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Virgin America Special Assistance

Virgin America offers special assistance to the people for their flight needs. This assistance is provided at the airports and during the flight. 

Unaccompanied Minors are accepted only on non-stop flights. Children of age 6-12 years have to avail this service mandatorily if travelling unaccompanied. From 12-17 years, this is service is optional. Fee depends on route and length of travel. 

Pregnant Women can travel on Virgin America right up to 7 days before her due date of delivery. They do not need a doctor certificate for this purpose. It follows one of the most liberal travel policies for pregnant women. 

Wheelchair Assistance
Passengers in need of mobility assistance are required to mention the same while booking tickets online or by calling the customer care of Virgin America. 
You or any person accompanying you shall contact the ticketing counter of the airline in order to avail of the wheelchair assistance at the airport curbside.
You are allowed to bring your own wheelchair on-board cabin in the airplanes, but if it is too large for overhead cabin stow, it shall be checked in. 
Persons with disabilities are also provided with the disability assistance at the gate for boarding the plane. The Virgin America team member shall be contacted for this purpose. 

Guests who must be accompanied by Assistants
a)    Mentally disabled to such an extent that they cannot understand or respond to safety instructions
b)    Mobility impaired guest with such severity that he or she cannot be evacuated safely from airplane
c)    Severe hearing and vision impairments

Guests who do not need Assistants
a)    Ability to receive safety briefing
b)    Able to assist in own evacuation in case of emergency
c)    Has comprehension ability and is capable of responding to safety instructions

Hearing impaired passengers can make use of the 711 service. Airport assistance is provided through airport and pre-boarding the airplane.

Blind or Low Vision passengers can have airport assistance for pre-boarding. 

Service Animals are also allowed on board the airplane. Guests shall give proof that the animal is a service animal. This can be done either by providing the ID card of animal, harness or harness marking on tag or credible verbal statement of guest. There is no charge for carriage of service animals in cabin. 

Emotional Support Animals can also be carried on-board cabin by guests with disabilities. However, it is important to show the proof that there is a need for such an animal. The verification of following is done to check for proof:
a)    Mental disability of guest
b)    Animal’s company is a must for guest 
c)    Guest is under care of individual providing documents and that individual is a licensed mental health professional. 


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