. However since we didnt travel after June 2018, there vouhers issued were expired, it there any way we can extend validity of voucher azad

Admin Reply :

Unfortunately this can not be done. However, you can still speak to airline in this respect. This is one of the most awkward provisions of flydubai and has been facing criticism from different quarters.

Ahmed Khokhar

Posted on 14-Dec-2018
Dear, I have some confusion about my return ticket.. i traveled from Karachi to Dubai 19-Oct-2018 and return date was 15-Jan-2019. i got Employment visa at my company in Dubai. now i don`t want to fly on 15 Jan... so will my ticket price refund from where...?

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can go for the partial cancellation of the ticket. Refunds will be done on the basis of your ticket terms. You can speak to the airline or the ticketing agency (if booked tickets with agency) for this matter. flydubai does not refund money, instead it issues the travel vouchers for future date. 

Mitala Timothy

Posted on 09-Dec-2018
I missed a flight with fly dubai can i buy one way and use the old return tickets or its invalid.

Admin Reply :

It will be invalid because you would not have advised the airline about your intention of not using the unused part of the itinerary before the closure of check-in or closure of boarding gate. 


Posted on 06-Dec-2018
I missed my flight dubai to karachi, how i get refund and anyother option for future ticket flight voucher?

Admin Reply :

Refunds are generally issued by way of future travel vouchers by flydubai .However, if yours is the case of No Show, it will be very less sum that you will get back. This is one of the major drawbacks of flying with flydubai. 

Rizwan Ali Khan

Posted on 08-Oct-2018
I missed my flight from fly Dubai zf324 Faisalabad airport can i get next flight and how much i need to pay

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline in this respect. 

Zohair Mehdi

Posted on 28-Sep-2018
I have missed my flight of 21 september due to some family issues. Is there any possibilty of refund my ticket payment ?

Admin Reply :

Sorry, we answered for another airline. flydubai is not expected to offer any refunds. At best, it will provide flight vouchers for travel on future date. 

Bello Abdulmalik

Posted on 17-Sep-2018
How do I claim my compensation my baggage was delayed and I still haven’t heard any news about it

Admin Reply :

You have to report the matter to airline and might  even need to be escalated to higher level. 

Rezaee, Safar Ali

Posted on 16-Sep-2018
I lost the flight from Delhi to Dubai then Baku. It was flydubai 432, 4am from new Delhi international airport. What is the solution if can rebook tickets. Please tell me about the refund. Does your company pay refund based on my lost?

Admin Reply :

First, we are not flydubai and are not associated with it. If you cancel tickets and reboiok, then cancellation charges would be deducated if tickets are refundable. It pays refunds in terms of travel vouchers for future date. Alternatively, you can change the itinerary if cancellation is not needed. 


Posted on 10-Sep-2018
I actually demand the compensation for the delay of my baggage. Actually my flight was on 10 September 2018 ( From Dubai to Asmara). The Timing of the flight to board was 3.40 AM. After reaching the destination, the officials told us that the baggage’s have not arrived and you need to come tomorrow early morning to collect the luggage. On account of this , we requested the officials to provide the compensation for the delay of the luggage , but they said they don’t usually provide the compensation. I enquirer even in the Office of the Fly Dubai and they were telling us to enquirer with the airport officials. As per the norms given in the website a sum of 50 USD dollars will be provided, but the officials here have no response. What am I to do?. Kindly reply.I have the photo copies of the boarding pass and baggage claim . If needed I can attach .

Admin Reply :

You have to contact the airline only and register a complaint. Else, seek judicial remedy. 

Renato Torres

Posted on 06-Sep-2018
I demand a refund for my flight last Aug. 20, 2018 my flight was a connecting flight to another airlines, please do me a favor to refund my payments , They advice me to collect my refund in fly dubai since this is my connecting flight airlines. This what they advised me. I already received my refund to other airlines. Kindly take action for this request as soon as possible. this is my second request. FLIGHT DETAILS;: BOOKING NO. R3RPSV ( August 20, 2018 3:00 Pm) FLIGHT NO. FZ436 (HYderabad-Rajiv Gandhi Int'l. Airport - to DUBAI then (august 20, 2018 6:25 am) FLIGHT NO. FZ8931 (DUBAI - TO -- TBILISI (FINAL DESTINATION.)

