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Etihad Airways Check-In and Boarding

Etihad offers different ways of checking in. Passengers can use the conventional way of visiting the airport for check-in. Alternatively, they can also use online medium or UAE city check-in facility.

Etihad Airport Check In

Airport check-in of Etihad begins and closes at certain hours. The cut-off times for different airports around the world are different. For most of the airports around the world, the check in at airport begins 3 hours before scheduled departure of flight and closes 60 minutes before departure of flight for economy and 45 minutes before departure for Business and First Class.

Here is the list of check in timelines for different airports.

Etihad Online Check In

Etihad offers online or web check in facility to its passengers. This can be done by:

a) visiting website of airline

b) using its mobile application

Timeline of Etihad web check in: Online check in opens 48 hours and closes 1 hour before scheduled departure. You can add special service request, perform seat selection, add baggage and either print the boarding pass or get it in your mobile or email. However, if wheelchair or infant bassinet is added to the service request then it is not allowed to check in online and the passenger would be required to check in at the airport. 

You are required to provide either booking reference, frequent flyer number or e-ticket number of the carrier along with the last name of the passenger. This is shown below.

etihad online check in

Etihad allows online check-in facility for its connections with the other partner airlines if the passenger provides frequent flyer number of these other airlines. These 28 airlines are given below. However, if the partner airline is the operating carrier, then online check in is not permitted and passengers have to check in at the airport. 

Aer Lingus 

Gardua Indonesia 

Air New Zealand 

GOL LinhasAreas Inteligentes 

Air Serbia 

Virgin Atlantic

Air Seychelles 

Hainan Airways 


Jet Airways 


Korean Air 

All Nippon Airways 

Malaysia Airlines 

American Airlines 

Oman Air 

Asiana Airlines 

Philippine Airlines 

Bangkok Airways 

Royal Air Maroc 

Brussells Airlines 

South African Airways 

Czech Airlines 

Sri Lankan Airlines 

Etihad Regional 

Ukraine International Airlines 



Mobile Boarding Pass 

Mobile boading pass of the airline is not available for all departure cities of the airline. At present, this is available for the following cities: 

Abu Dhabi





















Sao Paulo





Hong Kong


Etihad UAE City Check In

Check In can also happen at different cities 24 hours in advance of your scheduled flight time, except for the US bound flights.

In Abu Dhabi, you can check in at:

a) Abu Dhabi International Airport Expo (ADNEC) Check-in - Opens from 24 hrs to 4 hrs before flight departure time.

b) City Terminal check in at Abu Dhabi Mall- Opens from 24 hrs to 4 hrs before flight departure time. 

In Dubai, you can check in at

a) Etihad Travel Mall on Sheikh Zayed Road- Opens from 24 hrs to 6 hrs before flight departure time.

b) Al Ain Airport- Opens from 24 hrs to 6 hrs before flight departure time.

Etihad Luxury Coach service operates buses from these destination in Dubai to Abu Dhabi Airport. Travellers are required to book their seats online on for availing this luxury bus service 24 hours prior to departure of the bus. 

Similarly, there is an Etihad Chauffer Service which can be booked 24 hours in advance by Business and First Class passengers from any place in UAE to Abu Dhabi International airport. 

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled


Posted on 16-Sep-2023
I want to book a flight with Etihad airways from jeddah to Jakarta and transit in abu dhabi . My question is can i web check in at jeddah and get both boarding passes online?

Admin Reply :

You shall be able to get the boarding passes at the time of first check-in.

Md Nisar

Posted on 09-Jun-2023
Mobail bording pass

Admin Reply :

You shall be able to get it from the airline in your profile created on airline website. It shall also be available in the mobile app of the airline which is downloaded on your mobile. 


Posted on 14-Mar-2023
What is the max check-in and cabin luggage are permitted on Blore to London flight of Ethihad?

Admin Reply :

45 kg per person is the check in baggage allowance on Economy Choice and Choice Plus tickets. Cabin baggage allowance is of 7kg. 


Posted on 15-Jan-2023
Can I carry a bag size 40x40x23 cm. and weight not more than 7 kg. on to my flight?

Admin Reply :

Yes, cabin baggage of this dimention can be carried. 

Prasad Yalavarthy

Posted on 06-Sep-2018
Can i have a bigger check in bag more than the dimention of 70 cm, but overall total is less then 158 cms

Admin Reply :

yes, that can be done.


Posted on 29-Jan-2017
How about 32 inch TV.Is it allowed to bring hand carry in my flights?

Admin Reply :

TV allowed only in check in baggage.


Posted on 27-Jan-2017
Is it allowed to bring hand carry 24 inchs flat screen tv in my to flights.

Admin Reply :

yes, it is okay to carry it in check in baggage. It shall be carried as a part of free check in baggage allowance by weight and size (dimensions).

Crisanto Santosidad

Posted on 02-Jul-2016
What is the maximum LED TV allowed in your airlines Jeddah- Manila. Thanks

Admin Reply :

Within permitted over all allowance weight and dimension limit, it is permitted. 


Posted on 24-May-2016
what kind of material is allowed to take in hand bag and how much weight is allowed. please inform

Admin Reply :

Please tell which items do you want to take in cabin. 


Posted on 04-Apr-2016
Hello, Further to my question in feb 2016 my PNR is XCQRAN both ways its Etihad airways - Mumbai - Abu Dhabi - Manchester - Abu Dhabi - Mumbai Will my luuggage be tagged right till the final destination in this case or i will have to checkin the luggage again at abudhabi airport if you could clarify please Many Thanks Cyrus

Admin Reply :

Your bags will can be tagged till final destination when check in done at the Mumbai airport. Airline officials will inform you after checking the stoppage times. 

We could not check since we need your last name along with the PNR no. for checking the status of flights. 

Cyrus T

Posted on 12-Feb-2016
Thank you for your reply, I have one more query please, From Mumbai to Manchester, when there will be a stoppage at Abu Dhabi: 1. Will there be a change of plane 2. If there is a change of plane will i have to Recheck the baggage or it will be automatically tagged at Mumbai and transferred to the new plane at Abu Dhabi Thank you. Cyrus.

Admin Reply :

We can not reply to it till we have the PNR no. as it will show which airlines are flying on two legs of your journey. To keep it simple, we can suggest that you speak to the local airline office with which you booked the tickets for a through check-in. If you have booked with Etihad, they might suggest that you check in at airport and get the bags tagged till the final destination. So, please speak to them. 

Cyrus T

Posted on 09-Feb-2016
Hello, The info is a bit confusing or maybe i just can seem to understand, I am in the process of buying tickets from Mumbai To Manchester via Abu Dhabi and return and wish to know the same. So Jet airways will also be involved as a Partner Flight I will be opting for the cheapest economy option. i have a couple of queries 1. What will be my check in luggage limit per person (will it be one bag of 23 kg or two bags of 23 kg each) as on the site it was written as travel from India to UK 2 bags of 23 kg each. 2. Will a child of 5 years also be allowed a bag of 23 kg 3. Will the same rules apply on Jet Airways. 4. Can i carry few eatables in my hand luggage to suffice me for the stopover at Abu Dhabhi. If you can clarify. Thank You Cyrus.

Admin Reply :

If you have tickets booked with Etihad, its baggage allowance policy will apply all through.

It will be 2 bags of 23 kg each for you and also for your son. So, a total of 4 bags of 23 kgs each. 

You can carry some eatables which are permissible in cabin.  

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