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IndiGo Airlines Check-In and Boarding

Indigo Check-in Rules and Methods

Cut-off Times for checking in, before scheduled departure time of flights


Domestic Flights

International Flights

Web Check In

48 hrs to 60 mins 

24 hrs to 75 mins

Airport Check In

60 mins

75 mins

When to reach airport?

  • Generally, 2 hrs before flight departure time in case of domestic flights and 4 hrs before in case of international flights.

There is a requirement for mandatory health declaration 48 hrs to 60 minutes before the flight departure time, in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Indigo Web Check In

Indigo web check-in cut-off times

  1. Domestic flights: The web check-in can be be done anytime up to 1 hour before departure of domestic flights.
  2. International flights: The web check-in opens between 24 hrs up to 75 minutes prior to scheduled departure time of flights.

All those passengers who have booked tickets on website of IndiGo are checked-in automatically. Others can also check-in on the website of IndiGo Airlines ( or its mobile application.

  • Passengers with only hand baggage can do online check in, get their boarding passes through email/sms, take their print outs and proceed directly for security clearance at the airport. 
  • For passengers having check in baggage, they can check-in online and generate their baggage tags, but will have to drop their check-in bags at the drop-off counters. 
  • It is important to carry the printouts of the boarding pass because in its absense, you will again be asked to be in regular queue to get the print. 

 IndiGo does not allow certain passengers such as unaccompanied minors, infant and people on wheelchairs to use web-based check in facility because there is need to check their documents and physical state.

Indigo Airport Check In

Check-in can happen either at the counter of the airline at the airport or by using kiosks. While a valid photo identification is mandatory as per the list of documents listed below, you might also be asked to show original or signed photocopy of your debit or credit card used for making the payment of the booking.

Cut-off Times

At Airport (Domestic flights): Open 2 hrs before departure; Closes 60 mints before departure time of flight.

Boarding gate closes 25 mints before depart.

At Airport (International Flights): Open 3 hrs before depart; Closes 75 mints before departure.

Boarding gate closes 25 mints before departure.

Indigo Kiosk Check In

Only kiosk check-in is permitted in case of international flights. Web check-in is not allowed. Customers are required to come 3 hours prior to scheduled departure. Check-in closes 1 hour 15 minutes before the scheduled departure.

In case check-in process is not complete within this time framework, the booking will be declared a ‘no-show’ and the booking amount will be forfeited. Only PSF and UDF is refunded upon receiving written request from the customer.

For boarding, the passengers shall be present before 45 minutes of scheduled departure of the gate.

Indigo Boarding Pass

You can obtain boarding pass of both Indigo and its partner Turkish Airlines by visiting and entering the PNR/Booking Reference and the Email/Last Name.

The boarding pass is emailed to the passengers after they complete their check-in and provide the mandatory health certificate. 

It is required to print the boarding pass and present it to the security and airline officials whenever asked for.

E-Boarding pass is also made available on the mobile app, which can be downloaded and printed.


Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled


Posted on 27-Aug-2023
May i know the maximum size of the checkin luggage for domestic flights? Also do u accept extra large checkin luggage for domestic flights? If yes need to know the charging detail.

Admin Reply :

Sum of dimensions added once shall not be more than 158 cm. Overweight and oversized baggage charges might apply


Posted on 02-Jul-2020

Admin Reply :

PLease go to manage booking section on the airline website.

Rabindra Kumar Patra

Posted on 30-Dec-2019
Boarding pass

Admin Reply :

Please be clear in your question.

Abhijnan Sengupta

Posted on 14-Jul-2019
I did web check in for my Kolkata to Ahmedabad flight. I will have both carry on baggage and check in baggage. How do I get security tags for both? Also can I carry perfume and face washes in check in baggage?

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can take perfume and face wash in check in baggage. Stamping of hand baggage tags has been done away with. Please check with the airline local office for details.

Ancy Emmanuel

Posted on 28-Dec-2018
Photocopy of aadhar card is a valid document for domestic travel

Admin Reply :

Original is required.


Posted on 15-Dec-2018
As suggested by indigo executive, I requested to correct or update the name on flight ticket as passenger is same. I have sent the govt. Id proof on I haven't received any response since 12 hours.

Admin Reply :

You must get in touch with the airline and bring this to their notice. 


Posted on 01-Oct-2018
I lost my boarding pass of a flight calcutta to delhi. M citizen of delhi.i need that boarding pass to submit in office .how can i get copy of that or any other solution for my problem. Plz reply ASAP.its urgent.

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline. It will not be able to reissue the boarding pass, but it will certainly help you by issuing a travel certificate. This will cost you Rs 200. 

Harsha naiker

Posted on 27-Sep-2018
I have written my husband name as middle name and I have identity proof with my father do marriage certificate do for it

Admin Reply :

Please get in touch with the airline in this respect. They will inform what all docs need to be produced for verification of identity. Marriage certificate is taken as an accompanying certificate. 


Posted on 14-Sep-2018
Where is indigo baggage drop counter in delhi.?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it is available in Delhi. 


Posted on 13-Sep-2018
Is Aadhar Card a valid ID for boarding Indigo ??

Admin Reply :

Yes, it is a valid ID proof. 


Posted on 20-Aug-2018
Sir i was travelling from dimapur to delhi on 07 jul 18.I carried 05 bottles of liquor in trolley bag (in luggage). It was sealed bottle, but check in security persons not allowed for carry of bottle at dimapur airport. I travels to indigo flight max.what is reason pl reply ?.I was very disappointed that time, because i was lost of money and time. Security person tell me that no authority of carrying of its bottles.

Admin Reply :

IT could be because Nagaland is a Dry State. 


Posted on 12-Aug-2018
My flight ticket bording pass

Admin Reply :

If booked online, it can be done under "View/Change Booking"


Posted on 14-Aug-2017
I am travelling from Kochi to muscat, my brother in muscat have took visa for me. but there is a spelling mistake in printed name in visa, will that be a problem ?

Admin Reply :

please contact the visa specialist. 

Jotinath Mulik

Posted on 13-Aug-2017
I booked tickets online. Can I show them e-ticket on counter to get my boarding pass ???

Admin Reply :

You must have the print-outs with you. 


Posted on 09-Aug-2017
I will be travelling tomorrow with Indigo from Mumbai to Ranchi, but i have lost my wallet (that had all the original Id Proofs) 2days back and I have the FIR copy of the lost documents. Will it act as a valid ID proof for travel?

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline in this respect. 


Posted on 09-Aug-2017
Shall i carry chappathi and Egg curry as food into flight ?

Admin Reply :

Curries would not be allowed. Dry items are fine. 


Posted on 07-Aug-2017
Hi i am traveling to Coimbatore on 12th august can i carry alcohol in check in luggage if so what is the limit and should it be wrapped

Admin Reply :

Up to 5 litres allowed in  check in baggage and in sealed condition. 

maya jaiswal

Posted on 07-Aug-2017
I am travelling from bagdogra to hyderabad on1st september. I got my boarding pass email through web checking, but the gate number is not mentioned on the pass. The PNR number is IY8IRP.

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline customer service. 


Posted on 06-Aug-2017
Hi, my name is Puornisha..I have booked my ticket from mangalore to bangalore. I have also confirmed my return ticket..My problem now is weight of luggage allowed is 15kg..But i need extra 15kg...Can i change in my ticket? If can how much should i pay?Please reply as soon as possible..Tq

Admin Reply :

You can buy it online or by speaking to airline customer care. Rates of online pre-paid excess baggage are given in content above. 