Admin Reply :

Please note that the refunds are to be given by whosoever booked the tickets. If this was flydubai, it is the airline which will give refunds. However, flydubai offers travel vouchers for future travel instead of refunds. So, you are not likely to get cash or credit into account. 

Also, please note that we are not associated with any airline. So, you have to contact the airline itself at its contact number.

Nitin Chhetri

Posted on 05-Sep-2018
Hi, I am nitin i have booked fly Dubai ticket from travel agency my flight is 9th Oct now i want to cancel the ticket can company refund the money or not? if i change the date how long i wiil be change...

Admin Reply :

flydubai offers travel vouchers as refunds for tickets. 

Moses Mwanga

Posted on 05-Sep-2018
Please, can i get my refund for my unsed airticket in terms of Vouchers for my future travel? Thnanks

Admin Reply :

Yes, it is given for any unused part of ticket as well. 

Jabir Farook

Posted on 02-Sep-2018
Do i get the refundable fair when changing ticket from 26.09.2018 to 25.09.2018 or do i need to pay extra . How much i need to pay ? if cancelling this ticket how much will i get the refund? thanks

Admin Reply :

flydubai provides refunds by way of vouchers. So, any flight booked with it or change in itinerary will have same consequence. To know amount of refund for which you will get vouchers, please contact the airline. You can check the fees for flight change or ticket cancellation here:


Posted on 31-Aug-2018
Dear sir, I have booked flydubai travelling to TBILISI, my flight have (3) stop over , from Manila to Kuala Lumpur then Hyderabad, then Dubai destination final dist. TBILISI. Now my problem was when i was there in airasia check in desk they told me i can't travel because i don't have VISA in India, and my flight will be transferring another airline so that's why i have to secure visa to india, I told them, i can apply Visa on Arrival in india with philippine passport.( i was informed and searched filipinos can secure visa on arrival in india since jan. 1, 2011) but they ignored me. So they have cancelled my flight right away. and i demand my refund right away. Without my knowledge i thought they are going to refund all my ticket cost. but lately they advised me to secure another refund request in flydubai. KIndly response to my refund request as early as possible. please check my flight details flight ref. No. FZ436 / Aug.20, 2018 ( hyderabad to dubai) flight ref No. FZ8931/ Aug. 20, 2018 (dubai to Tbilisi) booking PNR JWV2SZ

Admin Reply :

It is unfortunate that you had this experience. flydubai offer vouchers in place of refunds. We are not related to any airline in anyway. In that respect, we are quite independent. And, for your refund request, you will have to follow up with the airline on which ticket was booked. 

Tushar Malhotra

Posted on 23-Aug-2018
If I want to cancel my flight how much money will be returned I have booked ticket yesterday

Admin Reply :

flydubai offers vouchers in place of refunds. 


Posted on 21-Aug-2018
I just missed my flight, how can I book again?

Admin Reply :

You can do so online, at reservation centers or by call 


Posted on 20-Aug-2018
I have been denied to check in at the airport in Mumbai - India flight number FZ 446 what to do and my flight is gone already

Admin Reply :

You seem to be late for checking in. It looks a case of No Show. Please get in touch with the airline. 


Posted on 16-Aug-2018
Dear sir. I had booked flydubai tkt from Colombo to dubai.and cancelled because ascendantly i typed the wrong date (2019.8.30)...CAN I CHANGE IT TO. 2018.08.30... I risived voucher.. Can i use it . pay next bookin for cash and voucher bouth

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be used. Vouchers shall be used within 6 months. 

