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Air Vistara Baggage Allowance

Table of Contents
1. Carry-on Baggage
2. Check-in Baggage
3. Interline connections & baggage
4. Excess baggage charges (Airport and Pre-paid)
5. LED TV policy
6. Ask a Question

Carry-on Baggage

One piece of cabin baggage and one personal item is allowed to be carried inside the cabin.

Cabin baggage shall not exceed 7 kg of weight in Economy, 10 kg in Premium Economy and 12 kg in Business class per passenger. Dimensions of carry-on luggage shall be max 55, 40 and 20 cms. Children are also allowed same free allowance.

Infants are entitled to free allowance of 7kg on domestic flights. This weight can be carried wholly in cabin or in check-in, or it can also be divided among cabin and check-in bags. However, to avail this free allowance, it is suggested to take the Baby-on-Board program of the airline. 

The personal item you can carry can be a lady’s handbag, overcoat or wrap, rug, blanket, camera, binoculars, reading material, infant’s feed, walking stick, folding umbrella, laptop or medicines required during the course of flight.

Check-in Baggage

Free baggage allowance for checked in baggage is dependent on the cabin class of travel.

A) Domestic Flights

Cabin Lite/Value Standard Flexi
Economy 15kg, 1 pc 15kg 20kg
Premium 20kg 25kg 30kg
Business 30kg 35kg 40kg

Infants do not qualify for free check in baggage allowance.

Limitation of carrying a single piece of check in baggage is for Lite passengers only. For others, there is no limit on number of check in bags within free allowance limits by weight and size of bag.

Any single piece of check in luggage shall not be more than 23 kg for Economy and Premium Economy travelers in India and 32 kg for Business and First Class passengers in India. For international travel, the weight of a single check-in bag shall not be more than 32 kgs and 158 cm in sum of three dimensions. If size is more than 158 cm, then Rs 2000 per such check in baggage is to be paid.

Club Vistara members can have additional allowances over their free allowance. These are:

Silver 5 kg extra
Gold 10 kg extra
Platinum 15 kg extra

All three levels of these members get 1 additional check in baggage piece on Economy Lite tickets.

B) For Flights to Bangkok, Dubai, Singapore and Colombo

Cabin  Value Standard Flexi
Economy  30kg 30kg 35kg
Premium Economy 35kg 35kg 40kg
Business  40kg 40kg 45kg

Vistara Interline Flight connections

Vistara rules for carrying baggage on international flight connection with its interline partners or other airlines have changed. Earlier, the check in baggage carriage depended on which class you fly and the time limit within which the travel should have happened to avail it. 

The new rules do not base on cabin class of travel, but depend on whether one single document or ticket is issued or separate tickets are issued with its partner or other airlines.  Here are new rules:

Single ticket for Vistara domestic and other airline international flight Within 30 days of Vistara flight Same baggage allowance as on international flight for all routes
Two Separate tickets Within 24 hours of Vistara flight Vistara will honour the higher among domestic and international allowance, subject to a max of-
a) 23 kg for Economy Class
b) 2 pcs of 23 kg for Premium Economy
c) 2 pcs of 32 kg each for Business Class
Two Separate tickets After 24 hours of Vistara flight Vistara allowances as given on ticket to be applicable

If travelling with those international airlines with which Vistara has interline or codeshare agreements, the allowance will be same as that is carried on the international carrier on the condition that whole journey is ticketed on same PNR. 

Excess Baggage Charges

A) If this is bought at the airport-

i) within India- over-weight baggage is charged at Rs 500 per kg for all three- Economy, Premium Economy and Business class (taxes extra). If Economy Lite passengers bring more than one check in bag, they will be charged for Rs 500 per additional bag, besides the overweight charge.

ii) international travel- USD 12 per kg at departure stations outside India. 

Additional piece of luggage Rs 8050 per bag for all classes, subject to max of 23kg per bag in economy and 32 kg per bag in other classes (in case of international flight connections)

B) Pre-paid excess baggage charge

For domestic flights- 

  Up to 6 hours before departure From 6 hours to 1 hour before departure
5kg INR 2,000 INR 2,500
10kg INR 3,500 INR 5,000
15kg INR 5,000 INR 7,500

For international flights-

  Up to 6 hours before departure From 6 hours to 1 hour before departure
0-5kg USD 50 USD 60
6-10kg USD 100 USD 120
11-15kg USD 150 USD 180

C) Oversized Baggage Charge

Rs 2000 for domestic flights and USD 125 or equivalent currency for international flights. Oversized baggage is one which is more than 158 cm in linear dimensions.

LED TV Policy of Vistara

  • One passenger is allowed to carry maximum 2 LED/LCD TVs.
  • Upto 39 inches of TV size, there is no need to pay extra charges provided it is within permitted allowance of check-in baggage.
  • However, for carriage of TVs more than 39 inches but less than 55 inches, Rs 2000 is charged per TV is to be paid.
  • Also, TVs of more than 55 inches of screen size are not allowed to be carried on Vistara in check-in baggage. 
Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Rishav Kumar

Posted on 12-Jan-2020
Hello I would like to know if I can carry laptop bag along with hand baggage and also like to know rules regarding trimmer (chargeable, battery can't be removed), and shampoos exceeding 100 ml limit (250ml).... I am lite customer

Admin Reply :

If battery of trimmer is lithium ion type and it can not be removed, then it can not be taken in flight. If this is not lithium ion battery, then it can be packed safely in check in baggage. No liquid more than 100 ml is allowed in cabin. These have to be taken in check in baggage if vol is more than 100 ml.

Jitendranath prasad

Posted on 10-Jan-2020
Without baby i wish to carry baby stroller to Singapore. It is more than 154cm in length after folding. Will i be charged.

Admin Reply :

The baby stroller can be taken in check in baggage but there will be a fee to be paid for being oversized. If weight is more than free allowance, even excess weight would be allowed.

Amandeep Singh

Posted on 05-Jan-2020
How to carry a standard full size guitar?

Admin Reply :

If you want to take it in cabin and as a baggage, then its size limits shall be within free allowance limits. Another way is to buy seat for it but this needs to be checked with the airline customer support. And, of course, you can take it in check in baggage within permitted allowance limit.


Posted on 27-Dec-2019
Hi, I am flying from Dubai to Mumbai. Can I carry a 55 inch LED TV as part of the check-in baggage? I presume that I need to pay INR 2000 extra as charges. Pls confirm...Thanks

Admin Reply :

Sorry, we mistakenly replied for Indigo Airlines. You are traveling in Vistara and their charges are Rs 2000 for bringing a LED TV of more than 39 inches and upto 55 inches in check in baggage.

Kaur sukhjeet

Posted on 26-Dec-2019
I will be travelling in 1/1 from Del to ATQ n return ATQ to Del, just want to check I have 15kg check in baggage is there any size of baggage n do I have 1 carry on bagg if 7kg

Admin Reply :

Economy Lite and Standard tickets allow 15 kg check in baggage allowance. Economy Flexi allow 20 kg check in baggage allowance. Which economy class ticket have you booked? Or have you booked Premium economy or Business class tickets?

There is a separate allowance of 7 kg in cabin per adult or child passengers.

Trupti Jagtap

Posted on 20-Dec-2019
I have a fligt from Mumbai to Delhi what identity documents do i need to carry for My 2year Baby

Admin Reply :

Birth certificate would be okay, if you have it.

Ludo Carvalho

Posted on 17-Dec-2019
Hello, I am flying with British Airways to Delhi and connecting to Goa with Vistara, can you confirm the maximum weight for my check-in luggage and my hand baggage please? Many thanks

Admin Reply :

When is your Vistara flight after landing in Delhi on BA and which class are you flying?


Ashutosh Singh

Posted on 18-Nov-2019
I am a seamen travelling from Mumbai to Delhi. How much Kg i am allowed to carry in my main luggage !!!

Admin Reply :

There is no special allowance in baggage for seamen, at least not in public domain. Please check with your concerned department for B2B alliances with the airline, which might allow it.

Pratik santani

Posted on 17-Nov-2019
Can I carry a whiskey 1ltr bottle from Mumbai to Hyderabad in flight Vistara UK 875?? If yes then I guess only in check in bag, right?m

Admin Reply :

Yes, it has to be in check in baggage only and in sealed condition. You must also  declare it at the airport.


Posted on 01-Aug-2019
May I know, if I have more exceed limit like 3 or 4 kg weight then, how much will be pay?

Admin Reply :

Rs 500 per excess kg is the charge. Else you can book a pre-paid slab of 5 kg for Rs 2000 or Rs 2500 depending on when you buy it  online.


Posted on 30-Jul-2019

Admin Reply :

Cabin and check in baggage allowance has to remain separate. You can club the check in baggage allowances of passengers traveling on same pnr on condition that no checkin bag shall be more than 32 kg in weight and size shall be upto 158 cm linear dimensions.

Since children are above 2 years of age, they are allowed same allowances as per adults. Therefore, check in allowance is 15 kg for economy lite, economy value and economy standard tickets. For economy flexi, check in baggage allowance is 20 kg per passenger. 

If you are flying on some other class, please let us know.



Posted on 28-Jul-2019
Dear Sir/Madam, I need to carry my guitar to Delhi from Hyderabad. Could you please tell me if guitar is allowed as my hand luggage. Also suggest if it is safe to keep my guitar in check-in luggage? regards, Shobhan 9849171625

Admin Reply :

It is allowed in cabin if it is meets the size limits of 115 cm sum of dimensions. 


Posted on 27-Jul-2019

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the cabin class of travel and whether any kid is less than 2 years of age? 


Posted on 27-Jul-2019

Admin Reply :

These can be carried in check in luggage. 


Posted on 23-Jul-2019
Hi can i carry baby pam without counted as luggage? I have internatinalnflight from lko del sin

Admin Reply :

If infant is traveling along with you, this can be checked in for free otherwise it can be carried as a part of free check in baggage allowance

Sahil nazir

Posted on 22-Jul-2019
Hi I m travelling fro Riyadh to delhi by Gulf Air and from Delhi i Have booked Air vistara Economy lite ticket to sxr with 24 hours of landing in delhi! MY Question is can i carry same weight until sxr allowed by Gulf Air? Please clearify

Admin Reply :

When booked on Economy Lite, you are entitled to only 15 kg check in baggage allowance for free, even from your international connection within 24 hrs of landing. 

Preeti Massey

Posted on 07-Jul-2019
Can I carry pao from Mumbai to delhi in my hand bag

Admin Reply :

Please use English medium for communication.


Posted on 01-Jul-2019
Besides 15 kg check in baggage can I carry LED TV 42” to goa? How much will be the charges

Admin Reply :

You can carry but will have to pay for it. INR 2000 will have to be paid for carrying TV more than 39 inches screen size. and also for excess weight


Posted on 29-Jun-2019
I am traveling from Delhi to Leh with my bicycle, but my attempt to preorder extra baggage was rejected. My bicycle box weights 30kg. Will Vistara accept with extra pay at check-in?

Admin Reply :

Please check with the airline customer support before taking your bicycle box at airport.


Posted on 23-Jun-2019
I am traveling from mumbai to Varanasi. Two ticket with same pnr number. Can i combine my hand bag in one bag(7+7) . And checkin bag also combined.

Admin Reply :

Hand baggage is not allowed to be combined. However, you can combine the check in bags of people flying on same pnr.


Posted on 18-Jun-2019
I will be travelling from Delhi to Port Blair. Can I carry home made sandwiches, packed biscuits and cakes in cabin bag.

Admin Reply :

Yes, these can be taken.


Posted on 12-Jun-2019
We are travelling in an International Flight to Mumbai, bought a ticket to Blr from Bom. Eco Standard. What is the baggage allowance for me?

Admin Reply :

If your international flight is on a different carrier and is within 24 hours of Vistara flight landing time, then you are allowed 23 kg in check in baggage for free if the ticket bought is of Economy Standard class.


Posted on 11-Jun-2019
Hello, Am I allowed to take a small live plant as a check- in or hand luggage for a domestic flight? Thanks!

Admin Reply :

Live plants are generally not allowed to be taken on board.

Sawala Ram

Posted on 10-Jun-2019
Sir, I am defence personal and I am going on leave to my home town ,Rajasthan via Ahmedabad from Delhi. My flight is from Delhi to Ahmedabad (Guj). From Ahmedabad to my hometown I will travel by bus. So can I carry liquor with me in your vistara flight . And if yes than how much ?

Admin Reply :

Yes, up to 5 litres allowed in check in baggage as a part of free allowance. IT needs to be declared and carried in sealed condition


Posted on 07-Jun-2019
Can i have 3 check IN bags of 20 KG for economy lite tickets We have 4 family tickets ( 2 adult , 2 child)

Admin Reply :

Yes, these can be clubbed provided all passengers are on same PNR

Salima Merchant

Posted on 03-Jun-2019
I want to know how much weight is allowed from hydro Mumbai in economy class in checked baggage

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned which economy ticket it is. Economy Lite and Standard tickets allow 1 bag of 15 kg in check-in for free. Economy Flexi tickets allow 1 bag of 20 kg free for check-in.


