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Ryanair Refunds


There could be four possibilities after making the reservation with Ryanair and the response of the carrier for each of these possibilities is different for every case. These possibilities are:

  1. Change of flight schedule after the booking is made

  2. Cancellation of flights or delays

  3. Diversions or re-routing of flights

  4. Instances of denied boarding.


If you have provided the correct email ID and functioning telephone number (mobile) from which the carrier can make the contact informing you of rescheduling. In case the reschedule drawn up is more than 3 hours delayed, which is unacceptable to you, and, at the same time, are not able to book you on another alternative flight, which was okay with you, then the refunds would be provided.

Cancellations and Delays

In these instances, the options available for passengers are:

  1. To fly on next flight of Ryanair, subject to seat availability, on same routing points; or

  2. To fly on scheduled flights of Ryanair to your destination- either via an airport served by Ryan to your destination; or, from an alternate airport served by it (either to the airport of origin or destination); or, from an alternate airport served by it to another one within the same country as that of the destination.; or,

  3. To fly on same route at a later date subject to seat availability; or,

  4. refunds the amounts

Compensation is payable in all cases of flight cancellations except the following:

  1. information is provided to passengers 2 weeks before scheduled departure date.

  2. informed between 7 days to 2 weeks before scheduled departure and also offered rerouting option. And, this rerouting allows you to depart within 2 hours of scheduled departure time and reach destination within 4 hours after scheduled arrival time.

  3. informed within 7 days and offered rerouting so that you are able to depart within 1 hour of scheduled departure and arrive within 2 hours of scheduled arrival of original flight.

  4. cancellation is caused by factors not in control of the carrier.


If diversions happen due to factors not in control of the carrier, there is no provision for refunds or compensation if the journey continues to the destination by flight after re-routing.

In cases where the carrier is not able to re-route on alternative flights and the arrival time of this flight does not exceed the time of booked flight by 2 hours for flights of 1500 kms orless, or by 3 hours for flights between 1500-3500 kms, the compensation to be paid (Euro 250 or Euro 400 respectively) will be reduced by 50%. This means that the compensation in these cases will be Euro 125 and 200 respectively.

Denied Boarding

Compensation is payable in case boarding is denied to the passengers. At first, the carrier would ask for volunteers for denied boarding. And, if the numbers are still not sufficient, then it might ask passengers to deboard involuntarily. Involuntary deboarding entitles you to receive compensation @ Euro 250 for flights less than 1500 kms and Euro 400 for intra-EU flights of more than 1500 km and other flights between 1500-3500 kms.


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