Harun lal

Posted on 09-Aug-2018
Dear sir, I have booked flydubai tkt from dubai to ahmedabad. But i want cancel this ticket online booked on dated 20 aug 2018. So most humble request you to please let me know refund of this ticket. Thanks 052 59 78692

Admin Reply :

The exact refund amount will not be told to us by the airline. Second, flydubai issues travel vouchers for future travel as refund. 


Posted on 09-Aug-2018
My luggage was delayed for 5 days during my holidays in Zanzibar. How do I get a compensation?

Admin Reply :

You are entitled to a compensation of USD 50 per day for max 3 days, totalling USD 150. However, you will get it in the form of flydubai vouchers 


Posted on 05-Aug-2018
I have booked flydubai ticket. Now i want to change mean extend the date of departure. Please tell me how much charges will be applicable.

Admin Reply :

The charges are given in the chart provided on this page These depend on your booking class and how much time before the flight the change is to be done. 


Posted on 12-Aug-2017
I need to refund our return ticket#31584013 and 31584172

Admin Reply :

PLease contact the airline. You did not book with us. 


Posted on 09-Aug-2017
I wanna change my flying date On 20august kindly assist me ,ref no-W792RA

Admin Reply :

Please use services of agency or airline where you have booked tickets. 


Posted on 06-Aug-2017
My friends had booked two tickets for Bankok last year October, but they could not travel due to some circumstances and they had cancelled their booking before many day from flight depart. They had kept the tickets open. Now they want refund. What is the procedure?

Admin Reply :

You have to get it from the airline. It will only issue Vouchers for future travel. 


Posted on 06-Aug-2017
hi i have booked the ticket MAA to DXB ticket number KPVPQC. due to some reason i have missed the flight .is there any possible to get refund or any option ?

Admin Reply :

flydubai only offers vouchers for future travel date. 

kaleem khan

Posted on 05-Aug-2017
Booking No.- WCOYW5 (02 July, 2017) Payment and refund details please Ticket issuing agency name

Admin Reply :

Please contact the agency which issued ticket. We are not flydubai and we are not related to it. 


Posted on 03-Aug-2017
i want change the date. what the cost for it??

Admin Reply :

Need to contact the airline or the agency for it. 

Vivek Kumar

Posted on 01-Aug-2017
How tikt cancel with refund amount refunded respective account booking reference 7IA8IZ DATE OF JOURNEY 07/08/2017

Admin Reply :

flydubai does not offer cash refunds on ticket cancellations. It offers vouchers for future travel.

Arjun Prasad

Posted on 31-Jul-2017
I booked a ticket named by manish kumar but in his passport manish kumar sahu is there full name so is there any problem during boarding or else i can change the name

Admin Reply :

There can be an issue at the time of check in at airport. PLease contact airline for change of name. 

shaik arifulla

Posted on 24-Jul-2017
Hi there I what cancel my flight My booking reference is qb5tx4 please reply quick

Admin Reply :

Cancelling flydubai flight entitles you to a future travel voucher and no cash refunds are given

Shahid ali bhatti

Posted on 20-Jul-2017
Hi, I want to cancel flight early depature ,so i want bear a little loss of money incase if fare differance is not high then change my destination. Thank you.

Admin Reply :

Please get in touch with the agency which booked your ticket. 


Posted on 18-Jul-2017
My flight tomorrow morning (19.7.2017) but yesterday my bike accident ,I can't cancel my flight.refund the fare?.

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline directly. We can not help in this respect. 

Al Mominul Hosain

Posted on 18-Jul-2017
dear sir , am al mominul hosain buy a ticket Special offer tajwal travel for my friend but my mistake i dont see date properly its flight 5 august now i want change name and flight time or Cancellation what i do now ...its 710 riyal saudi help me please am work labour there

Admin Reply :

If you can cancel the ticket, flydubai will deduct the cancellation fee per person and refunds are also given in the form of vouchers. You are requested to contact the airline office locally and seek either change or cancellation.

safdar nazir

Posted on 16-Jul-2017
My flight is 21 jul 2017 so how can i change my flights 19 Jul 2017

Admin Reply :

You have to visit the Manage Booking section on the website and then request for date change. 