Posted on 02-Jun-2019
Hi I am travelling from Mumbai to Delhi with Vistara Can I carry a small live fish with me? It is a small siamese fighter fish Please advise. Thank you

Admin Reply :

No, live fish is not allowed.

Prasad Kamble

Posted on 29-May-2019
Can I carry 70ml shaving gel with me in check in luggage?

Admin Reply :

Yes it can be carried


Posted on 26-May-2019
Hello i want to know that m going to travel from delhi to raipur by Vistara next week how many bottles of alcohol i can carry wid me inflight...As m getting some via coming from Russia....So kindly help

Admin Reply :

UP to 5 litres of liquor can be carried per passenger in check in baggage and these need to be declared at first. 


Posted on 19-May-2019
I am travelling by Flynas from Riyadh to Delhi and booked Vistara Premium Economy Value ticket from Delhi to Ranchi within 24 hours. Can I able to take 2 pcs. of 23 kgs. of luggage of International passenger. My concern is in Premium Economy Value and Premium Economy Standard tickerts same baggage allowance allowed. Appreciate your prompt reply please. Many thanks in advance.

Admin Reply :

It will honour the higher baggage allowance between Flynas and Vistara subject to a max of 2 bags of 23 kg each in check in. 


Posted on 12-May-2019
Am I able to carry a Bicycle in a dedicated Bicycle Bag as Checked in baggage that will weigh approx 25kg

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be done within the baggage allowance limits by weight, number of bags and size of each bag. 

Sachet Labroo

Posted on 09-May-2019
Hi. I am traveling from Jammu to Srinagar. Can i carry my whey protein in its original packaging container in checkin babbage and also can i carry my hand babbage. Thank you

Admin Reply :

From Jammu, cabin or hand baggage is not allowed. It has to be checked in. 

Jerry Fredy Rodricks

Posted on 09-May-2019
My son and I are travelling from Mumbai to Hyderabad on May 22. Are we allowed to carry an acoustic guitar as carry on along with our carry on allowance of 7Kg each. Pl. revert ASAP. Rgds Jerry

Admin Reply :

Sorry for late in replying. We got in touch with the airline and they have told us that you shall carry this in cabin luggage is it meets dimensions limit of 115 cm linear dimension. If this deos not meet the size limits, you have to check it in and it shall be declared as a fragile item while checking in. 


Posted on 05-May-2019
I am travelling from delhi to srinagar. Can i carry 4-6 live fish with me? And if yes, how should i properly pack them to be allowed?

Admin Reply :

Live fish is not to be allowed on-board.


Posted on 24-Dec-2018
Is power bank allowed in vistara flight? The rating of power bank is 10000mAh.

Admin Reply :

It has to be carried only in cabin baggage, not in check in., 


Posted on 24-Dec-2018
Can I carry raw tobacco (khaini) in domestic flights if yes then how much quantity?

Admin Reply :

This may not be permitted in cabin baggage. You would be required to check in. 

Rajesh Subramanyam

Posted on 12-Dec-2018
We have booked flight ticket from Bangalore to New Delhi Economy class for 2 persons what would be the maximum baggage they could carry. My query is can they carry 15kg 1pc each or is it combined 15kg per ticket

Admin Reply :

Baggage allowances are per person. So, it will be 1 check in bag of 15 kg per person (adult or child, not infant)


Posted on 12-Dec-2018
I’m traveling with my 10 month baby from Delhi to Bangalore. Do you allow foldable baby stroller in the cabin?

Admin Reply :

yes, that shall not be a problem. 


Posted on 11-Dec-2018
Hello, Can I carry chocolates in original packaging in domestic flight from Delhi to Mumbai in cabin baggage?

Admin Reply :

Yes,that shall not be a problem. 


Posted on 10-Oct-2018
Can I carry guitar inside the plane while boarding ?

Admin Reply :

It shall be checked in. 


Posted on 09-Oct-2018
I will be travelling through Air Vistara from Delhi to Ranchi. I wish to carry 49inch of TV along with me. As I have already booked my tickets, could you please guide me on how to pay for the baggage amount and where should i check in. Is it safe enough to carry TV via flight?

Admin Reply :

TVs are carried in check in baggage. This shall not be a problem. You can book for excess baggage online on Vistara Website by logging in Manage Booking section or can call the customer care of airline in this respect. 

Asim kumar Biswas

Posted on 05-Oct-2018
may i carry canon DSLR camera battery extra with charger

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried in cabin with batteries removed and packed separately and securely in cabin luggage.

Amit Singh

Posted on 30-Sep-2018

Admin Reply :

We do not think this would be feasible. 


Posted on 30-Sep-2018
I'm travelling with vastara from hyderbad to Delhi can i carry food items in check in baggage in sealed (packed ) condition do they allow them flight.and what type of items they allow in it ?...

Admin Reply :

Please specify the items you want to carry in cabin. 

Dimple chawla

Posted on 29-Sep-2018
I m traveling by Vistara Airlines from Delhi to Goa ...... I m traveling with my kid and I m carry only one suitcase bag.. so what would be the allowance of baggage weight of both me and my kid who is one year old ..... for me it’s 15 thousand and what about my kid ..? Because it was charged ticket for my kid also

Admin Reply :

There is no free allowance for infants either in cabin or check in baggage. PLease refer to the chart above in content which shows check in baggage allowances on the basis of cabin class of travel.


Posted on 22-Sep-2018

Admin Reply :

To avoid hassles, it is better to carry liquids in cabin in not more than 100 ml containers only. The airport security can ask you to take liquid out from baggage.


Posted on 20-Sep-2018

Admin Reply :

Whether helmet would be allowed inside cabin or not will depend on what view airline officials at airport take. We suggest you carry it in checkin, if possible. You can take more than one check-in baggage for total of 15 kg weight. 


Posted on 19-Sep-2018
I m jury Delhi to bhubaneswar, so how many carry liquor in my luggage

Admin Reply :

Up to 5 litres in check-in baggage on declaration and in sealed conditon. 


Posted on 19-Sep-2018
How much infant baggage will allow in vistara

Admin Reply :

No free allowance in baggage for infants.


Posted on 10-Sep-2018
How to carry charger and earphone in flight

Admin Reply :

Both of these can be carried in cabin baggage.


Posted on 10-Sep-2018
Hi. We are flying out from Leh to Goa via Delhi. Please help us with details of cabin and check in baggage and what all is allowed. Thanks

Admin Reply :

Cabin baggage is not allowed while flying out from Leh. It has to be checked in. So, total check in allowance from Leh would be 22 kg (15+7 lg)


Posted on 07-Sep-2018
Can I carry mobile phone in my checked in baggage

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried with batteries removed and carried in cabin baggage

anurag bhadauriya

Posted on 04-Sep-2018
I will be travelling from Delhi to Bangalore in economy class. There's a condition that i might be carrying extra 2 kgs in my check in luggage.....what will be the extra charges for that ? Are any kinds of bags within given dimension are allowed or the check in bag only needs to be a luggage bag ?

Admin Reply :

The charges for extra weight baggage are given in the content above. It is better to have proper check in bags, though carton boxes are also allowed. 

Saptarshi Datta

Posted on 02-Sep-2018
Hi we are 4 passenger traveling from Kolkata to Chennai . I wish to carry few bottles of scotch for my personal consumption in checked in baggage. The allowed limit is 5 liter per person per my understanding, having said that is it okay to carry total of 6 liter of liqor in a single checked in luggage, ( asuming we have a total permissible limit of 20 liter for 4 passenger. Needless to say the bottles are in retail packing sealed condition and my destination state has no restriction on liqour consumption. Please confirm

Admin Reply :

This is fine. You will have to declare it during check in or security clearance. 

Jayanth Kumar

Posted on 28-Aug-2018
Can I carry shampoo in a cabin baggage?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken provided it is not more than 100 ml.


Posted on 25-Aug-2018
Hi,where should I put my hair straightener, in cabin luggage or check-in luggage?

Admin Reply :

It has to be taken in check in baggage.


Posted on 24-Aug-2018
For my international flight Heathrow to Delhi, I have been told that my 75wH power bank to recharge my mobile must be carried in cabin baggage, not hold baggage. Does the same apply to my Vistara internal flight Delhi to Leh?

Admin Reply :

Yes, powerbanks are required to be carried in cabin baggage only. This is applicable worldwide on all airlines.


Posted on 23-Aug-2018
Please tell me can i carry one badminton racket in hand luggage

Admin Reply :

Not allowed in cabin. Please check this in.

Rajneesh kumar Singh

Posted on 22-Aug-2018
Can I carry ghee in flight...

Admin Reply :

Vistara would not permit carryin ghee in its flights. 


Posted on 21-Aug-2018
Hi I am travelling tomorrow from Blore to Varanasi via New Delhi. Ticket Blore To Varanasi Need to change into the connecting flight in Delhi. Believe the Airlines will move the checked in luggage to the Varanasi flight. Regards

Admin Reply :

You need to ask the airline whether the baggage would be through checked in to the final destination or not. If the connecting flight airline is same and there is no change of airport (or Terminal, in case of New Delhi airport), or if the time between the two flight is not too much then through check in is generally provided. However, it is the airline which is best position to tell you that. 


Posted on 18-Aug-2018
Fir delhi to goa flight Can i carry hair straightner in vistara domastic economy class

Admin Reply :

Alowed in check-in baggage.


Posted on 13-Aug-2018
For Delhi to Goa flight ..sir can I carry knife and scissor in check in bag

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried under proper packing in check-in baggage. 


Posted on 13-Aug-2018
Sir on the same flight from dekhi to Goa can I carry electric kettle wid myself in check in bag

Admin Reply :


D Rajkumar

Posted on 07-Aug-2018
I am travelling with my wife by economy - Chennai Delhi. Can the baggage allowance for check in luggage be clubbed together - a single piece more than 15kg but less than 30kg(15+15) or is it per piece taken individually?

Admin Reply :

For passengers travelling on same pnr, the check in baggage can be clubbed. Total weight of one check in bag shall not be more than 32 kg. 


Posted on 06-Aug-2018
I am traveling from Delhi to Hyderabad. Can I carry electronic iron in luggage bag?

Admin Reply :

Can be taken in check-in luggage within the permitted free allowance limits of size and weight, for free.

Mark Perrin

Posted on 03-Aug-2018
Hello, I am travelling from Delhi to Leh for a motorcycle tour. Can you tell me if I can carry my helmet in the plane with me as I do on all other flghts? My helmet is a safety device which I do not trust to baggage handlers (I used to work at an airport and seen crazy things with bag handlers). My helmet fits in all overhead lockers that I have been on and under seat if required. Thank you.

Admin Reply :

We asked Vistara about it and they have replied that helmet can be carried subject to security clearance at the airport. 


Posted on 03-Aug-2018
Can i carry fruits in hand baggage

Admin Reply :

You will have to pass through security screening at airport. Therefore, you shall carry those fruits which will not cause issue. If you can avoid, it would be good. Else, carry in check-in bag in well packed condition. 


Posted on 02-Aug-2018
Is laptop is included in 7kg baggage

Admin Reply :

This can be taken extra, apart from the 7 kg cabin baggage.


Posted on 10-Aug-2017
I am traveling from Riyadh to Delhi and taking Vistara from Delhi to Srinagar in Economy class. I believe i am allowed 23 KG check in and 7 kg cabin baggage. If i pre book 5 kg extra , will i be allowed 23+5 kg as Check in baggage and 7 kg as cabin Baggage?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be 23 kg+5 kg. 100 per kg for first 5 kg excess. 7 kg in cabin is also allowed. 

Dibyendu Ghosh

Posted on 10-Aug-2017
I am travelling from Delhi-Kolkata. I am willing to carry a single baggage of dimensions (L+B+H) 169 cms, and my baggage weight will be less than 15 kg. Can I carry the baggage free of any charges or will I be charged consequently.?

Admin Reply :

We would suggest that the baggage size be reduced to allowable limits. Airline may even refuse to carry it. 


Posted on 10-Aug-2017
I will be travelling from Bhubaneswar to Delhi with my parents and grandparents(total 6 members)and we are allowed a total of 90kg check in bags. Is it ok if i can carry 2 luggage weighing 23kg each so that we can carry minimum luggage at a go? Will i be charged more ? Can you please suggest me

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can club check in bags of people travelling on same PNR. Each check in bag shall not be more than 32 kg in weight. 

Dibyendu Ghosh

Posted on 08-Aug-2017
If i carry a single baggage of 30 kgs then will it be chargeable.?? I am a student by profile.

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the route you are travelling and whether you are coming from or boarding an international flight or not. 

