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Lufthansa Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

Miles and More is the frequent flyer program of Lufthansa Airlines. You can earn and spend the Miles under this program with 300 partners of Lufthansa using this program. The program provides many status privileges and attractive rewards.


Earn Miles


You can earn miles under this program with its many partners belonging to the following industries:

1. Flights: There are 38 airline partners flying which you will earn miles. Depending upon airline, you can earn award miles, status miles, HON Circle Miles, Executive Bonus and/or other benefits.

2. Hotels: Staying and spending at more than 100 hotels or hotel chains in about 150 countries around the world would also add the miles in your credit. Each hotel has its own set of rules and regulations for participating in this program.

3. Car Rentals: This is another travel product which will earn you miles at Miles and More. 12 companies providing the car rental services in more than 100 countries globally are associated with Lufthansa in its frequent flyer program.

4. Credit Card: If you spend using your Lufthansa Miles and More Credit Card. You earn by way of applying for the card, recommending someone for the card and using the card with online shopping.

5. Financial Services: Lufthansa is associated with 6 companies in the financing industry for its frequent flyer program- Miles and More.

6. Books and subscriptions: There is another way in which you can add to the kitty of miles. It is by way of earning a particular number of miles for subscribing to certain magazines or buy books. There are about 25 publications available for subscription against which you can earn miles.

7. Telecommunications: Another way of earning miles is by way of making use of certain services of the participating telecom companies. Beeline and Telekom are the telecom partners of Lufthansa for this purpose.

8. Shopping: There are 23 stores/outlets/e-store where, if you spend money, you will be able to earn a particular number of miles. Most of the time it is 1 mile to be earned by spending 1 Euro.

9. Other partners of Lufthansa which are participating in this program are travel companies, education companies, etc.

10. Besides these partners, there could even be some current offers with other associates which can make you eligible for earning the miles on buying those offers.


Redeem Miles


Miles can be redeemed against different types of products. These are:

1. Flights: On flights, you can use the miles to take the award flights and even go for upgrades. With some airlines such as Adria, Austrian, Brussels Airlines, Condor, Croatia Airlines, Polish Airlines and SWISS you can book directly for redeeming miles. Besides, there are 26 other airlines with which you can book the award flights.

2. Hotels and cars: Radisson Blu, Hilton and other such popular hotels/hotels chains are the perfect places to redeem your mileage points. Similarly, Avis, Budget, Europcar and Sixt are the car rental companies where miles can be redeemed.

3. Shopping: This is another way of redeeming the miles. Whether it is retail outlets or the online stores, Lufthansa has partners where its passengers can redeem their miles.


Membership levels


There are three levels of Miles and More membership. These are Frequent Traveller, Senator and HON Circle membership levels.

Frequent Traveller membership status is earned by earning 35000 status miles in a calendar year. Or, if you fly 30 flights in a year.

Senator is the next higher level of membership which is given to a person who has earned 100000 miles in a calendar year.

HON Circle member level is given to those who earn at least 600000 miles in two consecutive calendar years.

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Ravishankar Seshagirirao

Posted on 11-Dec-2018
Would like to know my Miles & More number

Admin Reply :

You need to check with the airline directly. We are not the airline but an independent website providing information. 

Drashti Gandhi

Posted on 17-Jul-2015
If we register for frequent traveller, do we get extremely baggage allowance of flying from US to India and on student visa.

Admin Reply :

Generally, airlines which offer student allowance would not allow it to be mixed with other offer, even with the FFP allowance.

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