Fatemeh molaei

Posted on 02-Mar-2017
Hello.. My flight was today at 9.15am from Dubai to Shz..i missed ny flight and couldnt show Shall i change it Now please ?

Admin Reply :

Since flight was missed, you can request for whatever refunds would be available and book the tickets again. 


Posted on 01-Mar-2017
Hello sir, I have booked a flydubai ticket from Entebbe to Kathmandu using my brothers credit card. Will there be any problem if I can produce a copy of the credit card and passport at the airport.

Admin Reply :

This would not be allowed since flydubai restricts using any other person's credit or debit card for travel to or from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Nepal, Sri Lanka or Sudan


Posted on 21-Feb-2017
Dear sir, yesterday me and friend of mine booked a ticket from bratislava to kathmandu. But unfortunately we used my father´s card, because our cards were denied by the websites. We thought thats fine to have the photocopy of the card and of his passport. But when we recieved the flightickets I reliesed that is forbiden to use someone else ´s card during flights to nepal. Could you advise me what can we do?

Admin Reply :

We do not think that shall be a problem. Can you show us where is it written or what message was sent to you. 


Posted on 17-Feb-2017
Dear sir My ticket booking reference 35M3JB Skt to male... Please refound my ticket. I am gone airport butt FIA .. Me not gone to airplane... My seat number 33 7 kg head bigs 14 kg .. Pkr 46400 please refound

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline or the agent who booked ticket. 

Sikandar jeewan

Posted on 13-Feb-2017
Hi fly team I cancalled tickets the before 2 days but i still not recevied cancellation voucher code Can please send me the voucher code the below tickets booking reference number Booking reference: TK3R3B 1 - Sikandar Jeewan 2- Abdul Ahmad Please feedback me Thanks

Admin Reply :

PLease note that we are not flydubai. You need to contact the airline directly for this purpose. 


Posted on 10-Feb-2017
How can i refund the ticket i bought coz he not able to flight that day and i asked your agent from airport on feb 5 he told us that i can refund the ticket when i come back until feb 11 so when i come back yesterday i go to departure i told the agent there i want to refund the ticket for my friend and he told me i cant able to refund now coz its too late he told me should be same day u refund the ticket how come that they are giving us a false information and in that day were travelling so no more time to refund and i asked them clearly if until when i can make refund the ticket they told us until feb 11 so now i want to refund the

Admin Reply :

Let us make this clear that we are not related to flydubai in any way. We can only answer questions relating to airline matters. But, for refunds, it is the agency which booked tickets that has to be approached. Even airline will not provide refunds information if tickets have been booked by an agent. 


Posted on 09-Feb-2017
I had booked flydubai tickets from Kiev to India for my friend using my card. I changed the dates of arrival and departure. I was entitle for a refund from fly dubai for the change of dates amounting to around 92 dollars. I have still not got any refund in my account nor any voucher through my E-mail. I had written to yesterday asking them to issue me a refund voucher but I haven't heard from them yet. Please help.

Admin Reply :

Unfortunately we would not be able to help much in this respect because we are not a ticketing agency. Only flydubai local office would be able to provide you the answer. Please seek their response in this respect. 

mohamed junaideen mohamed azhar

Posted on 09-Feb-2017
Dear sir, According to flydubai qatar agent said that due to bad whether my flight was cancelled on 31 dec 2016. ( FZ- 006 AND Ref no : URSPBV). The agent took my detail and promised me that he will refund my online payment. Hence, so far I haven't received any of my refund till now. I would appreciate If you could see in to this matter. Thanking you. M.A.M. Azhar

Admin Reply :

flydubai does not offer cash refunds. Instead, it provides flight vouchers for next flight. Please check with your agent and seek refunds, if he is saying so. 