Dibyendu Ghosh

Posted on 08-Aug-2017
I am travelling from Delhi to Kolkata. Vistara airlines. Single person. Student. Can I carry a single baggage of 30kg. Will it incur any extra charges??

Admin Reply :

Yes it can be carried in one bag. There will be extra charge for 15 kg. INR 100 per Kg for first 5 Kg and INR 300 per Kg beyond 5 Kg


Posted on 07-Aug-2017
comming to Delhi from Riyadh and taking Vistara from Delhi to srinagar Economy Premium. Is it necessary to take two bags of 23 kg or can i take 3 bags weighing around 35 kg

Admin Reply :

It is suggested that you keep it at 2 bags of 23 kg each and do not take three bags. 


Posted on 05-Aug-2017
I am travelling from delhi to mumbai with my 7 month baby can I carry 1 lit milk storage bottle in flight

Admin Reply :

Empty bottle can be carried. No liquid more than 100 ml is allowed in cabin. 

Dr. Viswanatha Kumar Hiremath

Posted on 05-Aug-2017
Can we carry one piece of plaster of Paris Idol Size 3.5" X 5.5"

Admin Reply :

Allowed in check in baggage. 

Divyansh Dhunna

Posted on 05-Aug-2017
I will be carrying my guitar. Help me with the process.

Admin Reply :

It has to be checked in. 

Aashish ghia

Posted on 03-Aug-2017
Will be travelling from Leh to Delhi on 16-8-17 flight no Uk966 want to know if we are allowed cabin bags and whether ladies can carry their purses

Admin Reply :

No cabin bags or purses would be allowed in flights from Leh

isha Soneja

Posted on 03-Aug-2017
I will be travelling from Delhi to Hyderabad. I plan to carry alcohol along with me. My Questions: - Can i carry them in cabin baggage or only in check-in baggage? if only in check-in baggage wont it break during transition even though it is sealed and packed? - The alcohol bottles are packed in their original packing and never opened. Any additional packing is required? - Any documents required to carry them from Delhi to Hyderabad?

Admin Reply :

Only in check in baggage. You can make additional packing to keep theses safe and secure. 

Shuiab Rana

Posted on 03-Aug-2017
I am travelling from Delhi to Srinagar in ending August. I have one carry bag weightage of 7kg, luggage weightage of 15kg and one 32 inch LED TV. Do I need to pay any amount?

Admin Reply :

You will have to pay excess baggage weight for the TV. Rates are mentioned in the content above. 


Posted on 03-Aug-2017
I'm travelling from Delhi to Bangalore with my three month old baby. can I carry a flask with hot water to prepare his formula??how much amount of prepared milk can I carry??

Admin Reply :

Hot water to be provided inside the cabin. You are not allowed to take it. 


Posted on 02-Aug-2017
In which bag can I carry beard trimmer , gel and a deodorant exceeding 100 ml ??

Admin Reply :

All in check in baggage

Mohit Jain

Posted on 02-Aug-2017
Sir I have booked 2 evidence class tckt total bagage of 30 +14 kg of both the passengers. .I need to carry more baggage so plz suggest should I purchase through airline or buying at he time of airport ??? Which one is cheaper?

Admin Reply :

You shall book pre-paid ones online since these are cheaper. 


Posted on 30-Jul-2017
Sir, can I carry laptop bag along with my 7 kg hand baggage??

Admin Reply :

Yes it can be taken.

Jaydeep Jain

Posted on 30-Jul-2017
Sir, can I carry laptop bag alongwith 7 kg handbag??

Admin Reply :

Yes, laptop can be taken in addition to cabin bag. 


Posted on 28-Jul-2017
Can i carry dry fruits in hand luggage from srinagar to delhi to bangalore ?

Admin Reply :

No cabin baggage allowed on these flights. 


Posted on 27-Jul-2017
Dear sir, I am travelling from srinagar to delhi on oct 05, 2017. On the same day, i have to catch international flight from Delhi - Dammam, can u please advise me the luggage allowance allowed at srinagar airport.

Admin Reply :

Only check in baggage is allowed at the Srinagar airport. You would be allowed international allowance of 23 kg if you book economy class witih Vistara and this will remain valid till 24 hrs. 

Sanjeev Jain

Posted on 26-Jul-2017
Can I carry 3 pair of shoes and 2 pairs of chappals in my hand baggage less than 7 kg in weight in economy class

Admin Reply :

It is better to put it in check in baggage due to security concerns


Posted on 23-Jul-2017
Reservation code:A156GU: What is the chek in baggage size? Is meal provided on the flight?

Admin Reply :

Meals are provided on flight. Check in baggage size is 158 cm in sum of dimensions. 


Posted on 23-Jul-2017
Is powerbank allowed in hand baggage ?

Admin Reply :



Posted on 22-Jul-2017
Can I carry sweets like Rasogula - semi liquid in check in baggage with me.

Admin Reply :

Allowed, but well sealed.


Posted on 22-Jul-2017
We will be taking a Vistara flight from Bangalore to Delhi and are confused about carrying our baby's stroller on board the flight. Are we allowed to carry the stroller on flight? If not what are the options? Regards, Mani

Admin Reply :

Allowed in check in baggage. 

Aarti kaul

Posted on 22-Jul-2017
I have to travel on 29 aug from lucknow to delhi by vistara..i have a connecting international flight on 29 aug 4 am..i am travelling business class in international flight which have checked in baggage allowance of 65 kgs and cabin bag allowance of two pieces of 7 kg each..if i travel business class in vistara also from lucknow to delhi am i allowed to carry same weight as my international baggage allowance or not in my vistara flight???

Admin Reply :

If you travel Vistara business class, you would be allowed to take 2 bags of 32 kg each within 30 days of domestic travel. So, it would be okay. There is no extra cabin baggage allowance. So, you might be asked to put the extra cabin bag in check in which will then be charged as a separate bag in check in. 


Posted on 22-Jul-2017
How much weight is allowed in domestic flights from srinagar to delhi?

Admin Reply :

15 kg in check in baggage . No hand baggage.

Saheb Baitha

Posted on 20-Jul-2017
We are 2 people travelling through Vistara airlines domestic. Is the baggage weight allowance calculated per person or combined weight? Because we want to carry one luggage for two persons.

Admin Reply :

For people travelling on same PNR, airlines do allow clubbing of check in bags but  on condition that weight of check in bag shall not exceed 32 kg. 


Posted on 19-Jul-2017
Can we carry food with us in the flight?

Admin Reply :

yes you can. please avoid such smelly or oily food which might cause inconvenience to fellow passengers.


Posted on 18-Jul-2017
I arrive from France to Delhi on August 1st at 11:30 pm accompanied by a friend We fly back to Vistara on the flight Delhi - Leh on August 2 at 7:20 am I have 20kgs of luggage for me and 20kgs for my friend, do I have to pay without excess baggage at the airport? Thank you for your reply before August 1st.

Admin Reply :

Since the Vistara flight is within 24 hrs of your arrival, you would be allowed to carry a max of 23 kg check in baggage per passenger. So, carrying 20 kg each person is fine, without paying extra charges. Do retain the boarding passes and tickets of your international flights. 

Danielle PACHES

Posted on 17-Jul-2017
For a domestic plane Delhi to Leh I know I can have 15kgs baggage. I want to add 5kgs more, my question : when do I have to pay for these 5kgs ? Is it when checking baggage at the airport ? Thank you so much for your answer Greatings

Admin Reply :

You can pay the same at airport as well. 

Majhab Husain

Posted on 16-Jul-2017
i am coming from Dubai to Delhi from dubai i take indigo there allow 30kg but from Delhi to Lucknow Vistara so can allow 30 kg without charge or i can purchase extra baggage

Admin Reply :

If you are travelling in Economy Class in Vistara, then upto 23 kg in check in would be free and for the rest you will have to buy the allowance. 

Nitin Sharma

Posted on 02-Mar-2017
I have 2 kgs of seal packed rosogullas (2 separate packets) and 2 kgs of mishti doi in earthen pots (2 seperate pots). I am going to board flight tomorrow morning from Kolkata airport. Can I carry them in my luggage? Please reply.

Admin Reply :

If airline official consider that earthen pots are not suitably packed, they might not allow these. So is the case with rosogullas. If rosogullas are tin packed,then these can be carried in check in baggage.

Damodar Das

Posted on 28-Feb-2017
We are two passengers with one suitcase weighing 40kgs for checked baggage. Is it alright? Because for each 20kg is allowed, so combined we put in one big suitcase.

Admin Reply :

No, because one check in baggage can not be more than 32 kg weight.


Posted on 27-Feb-2017
Can perfume bottle be carried inside hand bag?

Admin Reply :

We do not suggest it be carried. Better to put it in check in baggage. 

nikita gupta

Posted on 26-Feb-2017
how much weight of luggage is allowed for aflight goin to ahemdabad from delhi?

Admin Reply :

15 kg check in and 7 kg cabin allowance. 

Swati Guha

Posted on 25-Feb-2017
Tomorrow Mumbai to Bangalore economy class how much weight allowed and cost of extra weight

Admin Reply :

15 kg check in and 7 kg cabin is the general baggage allowance


Posted on 25-Feb-2017
I have a flight from balgalore to delhi. Is guitar allowed on board as cabin baggage??

Admin Reply :

It is better to check in. Musical instruments to be checkedin.


Posted on 22-Feb-2017
I am flying to Srinagar and want to carry a pair of skis, can I check them in as part of my baggage or do I need to do something else?

Admin Reply :

You will have to take these in check in baggage. If these are within your check in baggage allowance, then 1 pair of skis with 1 pair of poles and 1 pair of boots is allowed free.

Hanumanth Rao

Posted on 22-Feb-2017
I want to know for economy class, we are a family of 6persons can we carry 15+15=30kg in a single baggage for checkin.

Admin Reply :

Clubbing of baggage in check in is allowed for people travelling on same PNR. 

Dr sultan

Posted on 20-Feb-2017
Is enhanced check in weight in domestic flight payable or not

Admin Reply :

If you take more than free allowance, it has to be paid for.


Posted on 18-Feb-2017
Can I carry a small torch and my two mobile phones in my hand bag and bathing soap in checked in bag...I'm traveling from Delhi to Goa.

Admin Reply :

Torch might not be allowed in cabin. rest  is okay

John Hutcherson

Posted on 18-Feb-2017
We are traveling from Goa to Delhi on Feb. 22 on Air Vistara. Early on Feb. 23rd we have an international flight from Delhi to Tel Aviv on Aeroflot which was booked separately from the Goa/Delhi flight. Question 1: When it says, "International Flight connections are now allowed more check-in baggage allowance." does this apply to our situation? Question 2: We booked the Air Vistara flight on CheapOAir, but the confirmation doesn't indicate the cabin class. How do we find out the cabin class so that we can determine our baggage allowance?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it applies to your situation. Please contact the agency for determining cabin class of travel. 

Debabrata Das

Posted on 16-Feb-2017
Can I carry a bottle of Whiskey in the checked in baggage.

Admin Reply :

yes, it shall be sealed. 


Posted on 16-Feb-2017
Hey plzzz help me out I am traveling to Hyderabad from delhi with 27 kg weight almost 5kg exceeds so how much

Admin Reply :

You are allowed to carry 15 kg in check in, 7kg in cabin baggage free. If you are carrying more, the first 5 kg excess will be charged at rate of Rs 100 per kg. 

Satyaveer Singh

Posted on 15-Feb-2017
Hi, can I carryba toy train (without bettery but bettery operated). if yer then it is be carried in check-in bags of cabin bags.. pls reply

Admin Reply :

It has to be carried in check in baggage only. But, airline officials at airport will have final say. 


Posted on 14-Feb-2017
Kindly tell the luggage capacity for domestic flight for economy seats? New Delhi to Mumbai Flight UK-933

Admin Reply :

15 kg check in and 7 kg cabin allowance. 

Sweta ahuja

Posted on 13-Feb-2017
Hey , I will be travelling on 25th feb wid vistara to delhi.will be carryng my kid cycle whch will be packed in a cartoon ..hope tht doent make any problem

Admin Reply :

If it meets the size and weight limits of check in bag, it shall be fine. However, airline officials at airport will have final say on this object after seeing the packing and the nature of item.

Jiju John

Posted on 13-Feb-2017
i am booked on Premium Economy from Kochi to Mumbai (Flight lands in Mumbai at 1845), I have an onward flight by KLM/Jetairways to Amsterdam in 7 hours aafter landing in Mumbai. Please confirm if my baggage allowance is 2x23kg bags

Admin Reply :

Yes, you would be allowed the allowance of 2 bags of 23 kg each. Please show your tickets for international flight for this purpose. 


Posted on 13-Feb-2017
Hi, I have booked a ticket for domestic journey from Hyd to newdelhi under economy class. How much luggage is allowed for me and may I know the extra baggage fare details for me.

