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Virgin Australia Baggage Allowance

Luggage allowances for Virgin Australia depend on whether the flights are operating domestic, international short haul or international long haul.

Check in Baggage Allowance

Check in baggage allowance of Virgin Australia airlines depends on whether the airline is operating the domestic or international routes. It also depends on fare category been booked and the frequent flyer status.

Domestic Flights and Short Haul Flights

Fare  Lite Choice and Flex/ Economy Reward Business/ Business Reward
None/ Red Not included. Add bags for a fee. 1 x 23kg 2 x 32kg
Silver 2 x 23kg 2 x 32kg
Gold 2 x 23kg 2 x 32kg
Platinum 3 x 23kg 3 x 32kg

Infants are allowed: 

  • Pram/stroller
  • Portable cot
  • Car seat
  • Baby capsule
  • 1 x 23kg checked bag (not for Economy Lite tickets)

Excess Baggage Allowance

Virgin Australia allows carriage of excess baggage but the charges have to be paid. This depends on whether it is a domestic flight or international.

a) Additional Baggage

Additional two bags can be purchased using online or guest contact center. However, at the airport, you can buy up to 9 additional bags. 

  • Domestic Flights- each pc of 23 kg. Per piece charge is given below.
Online Guest Contact Centre At the Airport
$50 $60 $100
  • For International Short Haul flights, the excess baggage can be bought either at the airport, through Guest Contact Center or be pre-paid before check-in.
From Online Guest Contact Centre At the Airport
Australia* AUD 70 AUD 100 AUD 160
New Zealand NZD 70 NZD 100 NZD 160

Guest Contact Center Phone Numbers of Virgin Australia are:

  Contact number
Australia 13 67 89
New Zealand 0800 670 000
USA 1855 253 8021
China +61 7 3119 7048
Hong Kong +61 7 3119 7078
UAE 8000 612 002
United Kingdom 0800 051 1281
Others +61 7 3295 2296

b) Overweight Baggage Charges (more than 23 kg but less than 32 kg)

  • Domestic flights- $50 per piece
  • International Short Haul flights- Following are the charges:
Departing From At the Airport
Australia AUD 100
New Zealand NZD 100

Check in Baggage Allowance for Infants on Virgin Australia

Domestic And International Short Haul flights

Infants are allowed to carry pram/stroller, car seat, baby capsule and portable cot in check in baggage on domestic flights without any charges. Children above the age of 2 are allowed to carry these items in not more than 2 numbers. The children are entitled to same baggage allowance as that of adult on Virgin Australia domestic flights.

International Long Haul flights

Besides pram/stroller, bassinet or car seat, adults travelling with infants can also having additional check in baggage allowance.

For US flights, 1 extra check in bag of up to 23 kg in economy and 32 kg in Business or Premium Economy class is allowed.

For all other destinations, an additional piece of 10 kg in check in is allowed.

Carry-on baggage of up to 7 kg weight is also allowed free for infants on these flights. The size of bag shall not be more than 115 cm in sum of dimensions.

Carry On Baggage Allowance

a) For Economy and Economy X guests

  • One personal item and one standard cabin bag pcs of weight up to 7 kg and dimensions 56 cm, 36 cm and 23 cms, OR
  • One personal item, and two cabin bags of total weight 7 kg with each bag of dimension 48 cm, 34 cm and 23 cm, OR
  • One personal item, and one standard piece of size 56 cm, 36 cm and 23 cm and one suit pack 114 cm, 60 cm and 11 cm and both of total weight 7kg 

b) For Business Class, Velocity Guest and Platinum members

  • One personal item and one standard cabin bag pcs of weight up to 7 kg and dimensions 56 cm, 36 cm and 23 cms, OR
  • One personal item, and two cabin bags of total weight 7 kg with each bag of dimension 48 cm, 34 cm and 23 cm, OR
  • One personal item, and one standard piece of size 56 cm, 36 cm and 23 cm and one suit pack 114 cm, 60 cm and 11 cm and each of weight 7kg 



Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Kim Armstrong

Posted on 19-Oct-2022
If I have a checked 23 kg baggage allowance and my husband has a set of golf clubs can he use the remainder of his allowance in another checked bag thanks route is from Sydney to perth

Admin Reply :

yes it can be taken as free allowance within permitted weight of check-in baggage allowance (that is 23 kg)

Annette Anton

Posted on 19-Jan-2020
Hi, Where can I buy excess baggage for my daughters flight from Sydney to Sunshine Coast (economy, XIKATF). She has got a 30kg suitcase coming from Germany to Sydney.

Admin Reply :

Please use Manage Booking section on website of airline to Buy online. Else, this can be booked over phone.

Barbara Tillotson

Posted on 14-Jan-2020
There are 6 of us flying Economy Melbourne to Maroochydore. We have 23 kg checked baggage each.Can two people combine their baggage allowance in one suitcase?

Admin Reply :

No, this will entail additional charges. If weight goes above 23 kg in any one check in bag, it is charged for. Anyways, the weight of a single check in bag shall not be more than 32 kg. So, we do not suggest increasing weight of one check in bag to more than 23 kg.

Prabin Malbul

Posted on 07-Jan-2020
Hi I am flying in VA83 in economy class what will be my check-in luggage and hand carries weight limit?

Admin Reply :

Please mention the route and cabin class of travel.

David Harrison

Posted on 05-Jan-2020
I am returning to the US at the end of February with a SWAG which is 1300x350x350 and believe categorised as Oversized Bulk Sports item (soft shell). Can you please help me to learn what my expense would be and that you offer me the ability to do so. Thank you in advance, David 040622536

Admin Reply :

Oversized and bulky check in baggage would cost about AUD 200, if flying from Australia. You must also confirm this with the airline local office. You have not mentioned the place of origin of flight.