sukra raj khadka

Posted on 09-Feb-2017
Dear sir, I would like to ask question...i have flight on february 15 ...some of the problems i need to canceled my vacation i would like to cancel my ticket...for cancel ticket i went travel they told cancelltion fee is 500 so i didnt agree with them....because for ticket i paid 1100 dhs reference = YIYXPH PAYMENT REFERENCE = 28002111 In this condition what kinds of help i can get from fly dubai depart hope so i can get help from ur site .. Thanks Sukra

Admin Reply :

flydubai does not offer cash refunds. It gives vouchers for future travel. Also, refunds are taken care of by the agent only if tickets have been booked by it. Please negotiate with the agent only. 

sukra raj

Posted on 09-Feb-2017
Its not fair....what is rules of fly dubai whatever they want they cant do...its ok vaucher but there is should be limtation to dedect money....i am not happy with flydubai service ...

Admin Reply :

We would suggest that you call the local office of flydubai and tell them about your concerns.

Sukra raj khadka

Posted on 07-Feb-2017
Dear sir, I have a flight in kathmandu nepal in feb 15 2017 i would like to go on april but not sure that day now i can change date or money refund if i refund how much will dedication ??

Admin Reply :

You can change the date of travel. Airline will provide the information about refundable amount to the person who booked tickets. 


Posted on 02-Feb-2017

Admin Reply :

This is not possible. Tickets have to be cancelled and then booked afresh. 


Posted on 31-Jan-2017

Admin Reply :

yes, airline can ask for the debit or credit card which has been used to make the ticket payment. Your friend is required to carry the photocopy of your credit or debit card which he uses to make the payment along with due authorisation stating that this card is yours and has been used by your friend. We would still request you to confirm with the airline local office if there is anything else required. 


Posted on 28-Jan-2017

Admin Reply :

Please speak to airline in this respect. We do not think that airline would be able to accomodate your request on reason of personal injury.


Posted on 23-Jan-2017

Admin Reply :

Since ticket has been booked with the airline, it is the airline which will provide you the answers.


Posted on 11-Nov-2016
i have request 13 .11 .1916 my reteurn from khi to dubai what i have get refund from flydubai my brothar get pement visa he out an othar visa so we can get refund and how mouch we get PNR XP2LYN

Admin Reply :

For refunds you will have to contact the airline or the agency which booked tickets.

Joško Beroš

Posted on 10-Nov-2016
I haven't received refund for the cancelled flight in the time frame stated in the e-mail and still waiting on it although more than 2 months have passed. Booking Reference: GC1G73 # 03251981.

Admin Reply :

flydubai offers vouchers as refunds. Have you not got these? Please contact airline or agency which booked tickets. 


Posted on 29-Oct-2016
I booked a ticket in flydubai special offer. Now my boss not give my exit permit so i cannot go that situation. Will you refund that amount . Booking reference :0J8RFY Payment reference :26714260 Airfare :220QAR Tax :90 QAR Total :310 QAR

Admin Reply :

Cash refunds are not given out. Please contact the agency which booked the ticket. 

Milyn Bote

Posted on 27-Oct-2016
I booked my friend a flight to sri lanka using my credit card, but when the confirmation of booking recieved by my friend, it is stated there that using credit card for someone else is not allowed for sri lanka destination, what will gonna happened? Can I refund the credit card charges? Or can my friend be allowed to travel?

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline for clarifications. We can, however, say that whenever you use the credit card of some other person who is not travelling with you for booking tickets, you must have the photocopy of the card from front and back with you with due authorisation of its usage for your flight booking.

We must also mention that the refunds of flydubai are not given out in cash.