Admin Reply :

15 kg check in and 7 kg cabin allowance per person allowed free in economy class travel. For additional 5 kg check in Rs 100 per kg is charged. Beyond that, Rs 300 per kg is chargeable. 


Posted on 13-Feb-2017
we're planning to travel on Vistara from Delhi to Leh...roundtrip. Is the "baggage allowance" same for these sectors as for other domestic sectors within India? - 15 kg for checked in baggage - 7 kg for carry on baggage - Rs 100 per kg for the 1-5 kg of excess checked in baggage - and Rs 300 per kg for any excess after 20 kgs of checked in bags up to a maximum of 32 kgs per bag.

Admin Reply :

yes, this is right. 

Ishita Roy

Posted on 13-Feb-2017
Hi i will be travling on 16th feb with vistara to delhi. My question is,can i carry food in hand luggage

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be done. 


Posted on 07-Feb-2017
I have an economy class ticket and my luggage weighs 32kg + cabin luggage (7kg). Is there a prebooking of luggage available online in vistara. can u plz tell me the total cost is it Rs 100 fr every extra luggage after 20kg & 300 after first 5 extra weight. I hope atm cards are acceptable

Admin Reply :

Air Vistara check in baggage allowance for economy class tickets is 15 kg and for Economy Premier is 20 kg. PLease check whether you have economy or premier economy tickets? If it is Economy ticket, then till 20 kg the charge is Rs 500 and from thereon, the charges are 12 *300= 3600. Total of 4100. 


Posted on 07-Feb-2017
Hi, I want to take a gift pack mobile phone for my sister...Can carry a gift wrap mobile ...I'm traveling to Goa. Kind Regards, Ruchika.

Admin Reply :

yes it can be taken. Not a problem. 


Posted on 04-Feb-2017
This is a follow up to my earlier question that was not answered because of insufficient information on my part. I will be traveling economy class. The weight of the cabin suitcase is 21.5 kg. How much is the extra charge ? Also the carry on baggage is about 0.6 kg higher than the allowed weight of 7 kg. Is there a charge for it ?

Admin Reply :

It would be good that you keep cabin bag limit at 7kg. Check in baggage allowance is 15 kg per person. You are carrying 7 kg more which will be charged at Rs 100 per kg for first 5 kgs and next 2 kgs at Rs 300 per kg. 

Preyasee Kamath

Posted on 03-Feb-2017
Hi, I am carrying a Bose SoundTouch 10 speaker in a gift paper wrapped box. This speaker is a non -portable speaker, hence does not have a lithium-ion battery integrated into it. Just wanted to know if you could take this speaker in plane as hand-baggage. and that I will not be expected to uncover the gift wrap. Please confirm ASAP as I have a flight to Delhi today at 7:00 pm. Thanks.

Admin Reply :

Sorry for being late to respond. Ideally, these items are required to be checked in. 

Anil garg

Posted on 03-Feb-2017
My booking is in UK 988 .I want know how much baggage allowed

Admin Reply :

Which class are you travelling? Baggage allowance of different cabin classes is mentioned in the content above. 

kiran pandit

Posted on 03-Feb-2017
can I carry a small glass container with bamboo plant

Admin Reply :

Live plants are generally not allowed in flights. 


Posted on 02-Feb-2017
Hi ,my bro n his daughter of 3 yrs of age is travelling in yr airlines tomorrow and his ticket has been upgraded To bussiness class.may I know how much kg can take in reply me .thank you

Admin Reply :

Business class passengers are allowed 30 kg check in baggage per person. Cabin allowance is of 7 kg.

Sparsh Kapoor

Posted on 28-Jan-2017
Is iron allowed in flight

Admin Reply :

yes, it is allowed in check in baggage.


Posted on 28-Jan-2017
If traveling economy class, how much extra charge between 20 and 32 kg for check-in bag?

Admin Reply :

Your query is not clear to us. Please clearly mention how much of excess is it?


Posted on 28-Jan-2017
I m travelling alone, I have 25 kg luggage,is it will charge extra .

Admin Reply :

Which class of ticket are you travelling on?


Posted on 25-Jan-2017
hi we are three persons going together and we have only one luggage to carry but it weight more than 15 kgs but less than 25 kgs, so is it allowed for we three passangers as a total luggage ? Please reply me A.S.A.P, i have a flight to catch today afternoon.

Admin Reply :

It would be allowed if all of you are travelling on same PNR and the weight of this check in bag does not exceed 32 kgs. 


Posted on 24-Jan-2017
Can i carry dry fuits in hand baggage while travelling from Goa to Mumbai ?

Admin Reply :

yes, these can be taken, 

Vikas Rastogi

Posted on 23-Jan-2017
We wants to carry our project material contained in a box size is 1100 mm (43.5") Length x 1100(43.5") width x 600 ( 24") height and weight with material around 14/15 kgs ..can it be carry with Vistara airlines( passenger)

Admin Reply :

Sum of dimensions is 280 cm for this check in baggage. This is much more than 158 cm for check in baggage which is the normal standard. Weight is okay. 


Posted on 13-Nov-2016
I have a connecting flight from Singapore to New Delhi(International) and then from New Delhi to Chandigarh (Vistara). Can i carry liquor purchased from duty free shop of singapore along with bill and to be carried in vistara flight as carry baggage?

Admin Reply :

Liquor is not allowed in cabin baggage on Indian airlines. It would be good if you could check it in. You can always try convincing the airline officials at the airport. 


Posted on 12-Nov-2016
Can i carry milk in the flight?

Admin Reply :

Only upto 100 ml in cabin. 


Posted on 12-Nov-2016
Can i carry 1 litre milk in baggage?

Admin Reply :

Not allowed in cabin luggage. 

iqbal chadda

Posted on 08-Nov-2016
hi, i am flying London to Delhi on BA and then Delhi to Lucknow on Vistara, a few hours stop over in airport. Do i need to check into the Vistara flight when in Delhi.... I cannot check in 24 hours earlier because if light time and BA web site will not let me check in.... do i need to clear immigration and then collect baggage and then check in to Vistara flight ?? many thanks

Admin Reply :

Yes, you will have to check in again. 

Richa Goel

Posted on 08-Nov-2016
Can I carry infant fully foldable stroller/pram?

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be carried in check in hold

Vineet raghuvanshi

Posted on 07-Nov-2016
Can I carry power bank with during travel !

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be carried in cabin. 


Posted on 07-Nov-2016
Sir i have a client who is going for shooting game in national competition to be held in pune on 21st Nov. Sir i want to know about the policy to carry sports air pistol. please reply at the earliest.

Admin Reply :

You will have to pay charges for it to the airline. Please contact airline for more documentation work that might be generally required in your case. 


Posted on 05-Nov-2016
Enter Your Commentsi am travilling from dehli to srinagar on 11 nov 16 by vistara flight. please confirm me where to board .is it domestic airport or international .d1 or d3

Admin Reply :

It is T3. 

Shafqat ALi

Posted on 05-Nov-2016
Hi, I'm flying vistara airline on November 30, Kindly let me know apart from checked in baggage of 15 kg, how much I can carry the handbag with me. What should be the max length of checked in baggage and what should be the weight of it,

Admin Reply :

7 kg cabin allowance is permitted. Sum of dimensions of check in baggage shall not be more than 158 cm. 


Posted on 03-Nov-2016
can i carry a liquor bottle in baggage. not in hand cabin. from mumbai to delhi.. and how many sealed bottles wer allowed. or liters. .. thanks

Admin Reply :

Upto 5 litres allowed per person in check in baggage in sealed condition. 


Posted on 03-Nov-2016
Hi, my flight is from delhi to banglore in vistara airlines. Along wth my cabin baggae, i need to take a bigrectangular box of car toy for my son. This box does not fit in my cabin baggae. Wondering if it allowed along with cabin baggage seperatly? Please advise

Admin Reply :

No, it will not be allowed in cabin. Please check it in. 


Posted on 29-Oct-2016
Hi I m going delhi to mumbai I have extra 20 kg total 35 kg can I booked. And what is charges. Plz advised how can do for minimized expenses.

Admin Reply :

Excess baggage rates are mentioned in the content above. Please through the content. 

Shrikant Pawar

Posted on 22-Oct-2016
I will be travelling from goa to Mumbai, kindly let me know how much alcohol content we can carry in flights.

Admin Reply :

Upto 5 litres in check in baggage, in sealed condition. 


Posted on 20-Oct-2016
How much extra I have to pay if I have 20kgs flight from Delhi to Lucknow? Can I pay at the airport? What are the dimensions for checked in baggage?

Admin Reply :

15 kg check in allowance is permitted. Above it, 5 excess kgs would be charged for at rate of Rs 100 per kg. You can pay at airport. 158 cm shall be sum of dimensions of check in baggage. 


Posted on 20-Oct-2016
can i carry sweets in my baggage

Admin Reply :

Allowed, but airline officials at airport to have final say. Better to bring dry sweets in small quantities. 

Satodeepa Ghose

Posted on 17-Oct-2016
Hi, I have two glass lampshades packed separately which I need to carry from Bangalore to Kolkata. Can I carry them in the check in luggage as fragile items? Or can I take them in cabin? Are fragile items charged more? Are they considered over and above the normal baggage allowance? Looking forward to hear from you early as I am flying in 2 days time. Regards.

Admin Reply :

There are no special charges for fragile items. Please carry these as a part of the check in baggage. These might not be allowed in cabin luggage. 


Posted on 12-Oct-2016
....and answer to question number 2 of last query?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it will have to be done because of customs clearance requirements. 

Mohan Agarwal

Posted on 12-Oct-2016
I have come to know that the STUDENTS are allowed 10 Kg. more luggage than the prescribed one. Please clarify.

Admin Reply :

We do not have any such information. 


Posted on 10-Oct-2016
Hi, I'm flying Air India from LHR to DEL then I have a connecting flight with Vistara to MUM. 1) I Have allowance of 46KG and its under one PNR. Is there an access fare to pay? 2) Do I need to reclaim my luggage at DEL and recheck-in? Thanks

Admin Reply :

If flight is within 24 hrs, then 23 kg check in is allowed free. If it is within 7 days of international flight, 2 bags of 23 kg are allowed. 


Posted on 02-Oct-2016
I need to check one is that possible if for adults are already booked n later on if infant is accompanying with them then can we purchase infant ticket from airport.. and infant will b allowed to travel

Admin Reply :

Sorry, we missed your query. You can buy infant ticket from the airport



Posted on 28-Sep-2016
I am flying to Delhi today , 28th sep on economy with my wife. I know we can carry 15+15 kg as check-in baggage. Please advise how many pieces can we carry ? We have lots of stuff that we are planning to distribute into 4 boxes of 7.5 kg each . Is this allowed ?

Admin Reply :

There is no issue in taking 2 pcs per person with total baggage allowance not exceeding the permitted limits. 

Atanu Das

Posted on 26-Sep-2016
HI, I am travelling from Mangalore to Kolkata via bangalore in multiple flight option on 25th October. Mangalore to Bangalore flight reaching Bangalore at 6.30PM. And my flight from Bangalore to Kolkata starts at 8.30 PM that night. As my bangalore flight is Vistara one and managalore one is jet airways. My question is by any chance if jet airways got delayed for 1 hour , then how can i handle this checking time problem from bangalore to kolkata.

Admin Reply :

This is a risk which has to be borne since schedules could become tight. Web check in does provide some relief as it expedites the process. 


Posted on 26-Sep-2016
Hi I am traveling with an infant in domestic flight, so will I be allowed any extra luggage in that case? Also can I pre purchase excess luggage? And what are the charges for the same.

Admin Reply :

Option of pre-purchase of excess luggage does not exist. If travelling on economy ticket, you will have to pay RS 100 per excess kg for the first 5 kg excess and for the rest of excess baggage, charges would be Rs 300 per kg. For Premium economy and Business class travellers, charges are Rs 300 per excess kg from the very first kg. 

Shobha ashish

Posted on 26-Sep-2016
My mom is traveling from kochi to Delhi on 28th September. I called on customer care and asked for assistance but was denied saying its not possible. Why is it not possible for a airlines like urs to not give assistance to a 63 old female whose traveling alone for first time and has difficulty in carrying hand baggage.?

Admin Reply :

For passengers who are not able to perform personal functions, airlines does not provide any service of personal nature. 

Ravi Kumar

Posted on 23-Sep-2016
Are aluminium (metal) torches & headlamps (used for trekking) without batteries allowed in cabin baggage?

Admin Reply :

No such item allowed in cabin. IT has to be checked in. 


Posted on 19-Sep-2016
Am travelling on Delhi-Kochi Flight on 2nd October after noon flight....I need to carry my room cooler of Tata Mccoy make with me, The size of the cooler is 680x400x1150mm (LxWxH) ...hope Air Vistara allow this item in check-in luggage ...The unit is made of ABS Plastic...

Admin Reply :

Airline officials will have a final say. If it is deemed to be too big to carry, it might be denied as well. 