Posted on 29-Jul-2017
Hi can I carry my laptop and power bank?

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be take in cabin baggage within 7 kg weight limit


Posted on 29-Jul-2017
Hi. Flying from bangalore to Mumbai, is aadhar or my Indian bank pass book is fine as a id proof?

Admin Reply :

Adhaar card in original is fine. Bank pass book shal have photo and shall be duly attested and stamped by bank

Keshaw kumar

Posted on 25-Jul-2017
Is e aadhar and notary valid for boarding indigo domestic flight

Admin Reply :

Coloured Print out of e-adhaar card taken from official website of government is a valid proof. 

Rajiv Ranjan

Posted on 23-Jul-2017
i booked three adult tickets in indigo domestic flights then luggae of one bag of 40 kg allowed ?

Admin Reply :

No check in bag can be more than 32 kg weight, even after allowing clubbing of check in bags of people travelling on same pnr. 

Shylaja H N

Posted on 16-Jul-2017
If i have hand bag as well as check in bag , am i still select my seats before 48 hours of departure?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it is possible. 


Posted on 02-Mar-2017
I booked airtickets via indigo mobile app and I got email confirmation. This email confirmation enough for entering Airport.

Admin Reply :

You will have to take the prints of tickets and boarding pass and carry original ID proof. 


Posted on 02-Mar-2017
hi my friend is travelling from bangalore to jaipur. he has lost his id proof during tirupati darshan. now he has only duplicate copy of id proof. and a certificate from trimula police indicating lost of id proof. also he has travelled from indigo airlines 2 days back from jaipur to bangalore. please confirm a duplicte copy and police certificate enough for boarding. An early response is apprectiated

Admin Reply :

Duplicate copy with the police complaint will work. We got it confirmed from the airline. 

Sameer Sohoni

Posted on 26-Feb-2017
Are original documents required for travelers or Xerox copies will do for domestic flight? Can aadhaar card be used as id proof?

Admin Reply :

Original docs are required for verification. Adhaar card can be used as ID proof.

nataraj km

Posted on 21-Feb-2017
how can i take boarding pass

Admin Reply :

You can get it in your email or in mobile or even get it printed at airport during check-in. 


Posted on 20-Feb-2017
how can i take boarding pass in online

Admin Reply :

Have you booked tickets online? Where are these booked? You can get it in email from the agency or airline where tickets are booked.


Posted on 17-Feb-2017
Can I use my bank pass book with photo as a id proof.

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be used. 

arjun guota

Posted on 13-Feb-2017
Can i travel with my wife who is pregnant 27 week and i intend travel in indigo fligt on 27 feb 2017.ticket all ready book. Requst intimate as soon

Admin Reply :

You have to check progress of pregnancy on date of travel. If it is more than 28 weeks but there is no complication and pregnancy is single, then there is no need for fit to fly certificate. 


Posted on 13-Feb-2017

Admin Reply :

You are allowed to take the machine for oxygen on board in cabin luggage but please contact the special assitance support team of airline to inform them of your requirements. They will tell you what all documents are required. 

Sanjay singh

Posted on 10-Feb-2017
I have booked my ticket on 10 th march....from chennai to Lucknow.... Can I check in on 9th march..and get my pass???

Admin Reply :

Web check in begins 48 hours before scheduled departure of flight. 


Posted on 04-Feb-2017
Can I take rotis & veg curry with less oil

Admin Reply :

yes it can be taken. 


Posted on 02-Feb-2017
Is e adhar card duplicate copy is accepeted for boarding ... my wife name is sindhya c but i booked a ticket in sindhya nair is any issues there .. and i also cancel his ticket and booked again in correct name if our seets are near by or different sitting seets ? Pls ans me

Admin Reply :

It is better to take the colour print out of the e-Adhaar card from the official website to show as valid ID proof. For changes in name, it is better to contact the airline. If the airline is lenient to allow for modification of the name, there is no issue otherwise you will have to cancel it and rebook again. 

shabir ahmad

Posted on 27-Jan-2017
from banglore to srinagar how many check in baggage is allowed and can we club hand baggage with check in baggage

Admin Reply :

30 kg in check in and 7 kg cabin allowed. Clubbing of hand with check in baggage is not allowed.

Babu Vijey

Posted on 26-Jan-2017
My company books me my tickets. How should I register the same to my app?

Admin Reply :

Your query is not clear to us.


Posted on 25-Jan-2017
i want to change my date of jry

Admin Reply :

Please do so online on its website by visiting Manage Booking section. Else, you can call the airline for the same. 


Posted on 12-Nov-2016
I would like to know total Babbage weight and can i carry from Chennai to Guwahati.

Admin Reply :

15 kg check in and  7 kg cabin is free allowance .

Jajbir Singh

Posted on 11-Nov-2016
Sir, Pl explain about luggage in Kg's during travelling from Chandigarh to Srinagar on 12 Nov 16 with t&c.

Admin Reply :

If it is a Lite ticket, only hand baggage of 7 kg is allowed free per person. If it is standard ticket, 15 kg check in and 7 kg cabin allowance for free. 


Posted on 08-Nov-2016
Will Xerox copy of the passport be valid as a valid ID proof to enter the Mumbai airport?

Admin Reply :

Originals are required; 

saravana kumar

Posted on 07-Nov-2016
Can I carry electric shaver in cabin baggage. Fliguy from Blre to Pune.

Admin Reply :

No, it is not allowed in cabin. 


Posted on 07-Nov-2016
I've booking on 15th nov from ahmedabad to lucknow via delhi. Can I take my kids tri-cycle with me?

Admin Reply :

It has to meet the check in baggage requirements i terms of weight and size. IF it is foldable, it would be allowed. However, airline officials at airport will have final say after seeing the package. 

Rajiv Kumar

Posted on 29-Oct-2016
Can single person pack a small trolley bag on non refundable ticket.

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be done. Baggage allowances have nothing to do with refundable or non-refundable tickets. 


Posted on 27-Oct-2016
Three adults can pack there luggage in two suitcases weighing below 45 kgs

Admin Reply :

People travelling on same pnr can club only their check in bags within same overall baggage allowance limits. One more thing to keep in mind is that weight of one check in bag shall not be more than 32 kg.


Posted on 24-Oct-2016
In an Add Extras under services there is a option of meal but what will be the menu?

Admin Reply :

You can check for the food menu at 

Ajay Kumar

Posted on 22-Oct-2016
Can I carry packed food in my checked in baggage

Admin Reply :

yes, non-oily and non-smelly food can be taken. 


Posted on 20-Oct-2016
we will be on board on 22nd Oct, from udaipur to Mumbai by indigo, can we Cary dry fruit sweets in cabin baggage... ?

Admin Reply :

yes, these are allowed. 


Posted on 17-Oct-2016
One quick question...Since Gate No is not mentioned in the boarding pass received from online booking at Indigo website, how will passenger know the Gate No? Does the passenger has to get the boarding pass again at the counter?

Admin Reply :

Please mention your route of journey. 

kalpana kumari

Posted on 17-Oct-2016
Hello admin,can I use my co-operative bank passbook as a id proof.i am flying from mumbai to kolkata.plz help me as soon as possible.thank u & regards.

Admin Reply :

Generally, the bank passbooks having the photo and stamp of bank are accepted as valid ID proofs. 

Ashish Ranjan

Posted on 16-Oct-2016
Hi,can I use my Abhuydaya bank passbook as ID Proof..plz rply me soon

Admin Reply :

Bank pass books with attested photos can be taken as valid ID proofs. 