Posted on 15-Oct-2016

Admin Reply :

Regarding the extension of the Voucher, please check the same with the airline. 

senthil kumar

Posted on 04-Oct-2016
Hi team, I booked a ticket for my agent portal in the name of MR VISWANATHAN KALLAPIRAN ,MR RAYAPPAN ROBERT PUSHPARAJ . So, what I wanted to do to change MR KALLAPIRAN VISWANATHAN ,MR PUSHPARAJ RAYAPPAN ROBERT . Kindly provide a solution asap. Regards senthil kumar S

Admin Reply :

It is the airline which would be able to help you in this matter. Please contact it. 

Ildiko Kovac

Posted on 29-Sep-2016
Dear Fly Dubai, Please let me know the answer about FLY DUBAI VOUCHER. I paid with my visa card an airplane ticket to Sri Lanka from Belgrade for my cousin, and her friend. When I was paying the ticket there was no information that tickets can be used only if I am traveling with them, so we regularly paid the tickets, printed it. When they arrived for boarding in Belgrade, at Fly Dubai they received the information that they can''t travel because the tickets was paid by me. So they paid again, the same tickets, which is nonsense for me. About one month of communication through mail they received a voucher - FOR ME, WITH MY NAME, and they told me that only I CAN USE IT, EVEN IF I DO NOT PLAN TO TRAVEL in that period - validity of voucher. First of all let me know how can I get back my money, since the same tickets were paid TWO TIMES !!! there is no reason to keep my money. Is there any legal way to solve this problem??? With best regards, ILDIKO KOVAC from Serbia

Admin Reply :

This might seem a bit strange but flydubai does has a policy wherein someone who is not flying with it can actually pay for someone else's travel. So, nothing wrong if you paid for your cousin and her friend's travel. However, there is also a provision that in case payment is being made by credit or debit card, the passengers actually flying are required to produce the photocopy of the front portion of that Debit or Credit card along with the passport photocopy of the person who paid in their behalf. This is done in order to prevent fradulent transactions using the credit cards. This aspect got missed in your case.

Now, another strange thing with flydubai is that it does not refund in cash. It will offer you vouchers in this respect. The best part would be to contact the airline higher authorities to seek refunds.

Rajesh M

Posted on 28-Sep-2016
Hi team, I booked a ticket for my cousin in the name of Prabhu chandrabose whereas his passport name shows Prabhu bose,the last name is his father's. So, what I wanted to do to remove Chandra in chandrabose to make sure it looks the same as the password. Kindly provide a solution asap. Regards Rajesh M

Admin Reply :

You will have to make a new ticket. Names shall exactly be same in tickets as in valid ID proofs. 


Posted on 19-Sep-2016
if i refund my booking how long is the waiting time to received the refund voucher? and once i receive it i can use it anytime?

Admin Reply :

You can use it anytime. flydubai not committing to timeline on refunds vouchers. Please call their local office and know about it. Many passengers do not like that flydubai does not offer refunds back in same manner in which they received the payment. 

diaa fayez

Posted on 02-Aug-2016
Dear Admin Thanks for your reply. I believe that my request it was very clear. The flight has delayed for more than 3 hours. And we didn\'t recieved any thing from fly dubai nor compensation nor refreshment voucher not refound. Morever my permananze to my destination that Muscat it was only for 1 day and due to your flight delay I lost my programme aim of the visit. Please I confident to recive clear responsabile reply from your side. Regards

Admin Reply :

We would request you to take up the matter with the airline directly since we are not related to any airline. 

diaa fayez

Posted on 31-Jul-2016
Dear Sirs My flight from Dubai to Muscat on 14th of July at 14:30 has been delayed for more than 3 hours. We falyed at 19:00. Nevertheless, flydubai didn\'t provided the refreshment Voucher or any thing to scuse about this long delay. I would like to receive your feedback and my right as per aviation terms. Best regards Diaa Fayez

Admin Reply :

As per their policy, if delay is less than 3 hrs no refund or compensation is payable. Only when delay is more than 3 hrs, do you get the refreshments in the form of flydubai vouchers. 


Posted on 06-Apr-2016
can i get cash refund in case i cancel my ticket.

Admin Reply :

Refunds are given out through same channel through which ticket was booked. 

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