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Vistara Special Assistance

You are required to inform Air Vistara at least 48 hours ahead of your flight schedule at their customer service number in case there is a need for special assistance. 

Pregnant and Post-Delivery Women

For pregnant women, the period of restriction beyond which they are not allowed to travel, is dependent on the number of uncomplicated pregnancies.

In case of first such pregnancy, they are not allowed to travel beyond the 36th week. In case of multiple uncomplicated pregnancies, they are not allowed to travel after 32nd week of pregnancy. A medical certificate from her treating gynaecologist/obstetrician is required to be produced if travel has to happen between the 29th to 32nd week of pregnancy, irrespective of whether it is a case of first or multiple uncomplicated pregnancies. This certificate shall state the number of weeks of pregnant, expected delivery date, absence of complications and that she is fit to fly.

In case there is a history of complications in pregnancy, pregnant women are not allowed to travel beyond 32nd week. For those traveling in period of 29th to 32nd week of pregnancy, there is a need for being accompanied by an MBBS doctor and get clearance from MEDA (medical department of Air Vistara).

In cases of uncomplicated deliveries, women are allowed to fly from 48 hours after delivery till the 7th day on production of a fit to fly certificate. However, in case women have faced complication in delivery, they are allowed to fly after one week of delivery and on production of a fit to fly certificate.

Infants and Unaccompanied Minors (UMs)

From age of 7 days to 2 years, a child is considered as an infant on Air Vistara. Vistara charges Rs 953 for Infants. Unaccompanied Minors (UM) in the age of 5-12 years are allowed to fly on board Air Vistara. Both classes of children are required to carry the ID proof and their birth certificates as proof of DOB.

For UMs a fee of Rs 2500 w.e.f tickets from  27 February, 2018, is charged for providing them services. A UM form is required to be filled in wherein the name of person to whom the child is to be handed over is also written. 

For children in age of 13-18 years, the UM service is optional and can be waived at the instance of the parents/guardians of the child. In this case, “UM Assistance and Minor Handling Form” is required to be filled in. 

Limited Mobility / Disabled Persons

If there is a need to carry a person in wheelchair, the request for the same shall be made at the time of making the booking as there are limited number of wheelchairs allowed on each flight. Personal wheelchairs are also allowed on-board and there are no charged for the same by the airline but there might be instanced where the airports authority might levy additional handling charges. Passengers using this service shall ensure that only manual collapsible and those wheelchairs which are powered by non-spillable batteries are allowed in the cabin. Further, the batteries are required to be disconnected, sealed and insulated. 

Visually and hearing impaired

If you are visually impaired, Air Vistara allows you to carry a service dog inside the cabin. However, the dog shall be well trained, harnessed and muzzled. There is also a requirement that the dog shall not occupy a seat and that it shall be seated on a moisture absorbent mat under the seat all the time. 
If you are hearing impaired, then there is provision for meet and assist service at the airport. 


Carriage of pets no longer allowed on Vistara flights in check-in hold. However, the airline does allow guide dogs for visually impaired passengers to be taken in cabin on the condition that these are disciplined, fully trained, vaccinated and harnessed. The guide dogs are required to be seated on moisture absorbent mats.


Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Radhika Garg

Posted on 13-Sep-2023
I have a certified small emotional support service dog and a letter from my psychologist that he needs to be with me at all times including in the cabin to help me cope with my mental health. What are your rules & regulations regarding this? I want to travel with my ESA (emotional support animal).

Admin Reply :

You shall be able to bring it. PLEase check the guidelines here: 


Posted on 29-Jul-2023
Hi , I just wanted to enquire if I can travel with krishan ji. ( idol ) . I'm travelling to Mumbai to Delhi.

Admin Reply :

The idol can be taken but it will depend on its size and the material from which it is made. 

Rubiya Rahim

Posted on 08-Jan-2023
Now I am 33 wks pregnant(second,non complicated) and planning to fly on 23rd January.Can I fly in vistara on this day?up to which week of pregnancy vistara allowed to fly.pls reply

Admin Reply :

You have to take one Fit to Fly certificate from your treating gynaecologist/obstetrician. It shall state number of weeks of pregnant, expected delivery date, absence of complications and certify that she is fit to fly


Posted on 18-Jul-2020
I am 30 weeks pregnant and need to travel from bangalore to New Delhi. I am accompanied by 7 year old child as well. Can I book my tickets and travel? Also, can I book extra ticket due to CoVid?

Admin Reply :

Pregnant women are generally being discouraged from flying in present time due to Covid 19. Please get in touch directly with the airline to know the conditions under which they will allow.


Posted on 19-Jun-2019
What services do u have related to mother travelling with baby.

Admin Reply :

Please outline the nature of service expected by you. Please note that we are not Vistara airline. 