Posted on 13-Oct-2016
Can i carry selfie stick in cabin baggage or check in

Admin Reply :

It can be carried in check in only. 

Promit Ghosh

Posted on 11-Oct-2016
I have mistakenly bought the ticket for lite fare sector and did web check in... Now how can I avail normal checked - in luggage allowance of 15 kg??... Is it possible to get the normal 15 kg checked - in luggage allowance by paying 200 Rs. at the time of check in..??

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can get the fare type changed by paying some extra sum and then you will be allowed to take check in baggage for regular ticket. Speak to airline or the ticketing agent in this respect. 

Aadil Aman

Posted on 07-Oct-2016
Myself, mother, father and sister (along with 1 year baby) are planning to travel from Mumbai to Delhi. All of them have valid Id proof except the baby as birth certificate is in his hometown. My Sister has only the original Discharge Slip from Hospital of her husband home town. Will this be a valid ID proof for the baby to travel.

Admin Reply :

Yes, it will be accepted as a valid ID proof for the infant. 


Posted on 07-Oct-2016
Ghee and baby food,toys with batteries, mini rice cooker are allowed?

Admin Reply :

Ghees are generally not permitted. Dry non-oily non-smelly foods are allowed in cabin. Toys are allowed if batteries are not lithium ion. Mini rice is allowed in check in baggage. 

Maahi Bhuyan

Posted on 07-Oct-2016
Hi, Can I use my SBI passbook as ID proof? Or maybe a marriage certificate? I am flying from Delhi to Guwahati.

Admin Reply :

Yes, SBI passbook can be used provided it has duly stamped photo affixed to it. 

Saba Parween

Posted on 07-Oct-2016
I had a Discharge Slip from Hosppital, but it contain the information about the baby (i.e. sex , weight, time, date of birth etc) but not the name of the baby.Will this be a valid ID proof for the baby(1 year old) to travel.

Admin Reply :

It shall work. It would be good to have the hospital ID.

uttam bhattacharya

Posted on 06-Oct-2016
Can I carry Cameras & Power bank in my checked-in baggage ( within permissible 15kgs.)?

Admin Reply :

Power bank not allowed in check in baggage. 

santhosh kumar cherukuri

Posted on 02-Oct-2016
We have to board indigo flight on 11.10.2016 from Bangalore to Hyderabad. My son who is ages 16 years is having Adhar Card only as identity proof. The present address what mentioned on tickets is also differs with the address on adhar card due to my transfer. is it works, please suggest

Admin Reply :

It is the name and the photo which needs to be verified. So, it shal be okay. 

Chilla Srinivas Reddy

Posted on 30-Sep-2016
Do you have Baggage Drop off counters in vizag . Or I have to go for a regular check in counters. I have done web check in and have printed boarding pass.

Admin Reply :

It is not available 


Posted on 27-Sep-2016
Got Ticket from Visakhapatnam To Kolkata in one plane & from Kolkata to Bagdogra in another plane with in a gap of 2hrs.. Can I do through checking of my luggage bag for both at Visakhapatnam Airport

Admin Reply :

If it is a connection provided by the airline, then it will undertake through check in to the final destination for checkin baggage. This condition is applicable only when both legs of journey are on domestic destinations. So, you would be able to do the through checkin at Vishakhapatnam. 


Posted on 23-Sep-2016
Myself, husband and daughter travelling together. Husband and me have valid photo Id proofs but daughter has only birth certificate no other photo id. Is this fine?

Admin Reply :

What is the age of the child? Birth Certificate works in case of children less than 3 years of age. 

mahavir Nayak

Posted on 18-Sep-2016
I have a PAN card for my identity but my wife does not. She has a State Bank of India Passbook . Can this work as a valid ID proof. My daughter 5 yrs old has a school ID card.Can this work as a valid ID proof

Admin Reply :

Passbook shall bar he photo and shall be properly stamped by Bank. Valid school ID cards are also accepted. It would be good if you have her birth certificate.

Diana Margaret Vaz

Posted on 17-Sep-2016
10th TC OR Ration card is valid to fly in domestic flights ?

Admin Reply :

None of these is considered to be valid ID proof. 

Roshan Kumar Singh

Posted on 17-Sep-2016
I am travelling for the first time and that to be with the connecting flights of the same airline(i.e Indigo), but the flight no.s are different with a layover time of 1hr. Is it sufficient to change my flight in just 1hr.? what about my Checkinluggage ! does it will be transfered by them or I have to collect it and then again i have to follow the checkin procedure for the next flight. if the first flight will get late then the connecting flight will wait or not?

Admin Reply :

If travelling on same PNR and with connection being provided by airline, through check in to final destination is possible. :If first flight is late, next flight will operate on its own schedule.


Posted on 14-Sep-2016
I want to do web check in. i have also check in baggage. So where do I drop off my baggage after web check in? Check-in counter and drop-off counter are diffrent for droping-off the baggage? My departure city is bengaluru.

Admin Reply :

Yes, there counters are different and it is available in Bengaluru. 

Pankaj Shah

Posted on 12-Sep-2016
How do I check in on mobile

Admin Reply :

You can check in on mobile by either downloading its mobile application or visiting the website of the airline. 


Posted on 11-Sep-2016
I am flying on 17 October from Bagdogra airport to Kolkata and have web checked online.I have checkin luggage.What would I do.

Admin Reply :

Since Indigo does not have drop off boxes facility at the Bagdogra airport, you will have to be in regular queue to get the check in baggage tagged and checked in. 

Diana Margaret Vaz

Posted on 10-Sep-2016
my son is just 18, i have booked a ticket for him in tha name of sudeep astle, but he as only one id proof , that is aadar card, In aadar card the name is only sudeep. Is it ok? if not what is the option?

Admin Reply :

It shall not be a problem. However, please bring it to the notice of the airline. 


Posted on 07-Sep-2016
Hi can we cut cake during the flight journey

Admin Reply :

Taking cake in cabin is allowed. 

amit parmar

Posted on 04-Sep-2016
Sir my wallet lost so can u use downloaded e aadhaar card as valid document for domestic flights? Because my original email aadhaar not available yet

Admin Reply :

Take a coloured print out of the Adhaar card from the government website. It will work. 

Sagar Gupta

Posted on 03-Sep-2016
Sir,I have Web checked in and have a check in baggage, I wanted to know if there is a baggage drop off counter in bangalore and when does it open?

Admin Reply :

Yes, there is a counter at Bengaluru airport. 

Thamarai Ganesh

Posted on 01-Sep-2016
can i carry groundnut oil 5 packl in indigodomestic airlines,chennai to delhi

Admin Reply :

It is allowed in check in sealed and packed condition and shall be declared during checkin.

Nidhi Arora

Posted on 29-Aug-2016
Hi I have same problem of entering wrong surname for one of the person in group ticket. As discussed with call center agent, I am trying sending the photo id porofs to but its not going.. I am getting delivery failures to this email id. Is there any other email id I can send these documents. Thanks Nidhi

Admin Reply :

Okay, we would request you to get in touch with the airline representative directly for this matter. 


Posted on 28-Aug-2016
Hi I am travelling from ahmedabad to Hyderabad on 3rd September .can I carry hair serum ,shampoo in liquid form ?and in hand bagged it is allowed ?

Admin Reply :

Liquids of more than 100ml would not be allowed in cabin. It is better to carry these in check in baggage. 


