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S7 Airlines Special Assistance

Serbian Airlines S7 also provides special assistance to the needy passengers. It shall be known that these passengers shall carry the certificate from the doctor stating that the person is okay to fly. This statement has to be shown at the time of ticket booking and the special requirements shall be mentioned therein in the statement signed by doctor. Here are some of these special passengers and the associated services provided by the airline:

Pregnant Women

Women who are expecting are allowed to book tickets online and also to try on S7 planes. However, it is required by the airline that before taking flight, a doctoral consultation shall be done since flying can have a negative health impact on the baby. It is suggested to carry the certificate from the doctor which shall not be more than 7 days older from the flight date.

Servicemen with military order are not allowed to book tickets online. They have to visit the S7 sales office or call the center.

Mobility-restricted  people using wheelchair are also allowed on-board. They can travel with a carer or under supervision of the airline staff. For the latter, there is a need for people to get the application done. Wheelchairs are to be carried in the check-in hold. Medicines, wheelchairs, crutches,  stretcher are carried free of charge and these are not counted as a part of check in baggage.

A critically ill passenger can also fly along with carer and has to buy three seats.

Blind passengers are allowed to book tickets at the counter or contact centre, not online. These can take to flight along with a friend, guide dog, or with the airline staff. Service dogs can be carried in flight but there is a need to produce certificate that the dog has received special training. These need to be properly muzzled, restrained and be seated all time near your seat.

Unaccompanied Minors: Children between 5 to 16 years of age can travel can travel without an accompanying adult. They are accepted as unaccompanied minors for travel only on direct flights operated by S7 airlines only. This is a paid service and you have to pay Roubles 3000 for domestic flights of S7 and Euro 50 for international flights for 1 flight segment.  

A declaration is required to be signed by the parents (guardians or adoptive parents) of the child.

There is also a need to have the identity document of child.

For travel outside Russian Federation, there is also a need to have notarised consent from the parent/adoptive parent/legal guardian of child mentioning the itinerary of travel and the period of absence.

Carriage of Pets Only adults of more than 18 years of age and above are allowed to take pet animals inside the plane. Only cats, dogs and birds are accepted as carry-on or baggage-hold. For rest, please make use of S& cargo services.

Guide dogs can be carried on the flight. It must have gone through its vaccinations not earlier than 1 year and not later than 1 month before the flight. Guide dogs have to be mandatorily sent through inspection.

Pets are allowed in cabin on the conditions that the total weight of pet+container is less than 8 kg and sum of three dimensions of container do not exceed 115 cm. (within it, height must not be more than 20 cm).

Carriage of pets is not a part of free check in baggage allowance and therefore, it has to be paid for on excess baggage charges.

2 adult animals of same species can be carried in one cage and the weight of each animal shall not exceed 14 kg.

Nursed puppies and kittens can be transported together.

Container requirements:

  • It shall be made of wood, firm plastic or metal

  • Shall be suitably ventilated

  • Shall enable the pet to get onto its feet and turn around

  • Shall be locked reliably

  • Moisture absorbent mat shall be at the bottom of container.

Documentation requirement:

  • Veterinary license for the pet and the Veterinary Control Service Pet Passport shall be submitted, if travelling within Russia or to CIS countries.

  • Special boarding pass is issued

  • If flying on other international flights, Veterinary Certificate is issued in place of Veterinary License and this certificate needs to be shown to Customs in order to reassure them that the pet is not of pedigree value.

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