Padma Mohapatra

Posted on 04-Jun-2019
I have booked flight tickets for 19.6.2019 from Delhi to Bhubaneswar by Flight no.UK-785. My booking id is NF29126202278334. for two passengers. PNR NO.TC7KBU. How can I book wheelchairs in advance for both.?

Admin Reply :

You have to speak to the airline in this respect. The early you speak the better. You will also have to check how many wheelchairs in a flight is allowed by the airline.

Snigdha Pidaparthi

Posted on 19-Sep-2018
Hi, I have a Pekingese dpg male and he's 2 years old. I will be travelling to Varanasi direct from Hyderabad. So what is the criteria process for it if I could know about it.

Admin Reply :

We checked with the airline and got the information that carriage of Pets on Vistara flights is no longer possible. 


Posted on 18-Sep-2018
Hi I would like to fly with my cat. Is the cat allowed to stay with me in the cabin? Her weight and case will be not more then 5 kg. Thanks Mira

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried. Please read the terms and conditions , along with the charges associated with the carriage of pets in cabin in the content above. 

Lipi Das

Posted on 10-Sep-2018
Dear Sir I need to transport my Two Indian breed dogs from Mumbai to Guwahati. Can I travel with them( as an extra baggage ) using your airlines. Is this service available to Guwahati. I used to travel with Jet airways earlier but recently they have stopped allowing pets like dogs or cats so I am here in big trouble. Kindly suggest. Regards Lipi Das

Admin Reply :

Vistara now allows carriage of pets in check in. Details are given here:


Posted on 03-Sep-2018
So i need to pay ?5000 (excluding the ticket fair) as service tax for a pet to travel by Vistara?

Admin Reply :

Details on carriage of pets are given here:


Posted on 23-Aug-2018
Hi, I just wanted to enquire if I can travel with a hedgehog, either in cargo or cabin? Thanks

Admin Reply :

We do not think Vistara allows carriage of animals in its flights. Please consult the airline local office for more information. 


Posted on 31-Jul-2018
My wife is 27 weeks first pregnancy.. shall we travel on flight now ,any issue will come?. Please suggest me friends.

Admin Reply :

If it is a single pregnancy and there are no complications in the pregnancy, then you do not need a fit to fly certificate if she is 27 week pregnant on the date of flight. 

Please note that you have to calculate pregnancy weeks from the date of flight. 

Vijay Sharma

Posted on 17-Jul-2017
My wife is traveling alone. She is obras and will need assistant for change of flight at Delhi. If possible, what are the charges

Admin Reply :

Please contact Vistara directly for your requirements and inform about the same well in advance of travel date. 

Tasneem Ahmed

Posted on 15-Jul-2017
Can a woman board a flight with her neonate baby 48hrs after normal delivery

Admin Reply :

Normally, the baby has to be born at least 7 days before the scheduled departure date of flight. You will have to get in touch directly with the airline customer support for your special case. You might need a fit to fly certificate.


Posted on 01-Mar-2017
can we carry out pet puppy on flight

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can carry. Please read through the website content above to know basic terms and conditions.

Smita Agarwal

Posted on 19-Feb-2017
Can you please tell me if oven carry my infant stroller inside the aircraft as hand baggage

Admin Reply :

It can be taken in the check in hold of the airline. 

Murali Menon

Posted on 12-Nov-2016
Does anybody read the comments or is it some automated responses. I have booked my tickets and provided my PNR. I NEED A WHEEL CHAIR FOR MY MOTHER WHO IS TRAVELLING WITH ME! Is it clear? Can I get a relevant response Murali Menon PNR: 7MHBOW

Admin Reply :

Dear Sir, we are not an airline and do not provide ticketing service. We only provide information about airline services to people. You will have to speak to the airline representative for arranging a wheelchair. We can not do that on your behalf. We can only tell whether wheelchair facility is available or not and to what extent airline would be able to help you. 

Murali Menon

Posted on 11-Nov-2016
Didn't find an option to book a wheel chair while doing the booking online on your portal. My PNR 7MHBOW to Kochi. Request advice on how to go about it.

Admin Reply :

You have not done the ticket booking as well since we are not providing ticketing service at this stage. You shall speak to airline directly for this service or with the agency which booked tickets. 

tenzin thoesam

Posted on 28-Oct-2016
In dec I' m travelling to Delhi from Bangalore but I have my pet dog with me so what's the charge to carry a pet dog,what else procedure should I follow

Admin Reply :

There is no policy on carriag of pets in Air Vistara. 

Rajeev Mittal

Posted on 05-Oct-2016
My mother is arriving at Mumbai T2 by UK 993. She will need a wheel chair. Hope wheelchair is provided to passenger for a drop up to car parking? Or else how to manage this?

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline to know precise location till where the wheelchair would be provided. 