Sriram prasad.b

Posted on 19-Sep-2016
Hello I need to carry my camera tripod (575 mm) from Kolkata to bangalore. Is it allowed in hand luggage ? Suppose if not, is it allowed in the luggage under fragile items?

Admin Reply :

It will need to be checked in. 

Mrs Ibanbet Syiem

Posted on 18-Sep-2016
It says above that Vistara will charge Rs 3250/- for extra piece of baggage for international passengers connecting to Vistara within 24 hours. I would like to know what the weight of the extra luggage should be.

Admin Reply :

It is 23 kg a piece for economy. 

Mrs Ibanbet Syiem

Posted on 18-Sep-2016
I have learned that the extra bag charge is Rs 3250/- per piece, excluding taxes. What % does the tax amount to?

Admin Reply :

Generally, it includes service tax which is different for economy and other cabin classes, and some cesses and surcharges. 

Jency George

Posted on 15-Sep-2016
i am flying premier economy delhi kochi 17 sep. my baggage allowance is 20 kg. what about the excess post 20 kg. kindly advise.

Admin Reply :

After the free allowance, you will be charges Rs 100 per kg for first 5 kg excess and thereafter, Rs 300 per kg. 


Posted on 13-Sep-2016
Can I carry toys in check in baggage.?

Admin Reply :

yes, these are allowed. 

Sudeshna Mallick

Posted on 12-Sep-2016
Can I carry a folding umbrella' an used lipstick and nasal drop in hand bag indelhi to kolkata air vistara flight?

Admin Reply :

Umbrella is not allowed in cabin. Lipstick might be allowed. will depend on what position airline staff at airport takes. Nasal drops can be taken along with medical prescription for the same. 

Hoshang Nekoo

Posted on 09-Sep-2016
I am travelling to Delhi on 14th sept. with my wife aged 74 and 73 years resp. Can we carry one big bag with 30 kgs. two cabin bags weighing 7 kgs each , one laptop and ladies hand bag hand bag with purse. Or you recommend to separate bags pf 15 Kgs. each. Thanks

Admin Reply :

Check in bags of passengers travelling on same PNR can be clubbed. So, you can bring 1 bag of 30 kg for check in. W.r.t cabin baggage, you are allowed to carry one cabin baggage of 7 kg each along with one laptop (on one person) and one hand purse(another person)

ajay devagan

Posted on 08-Sep-2016
i am travelling from hyderabad to delhi for the first time.i have booked my flight 15 days prior to my it enough to go to airport 2 hrs before journey for check in baggage.and i pais my ticket through my parents debit card .shud i carry it with me for checking at the airport.

Admin Reply :

Please visit our webpage on Vistara Check In for details on timings. All are provided there. It is better to carry the card or its photocopy with due authorisation for its usage. 


Posted on 07-Sep-2016

Admin Reply :

There is free allowance which depends on your fare class booked. This is given in the content above. 

L S jAin

Posted on 07-Sep-2016
Saving kit is allowed or not in hand baggage

Admin Reply :

It is better to carry it in check in baggage.


Posted on 01-Sep-2016
I am travelling on 3rd sept , from new delhi to mumbai in flight no UK 975 , please let me know the baggage allowance and if there is any additional limit for SEAFARERS ???

Admin Reply :

15 kg check in and 7 kg cabin allowance per person for economy class travel. No special allowance of sea-men,


Posted on 29-Aug-2016
Hi my wife is traveling with 7 months old child from dehradun to delhi. Is she allowed to have folding pram (9kg) in addition to allowed luggage (15kg) or she need to pay extra charge for it?? Thanks

Admin Reply :

She will be allowed to carry the pram free. 


Posted on 28-Aug-2016
we are travelling around india and our british airways luggage allownace is 23 kilos. can you tell me the extra cost for booking an economy ticket from varanasi to delhi, please?

Admin Reply :

If you have Vistara flight within 24 hrs of BA flight, 23 kg check in allowance would be permitted. 


Posted on 26-Aug-2016
can i carry a pair of shoe, tooth brush, paste, and perfume as cabbin baggage, I am travelling in vitara flight from Mumbai to banglore tommorrow evennig

Admin Reply :

These items are best checked in.


Posted on 22-Aug-2016
Can I carry badminton racket with me?

Admin Reply :

It can be carried in check in baggage.


Posted on 21-Aug-2016
Can I bring a long umbrella as carry on luggage along with my rugsack?

Admin Reply :

Umbrella might not be allowed in cabin


Posted on 20-Aug-2016
Can I carry laptop bag ,a gym bag containing only shoes and one small trolley bag in cabin

Admin Reply :

Only one personal item is allowed with the cabin baggage. 


Posted on 20-Aug-2016
I have to fly to Delhi for a robotics competition for which i have to carry certain electronics components like IR sensors, Circuit boards and mini servo motors, are these items allowed in check-in baggage ?

Admin Reply :

yes, these can be checked in .

sweta goel

Posted on 19-Aug-2016
Can I book my luggage at same day on checkin , how much I have to pay?

Admin Reply :

Vistara allows 15 kg check in and 7 kg cabin for domestic flights economy class cabin. 


Posted on 16-Aug-2016
How much tax is Applied for extra weight.

Admin Reply :

Taxes are levied on airfares, not on baggage.

george fernandes

Posted on 15-Aug-2016
can i carry a laptop, portable dvd, + a camera + skybag of 7 kgs

Admin Reply :

Either a laptop or a camera would be allowed in cabin. Total shall be within 7 kg. DVD is best carried in check in baggage.


Posted on 06-Aug-2016
Along with the hand baggage and the cabin bag in economy class from Mumbai to Kochi can I carry my guitar?

Admin Reply :

No musical instruments shall be checked in.


Posted on 05-Aug-2016
I am traveling from Delhi to Pune with an infant.i wanted to know if there is a provision for us to send both our baggags ( 15 kg and 7 kg ) as check-in baggage coz it would be difficult for me to carry anything along with the baby.and also is a baby bag along with a ladies purse allowed to be carried by me

Admin Reply :

Infants are not given any baggage allowance. Ladies purse is fine. Regarding the permission to take cabin baggage in check-in, this is not allowed in normal circumstances. But, airline officials at airport will have a final say in matter.

george fernandes

Posted on 04-Aug-2016
economy class passenger can carry SMALL LIVE FISH IN PLASTIC BAG, beside laptop, camera and skybag?

Admin Reply :

No, this is not allowed


Posted on 31-Jul-2016
Hi, I am flying via Emirates on 13/08/16 at 2130 from Delhi with a baggage allowance of 40 kg . I have already booked Vistara from Varanasi to Delhi at 1400 . How much extra will I have to pay for my luggage from Varanasi to delhi.

Admin Reply :

If you have booked economy class on Vistara, you will be allowed to carry a total of 23 kg check in baggage, which means that there will be an excess of 17 kg. This will have to paid for at Rs 100 per kg for first 5 kgs, which totals Rs 500. And, then for the rest 12 kg, charges will be @Rs 300 per kg, totalling Rs 3600. Thus, total of Rs 4100 would be charged. 

arun ashok

Posted on 30-Jul-2016
I have an international flight on august 30 from delhi. I want to book air vistara for cochin to delhi on 29 august. My baggage will be around 44kg total( 2 check in baggage) and maybe a 7 kg hand baggage too. Is it possible to carry this? What is the amount I will be paying for the baggage alone??

Admin Reply :

If you are travelling economy in Vistara, you will be allowed 23 kg allowance if your internatonal flight is within 24 hours of Vistara flight. This leaves you with an excess of 21 kgs, for which first 5 kgs would be charged at Rs 100 per kg and thereafter, it will be Rs 300 per kg. So, total is Rs 500+ Rs 4800= Rs 5300

Jill Billoo

Posted on 30-Jul-2016
I am travelling from Srinagar to Delhi on 5 August and then Singapore airlines same day to Australia. What is the correct baggage allowance. I understand I can have 23 kg but am I allowed another 7 kg because cabin luggage is not allowed from Srinagar to Delhi. Many thanks

Admin Reply :

Yes, you are right and you would be allowed to carry the cabin baggage in check-in from Srinagar.

Maria Kouris

Posted on 29-Jul-2016
I am flying from Athens Greece to Chandigarrh via Doha and Delhi. The first part of the journey is with with Qatar airlines and from Doha to Chandigarrh connecting flight with Vistara airlines. Qatar airways has an allowance of max 30kg per passenger but with Vistara there is only 15kg at the economy class. What happens to those situations with the extra kilos?

Admin Reply :

If you are travelling Vistara in Economy class, you are allowed to take up to 23 kg free check in baggage from your international allowance provided the Vistara flight is within 24 hrs of the international flight. For the rest excess baggage of 7 kg checkin (as 30 kg is allowed on Qatar), first 5 kgs are charged at Rs 100 per kg and remaining 2 kg at Rs 300 per kg. 


K Siba Sankar Subudhi

Posted on 24-Jul-2016
Can i carry 3kg dumbells in hand bag

Admin Reply :

no, this would not be allowed in cabin. 


Posted on 24-Jul-2016
I have 2 baggage of 23kgs each. What is the extra charge i need to pay at counter? Awaiting your reply

Admin Reply :

If travelling economy, Rs 100 per kg for first 5 kg excess and Rs 300 per excess kg thereafter.

If travelling premium economy or business class, Rs 300 per excess kg needs to be paid. 

Kishan patel

Posted on 22-Jul-2016
I am come from international travel usa can I carry my all 2 bag of 22 kg with me without Charge from delhi to ahmedabad in economy premium class

Admin Reply :

No, you will have to pay excess baggage charges for Vistara since it does not allow international allowance on its flights.

Siba sankar

Posted on 20-Jul-2016
can i carry holly ganga water in hand bag

Admin Reply :

No, it will not be allowed any more than 100 ml. 

Asok Ghosh

Posted on 17-Jul-2016
2tickets one check in baggage weighing about 20kg .is it OK without any charges?

Admin Reply :

If both passengers are ticketed on same PNR, then their check in baggage allowances can be clubbed. So, 20 kg is fine. 


Posted on 11-Jul-2016
I am flying from hyd to chadigarh in economy class how many kg I am allowed to carry and what is the cost of access baggage

Admin Reply :

15 kg check in and 7 kg cabiin baggage allowance. Rs 100 per kg is excess baggage charge for 1st 5 kg excess above 15 kg

Mayank Bapna

Posted on 10-Jul-2016
I am planning to go to Bombay next month. Can we carry folding umbrella in the flight

Admin Reply :

Umbrella has been denied in cabin baggage by airline. 


Posted on 08-Jul-2016
I am traveling from an international flight to delhi and stay 2 days in delhi again travelling to domastic flight to bbi, I have total 80kg for 2 passenger, want to know any relaxation for international flights pasenger

Admin Reply :

Sorry to say, there is no such relaxation. Excess baggage charges have to be paid. 

Ravneet padda

Posted on 08-Jul-2016
I am travelling from US to New Delhi & onward flight from Delhi to Lucknow by Vistara airlines by economy class on 13th July 2016. My query is that I would be carrying two check in baggage 23kgs each & a cabin baggage. Will I be allowed to carry all luggage without any extra charges. Please reply soon.

Admin Reply :

No,  You will have to pay excess baggage charges.


Posted on 08-Jul-2016
I am planning to travel from kuwait to bhubaneswar on 15th sept. From Kuwait to Delhi in Gulf air and from delhi to Bhubaneswar in vistara & vice versa for return. Can I carry 30+7 kg from kuwait in order to complete my travel in connecting flight?

Admin Reply :

Vistara will go by its own allowance policy and if you are bringing any excess baggage above the domestic baggage allowance limit, it will be charged for. 


Posted on 06-Jul-2016
I am travelling with an infant. Want to know if collapsible pram can be carried in addition to 15 kg baggage allowed for me or its included in my 15 kg baggage allowance?

Admin Reply :

It can be carried in addition to the check in baggage.


Posted on 02-Jul-2016

Admin Reply :

Sorry for late response. We nearly missed your query due to server upgrade. 

No liquid more than 100 ml is allowed in cabin. Cosmetics are also best carried in check in baggage. 

Dr Rehan

Posted on 01-Jul-2016
Hi ! I am travelling from Srinagar on a return flight to Delhi on 12/7/16 I am allowed hand baggage in the Aircraft from Delhi to Srinagar. But I am told that no hand bag is allowed from Srinagar to Delhi. Please advice exact status. Rgds

Admin Reply :

This is right. No hand baggage from Srinagar. The hand baggage has to be kept in checkin baggage and total allowance is 22 kg in check in luggage in economy class travel. Hand baggage is allowed from Delhi. So, check in allowance is 15 kg in economy and 7 kg in cabin. 


Posted on 23-Jun-2016
Hi. We are travelling jammu to srinagar and then srinagar to mumbai. I just want to ask can we bring our own eatables in flight like chips and veggies and rotis?