Posted on 29-Dec-2019
May I know the check-in baggage size limit for travelling from HK to SYD

Admin Reply :

Linear dimensions shall be 158 cm for any check in bag.

Wendy Tonks

Posted on 22-Dec-2019
Am flying Economy, Brisbane to Auckland. What is the total dimension allowable for cabin baggage? Is it 115cm or 105cm?

Admin Reply :

It is 105 cm in linear dimensions.

daniel larkin

Posted on 20-Dec-2019
we are flying from denpesar airport in Indonesia to Brisbane Australia, and then connecting from Brisbane to Auckland New Zealand...what FREE baggage allowance do we have,,,,2 passengers ??

Admin Reply :

If flying on economy, up to 1 bag of 23 kg can be taken per adult or child passenger for free in check-in baggage.

Zoe N Elms

Posted on 25-Nov-2019
my paperwork for my flight states 1 piece of luggage - can you tell me what sizes these are and if there is any cabin or personal item included in this.

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the flight route and cabin class or fare ticket bought. Without this information, we will not be able to answer your query appropriately.

MAIKE Schablitzki

Posted on 24-Nov-2019
how can I book a additional piece of language to my flight ?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be booked. The rates are provided in the content above. 

Janice W Keynton

Posted on 23-Nov-2019
May I bring as carry-on luggage a poster tube, length 88cm diameter of ends 9cm? It seems to me that this is smaller than the allowed 'suit pack' so should be OK, but could you please confirm? Many thanks Janice Keynton

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the route of travel. However, carrying Poster tube in carry on shall not be a problem if it fits the overhead cabin. However, we would suggest you to inform the airline about its carriage well in advance of travel. 

Alex Wien

Posted on 12-Nov-2019
Can I take engine enamel spray cans on flight from Perth to Fiji

Admin Reply :

These might not be allowed to be carried on board the flight. 

Fran Richards

Posted on 28-Jul-2019
I have ski gear to take to New Zealand. Am I allowed a ski bag as well as a piece of luggage under 23kg with this fare? Is there a maximum weight for the ski bag? Booking number VDCTHP, Melbourne- Queenstown, Friday 2nd August, 11:05am Thanks Fran

Admin Reply :

Ski bag shall be taken as a part of free check in baggage allowance. So, if  you already have check in baggage, this can be taken on payment of charges. 

Nelly Adrianna Basile

Posted on 01-Jul-2019
Flying from Brisbane to Melbourne, its 7kg carry on but how much is the checked in baggage. Also is there any extra charges for either of them

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned which fare type ticket you have bought. Economy class travelers are allowed 1 bag of 23 kg in check in and business class 2 bags of 32 kg each, This is the free allowance and there is no special charge for this.

Grace Leung

Posted on 27-Jun-2019
Hi there, can you check in propylene glycol on domestic flights? (Brisbane-Perth) if so, what volumes?

Admin Reply :

You will have to check this with the local of airline.


Posted on 21-Jun-2019

Admin Reply :

This will have to be checked in.


Posted on 20-Jun-2019
I have a fishing rod I wish to take as carry on baggage

Admin Reply :

It has to be checked in .

iain Robertson

Posted on 31-May-2019
I am flying with Virgin Australia on the 9th June from Bali to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. i am a retired Royal Marine with a left leg amputation & would respectfully request a consideration on my baggage allowance to cover spare leg & other equipment i need to take as i am relocating to Puerto Vallarta. Booking reference with RPJGXK Flight VA-36 departing Bali 9th June 2210 Thank you for your consideration in this matter Iain Robertson

Admin Reply :

Please note that we are not Virgin Australia airline, We are an independent website. For your query, please approach the airline customer service directly. We believe that your request would be suitably accomodated by the airline.

Larraine Gudgeon

Posted on 10-May-2019
could you please tell me the size bag you can checkin -i know it is 23Kg weight but what size height length and surround for domestic flights

Admin Reply :

Sum of length, breadth and height shall not exceed 140 cm. These are sum of linear dimensions, l+b+h, with l, b and h being counted only once. You do not have to take the perimeter of baggage.


Posted on 09-May-2019
HI just wondering if you can purchase a second checked baggage online returning to Rarotonga from Auckland. Last time i flew with Virgin Australia i was told only one checked bag of 23 kilos was allowed from Auckland to Rarotonga is this still the case? I would like two checked bags returning.

Admin Reply :

You can buy additional baggage at airport for NZ 130. Pre-purchase online is not allowed when flying to Cocos Islands. However, if the airplane being used in the flight which has operational constraints, the airline might again mention that this is not allowed. So, please check the Auckland office of the airline once.


Posted on 08-May-2019

Admin Reply :

This depends on which fare type has been booked.

1 check in bag of up to 23 kg is free if you fly on Getaway, Elevate, Freedom and Economy Reward fares. 2 bags of 32 kg each are free for Business, Business Saver and Business Reward fares. Size of check in bag shall not be more than 140 cm  in l+b+h.

Carry on allowance is (1 cabin bag of 7 kg  OR 2 small bags of total weight 7 kg OR 1 standard and 1 suitcase of total weight 7 kg) AND one personal item for economy class. 

If you are flying Business class or are Velocity Gold or Platinum members, then carry on allowance is 1 bag of 7kg OR 2 bags of 7 kg each OR1 standard bag and 1 suitcase of 7 kgs each AND 1 personal item.


Posted on 30-Aug-2018
Hi, I am planning to travel from Brisbane (BNE) to Sorong (SOQ). What is the baggage allowance? Do you offer free extra bag/allowance for scuba and camera gear? How much for an extra bag? Is is cheaper to pre-pay? Thank you.

Admin Reply :

Is there any other carrier involved? 

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