Posted on 23-Aug-2016
I want boarding pass

Admin Reply :

please visit the indigo web check in.


Posted on 19-Aug-2016
Hello Sir, I booked a ticket from Delhi to chennai. In all my I'd proof my name is Lalit. I booked tickets in the name of Lalit Lalit as I don't have surname in my proofs. Is there any problem during check in.

Admin Reply :

There shall not be an issue on this.

Puneet Bhandari

Posted on 16-Aug-2016
Hello Help desk, I have done mobile check in for tonight flight from Delhi to Mumbai. Is there a kiosk at the Delhi airport from where I can get my boarding pass printed. I do not have luggage so want to head straight towards security check in without standing in baggage counter queue.

Admin Reply :

yes, you can get it printed at the Delhi airport.There is a self-service kiosk available.

Megha Arora

Posted on 13-Aug-2016
Hi m flying for the first time pls let me know can we take clothes and shoes in our cabin bag??

Admin Reply :

Yes, these can be taken


Posted on 11-Aug-2016
Do you have Baggage Drop off counters in Delhi . Or I have to go to a regular check in counters. I have done web check in and have printed boarding pass.

Admin Reply :

Yes, this facility is provided in Delhi. 

Sumit Khatana

Posted on 10-Aug-2016
Hi, Please let us know if we can carry unripened mangoes in check in baggage from Delhi to Hyderabad. Thanks in advance.

Admin Reply :

Yes, these can be carried but with proper packing. 


Posted on 09-Aug-2016
Can i carrey 6 bottle wisky from indigo airlins

Admin Reply :

5 litres are allowed in check in baggage in sealed condition and upon prior declaration. 


Posted on 08-Aug-2016

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be taken as a valid ID proof provided it bears passenger's photo and is duly stamped. 


Posted on 04-Aug-2016
If only father have a id proof in a family than can we travel in domestic flight

Admin Reply :

No, each of the travelling person shall have valid ID proofs.

Vivek sharma

Posted on 04-Aug-2016
Sir , can i carry 23inch led tv in domestic indigo flight. Will it b safe?? Will it cost extra charge

Admin Reply :

yes it can be carried. Many other people also carry it. No extra charges for less 39 inches TV if this is within permitted baggage allowance limits by weight (15 kg per person). 

Rakesh Raushan

Posted on 31-Jul-2016
Hello Sir , One agent has booked a domestic flight ticket & by mistake he has changed my wife\'s surname as in id cards it was Sowmya Kumari which issued before my marriage but he has changed it by Sowmya Sharma as took by my surname . Now he just gave us a affidavit by notary that both person are same & told this will be accepted by CISF while checking . But I am worried if it doesn\'t work , can you please suggest what best i can do ? I do not have even my marriage certificate , Please suggest .

Admin Reply :

Does she not have any other document by name of Soumya Sharma? It could be a bank pass book with attached photo and duly attested. 

Can you provide the PNR number? Else, get the copy of affidavity scanned and email it to: Also provide your PNR number in email. 


Posted on 29-Jul-2016
Thanks for the info. I will be travelling via flight for the first time. I booked my ticket through IndiGo website. Could you tell me what things I would be required to take with me to the airport and what proesses I have to go through at the airport. I will be having check-in baggage with me. Thanks.

Admin Reply :

You have to take your ticket, valid ID proof in original and printed boarding pass (if you already have it)


Posted on 26-Jul-2016
Am travelling in the flight for first time. Its a Domestic travel nly. Shld i carry any other documents other than id proof. What are the important passenger instructions that i shld know?

Admin Reply :

You have to take valid ID proofs otherwise you will not be allowed to board the plane. You shall not carry anything hazardous to passengers, crew members or airplane in cabin or check-in. Ask your specific queries. 


Posted on 24-Jul-2016

Admin Reply :

If you are looking for mobile boarding pass, the website content mentions how it can be obtained. 


Posted on 23-Jul-2016
Hi, I wanted a receipt of my excess baggage amount on my mail id. My pnr is U3LCTR. Could you please help at the earliest

Admin Reply :

If you have already bought it, it shall reflect in your ticket. 


Posted on 22-Jul-2016
My flight travels from chennai to ahmedabad. Am doing my graduation in Tamilnadu Dr.Ambedkar law University- government institution. Will you accept my college ID (with photo) as valid ID proof?

Admin Reply :

Unfortunately college ID cards are not considered to be valid ID proofs. 


Posted on 22-Jul-2016
Will you accept IOB bank passbook with photo as ID proof. But my passbook has my old residence address.

Admin Reply :

It will be considered as a Valid ID proof. They need to check the photo and the name. 


Posted on 19-Jul-2016
Is the umbrella allow in hand bag? If I have no luggage bag, and have a umbrella in my hand bag. What should I do?

Admin Reply :

We have checked with the airline. They will not allow umbrella in cabin. 

Simran Rangi

Posted on 18-Jul-2016
Hi I\'m flying to goa and I have my two years old daughter and her nanny traveling with me. While I will be carrying my original ID and my daughter\'s original birth certificate, but the nanny has no ID. Will an affidavit with her picture, stating that she is my employee, along with her other necessary details work?? Kindly let me know an appropriate solution for it.

Admin Reply :

No, Indigo has refused acceptance of affidavits. She must have some kind of ID proof. 


Posted on 18-Jul-2016
will photo id proof issued by municipality board chairman or ward commissioner of municipal board accepted?

Admin Reply :

Valid ID proofs of government organizations are accepted. 


Posted on 17-Jul-2016
I will travel from Kolkata to agartala in Indigo.I have one 10kg luggage and one 4kg laptop bag. If I do web check in from home, What should I do in airport? And If I not web checked in then what should I do in airport? So, what is the difference? (It will be better if I can choose my seat)

Admin Reply :

If you have the check-in baggage, you will need the bag tags and will have to leave the bags at the airline counter. For this reason, you would be required to visit the drop-oof counters at airports where this facility is available. The benefit of web check in is, as you rightly mentioned, that it enables you to select seats, book excess baggage and make special service requests ahead of your travel time. 

Preejith P S

Posted on 17-Jul-2016
My wife and son (2 years and 2 months old now) is travelling on wednessday from Bangalore to kochin. The only id proof we have for him is hospital id proof with photo, is this a valid proof ?

Admin Reply :

Yes, either of the following will work:

a) Hospital ID with Photo

b) Mother discharge slip

c) Vaccination slip of child

Pravin Navgire

Posted on 17-Jul-2016
we booked our ticket from pune to delhi, one of my friend dont have any valid id proof as his wallet is misplaced, but he have Nationalised bank passbook with branch manager stamp n sign, shall it be valid for verification of identity..? plz reply soon...

Admin Reply :

Yes, it is good enough. However, there shall be a photo of the passenger which shall be duly stamped. 


Posted on 15-Jul-2016
Hi, While booking a ticket for my nephew (child), I have mistakenly misspelled the last name. If i carry an affidavit for the same, will it be considered a valid document. Please confirm.

Admin Reply :

You need to cancel and rebook the ticket. 


Posted on 15-Jul-2016
I have adhar card only.can i travel on 17th july 2016 in flight from Bhubaneswar to Mumbai?

Admin Reply :

If you have original adhar card, then it can be taken as a valid ID proof. 


Posted on 13-Jul-2016
Can I use marriage certificate with photos as ID proof for my wife. She holds an Indian Passport which was submitted to US embassy for Visa processing. Unfortunately she is not carrying any other ID proof. She has company (TCS )ID card also with her. Please suggest as need to board the flight tomorrow morning..