Admin Reply :

Cabin baggage would not be allowed on flights from Srinagar or Jammu. 

Sarkee tshering sherpa

Posted on 22-Jun-2016
Vistara flight from bagdogra linked with quatar air within 24 hrs permissible cabin baggage weight

Admin Reply :

Vistara will by its own allowance as it does not accept international allowance and will charge you for more. 

Bryan Gonsalves

Posted on 21-Jun-2016
I will be flying to Delhi from London and then flying Air Vistara from Delhi to Goa. My international luggage allowance is 23kg but Air Vistara is 15kg. How can I avoid an excess luggage charge and if I can\'t what us the likely cost?

Admin Reply :

You will have to pay for the excess baggage. Rs 300 per excess kg is the charge


Posted on 21-Jun-2016
I understand that the check-in baggage shouldn\'t cross 15 kgs, per passenger. My question is, can we carry 30 kgs luggage, in a single suit case, for two passengers, instead of 15 kgs per passenger.

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be carried provided both of them are travelling on same pnr


Posted on 20-Jun-2016
Can I carry Indian sweet box in hand baggage.Travelling mumbai to delhi. I have no other baggage other than my purse & this.There is no check in baggage either. Thanks

Admin Reply :

Yes it can be carried. 

Tarlochan Singh

Posted on 19-Jun-2016
I\'m travelling on 28 June from delhi to Srinagar,,, I want to know that can I carry wine bottles with me nd how much or quantity I carry if it\'s allowed there??? Pls revert by mail or call 9560198455

Admin Reply :

You can carry upto 5 litres of liquor in check in baggage in sealed condition., 

Aswin B

Posted on 17-Jun-2016
Hi Vistara, It is mentioned that I can take my laptop computer in addition to the cabin baggage. Can I carry it inside a backpack? Are there any size restrictions for this backpack? Thanks

Admin Reply :

Backpack is considered to be another cabin bag. You can carry laptop in backpack but it shall not contain other items. Airlines, for this reason, allow standard laptop bags in cabin bags. Since it is considered another cabin bag size restrictions are same as that of a cabin bag. 

Vivek arya

Posted on 15-Jun-2016
How much quantity of liquor permitted on a person in luggage

Admin Reply :

Generally, airlines allow up 5 litres in check in baggage.


Posted on 14-Jun-2016
Can we carry shaving kit?? Can we carry cosmetics like libbalm and eyeliner in hand luggage??

Admin Reply :

It is better to pack the toileteries in checkin baggage. Libbalm and eyeliner shall not be a problem.


Posted on 10-Jun-2016
Can we pre-buy excess baggage ? If yes , will the rate be different from the one paid at the airport?

Admin Reply :

No, pre-paid slabs are available for excess baggage on Air Vistara. 

sana vahora

Posted on 08-Jun-2016
if i am having an international flight after vistata (after 9 hours) so can i carry weight in vistara flight like same as international flight (46 kg. in my international flight )???

Admin Reply :

No, Vistara will go by its own allowance and you will have to pay for excess baggage.


Posted on 05-Jun-2016
What is the baggage allowance for flight UK829 (Delhi to Hyderabad). In the site it says 15kgs(baggage)+7kgs(cabin luggage) However in your site it says: baggage allowance : 20kgs

Admin Reply :

You have read wrong. We have mentioned that for economy class travel allowance is 15 kg, for premier economy it is 20 kg and for business class it is 30 kg. 


Posted on 04-Jun-2016
Hello today i am going mumbai to delhi, so how many bugged in allold in , so request you plz give me proper ans. Thanks you

Admin Reply :

7 kg cabin and 15 kg check-in allowed per passenger. 

Doretha crecelius

Posted on 01-Jun-2016
I understand can have one carry on bag...55x40x20....7 kg. And also a personal bag. My question. ... With the personal there a weight limit is size limit on it?

Admin Reply :

Please note that this is not a personal bag but a personal item. No weight or size limts prescribed. 


Posted on 01-Jun-2016
I\'ll be traveling from Delhi to Mumbai...can I carry my induction plate and electric kettle with me ?? And if yes then it has to be in d hand bag or checked in luggage??

Admin Reply :

These have to be carried in checkin baggage.


Posted on 30-May-2016
Can check-in and Cabin luggage be clubbed from Delhi to srinagar?

Admin Reply :

No. these can be clubbed only while coming from Srinagar.

Harkant Singh

Posted on 29-May-2016
What is the baggage allowance in Air Vistara if I transfer from an AI international flight from UK to Delhi and take Air Vistara for Delhi to Chandigarh leg.

Admin Reply :

Vistara will go by its own domestic baggage allowance. You will have to pay for excess baggage if carrying more than 15 kg checkin and 7 kg cabin. 


Posted on 26-May-2016
We are 3 passengers (1 adult, 2 children) travelling from Mumbai to kochi by economy class. Can I checkin a single bag of dimension 29 x 19 x 10 inch. Instead of checkin 3 separate bags. what is the max weight I can carry In a single bag?

Admin Reply :

Max weight of 1 check in bag shall not exceed 32 kg and sum of dimension shall not be more than 158 cm


Posted on 22-May-2016
I have excess baggage of around 60 kg. We are 2 passenger....from mumbai to bnglr ...can I pay online? What are the charges towards excess baggage?

Admin Reply :

This can not be paid online. It has to be paid at airport sales counter. INR 315 per excess kg for economy class travel and INR 325 per excess kg for premium economy and business class travellers. 

Sudeep Dash

Posted on 20-May-2016
I would be importing a declared and customs paid CO2 BB Gun from a certain country in Europe. Would it be allowed to be carried in a check-in luggage for a domestic transfer, after proper declaration of the item and customs clearance ofcourse? What would the policies of Air Vistara regarding this? What would be the charges levied by the airlines?

Admin Reply :

Well, it is better to speak to airline directly about this matter since only licensed arms are allowed in check in baggage by paying a fee of Rs 5000 + tax. However, yours is not a licensed gun. Hence, it is better to get the airline directly on this matter. 


Posted on 20-May-2016
Will PAN card be acceptable as a valid ID proof? And if the name mentioned on the ticket is slightly different from that on the PAN card as there is no surname mentioned on PAN card but it is on the tickets, will it be acceptable??

Admin Reply :

PAN card is a valid proof but there shall be no discrepancy in name. It might create problem and you will have to convince airline staff at airport. 


Posted on 17-May-2016
i am travelling from Delhi to Bangalore by air vistara, can i carry milk sweets in my hand baggage?

Admin Reply :

Yes, these shall be allowed but in limited quantities. 


Posted on 16-May-2016
I\'m a Athlete,need to carry 250gms of 2 different whey protein. Ttl of 500gms is tat allowed in checkin bag.

Admin Reply :

yes, it is allowed. 


Posted on 11-May-2016
What about baggage allowances for child and infants in domestic route ?

Admin Reply :

Children above 2 years of age allowed same allowance as that of adults. Infants do not qualify for allowance. 


Posted on 09-May-2016
My flight is Srinagar to Delhi to Pune. Am I allowed hand luggage and how much? Can I check in my other luggage through to pune?

Admin Reply :

Hand baggage not permitted from Srinagar to Delhi. Yes it is possible to through checkin. 


Posted on 09-May-2016
Hi, what would be the excess baggage fee for Delhi-Bangalore flight?

Admin Reply :

Rs 315 per kg for economy and Rs 325 per kg for premium economy. 

Sharmi Mitra Banerjee

Posted on 09-May-2016
I have a flight from Goa to Mumbai in mid May. What are the baggage allowances for the same? Please throw some light as some say that all the registered baggage has to be paid for. Is that true? If so, then what are the rates for the same?

Admin Reply :

Vistara allows 15 kg check in and 7 kg hand baggage per adult passenger free while travelling economy class. Check in allowance for Premium Economy and Business Class is respectively 20 kg and 30 kg. 

Krittika Das

Posted on 05-May-2016
Hi.i will be travelling from Guwahati to Delhi this 8th May. Can i carry a knife of about 15 cms in my check-in luggage?

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be carried. 


Posted on 02-May-2016
Hi , I will be travelling from Doha - Delhi - Bhubaneswar. I have total luggage of 60 kg. From Doha- Delhi Qatar airways flight, I have already booked for extra luggage. Can I pay for extra luggage while booking the Delhi - Bhubaneswar flight?

Admin Reply :

Since Vistara is flying only domestic routes and it does not accept international allowance from other airline on its domestic network, you will have to pay for excess baggage charges with Vistara as well. 


Posted on 29-Apr-2016
Can i pre-purchase excess baggage

Admin Reply :

No this facility is not currently available with Vistara.


Posted on 28-Apr-2016
Can i bring a guitar as hand luggage

Admin Reply :

It is better to take it as check in baggage.

Manas Raj

Posted on 25-Apr-2016
Hi.. Want to enquire about excess baggage charges from lucknow to Delhi sector. Thanks

Admin Reply :

Economy class Rs 315 per kg. Other classes Rs 325 per kg.


Posted on 23-Apr-2016
I am an Indian citizen coming from USA to Delhi and on same day I have to travel to srinagar,Kashmir;May I please know about check in luggage allowances in my domestic flight,thank you.

Admin Reply :

15 kg check in and 7 kg cabin would be allowed. 


Posted on 22-Apr-2016
Can I carry 2 o4 3 pickle bottle in hand baggage orI hve to put in checkin baggage.

Admin Reply :

Carriage of pickles is generally discouraged on flights. You might not be allowed to carry these. 


Posted on 22-Apr-2016
Hi, I will be on a Photographic Trip to Srinagar and returning vai Vistara. My camera equipment will are stored in backup and due to delicate nature of it, it is not possible to check-in. Please suggest.

Admin Reply :

Camera with lens can be taken in cabin but the batteries and tripods etc have to be checked in. 

Prakash Alwani

Posted on 18-Apr-2016
Please suggest how many charges could be levied in excess of normal baggage weigh in vistara at Ahmedabad. In my ticket, max. 7 kg is allowed. wherein, vistara website is mentioning 15 kgs. Request you to please clarify..

Admin Reply :

You are confusing check-in and cabin allowance. You are allowed free check-in baggage of 15 kg in economy class travel and another 7 kg cabin allowance. 

sumaeeya wani

Posted on 18-Apr-2016
I\'m travelling on 25 from abu dhabi to delhi ,with ethihad airways ,internationally I would be allowed 30kgs , from delhi to Srinagar I\'m travelling by vistara ,would I be allowed to carry the mentioned weight without any charge

Admin Reply :

No, you would only be allowed 15 kg check in baggage for economy class travel in Vistara. For excess baggage, you will have to pay the fees. 


Posted on 14-Apr-2016
Pl advise no. of liquor bottles allowed from IXB to MUM

Admin Reply :

up to 5 litre of liquor allowed in check in bags in sealed conditioon within permitted allowance limits by weight. 

manoj balani

Posted on 13-Apr-2016
Dear Sir I have a flight from Delhi to Srinagar on 27th april at 6.45am Are we permitted to carry cabin baggage on delhi srinagar flight if not then how can one carry essential things like medicines for child for travel sickness etc. please advice.

Admin Reply :

Cabin baggage of upto 7 kg can be taken from Delhi to Srinagar. But, it will not be allowed on the way back. Medicines can be taken in hand but not the baggage. Please carry doctor prescription. you might be required to convince the airline officials at airport about the need for medicines.


Posted on 11-Apr-2016
Can one pre-buy extra kg allowance on Vistara

Admin Reply :

No, that facility is not yet available.

Jayesh Shah

Posted on 07-Apr-2016
Is there any discount for excess baggage if paid in advance? If yes, can we pay this online at the time of booking?

Admin Reply :

No, this facility not available for Air Vistara. You can pay online but per kg rates would apply.

Masood Bhat

Posted on 05-Apr-2016
We are travelling from Srinagar to Delhi on 11th June and then usa through Etihad Air ways where baggage allowance is 46 kg per passanger.since ee are travelling through Air vistara from SXR to DElhi.plz advise if baggage is more than 15,kg what should,we do? Plz reply

Admin Reply :

You will have to buy excess baggage with Vistara if you want to carry 46 kg check in per person. 


Posted on 02-Apr-2016
Hi, I have a single rugsack weighing around 22kgs for check in along with a laptop bag as cabin luggage. Since only 15kgs is allowed per economy class passenger will I have to pay for that extra 7 kg or since it is just one piece of baggage I won\'t be charged for the extra weight?

Admin Reply :

Clubbing of check in and cabin bags is not allowed. Therefore, you will be charged for excess 7 kgs.

Silviya Samuel

Posted on 01-Apr-2016
I have a flight to delhi from ahmedabad. I have a connecting flight air india from delhi to amritsar. Can I get my baggage in amritsar directly or will I have to claim it in delhi and check in again

Admin Reply :

You can request for a through check in if both legs of journey are on single ticket. However, if this is not the case, then you might have to recheckin again at the intermediary airport. 