Posted on 28-Sep-2016
My mother is flying from Delhi to Mumbai alone tomorrow. Can she get a wheelchair right at the gate of airport??

Admin Reply :

She will get the assistance inside the airport.  


Posted on 17-Sep-2016
Hi Need special assistance for flight UK 963 departing at 08:45 Delhi to Mumbai on Sep 18, 2016 for my daughter Suchi Agarwal due to illness Pls guide Ashok Agarwal 96199 22010

Admin Reply :

Sorry for being very late to reply. Please contact airline directly for any special assistance required. 

vikash kumar jha

Posted on 13-Sep-2016
15 days born baby allowed in flight travelling yes or no

Admin Reply :

yes, allowed to fly, provided there is no medical complication. 

Soumya Devvrat

Posted on 05-Sep-2016
I will be travelling with my 9month old around the 22nd of sept from delhi to Bangalore, I wanted to know if i would get any baggage allowance for my baby?? And up to what point am I allowed to take the stroller?? It's collapsible... Please advice Thank you

Admin Reply :

No allowance is provided for infants. You can check in the stroller which has to be fully collapsible


Posted on 27-Aug-2016
what will be the charges for service dog in cabin.

Admin Reply :

No charges for it mentioned by airline. 


Posted on 24-Aug-2016
I will be travelling by air vistara during my 32nd week. What documents should I carry? Anything else to be taken care of?

Admin Reply :

Fit to Fly certificate is required from treating doctor


Posted on 07-Aug-2016
Hi, I want to carry my 6kg lhasa dog along with me in cabin is that possible for a extra charge

Admin Reply :

Only service dogs are allowed in cabin. 

Pallavi desai

Posted on 07-Jun-2016
We have our flight in 10 hours from now. How can I ask for special assistance of wheelchair for 78year old lady travelling along with me

Admin Reply :

You can ask for it anytime before the flight but it better to give at least 1 day time to make arrangements.

Maria Francis

Posted on 18-May-2016
I\'m unable to book a ticket for my 11 year old son thru ur app. It does not give an option of booking ticket for a child alone. Also, what kind of an ID proof is expected for a 11 year old.

Admin Reply :

School ID card is accepted as valid ID proof. 

Asif Bhat

Posted on 31-Mar-2016
I am travelling with a pet and have my ticket booked with Vistara Airlines. But customer care agent told me that pets are not allowed in Vistara Airlines. I wanted to know how would i be able to transport my kitten from Mumbai to Srinagar.

Admin Reply :

Yes, pets are not allowed on Vistara. Jet Airways allows carriage of pets in hold baggage. 


Posted on 29-Jan-2016
i would like to book a wheel chair for my mother travelling on vistaara airlines on 8th may mumbai to goa & return 10th may goa to mumbai. my booking ref no is ISSUING AIRLINE : VISTARA TICKET NUMBER : ETKT 228 2400196326 BOOKING REF : AMADEUS: YP79IK, AIRLINE: UK/YP79IK passenger name hema gwalani age is 65 yrs. cant walk. once done please update thanks mukta

Admin Reply :

You are requested to take up this matter directly with the airline. We are not related to the airline in any way. Hence, can not execute this request. 

Raj Kumar Dhupar

Posted on 30-Dec-2015
Am a regular flier on Vistara and want to fly a small puppy along with me from Delhi to Bhubaneswar. Is the Puppy allowed inside the Cabin? Or do I have to book her in the Cargo hold. Look forward to your response. Raj Kumar Dhupar + 919776711111

Admin Reply :

Pets are not allowed on Vistara Airlines, neither in cabin nor in cargo hold. 


Posted on 19-Dec-2015
Hi , I am suffering from very high fever. I will be travelling alone. Tomorrow to bombay from Bangalore at 11am flight. Can I please get some assistance for getting into flight from the entrance of the airport. Please. Atleast if you can help me with less or no line for security I will be grateful.

Admin Reply :

You can make a formal request to the airline for this. This can be done. You can also check in well in advance from your home by using online means. 


Posted on 26-Nov-2015
I\'m travelling by air vistara n I have just completed 28 weeks. My doctor has given a fit to fly certificate .any thing else required?

Admin Reply :

Nothing else needed.

neeti sachdeva

Posted on 11-Sep-2015
I will be travelling vistara in oct.from New Delhi to goa with a 8 months old baby.wanted to know what baby food is available during flight and can we carry strollers with us.Thanks.

Admin Reply :

For 8 months old baby, it is suggested to bring own food. You can carry stroller- fully collapsible.


Posted on 24-Jun-2015
im booked for delhi Gauhati on the 27 of June. Kindly guide for dog carrying. I have a small beagle. 3 years old.

Admin Reply :

Sorry, pets are not allowed on Air Vistara flights. Only service dogs for blind people are allowed in cabin.

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