Admin Reply :

These shall work. 


Posted on 10-Jul-2016
We are 2 adults and 1 infant travelling domestic. Just wanted to confirm: we are carrying 2 check-ins, 2 laptop bags and 3 carry bags as cabin ( 1 for infant), 1 stroller ( fully collapsible considering they donot charge extra) all within weight limits ( 15 for check-in, 7 kgs each for laptop and cabin).is this baggage amount correct? Also how much baby food can we carry in cabin( liquid,purees etc)

Admin Reply :

This baggage which you are carrying is right. Purees are fine. Liquids are allowed in 100 ml quantity. If you need for infant, carry formula milk powder and ask for warm water from cabin crew. 

Dipesh Shah

Posted on 08-Jul-2016
Can I do a web check-in as am travelling from Mumbai to Goa and back.

Admin Reply :

yes, it is possible to do online check in for a return trip of Indigo airlines. 

Dhrupad kalita

Posted on 03-Jul-2016
Can I carry a cigarette packet on the luggage bag to puff after flight?

Admin Reply :

Sorry, no cigarattes or lighters allowed in cabin baggage. Even in check-in baggage, the lighter with fuel is not allowed. 

Parvez Bativala

Posted on 03-Jul-2016
I want to have my Boarding Pass

Admin Reply :

You can have it online at website of Indigo by  using its web check in facility. Or, you can call the customer care of Indigo and ask them about the boarding pass.


Posted on 02-Jul-2016
Am travelling cok to dxb,please confirm me the baggage allowance

Admin Reply :

It is 30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin allowance. 

Patil chandrakant

Posted on 30-Jun-2016
Dear sir, My air ticket for MUMBAI TO GOA allready book but My wife not have a any id proof exept state bank of india is sufficiant for valid id proof? Please confirm me for that.

Admin Reply :

It will be taken as a valid ID proof on the condition that it shall have the photo of passenger and shall be stamped. 

Pradeep Pansari

Posted on 26-Jun-2016
May i E-check in with check in luggage & cabin luggage also from Patna To Delhi in IndiGo

Admin Reply :

There is no facility for drop-off counter where you can tag the check in baggage and leave it. 


Posted on 25-Jun-2016
Is it possible to carry 50 ml perfume in cabin baggage

Admin Reply :

No, smelly things are not allowed in cabin


Posted on 21-Jun-2016
Hi I am travelling on Indigo flight frm dubai mumbai dubai I would like to know if I can web check in for both sectors I will be having check in bag and would like to know how many hrs before I can check in.

Admin Reply :

You can use web check in for domestic flights only. Since you have check in bag and there are no drop-off counters at Dubai airport, you can not web check in. Airport check in for international flights opens 4 hrs before scheduled departure of flights. 

monmi sarma

Posted on 21-Jun-2016
Hi. I m travelling from Guwahati to Delhi and I have received my e- boarding pass but the problem is where should I drop my check in luggage. In the check in counter? Can you just give the procedure to drop my luggage?

Admin Reply :

You will be able to put the baggage at drop-off box counter provided this facility is provided at the airport. We do not think that this facility exists in Guwahati. Therefore, you will have to use regular queue at airport to get the baggage tagged and checked in, 


Posted on 17-Jun-2016
Is PAN CARD a valid ID proof for domestic travel?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it is a valid ID proof and it shall be taken in original.

Ajay Malaviya

Posted on 13-Jun-2016
I have booked a ticket to Kolkata from VARANASI. I want to know whether I can carry pickles with me or not.My flight is on 18.6.2016 at 19.30 hrs

Admin Reply :

Pickles are not allowed. 


Posted on 13-Jun-2016
i have booked my ticket but my mistake have written fathers name on place of last name will it create problem?

Admin Reply :

yes, it will not work. Problem will surely be there. 

Amresh Kumar

Posted on 10-Jun-2016
Hello Sir, I do not have any original ID proof , only e-aadhaar card printout as an ID proof, which I have downloaded from the e-aadhar card site. I have the xerox copy of my Voter ID card with me. Will they allow me for on-boarding (Its in Indigo flight) . Please help me on this its very urgent. Thanks, Amresh

Admin Reply :

Coloured Print out of E-adhar card from official website can be accepted as valid ID proof. 

Kanika chhabra

Posted on 07-Jun-2016
I want my boarding pass print it nown Tomorrow is my flight to hyderabad at 8:50 am

Admin Reply :

You can get the boarding pass by logging in at Indigo Website and clicking Check-In.


Posted on 06-Jun-2016
hello i am anil kumar gottipati travelling from dubai to hyderabad, my fligjht departure time is 10:40 am so at what time i have to reach airport and the luggage is given only 20 kg where as in other airlines it is 30 kg why it is less in this air lines and i want to carry 55 inch smart tv with me is it allowed and wuill it be safe?

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin is allowance for baggage for your route. 55 inch smart TV can be carried but it will entail charge of AED 150 or AED 170 as special handling charge. If overall weight of checkin exceeds 30kg then, excess baggage charges would be applicable. 


Posted on 06-Jun-2016
Up to how kg bag is allowed insight flight with traveller?

Admin Reply :

7 kg cabin bag per passenger


Posted on 06-Jun-2016
hello i am anil kumar gottipati travelling from dubai to hyderabad, my fligjht departure time is 10:40 am so at what time i have to reach airport

Admin Reply :

International check in opens 4 hours before scheduled departure of flights. 

Nikhil Mahajan

Posted on 04-Jun-2016
i am travelling from Delhi to Jammu by Indigo and having one big suitecase. Can i do web check-in and use drop-off baggage counter ? And what is time available before departure of flight for dropping -off baggage at the drop -off counter ?

Admin Reply :

Since drop off box counter is available at Delhi airport, you can use web check-in facility. Airport check in begins 2 hours before flight departure time. Hence, you shall be there by that time.


Posted on 03-Jun-2016
Can e-Aadhaar be used as an ID proof during check in?

Admin Reply :

Coloured print out of the same from the official website has to be taken. Soft copy will not work. 


Posted on 02-Jun-2016
Is it valid to get aadhar card as id proof while checkin

Admin Reply :

Adhaar card is accepted. 


Posted on 01-Jun-2016
Hi, today im booked indigo flight from kolkata to bangalure but threre is one mistake in my cousin name actually his name is drupa g udayan but in ticket only durpa udayan.if there is any problmem ?

Admin Reply :

Names have to match exactly. There will surely be an issue. Please speak to airline or agency which booked ticket regarding this.

Tanveer Pasha

Posted on 31-May-2016
Hello Sir, My daughter\'s name is Rida Tanveer, but ticket is booked as Rida Fathima which is her birth name. However in Adhaar card it is Rida Tanveer. I called up customer care they are saying that it is not possible to change the name in the ticket. However she is having Adhaar card with Photo. Will the staff allow my 3 year old to travel. Regards Tanveer Pasha

Admin Reply :

Does she have a school ID card in the name in which ticket is booked? Or, any other ID proof in that name. Airlines are pretty strict on right names. If there is no valid ID proof in that name, then she might not be allowed to fly. 

Anjan Kabra

Posted on 27-May-2016
Wife travelling with two minor kids of age 8 and 5 yrs whether only original id of wife is sufficient ?

Admin Reply :

Id of kids also needed. School ID card can work.


Posted on 27-May-2016
sir/madam, i am traveling from hyderabad to guwahati on wednesday. My aadhar card doesn\'t contain my last name, but my e-ticket contains both my first and last name. will that be a problem at the airport.Can i still use my aadhar card as a valid id proof.