Dates aggarwal

Posted on 01-Apr-2016
Does no. Of baggage for check iin allowed is fix

Admin Reply :

No, number of check in bags are not fixed. It can be more than one for domestic flights of India. 


Posted on 30-Mar-2016
Does Vistara have the policy of 22kg baggage on SXR airport? Other airlines offer 22kg as cabin bags aren\'t allowed in SXR. Thanks

Admin Reply :

Shall be allowed.


Posted on 26-Mar-2016
Hi.. I have a flight on 4- April. I am coming from Angola with Ethopian airlines on same day. I had news that Vistara allowed international luggage 40 kg & 7 kg hand baggage. Is it correct? Plz confirm. Thanks,

Admin Reply :

No, your information is wrong. Vistara does not allow international allowance from other airline on its domestic flights. 

shruti gupta

Posted on 25-Mar-2016
i am travelling to delhi from goa on april 5th. i want to swap my flight with the other flight which will stop in mumbai for sometime , how is that possible ? also, can we get out of the airport in interconnecting flights ? if i reschedule my flight will i be able to go out ?

Admin Reply :

You will have to cancel this flight and book the new one which you want to take. If you go out of the airport, you will have to recheck in within prescribed time limits. 

Mangesh M Bandal

Posted on 24-Mar-2016
Can I carry my electric table fan in my luggage

Admin Reply :

You will have to  pack it and carry in the check in baggage. 

Avijit Kishore

Posted on 23-Mar-2016
I am travelling with infant hence can i carry collapsible pram alingwith me in hand luggage for convenience

Admin Reply :

This is allowed in check in baggage. 

sunita tripathi

Posted on 23-Mar-2016
Aadhar id card is valid?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it is valid. 

sunita tripathi

Posted on 22-Mar-2016
Hello, can I carry my vanity box with my cabin bag n purse onmum- delhi route?

Admin Reply :

Carry on baggage shall include 1 cabin bag and 1 personal item (purse). The other box might be objected to at airport. Please keep the box in check in.

Ritu Singh

Posted on 17-Mar-2016 father aged 84 is travelling from new delhi to mysuru . Can he carry a portable nebuliser as hand baggage on the flight ?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it is allowed but there is a need to inform the airline at least 48 hours before travel time. 

Rajesh Kapoor

Posted on 11-Mar-2016
Can i carry electric iron in my luggage

Admin Reply :

Allowed in check in baggage only.


Posted on 06-Mar-2016
Hi, I\'ll be traveling to Bhutan from Mumbai via Delhi. However, transit is 14 hours. How much kgs of luggage is allowed to carry from Mumbai to Delhi for a international passenger who shall be boarding to international flight within 14 hours.

Admin Reply :

Vistara will go by its own allowance and will charge you for excess baggage, if you carry more than permitted allowance. 

Archana Gupta

Posted on 06-Mar-2016
Hi, I will be travelling via Vistara in April from Delhi to Mumbai and I have a flight in 4 days from Mumbai to London which is international travel. Will I be able to carry my full international baggage allowance on showing my international flight details? Many thanks

Admin Reply :

No, international allowance on Air Vistara will not be allowed.


Posted on 04-Mar-2016
Can i carry one photo frame of 8*12 with me in cabin baggage?

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the units of dimensions. If it is not considered to be too large, it can be carried. 

Arifa Yeasmin Mazarbhuiya

Posted on 04-Mar-2016
Is there any extra baggage allowance for students carrying books other than 15kg and 7kg?

Admin Reply :

Nothing as of now in our knowledge.

Eric Vaish

Posted on 28-Feb-2016
What are the number of hand baggage that we can carry with us in plane?

Admin Reply :

1 pcs of cabin baggage and 1 personal item is allowed. This personal item could be one of those mentioned in content above.


Posted on 28-Feb-2016
Can I carry my guitar on board (in flight) as I dont want to check it in....and my guitar bag is a soft guitar bag not a hard can i?

Admin Reply :

It may not be allowed in cabin. You can try convincing the airline staff at the airport since they are ultimately going to take this decision. 


Posted on 23-Feb-2016
Travelling delhi luknow ? policy for golf bags

Admin Reply :

Not allowed on its flights.


Posted on 23-Feb-2016
I will be having 2 pieces of luggage. First up to 15 kg. is free, I understand. What about the 2nd piece per Kg?

Admin Reply :

Rs 265 per kg is excess baggage charge for economy class travellers. 

Meeta Rastogi

Posted on 10-Feb-2016
Am I allowed to carry a wooden decoration piece in my hand baggage.

Admin Reply :

It is better to carry it in check in baggage with proper packing. 

Kishore Sahu

Posted on 25-Jan-2016
Hi Sir, Still I am waiting for your below reply posted on 24th January. As I will travel from Doha Qatar to Delhi and from Delhi to BBSR by Vistara immediately at 7.35 AM, whether the luggage 30 KG is allowed to BBSR or not. From Qatar to Delhi it is allowed 30 KG + 7 KG hand baggage. During my last travel to BBSR, GOAIR told me that if u travel within 24 hours from international airport to any domestic airport, 46 KG allowed. I would like to know the baggage allowance in Vistara. Awaiting for your reply.

Admin Reply :

We do miss certain queries and we apologise for it. It is good that you asked again. Air Vistara will not accept baggage allowance from other airlines. It will go by its own rules. If you are carrying more, excess baggage charges will apply.

GoAir and Air Costa are two airlines which allow upto 46 kg check in allowance, if travel happens within 24 hours. 

Rahul Chakarborty

Posted on 21-Jan-2016
Hi, I am flying on Friday from Hyderabad to Bagdogra in Air Vistara flight. I have one electrical item, that is an insect killer electronic racket with me. Is it allowed to carry in baggage section inside the bag in a switch off mode? Regards Rahul

Admin Reply :

It shall be carried in the check in baggage.


Posted on 16-Jan-2016
Hi, I will be flying from Ahmedabad to Delhi. I will be carrying 24kgs of baggage with me. Do I need to purchase excess baggage beforehand or will I have to pay at the check-in counter [Rs 265/kg]? Or if I do not purchase excess baggage, will I be charged the airport fee at the counter? Thank you!

Admin Reply :

You will have to pay for it at the time of check in at airport counter. 

Ani mishra

Posted on 14-Jan-2016
Hello...I ll trvlng to Delhi frm Bhubaneswar with my mom. For the chk in baggage can we club the 15 kg limit for both of us. I mean as a sngl total 30 kg. Thnks....

Admin Reply :

Yes, check in baggage of passengers travelling on same PNR can be clubbed. However, any one bag shall not weigh more than 32 kg in weight.

shivangi sharma

Posted on 01-Jan-2016
hello.... what is the baggage limit allowed for 1.5 years old baby????

Admin Reply :

Infants are not entitled to cabin or check in allowance. 

Naveen Kumar

Posted on 30-Dec-2015
Hi, I will be travelling to Mumbai from Delhi with my Wife and 8 months old daughter. For the check in baggage can we club the 15 kg limit for both of us. I mean a single baggage of less than 30 kg. Also can we take boiled water for our daughter in the flight. Thanks,

Admin Reply :

Yes, check in bags can be clubbed for passengers travelling on same PNR. You can not take boiled water in cabin, it will be provided by the airline on request. 


Posted on 28-Dec-2015
Can you please tell about the checked in baggage dimensions for vistara (Please specify lenght and breadth in inches and centimeters)

Admin Reply :

Each bag shall be 158 cms in sum of dimensions or 62 inches. 

Koonhi Hazarika

Posted on 27-Dec-2015
Can i carry handmade food in hand baggage??

Admin Reply :

Yes, it is allowed.

Biplab kumar kar

Posted on 26-Dec-2015
I am travelling with my wife with different ticket in same vistara flight in economy class. Can we club our hand luggage to 14 kg and also can we club our check in luggage to 30 kg?

Admin Reply :

No, clubbing is not permitted in this way.


Posted on 26-Dec-2015
Hi..Are Milk made sweets allowed in hand luggage in economy class???

Admin Reply :

There is no issue with the milk made sweets but it is better to take dry items.

Pragya Jain

Posted on 23-Dec-2015
I am travelling with a 27 inches LED HDTV. It\'s kept in the box taped from outside. However I am not sure this packing is sufficient. What is the provision in such a case..any bubble wrapping available at Bengaluru airport.

Admin Reply :

Packing has to be done at your end only. 


Posted on 18-Dec-2015
Hi! I am traveling from JFK, New York to New Delhi, India on Dec 29, 2015. I will reach new delhi on Dec 30, 2015 at 7:15 pm. I want to book a ticket from new Delhi to Lucknow, India on Dec 31, 2015. The flight from delhi to lucknow leaves on Dec 31, 2015 at 12:10 pm. I just want to confirm that would I be charged extra for my total of 53 kgs when I show them my international ticket within 24 hours. Thanks Cinni

Admin Reply :

Only GoAir accepts international allowance if its flight is within 24 hours of landing and that too up to a max of 46 kg check in allowance per passengers. You are required to retain the boarding pass of international carrier. 

satyam reddy

Posted on 18-Dec-2015
dear sir/madam we are travelling from los angeles to delhi through china southern airlines, and we would like to travel from delhi to hyderabad with same 2pc baggage, will u pl help me which airwasy allow us to carry the same, pl let me know , so that we want to book the ticket

Admin Reply :

GoAir would be a suitable choice as it allows same check in as international airline up to max of 46 kg per person, with the condition that it shall be scheduled to fly within 24 hours of international flight. Please retain the boarding pass with you.


Posted on 17-Dec-2015
good morning, I am a travel agent and have 4 pax travelling that need 4 pax booked that need extra luggage; allowance for each is 15KG, but 2 of them need extra 45kg each and the other 2 need extra 65 kg each. Would like to know the cost and how can I pay for it in advance so that they are not charged at the airport. Thanks

Admin Reply :

Rules are pretty simple. There will be a charge of Rs 265 per excess kg. In total, these 4 pax will be carrying 160 kg excess baggage which will cost them Rs  42400.


Posted on 16-Dec-2015
Hi there, can you please tell me more information about oversized luggage such as a guitar. do i have to pay extra to check in a guitar. And if so how much does it cost? Kind regards Nick

Admin Reply :

Rs 1000 will be charged for any oversized check in baggage. 

kritanjali singh

Posted on 11-Dec-2015
Tomorrow I am flying by air vistara from bhubaneswar to Delhi. What is free luggage allowance.

Admin Reply :

15, 20 and 30 kg is respectively check in baggage allowance on Air Vistara for economy, premium economy and business class passengers. Cabin allowance is limited to 7 kg.

anil gattani

Posted on 30-Nov-2015
travelling from USA---New Delhi by Lufthansa, Delhi-- lucknow by domestic air line [Vistara] will you allow baggage as per U S norms??

Admin Reply :

No, Vistara would not allow you international baggage allowance. Only GoAir and Air Costa allow it. 


Posted on 27-Nov-2015
we are taking a vistara flight from delhi to baghdogra and i would like to know if a fully collapsible baby stroller can be carried inside with us since we are travelling with our baby of 6 months old

Admin Reply :

Collapsible strollers shall be carried in check in baggage. 


Posted on 18-Nov-2015
my cabin lagguage has dimension 16inches(lenght)* 9inches(width)* 24inches(height). is it okay?

Admin Reply :

It is oversized.

Rahul Anand

Posted on 17-Nov-2015
Hi, Is it fine if I carry my badminton racquet along with my handbag and my laptop bag in the cabin..!?

Admin Reply :

BAdminton racket or any other sporting equipment has to be carried in check in baggage. Laptop can be carried in cabin.

david naismith

Posted on 15-Nov-2015
Hi I am travelling from Glasgow- Dubai- Mumbai with Emirates then Vistara - Goa on one ticket Travel agent in UK says I have 30kg luggage all the way from Glasgow to Goa and return is this correct ? Also do I need to reclaim my bags from Emirates in Mumbai or are you an Emirtaes partner and they go straight through.

Admin Reply :

Glasgow to Mumbai check in allowance is 30 kg for economy class travel but for the domestic sector convered by Vistara, the economy class will be allowed only 15 kg per passenger (adult or child). You will have to pay for excess baggage if you carry more. You will have to check in again for the Vistara flight. 


Posted on 12-Nov-2015
Maximum limit for check in baggage ? Economy class

Admin Reply :

15 kgs is check in baggage limit for the economy class.


Posted on 08-Nov-2015
I am traveling on an international connecting flight On Turkish airlines from Istanbul to del- del to bangalore on vistara. Turkish airlines is allowed 40kgs for business class checked in luggage. What is the baggage allowance for my connecting flight?

Admin Reply :

Vistar will be going by its own allowance and not by what Turkish allows you to carry. It allows only 15, 20 or 30 kg check in allowance depending on whether you travel in economy, business or first class. 

