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SWISS offers all possible help to passengers with special needs. These passengers could be in some special condition due to their age or due to medical condition. Its rules clearly define what kind of assistance would be offered. Some of these special needs passengers are covered below:


Infants are required to be seated on lap of adult and have to be secured by special seat  belt. The ticket has to be bought for them as well, which is generally 10% of the price. Infants have to be  accompanied by an adult of at least 18 years of age.


Children of 2-12 years of age are issued a child ticket.

If an infant turns into Child during the course of his journey (return journey), a child ticket is to be issued even on flight segment in which is still an infant. So, the discount which an infant would have enjoyed is no longer applicable.

SWISS allows child seats to be carried in the cabin for  children below 12 years of age.

It also allows baby bassinets on all flights that are long haul. For European flights, these are available in Business class cabin only.  These bassinets can hold babies of 8 months and weight max of 11 kg.

Collapsible buggies, prams, etc are  allowed only till the cabin gate and from there these are taken to the hold.

Please note that children of 2-4 years have to be accompanied either by a legal guardian of minimum age 16 years or an adult of minimum age 18 years.

Unaccompanied Minors

SWISS provides a compulsory UM service for carrying a child of 5-11 years of age alone in a flight. For children between 12 to 17 years of age, this can still be availed but is not compulsory.

This service is available for all flights that are in one-ticket. It is not available for flights which are booked on different tickets.

UM service charges per child per sector.

Mobility Assistance for Disabled Passengers

SWISS Air provides a number of options for the mobility disabled passengers.

Disabled are required to report at the airport at least 90 minutes before the check-in time. Passengers need to inform the airline of wheelchair requirement at least 72 hours before scheduled departure time of flight. Each flight can take up to 2 wheelchairs and assistance dogs without any additional fees.

While in the flight, you would be assisted in movement to/from toilet, identification and unpacking of food and help in finding the room to stow the carry on luggage.

Wheelchairs are provided by the airline. However, if you choose to travel with your own, you need to provide the weight and dimensions of wheelchair, and it will be put in the hold. It shall also be noted that those electric wheelchairs which make use of non-spillable batteries including dry cell and gel cell batteries will have to be transported as cargo. Wheelchairs using wet spillable batteries are not to be transported on SWISS flights.

Hearing and Visually Impaired Passengers

At the airport, SWISS can provide escort service at the airport upon request for these passengers. Also, it allows taking along a certified assistance dog in the cabin.

SWISS provide meet and assist service and can also help in moving from check-in desk to airplane.


Dogs and cats are allowed in the SWISS flights. Each passenger can carry max 2 animals, either both in cabin or hold, or one in cabin and one in hold. Dogs and cats can travel in a flight once these have reached an age of 12 weeks. These can also be taken in cabin as special assistant animals for visually impaired or for emotional support.

If animals are not intended to be carried for this purpose, the weight has to be less than 8 kg for it to be carried in cabin. Else, these have to be carried in check-in in a container which is of size 55 x 23 x 40 cm, is escape-proof, scratch-proof and is big enough for animal to turn around with ease.

Animal, if carried in cabin, has to be clean, non-smelly, non-pregnant and non-dangerous.

Charges for carrying animals in SWISS flights.



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