Admin Reply :

Yes it will be a problem. PLease take that identity proof which has exact name as that in ticket. 


Posted on 24-May-2016
I want to know whetjer the fund is refundable when booked with indigo apps

Admin Reply :

Which fund is it? 


Posted on 24-May-2016
I m travelling with my 20months old daughter, I have my original driving licence as a identity proof. Is it okay if I carry a soft copy of birth certificate as a proof of my infant.

Admin Reply :

You need to have valid ID proofs in original and on paper. Soft copies might not be accepted. 

faisal siddiqui

Posted on 21-May-2016
How many hour before we reach airport for domestic flight new Delhi to Lucknow and I have only aadhar card I\'d proof can I travell

Admin Reply :

Aadhaar card is accepted as valid ID proof. Airport check in generally begins 2 hrs before scheduled departure of flights in domestic sector. 


Posted on 20-May-2016
What id proof will be required for 3 yr old baby. We have her birtth certificate. Her mother accompanying her is carrying PAN card

Admin Reply :

Birth certificate is fine for children below 3 years of age. It will be taken as a valid ID proof 

Balaji Akiri

Posted on 20-May-2016
I am taking my 3.5 months old baby along with me on Indigo and I am planning to carry the stroller of the baby as hand luggage. Is it fine to carry the collapsible stroller as hand luggage or do I need to take it as check in language?? Pls clarify.

Admin Reply :

You can take the fully collapsible stroller till the cabin gate but not inside the cabin. This will be taken to the hold and will be given back on landing at the airport. It is not a part of the free check in allowance. 


Posted on 18-May-2016

Admin Reply :

You can use 'Check-in' option for checking in and get the boarding pass. If you have booked ticket online, it should have been sent to your email ID. Else, you can print it online through indigo website. 

avinash prashad

Posted on 18-May-2016
Is adhar card permitted as a valid identificaion proof/

Admin Reply :

yes, it is permitted. 

how to take out boarding pass

Posted on 17-May-2016
Flight : Indigo 6E-652

Admin Reply :

Use View/Change Booking in main navigation tab and follow steps... 


Posted on 16-May-2016
Hi, Due to some imergency reasons ,my son will travel with my cousin. At that she has only aadhar card printout for him as an id proof .IS THIS OK? Please confirm

Admin Reply :

yes, this e-Adhaar card shall be printed in colour format and from the website of the authority. .


Posted on 16-May-2016
We are two passengers travelling from Mumbai to Delhi and each one has 9 kgs of baggage can we do online check in ?

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can do web check in. You can leave the check-in baggage at the drop off counter.


Posted on 08-May-2016
Can i carry one kitchen knife, shampoo bottle, perfume bottle, and some other cosmetic liquids as well in check in baggage on domestic flight from mumbai to raipur.

Admin Reply :

yes, these items can be carried in check in. 

jitender kumar yadav

Posted on 03-May-2016
I want to check the address and identity proof details is mentioned in my ticket reference number 030568115996 pnrLH51MR

Admin Reply :

Your question is not clear to us. 


Posted on 02-May-2016
Hello, I am Indian citizen but resident of USA. My wife hold Indian passport but her passport is with US consulate for stamping. She does it have any other Indian I\'d proof. Can we use original marriage certificate or US driving license as a identity proof? I have flight tomorrow morning from Kolkata.

Admin Reply :

US driviing license will not be applicable. Original marriage certificate, if issued in India, would not work since there will not be any photo on it. This would need to be supplemented by some other proof as well. Without original passport, it might not be possible for her to travel. 


Posted on 30-Apr-2016
Hi, My wife is travelling to BLR from PUNE. She has no original ID-proof, but she has an e-aadhar card which is a softcopy of aadhar card. Now my question is can she use printout of this e-aadhar as ID-Proof. Yesterday after a good debate and zooming on to soft-copy she had on phone security cleared with causion we don\'t allow next time.. warning.. Now i am concerned on the way back.. would that be an issue?. Please confirm.

Admin Reply :

Soft copies are not allowed and you are also required to take the original travel docs and ID proof. In this situation, it is better to take the coloured print out of the adhaar card from the official website of Adhaar card and then use it as valid ID proof. We have got this information  from the airline. 

Jetha Ram godara

Posted on 29-Apr-2016
I am travelling from jaipur to hyderabad with my wife and 3 year old son Can I pack 45 k.g weight in one bag (as one is applicable for 15 k.g).

Admin Reply :

No. No checkin bag shall be more than 32 kg weight. 


Posted on 28-Apr-2016
Does UDAIPUR (UDR) Airport Has Baggage Drop Off Counter ? If not then should I need to Print Boarding Pass From Web Check in !

Admin Reply :

Udaipur does not have baggage drop off counter. Web check in will only help in seat selection and getting boarding pass. You will have to be in queue at airport for baggage tagging.

Feroz Hussain

Posted on 23-Apr-2016
I am going to take exam from lucknow to mumbai. I have to take some stationary(Pencil, colors, pen, sharpner, scale etc.) & my documents in my laptop backpack with clothes, toothbrush toothpaste & soap in the same. Is this ok?

Admin Reply :

No, these items would not be allowed in cabin luggage. It is better to take a checkin baggage of upto 15 kg free and keep these items in it. 

Afnan gazali

Posted on 21-Apr-2016
I do Mobile checking ?I am travelling From Mumbai To Udaipur and I have 3 bags should I need to check in at airport ? I already have boarding pass !

Admin Reply :

You do not have to queue up in standard checkin line at airport but will have to get the bag tags and drop-off the bags at the drop-off counter at airport. 

Abhishek Pandey

Posted on 18-Apr-2016
Do I need to obtain a tag for my cabin baggage (no extraluggage)if I have a web check in or should I directly proceed to security (domestic)??

Admin Reply :

You can proceed directly to security if you only have cabin luggage. It is for check-in baggage for which tags are required at drop-off counters.

i have my organisation i card as identity proof

Posted on 18-Apr-2016
can I board the flight as my wallet got misplaced with necessary document, my co passenger also from same organization has all valid. I have soft copies

Admin Reply :

Only ID cards of reputed private organization will be accepted as valid ID proof. To be on safer side, it is better to have an affidativ made in this respect duly notarised from local court. 


Posted on 16-Apr-2016
Sir I am traveling from Hyderabad to Ahmadabad. Can I carry 5 litres liquor in baggage ????

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be taken in check in baggage in sealed condition. 

Farida Sukhadia

Posted on 15-Apr-2016
Is a certified passport copy ok or original required ? Thx !

Admin Reply :

Generally originals are required. 

Bala Gopal

Posted on 14-Apr-2016
Is Indigo web check-in free or is there an additional charge for this facility?

Admin Reply :

It is free. There is no charge for this. 


Posted on 13-Apr-2016
I have only college id card and print out of the aadhar card from the website (not original by post one) Can i travel in domestic from bombay to guwahati

Admin Reply :

Yes, it is allowed. You can take. 


Posted on 11-Apr-2016
Recently, my parents have lost all their photo IDs. They have only the photo ID authorised by KSRTC for senior citizen and a health card issued bY an insurance company. Can these two serve as photo ID to board a domestic flight? Else, what is the opyion available which can help us travel? They are supposed to fly on 14th of April\'16.

Admin Reply :

ID cards from reputed government organizations can be accepted. We are very sorry for being late to reply. We nearly missed your query. 