Arvinder Singh

Posted on 31-Oct-2015
Hi.... Just wanted to check as i am travelling from Dubai to Delhi and then after from Delhi to Lucknow. Please let me know what is the baggage allowance which comes with the ticket?

Admin Reply :

If domestic travel is with Vistara, you will be allowed 15, 20 or 30 kg check in baggage allowance depending on whether you are flying economy, Premier economy or Business Class respectively. International allowance will not be permitted on Vistara. 


Posted on 24-Oct-2015
Can we carry sugar in domestic flights?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it is allowed in packed condition and in check in baggage.

Guru T Ladakhi

Posted on 15-Oct-2015
Since we are traveling from an international route do we get 20 kgs baggage allowance if the gap between international and domestic flight is less than 24 hours. And is there a pre booking facility for excess baggage?

Admin Reply :

Vistara does not offer pre-paid slabs of excess weight charges. It will go byits own allowance rules since it does not accept the international allowance from other airlines.

jit jit thakuria

Posted on 14-Oct-2015
How much air vistara charge for extra luggage ??

Admin Reply :

Air Vistara has excess baggage charge of Rs 265 per kg for economy and Rs 270 per kg for Premium Economy and Business class. 


Posted on 12-Oct-2015
General information about Vistara Airlines, What are the extra allowances for infant of 10 months, infant will be on lap, allowance from aircraft till boot, baby food will be carried, what contents can be carried with handbag. Regards, Sonali Naik

Admin Reply :

Infants are not allowed allowance in cabin luggage. However, there is a general practice to allow baby food, medicines and nappies or other clothing in cabin baggage in small quantities for use during the flight.


Posted on 11-Oct-2015
I am flying on Air India from London to Delhi and wish to take Vistara ( premium Economy)as connecting flight to Bhubaneswar. Would Vistara allow my 45kg Check-in luggage as allowed by AI or do I have to pay for the extra 15kg ?

Admin Reply :

You will have to pay for excess baggage as Air Vistara would not allow international allowance from other carriers. 

wilma castelinho

Posted on 02-Oct-2015
Can i carry fruits in my handluggage , (domestic flight )travelling from goa to mumbai

Admin Reply :

Fruits which are not likely to cause any damage or inconvenience and have to be consumed in flight are allowed in cabin, Ex: banana, apple.


Posted on 14-Sep-2015
I will be traveling to USA from Ahmedabad in the month of Nov-2015. My international flight is from Mumbai.Please tell me Vistara Airline will allow my two bags of 23 Kgs each from Ahmedabad to Mumbai?

Admin Reply :

Sorry, it will not be allowing it. It will go by its own allowance and charge you for excess baggage. 

jayesh devalia

Posted on 08-Sep-2015
Can I carry Perfumes Bottle? If yes how much is the quantity?

Admin Reply :

You are allowed to carry perfume bottles in reasonable quantity. 

Riya goel

Posted on 04-Sep-2015
If u dont have a hand luggage will tht 7kgs be adjusted in ur main luggage weight?

Admin Reply :

This does not happen. Cabin and check in luggage are treated separate and only in some rare circumstances are these allowed to be clubbed. 

Govindini Shah

Posted on 02-Sep-2015
What are the dimension for check-in baggage for domestic flight?

Admin Reply :

You can take these to be 158 cms as sum of dimensions.


Posted on 02-Sep-2015
We are taking Air Vistara flight from Ahmedabad to New Delhi. I want ti know the dimension of the check- in bag for economy class.

Admin Reply :

General limits for check in baggage dimensions is sum of dimensions to be less than 158 cms.


Posted on 21-Aug-2015
I am travelling from Hyd to Delhi . and I have 16-17 Kgs of luggage and arnd 10 kgs of hand/cabin luggage ( which has two laptops.) Will laptops be counted seperately for hand luggage

Admin Reply :

Sorry for earlier reply. It was not meant for Air Vistara. For Air Vistara, you are allowed to carry one additional laptop but not more than one. These are counted separate from the 7 kg allowance.

neha khan

Posted on 21-Aug-2015
I am travelling from CCU to BOM . and I have 15-20 Kgs of luggage and and 10 kgs of hand/cabin luggage ( which has one laptops.) Will laptops be counted seperately for hand luggage

Admin Reply :

One laptop is allowed to be carried in cabin in addition to the 7 kg cabin luggage. 


Posted on 16-Aug-2015
How much baggage we take with us in ethopian airline flight number et 611. And how much cost excess baggage for per kg ?

Admin Reply :

You are requested to provide the details of journey, esp. booking class and departure and arrival station... 

Chandra Vithal

Posted on 14-Aug-2015
I am travelling to Chisinau, Moldova from Hyderabad. Since there were no international airline have services for that city, so I decided to travel with Vistara from Hyd to Delhi and from delhi to Chisinau by aeroflot. Can vistara consider accept more luggage more than 20 kg at Hyd to Delhi, since I am holding international travel ticket from delhi .

Admin Reply :

No, it will not be honouring the baggage allowance for international destinations. 

Dilip sachadev

Posted on 14-Aug-2015
Sir ,international passengers how many kg de kan take? If de travel same day example Barcelona to Bombay then travel again,Bombay to Ahmedabad

Admin Reply :

As of now, there is no provision for accepting the international allowance for domestic flights as well. So, Vistara will go by its own allowance and any extra charges will have to be paid. Only Air Costa allows carriage of international allowance from other carriers on its flights within 24 hours.

S M Rahman

Posted on 13-Aug-2015
I am travelling from USA arriving Delhi at 2.30 PM on 15th and stay overnight at Dehi and catch your flight on 16th at 12.05 to Guwahati. Pl inform me as whether I can avail baggage of 23 kg as permitted by international flight.

Admin Reply :

Vistara will go by its own baggage allowance. You will have to pay excess baggage charges for carrying more than free allowance of Vistara.


Posted on 12-Aug-2015
Im planning to travel from Delhi to hyd on 3 sep 2015. I choose vistara after reading in news about its excess free baggage i.e., 25 kg per passenger ( 10 kg extra compared to other airlines). But at the time of booking it is not clear whether check in baggage is actually 25 kg or less. please clarify.

Admin Reply :

It is not Vistara but Air India. 


Posted on 06-Aug-2015
hi, i will be travelling with 2 kids so total 3 passenger with 15 kg per person means 45 kg in total, can I have one bag of 25 kg and one of 20 kg as carrying 3 bag is very difficult with kids. I have travelling with Jet airways earlier and it was all ok, not sure about Vistara...

Admin Reply :

If kids are less than 2 years of age, then check in allowance is not allowed to them. Only when children are more than 2 years old that they are allowed same allowance as that of the adult passenger. You can club the check in bags but please keep the overall weight of each bag shall be less than 32 kgs. 


Posted on 31-Jul-2015
What is your policy for prepaid baggage allowance for domestic flight?

Admin Reply :

There is no such policy of pre-paid booking slabs for Air Vistara

H Turner

Posted on 28-Jul-2015
I will be arriving on an Emirates international flight (Newcastle via Dubai to Mumbai), they allow me 30kg of checked in baggage. What would you allow me if I travelled with you from Mumbai to Goa within 24 hours of arrival and what (if any) would be the total excess baggage for 30kg.

Admin Reply :

Free check in baggage allowance on Vistara is 15, 20 and 30 kgs for the economy, business and first class travellers. The carrier will go by its own baggage allowance rules and if you book an economy or business class ticket, the excess baggage charges will have to be paid. Excess baggage charges are Rs 300 per kg.


Posted on 21-Jul-2015

Admin Reply :

No, it will not be allowed.

Arun kumar jain

Posted on 21-Jul-2015
can I carry two suite cases of whose total weight is less then 15 kg in free checked in baggage allowance in economic class of UK 980

Admin Reply :

Number of suitcases are not significant. Total weight shal not exceed free allowance weight for check in baggage.


Posted on 18-Jul-2015
I would like to confirm - Can Vistara Airlines allows 2 checkin luggages (2*23 bags) and one cabin luggage (i.e., 7 or 8 kgs) per one person for domestic from Delhi to hyderabad?

Admin Reply :

Only weight-consideration is there for Air Vistara flights. So, total weight shall not exceed 15, 20 and 30 kgs respectively for economy, premium economy and Business Class. Within these limits you can carry one or two bags. Since you seem to have excess baggage, all additional baggage will be charged at Rs 300 per kg.


Posted on 13-Jul-2015
What's d check in baggage allowance for infants ?

Admin Reply :

They are not entitled to check in or cabin baggage.

Kishore Thukral

Posted on 07-Jul-2015
Can I carry a 100 ml aftershave lotion in my hand baggage?

Admin Reply :

yes, you are allowed but within 100 ml only.

bahadur surani

Posted on 05-Jul-2015
Hi I am travelling from ethopian airlines it give permission for 40 kg so how much did u permission me for luggage in vistara air line

Admin Reply :

For Vistara, the checked in baggage allowance depends on class of travel. Economy, business and first class passengers are allowed 15, 20 and 30 kgs respectively. For rest, you will have to pay excess baggage charges.


Posted on 04-Jul-2015
Is a tactical baton permissible in check-in baggage? Sheathed, 9 cm. in length?

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can carry it in checked in baggage.


Posted on 01-Jul-2015

Admin Reply :

If you want to fly which is a full service legacy carrier, its excess baggage charges are based on per kg excess weight. So, you will be charged Rs 300 per kg for 45 kg excess. 

k turner

Posted on 27-Jun-2015
we are travelling to India with Emirates and have 30kg baggage allowance and intend to travel with Vistara for the domestic leg. What is the baggage allowance for Vistara

Admin Reply :

Economy, Premium Economy and Business class passengers are allowed to carry 15, 20 and 30 kgs of baggage respectively.

k turner

Posted on 25-Jun-2015
Hi we are traveling on an international flight with 30kg luggage allowance what would be the allowance on a connecting flight in India

Admin Reply :

Please tell us the name of the domestic carrier and the international carrier.


Posted on 25-Jun-2015
is there any advance booking for excess baggare with some concessional rate. I am travelling from Saudi Arabia having baggage around 35kgs. Please reply.

Admin Reply :

There is no such provision as of now. 

Tejas Bhagwat

Posted on 19-Jun-2015
Hello, I am traveling from New Delhi to Pune on the 30th of June. I will be carrying two bags for check-in and a carry on. I want to know the approximate cost of excess baggage. Thanks, Tejas

Admin Reply :

No of bags do not matter for free or excess baggage allowance. Please check the weight, whether is falls in free allowance category or not.

Binaipher N. Batliwalla

Posted on 17-Jun-2015
Hi! What if I hardly have 2 kgs worth in my rucksack which wld be cabin baggage, but I exceed the checked in by 4 kgs. Will the cabin baggage kgs be adjusted against the cehcked in ? Thanks.

Admin Reply :

No, there is no adjustment. However, is it not possible to put the excess 4 kgs in cabin luggage somehow? If not, you will have to pay for excess 4 kgs @ Rs 300 per kg.


Posted on 10-Jun-2015
Is 15 kg in economy class total weight allowance i.e, including check in and cabin luggage !!

Admin Reply :

No, it is only checked in baggage. You can also take 7 kgs of cabin baggage separately.

Sajid Nagi

Posted on 30-May-2015
I wish to carry a LED 55" Tv from delhi to guwahati. Will the TV be allowed to be carried as check in baggage? Is there a way I can prepay the weight of the TV? I am traveling economy class. pl in form

Admin Reply :

Upto 55 inches of TVs can be brought as checked in baggage. However, additional handling charges as mentioned above in the post have to be paid. You can prepay the excess baggage online throught the website of the airline or by calling its call centre. This pre-payment can be done at least 6 hours before the scheduled flight of carrier.


Posted on 28-May-2015
Can I carry a bag of 7 kgs along with a laptop (in another bag)? Will the other bag be allowed, as there will be 2 bags ( 1 bag of 7kg + 1 laptop bag)?

Admin Reply :

Yes it is allowed to carry one hand bag and one laptop bag on Air Vistara


Posted on 26-May-2015
Can I carry a bag of 7 kgs in the cabin n sent another bag of 15 kgs in checked in baggage....i.e total 22 kgs are allowed in economy class

Admin Reply :

yes, you are right.


Posted on 18-Apr-2015
would like to know whats is the cost of carrying an extra bag. its Rs.300/kg for excess baggage but if i have 2 bags of 15 kgs what will be the cost?

Admin Reply :

You will have to tell us about your class of travel. As mentioned above, the free allowance is of 15, 20 and 30 kgs respectively for economy, premier or business class travelers. 2 bags of 15 kg each will mean carrying 30 kgs and this will attract either a) Rs 15*300=4500 if you are traveling economy, or b) Rs 10*300=3000 if you are traveling Premium Economy. Nothing needs to be paid if you are traveling on Business class. Additionally, there will be a levy of about 5% of service tax on the excess amount so calculated.

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