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Baggage Allowance is a unique website which provides answers for question relating to baggage allowances of various airlines around the world. Whether it is check in luggage or the cabin luggage, airlines have their own policies and rules. For air travellers, it is pertinent to know what items are allowed or not allowed to be taken on-board, what are the allowances, what are the charges for carrying excess baggage and what provisions govern carriage of special baggage, such as sports and musical instruments, pets, medical aids, or any other item.

This website seeks to provide answers to these queries to ensure hassles-free travel experience. Besides baggage related queries, we also take queries pertaining to:

    1. Check-in and boarding rules
    2. Special Assitance needs
    3. Frequent Flyer Programs
    4. Alliances and Partnerships
    5. Liabilities and limitations
    6. Refunds Rules
    7. Destinations reached
    8. Air Tickets

Baggage Allowance has also started questions relating to the flights, air tickets and air fares. Using our blogging platform, you can ask for cheap air tickets for your travel route.

Some Tips for Availing Cheap Flight Tickets

1. Be flexible with travel dates, so that you can book cheaper flights.
2. Opt for booking tickets in advance. Best time is to book a few weeks ahead of travel date.
3. Avoid travelling during peak seasons of year or peak hours of the day.
4. Subscribe to newletters of some airlines and online travel agencies since the best deals might be given in the privacy of your email Inbox.
5. Do check for various flight coupons, deals and promo codes on online web resources, such as deals websites and social media channels.
6. Generally, round trips are less expensive as compared with the one-way trips. So, wherever possible, book the round trip flights.
7. Make use of your frequent flyer membership status for award flights or upgrades to reduce the cost of travel.
8. Search for the flights fares "in incognito" or "private browsing" mode of the browsers since in these modes the cookies are not stored on the system. Therefore, you will see the real fares in this mode.

We take utmost care to provide correct and latest information to visitors. Keep asking your queries and we are happy serving you with the right answers.

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