Posted on 11-Apr-2016
I have only cabin baggage. Can I take my ilectric shaving Razer and shaving gel, deo-gel, and facewash, sunscreen lotion, body lotion, perfume in my cabin baggage? Please reply.

Admin Reply :

These items are generally not allowed in cabin. 

Shidrukh Ali

Posted on 09-Apr-2016
I am travelling from mumbai to kolkata with my one year old. I have a check in bag of 10Kgs and my baby\'s stroller is of 11Kgs, will the the stroller be considered as an extra bag or can it be checked in for free? Also, can I check in my stroller at boarding gate?

Admin Reply :

Fully collapsible stroller can be carried free in checkin baggage.


Posted on 07-Apr-2016
I have adhar card receipt n all india joint entrance examination form is that sufficient for id proof

Admin Reply :

That may not suffice. Better to get an affidavit made with due notary.


Posted on 06-Apr-2016

Admin Reply :

For group booking of more than 9 people on same PNR, web check in facility is not allowed. All  of you wil have to check in at airport. 

rumia masburah

Posted on 05-Apr-2016
My father is going with me from kolkata to the 15 kgs luggage policy valid for me and my father in total ...or for both of us..separately..???

Admin Reply :

Each of you can take 15 kg check in baggage and 7 kg cabin baggage. 


Posted on 02-Apr-2016
Is adhar card a valid id proof

Admin Reply :

yes, it is a valid proof. 


Posted on 01-Apr-2016
dear team, I need to carry a rice cooker can I carry it

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be carried in check in baggage.


Posted on 30-Mar-2016
I Would like to know total baggage weight i can carry from dubai to calicut

Admin Reply :

30 kg check-in and 7 kg cabin allowance per person.


Posted on 19-Mar-2016
Hi, I am going to HYDERABAD from PARIS ( and I will carry 2 bottles of wine and 5 cigarettes packs) in checkin bag, after that I have a flight from HYDERBAD to LUCKNOW (after 1 week) with INDIGO, can I carry those wine bottle and cigarette in checkin bag , will it be issue ...? Thanks to please let me know. Thank You

Admin Reply :

Already replied. Indigo would allow 5 litres of liqour in check in baggage but in sealed condition and upon declaration. Cigarettes can be carried in check in baggage as well. 


Posted on 18-Mar-2016
Hi, I am going to HYDERABAD from PARIS ( and I will carry 2 bottles of wine and 5 cigarettes packs) in checkin bag, after that I have a flight from HYDERBAD to LUCKNOW (after 1 week) with INDIGO, can I carry those wine bottle and cigarette in checkin bag , will it be issue ...? Thanks to please let me know. Thank You

Admin Reply :

There will be no issue since Indigo also allows up to 5 litre of liquor to be carried in sealed condition in check in baggage. Cigarettes can also be carried in checkin baggage with proper packing. 


Posted on 17-Mar-2016
Can I carry a few cigarettes in my checked in baggage?

Admin Reply :

Yes, these can be taken in check in baggage.

Sonu Singhania

Posted on 09-Mar-2016
Dear sir, my wife name is shruti tibrewal but after marriage her sur-name has been converted into Singhania and I have also book the ticket in the name of shruti singhania. Will the old id prove in the name of shruti tibrewal and the marriage certificate be treated as a valid id proof.

Admin Reply :

Although we replied that there is no issue in that as per our experience, we still contacted airline to know their response. To our surprise, their responses very vague. They are insisting that the there shall be conformity in the names mentioned in ticket and on the ID proof. Also, they are ridiculously asking marriage certificate to be issed a minimum 6 months before marriage (which is laughable). 

So, to avoid any inconvenience, we suggest that you also carry an affidavit made which tells that the your wife is same person of two different names. Any advocate would be able to do it at the court. You might need to carry photos of both of you at court. Please do the needful since the replies from airlines are very confusing. 

ragni shrivastava

Posted on 28-Feb-2016
i have booked 2 return tickets from mumbai to singapur on 10 3 2016 and pnr I52KKI-6E279/53 through make my however i got only pnr no .please send me the detailed flight details on my mail id.

Admin Reply :

This request shall be processed by the agency which booked your tickets only.

md g ansari

Posted on 28-Feb-2016
I am coming from Dubai to Delhi with jet airlines and again my booking from indigo airlines from Delhi to luggage is around 30 kg then how to carry this one..pls suggest..

Admin Reply :

You will have to book extra baggage of 15 kg since Indigo will allow you only 15 kg check in and 7 kg cabin baggage. 


Posted on 22-Feb-2016
Sir, i have id proof but my wife have no id proof we can travel

Admin Reply :

If there is no ID proof, there is a need to get the affidavit made from court for your wife. Only then will she be allowed to board the plane.

Mohammed javed

Posted on 21-Feb-2016
I have booked 3 tickets from vizag to bangalore for myself my spouse and my 7 years old kid. Except for my ID proof i am not carrying any ID proof for the other 2 as it was an emergency. Please suggest what options do i have now.

Admin Reply :

You will have to get two affidavits made in name of your wife and child from an advocate for showing at airport check in counter of airline as ID proofs. 


Posted on 21-Feb-2016
Is passbook issued by SBI with duly attested photo is a valid I\'d proof.

Admin Reply :

yes it will work. Take that original.

Rasika Dinesh Kunden

Posted on 11-Feb-2016
EMERGENCY Hello, My boyfriend lives in Canada. He has booked 2 flight tickets for his parents in India to Kolatta from Bhubaneshwar. They were not sure of flying to Kolkatta which is their home from bhubaneshwar (They had been there as my boyfriends grandmother died). His mother did not carry an official ID card in hurry as they were travelling to bhubaneshwar by train, however his dad has one of his own. We were skeptical and scared as we don\'t want these tickets and money to go in vein. Is there a way so that they can board their flights? Thank you

Admin Reply :

The wife can get an affidavit made from an advocate and then she will be able to board the flight. 


Posted on 07-Feb-2016
Hi, my infigo flight is at 5.10 pm from agartala and will reach at Kolkatta at 6.00 pm. And my next indigo flight is at 7.20 pm from kolkatta to BHUBANESWAR. These 2 flights are not connecting flight. And i have check in luggage with me which i cant carry inside the cabin as its heavy. I am afraid getting the luggage from one flight n go through baggage scanning and take the boarding pass will take time where i may miss my flight. Pls suggest

Admin Reply :

If these are not connecting flights, then you will have to recheck in again for the next flight.

One option is to use the web check in facility for second flight. If you already have booked flight through Indigo website, you would have been automatically web checked in. In that case, you do not have to go to the regular checkin counter but at the Drop Off counter at Kolkata Airport where check in bag is to be tagged. Take printed boarding passes along with all travel docs needed and move on for security clearance. 

This will save you time. 


Posted on 02-Feb-2016
Sir,we are traveling from Hyderabad to Lucknow on10-feb my daughters name in the flight ticket is entered as miss insteadof Mrs is it OK, My grand son aged 3years has birth certificate but no photo on it Please guide

Admin Reply :

You shall tell the PNR no to the airline and it can be changed to Mrs. Grandson of 3 years will be able to travel with original birth certificate. No issue if photo is not there on Birth certificate. 


Posted on 27-Jan-2016
heloo sir i have an flight from jaipur to hyderbad and i am 18 years old and have only adhar card so will i able to travel from adhar card only or i need somethinf more proff?

Admin Reply :

Aadhaar card would be sufficient.


