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Emirates Airlines Refunds

Refunds related to the tickets are issued as per the fare conditions mentioned in the tickets. Since there might be different fare conditions for different tickets, it is important to know what these conditions are before making the booking. Especially, the conditions for refunds shall be checked.

  • For lost tickets, the refunds are issued after 6 months of notifying the carrier.

  • For cancellation of tickets bought online, there might be a levy of penalty.

  • If you have been prevented to travel by Force of Nature, beyond your control, then credits are issued by Emirates towards even the non-refundable part of ticket. This credit can be utilised to buy another ticket on Emirates within next 12 months.

In case of flight cancellation, inability to fly as per schedule, failure to stop at stopover or cause missing of flight that connects to destination, 3 remedies are available to you. These are:

  1. Carrying you and your baggage on an alternative flight of Emirates

  2. Re-route you and your baggage on another flight operated by Emirates or another carrier, with the difference in fare being paid back to you.

  3. An involuntary refund is given. (given below)


Case of Denied boarding

In the event that the Emirates is not able to carry you on your ticketed class of service,

  1. Emirates will try to accommodate you on another of its flight for the same class of service, or, on your choice, carry you on another flight of Emirates by downgrading the class of travel. Difference in fare, in case of downgrade, will be paid back to the passenger.

  2. Emirates arranges for your travel on another airline. Alternatively, you may choose to get involuntary refunds (given below).

Compensation is also to be paid by Emirates.


Involuntary refunds are to be paid for any part of unused ticket amount in cases mentioned above. This means that the total amount is to be refunded in case no part of ticket has been used. And, in case where a portion of ticket has been used, amount equal to fare paid and correct fare will be refunded. If this has been done with respect to refusal or carriage or termination of carriage due to various reasons, then refunds will not be given for that particular flight during which refusal or termination of carriage occurred.

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Shahid Diar

Posted on 16-Sep-2018
Dear Admin, please be noted that i booked a return ticket for the dates of 21 September from DXB Dubai to ISB Pakistan & 02 of October from ISB Pakistan to Dubai on 11th of September from a ticket agent shop. now because of some issues i am not able to travel so please give me information & cancellation fees for the above ticket.

Admin Reply :

Please note that we are not associated with the Emirates airline in any way. Please contact the airline directly or the travel agent, whoever booked ticket, for cancellation and refund matters.


Posted on 16-Feb-2017
Cancellation charges for Business Class ticket

Admin Reply :

please mention the route of travel as well.

Vivien Muldrew

Posted on 16-Feb-2016
Mu daughter and I could not return from Chennai to UK on 2 Dec 2015 with Emirates due to the severe flooding. We waited several days and as there were no signs that the airport would reopen we went to Bangalore. We kept Emirates informed, rebooking at each stage. On arrival in Bangalore they could apparently only offer business or 1st class tickets which we couldn\'t afford so we had no alternative (as my daughter had to get back to work) but to buy tickets from Air India. I enquired about refunds by email to their customer affairs department and received a very confusing answer which essentially said that as my travel agent had purchased the tickets for us as part of a holiday they were not offering a refund commensurate with the cost of the tickets. Our agent said they offered £10 only and that he had never known such a paltry sum being offered . Our Air India tickets cost upwards of £700! I feel aggrieved as I am sure Emirates carries insurance for just these kind of events of nature. Having read your info above I would only say we haven\'t been offered any kind of credit. How can we obtain any kind of refund? Many thanks

Admin Reply :

Since tickets were booked with the agent, he/she is the person whom the airline will listen to. It is also important to know whether you were carrying a refundable ticket or not. You have the right to ask for the details of the amounts being deducted by the airline and can surely challenge it with the appropriate authorities (courts/consumer courts). 

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