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Air Costa Liability and Limitation

Since Air Costa does not operate on the international routes, its liabilities and limitations are governed by relevant rules and laws of Government of India, especially by the provisions of Second Schedule of Carriage by Air Act of 1972. This can be checked in this document file

Liability in case of death or bodily injury to passenger: The liability of Air Costa is limited to the extent as mentioned in provisions 4, 5, 6 contained in the Second Schedule of Carriage by Air Act of 1972. This liability shall in no case exceed Rs 20 lakhs.  There will be no liability of the carrier if it is proved that the damage was done by negligence of the injured/deceased person. There shall also be no liability if the damage has been caused by a pre-existing medical condition of the passenger. 

Liability in case of damage to baggage: Air Costa’s liability for loss or damage to baggage is limited to Rs 350 per kg with a maximum sum of Rs 20000 only. However, there is no liability for perishable or fragile items. At the same time, if Air Costa proves that the damage was caused by negligence of passenger then the liability of the airline will decrease by negligence on part of passenger.

If you are carrying items which are not required to be carried in the checked in baggage and it gets damaged, then there is no liability of the carrier.

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