Posted on 20-Jan-2016
we are 4 family members flying to mumbai .We are carrying 2kg of home made chocalates properly packed can we carry in our hand bag or shall we keep in luggage total weight oh chocalates will not be more than 2 kg pl adbice

Admin Reply :

Chocolates are not allowed in cabin. It is good to carry these in check in baggage. 

mohd yaqoob

Posted on 20-Jan-2016
Dear Sir I am from India came here at Surabaya, up to Singapore by indigo and from Singapore to surabaya by Tiger airline, now again i have ticket from Singapore to Chennai on 22/01/2016 by GE54 so kindle guide me how I will get my boarding pass without Singapore visa.

Admin Reply :

You will get it at Singapore airport since web check in is not allowed on international fligihts. You can get the Singapore Visa on arrival, this is what the IndiGo airline informs us.


Posted on 19-Jan-2016
Team I have booked ticket to Dubai on 1st April 2016. I my self my wife and my son aged 3.5 years. I just want to know weather will u provide free food for my son and what is the time limit for check in

Admin Reply :

Free meals are not allowed. You will have to buy these. Web check in is automatic when you book online on its website. However, if you want to check in at the airport counter, then you shall arrive 4 hours before departure of flight. Airport check in closes 1 hour 15 minutes before scheduled flight.


Posted on 19-Jan-2016
for check in domestic fligjht any one photo id is enough or we havw to bring all.Are suppose to carry photo copy of photo ido

Admin Reply :

One photo ID is enough. Originals have to be carried.

Sumit Singh

Posted on 13-Jan-2016
I booked in indigo frm Ranchi to delhi..what is check time before departure of flight

Admin Reply :

Check in at airport opens 2 hrs before scheduled departure of flights and remains open till 45 minutes before departure of flight. 

saba masood

Posted on 25-Dec-2015
Sir how many hand bag we carry in domestic flight??

Admin Reply :

One hand bag upto 7 kg weight. Laptop or other additional personal item carried shall also, together with hand baggage, weigh 7 kg only, not more than it. 


Posted on 23-Dec-2015
Photo id proof voriginal or photocopy

Admin Reply :

Originals shall be carried.

M.Sathriya Sudhan

Posted on 19-Dec-2015
Sir, I planned to fly from Delhi to Chennai. I have aadhar card Is that enough boarding ?

Admin Reply :

yes, it will be fine.


Posted on 17-Dec-2015
Is e-aadhar a valid id proof?

Admin Reply :

Yes, aadhar card is taken as a proof of ID.,


Posted on 15-Dec-2015
Whether on line boarding pass is chargable?

Admin Reply :

We did not understand your query


Posted on 14-Dec-2015
I have booked tickets on makemytrip to fly indigo on 26th Dec. Can I select seats now or do I have to wait till 48 hrs before departure?

Admin Reply :

You will have to wait till the time check in is open.


Posted on 10-Dec-2015
I have done my web check in. But do I still have to stand at the check in counters to obtain my bag tags?

Admin Reply :

You will get the tags at the airport drop off box counters. 

Sunil Agrawal

Posted on 04-Dec-2015
How to do online baggage checkin. if online baggage checkin is not done then what is to be done at airport. where should the baggage be checked. what are drop off boxes and how will it be found out about whose baggage it belongs.

Admin Reply :

If you are checking in online, the baggage would need to be dropped at the drop box provided at the airport. These have to be appropriately tagged so that identification is possible. 

Sant Prakash

Posted on 03-Dec-2015
I want mobile Chechen in for PNR CEJT2E.

Admin Reply :

You will have to do it yourself. 


Posted on 02-Dec-2015
If I do WEB CHECK IN , then am I able to carry a laptop bag and another suitcase whose weight is less than 15 KGs because I heard that if we do web check in,then we are allowed to carry only laptop bag.

Admin Reply :

It was the policy in the beginning when the airline did not have sufficient arrangements made on the ground at airport for handling check in baggage for passengers who have web checked in. Now, you are able to do web check in even when you are carrying a check in baggage along with cabin baggage, There is no issue. 


Posted on 01-Dec-2015
Can I take a packet of cigarettes And booze 750ml on flight

Admin Reply :

Only in Checkin baggage, not in cabin. Liquor has to be sealed. 


Posted on 24-Nov-2015
My maid\'s daughter is travelling with me.she goes to a govt school with no photo ID card.Shes14 years old. Will a minor PAN without photo or birth certificate do?

Admin Reply :

Sorry for being late to answer your query. Airline people had different opinions on this case. We will tell you the safest way which will not entail any problem. You shall get the Affidavit made and it shall be properly notarised by an advocate. There shall be the photo of the maid on the Affidavit and it shall also be duly stamped. It shall clearly mention the Name, date of birth, place of residence of the person. Photo has to be present on the ID. 

V.Madan Mohan Das

Posted on 24-Nov-2015
I have to travel to Chennai and back to Vizag to travel to and from San Francisco ...let me know the baggage allowance in your flights

Admin Reply :

For domestic routes on IndiGo, allowance would be 15 kg check in and 7 kg cabin baggage per adult or child passenger. 


Posted on 23-Nov-2015
is college id sufficient for age 23?

Admin Reply :

It is better to carry some government proof ( driving license/adhaar card/voter card/passport) but even college ID would do. 


Posted on 22-Nov-2015
I have booked indigo flight from Bagdogra to Bangalore for january. We all have valid identity card but my maid didn\'t have ani I card, what shall I do?? She is studying in holy cross adult Literacy montessori school can the principal of that school can certify her identity with her photo in paper?

Admin Reply :

This will not work. College or school IDs are not taken as valid ID proofs. Duly notarised affidavit is to be produced with name, photo, address and date of birth of the person in question. Photo shall also be stamped. 


Posted on 21-Nov-2015
Is aadhar card allowed?

Admin Reply :

yes, it is allowed. 

Ushaman Sarkar

Posted on 19-Nov-2015
In case I have Web checked in and I need to drop my luggage at the counter, whats the time limit before the baggage drop counter closes.

Admin Reply :

You can do so during the course of airport check in time. Airport check in begins 2 hrs before departure and closes 45 mints before departure.

Nanette Redmond

Posted on 11-Nov-2015
I am booked to fly 6E 688 on 14th November . I have 2 bags to check that will exceed your baggage weight limits. To avoid a long queue at airport how do I pre-pay for the excess luggage charges? Is it even possible to do this ?

Admin Reply :

Once you log into account, you will get the SSR (special service request) where you can pay for excess baggage. Else, you can call them and book the same via Phone. While on call, they will direct you to enter the details of card and make the payment. 

is indigo provide free breakfast

Posted on 10-Nov-2015

Admin Reply :

no it does not provide free breakfast


Posted on 07-Nov-2015
Are wax candles allowed in hand baggage ???

Admin Reply :

These are best carried in check in baggage in properly packed condition.

Prachur Gupta

Posted on 07-Nov-2015
Can check-in using college Id Card?

Admin Reply :

Yes, a valid college ID can be accepted. 

Mani Ramakanth

Posted on 05-Nov-2015
We are a family of 4 persons scheduled to travel chennai- Goa on 7th Nov. 3 adults have valid ID\'s. But my granddaughter age 8 does not have any ID. Is it Mandatory.

Admin Reply :

Yes, it is mandatory. Is it 8 years or 8 months? 


Posted on 04-Nov-2015
I have only driving licences can I travel in domestic flight in India

Admin Reply :

Driving License is accepted as a valid ID proof. 

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