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China Eastern Airlines Check-In and Boarding

You  can check-in China Eastern Airlines either online or by visiting the airport (check in counters or self-service kiosks).

Steps for Online or Web Check In

  1. Visit China Eastern Website. Click ‘Check In’ under the ‘Self-Service’ in top navigation tab.

  2. Input any one of either the ID, Passport or Ticket number and Name of passenger (in format --Family Name/Given name)

  3. Select Segment of travel

  4. Verify or modify your Passport Information

  5. Select Seat

  6. Provide Mobile No and Email for receiving confirmation

  7. Print Boarding Pass

Online Check In begins 24 hours before departure. Certain passengers are not allowed to check in online and they have to do so at the airport itself. Children, Infants, passengers with medical/wheelchair needs, pregnant women, special meals applicants and other people in need of special assistance need to check in at airport.

Further, online tickets booked online are eligible for this method of check in. It is available in most of the domestic airports and some international airports. Regional flights from Shanghai to Taiwan, Macao, Hong Kong and international flights from Shanghai to South Korea, Japan and Paris provide this facility.

Online check in can also be done by passengers who have check in baggage. However, they must arrive 1 hours prior to flight departure and drop their luggage at designated counters.

It is important to print the boarding pass after online check in and if this is not possible to do at home, then the same can also be done at the airport (either at the check-in counters or at self-service kiosks).

Airport check in  for domestic flights begins 90 minutes before departure and closes 30 minutes before departure. However, the international flights check in begins 2 hours before departure till 45 minutes before flight departure.

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Romualdo Estrella

Posted on 03-Jun-2019
Hi, we are traveling from Atlanta to Manila via Shanghai, economy, are we allowed to have a personal bag, like for our medications, and electronic on top of our carry on luggage?

Admin Reply :

You can bring personal items such as medications. Personal electronic items can be taken but it depends on which items are to be taken. If you could list the items it would help.

Pratap Das

Posted on 06-Aug-2018
We are going to travel from Kolkata to Xi’an to Kunming. Then from Shanghai to Kunming to Kolkata in October 2018. Please let us know Checked in & Cabin luggage allowances allowed for adult travellers. Thanks

Admin Reply :

Economy- 20 kg; Business- 30 kg and First- 40 kg in check in baggage. No check in bag shall be more than 32 kg. Cabin allowance is 1 bag of 10 kg for economy and business class, and, 2 bags of 10 kg each for First class passengers. 


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