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Malaysia Airlines Refunds

Due to circumstances beyond the control of carrier, there is a delay or cancellation, inability to provide pre-confirmed space, failure to stop at destination or stopover or result in missing of flight, then there are three options for travelers:

a. take alternative flight of Malaysia Airlines provided seat is available; or

b. re-route you to the destination point using the carriers own scheduled services, or the services of another carrier and surface transportation. If the difference between fares, excess baggage charge or service charge and refundable amount is higher then the passenger is not charged. But, if the difference is lower, the balance is refunded back to passenger.

c. Refund the sum (as given in Involuntary Refunds below).


Involuntary Refunds

a. If no portion of ticket has been used, the whole amount paid is to be refunded; or

b. if a portion of ticket has been used, one way fare point of interruption to destination or stopover is to be refunded. Else, difference between fare paid and for transportation used, whichever is higher.


Voluntary Refunds

For reasons other than the ones which are mentioned above, the refund will be:

a. If no portion is used, then the whole amount is to be refunded after deduction cancellation fee and service charges; or,

b. If a portion has been used, refund will be the difference of paid fare and applicable fare for that portion. Cancellation charges and service charges may be deducted.

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Posted on 16-Jul-2020

Admin Reply :

Please get in touch with the airline in this respect.


Posted on 24-Jan-2020

Admin Reply :

Please note that we are neither any airline, not associated with any airline. We also do not have ticket booking facility. Therefore, please check with the airline or the agency which booked tickets for you.


Posted on 20-Jan-2020
HI I take a fliggt with your company from perth to manilla ( 1 stop to kuala lumpur). Unfortunately, the volcano erupt in manilla when i land at kuala lumpur. No one help me at the office, for a flight back or a refund,no accomodation or some vouche for food Absolutely nothing. MORE than that you lost my luggage ( how it be possible). THAT GONNA BE 6 DAYS I DONT HAVE ANY ANSWERS, No solution. I ASK for a refund and nothing. I Hope you gonna do something and answers to my request. ( by the way i write article, im fonna make a pleasure to write one for your company). Regard

Admin Reply :

Please note that we are not any airline, nor associated with it. Please raise your concern with airline.

shrikant laxman under

Posted on 19-Dec-2019
can u please send the status of refund of e ticket no 232-2989668144.

Admin Reply :

PLease note that we are not the airline or the agency. So, we can not tell you the refund status. Please check with whomsoever you booked tickets with.

Geryl Steve Pieter

Posted on 03-Dec-2019
Have been refused on flight MH 763 / 03-12-2019 / 18U30 E-TICKET 2326005357260 Had overweight luggage, but could not pay ( 720$ ) no money enough with, took out 7kg, the rest was un missable for me. They where very unfreindly and no proposion for solution or rebooking flight.....very dissapointed, very hard. Want to book another flight in compensation or refund please.

Admin Reply :

It is very important for you to know the airline policies to avoid hassles. The airline just went ahead with its own policy and there is no way it could have accomodated your concern. If you feel aggrieved, you can take up matters with the airline or its regulator in its country. 


Posted on 06-Jul-2019
Malaysia airlines offered me an alternate flight due to the cancellation on their part for my original flight, however the fare stated on the alternate flight is 2 times higher than what i had originally paid for my ticket, so, my question is, do i have to pay for the extra fare on the alternate flight or not?

Admin Reply :

Ideally, you shall not. Please ask them to accomodate you with the original fare. 


Posted on 29-Jun-2019
Does purchasing a ticket with or without having the destination country visa , affects the refund amount for the unused ticket, recently i've heard someone saying ,only 10% of the amount would be refunded , its not true ryt.

Admin Reply :

REfunds are based on conditions of fare ticket. PLease check the same on your ticket or get in touch with the airline.

Duh Romerio

Posted on 07-Jun-2019
How do I cancel my Malaysia Airlines booking and get a refund? Please guide me through the online process of cancellation as the website is not all that user-friendly when it comes to ticket cancellation

Admin Reply :

Go to airline website--->My Trip---->select Manage Booking and from there you can cancel it.


Posted on 03-Jun-2019
For voluntary refunds for cancellation of flight 2months from now, how much will the cancellation fees and other charges be?

Admin Reply :

The quantum of money refunded is never told to third parties. So, it will be either Malaysian airlines or the agency, wherever you booked tickets, which will inform you about it. 

Neil Felstead

Posted on 17-Dec-2018
Our 19.40 flight MH1459 from Langkawi to Kuala Lumpur was cancelled and as a result we missed out our MH2 23.30 connecting flight from Kuala Lumpur to Heathrow . We were given food,transfer & hotel vouchers and boarding passes for the MH4 9.00 flight to Heathrow the following day! Although the airline did everything to assist us we ended up arriving 9 hours late the same day! Am I entitled to any compensation? Regs Neil Felstead

Admin Reply :

We do not think you will be entitled to compensation. Please go through the link here: For details, please contact the legal experts. 

Sam Yong Bin

Posted on 09-Oct-2018
Hi, my plane on 07-oct-2018 from klia to narita was delayed and eventually cancelled, the second flight which they organize was also delayed. In the end, i was 25 hour behind the original flight, all of the passenger had went on the plane and had been requested to unboard the plane for 3 times. I did in the end arrived narita but lated for 25 hours and so i would like to ask if i could refund or if i could get any compensation and if so, what should i do? Thank you

Admin Reply :

If you traveled by a flight provided by the airline, your case for compensation might not be strong. However, you can still go ahead and claim it from the airline only. 

Girish Tavag

Posted on 07-Oct-2018
Dear Sir/Madam, I traveled from Mumbai India To Guangzou China on 05-Oct-2018, My check-in baggage is missing and so far it is not delivered. My Flight Details are as Below. Mumbai to Kaulampur : MH 195 Kaulalampur to Guangzou : MH 376. Could you please let me know the status of the baggage. And please deliver it to the below address. The Ascott Hotel, No:73 Tianhedong Road, Guangzhou 510630 CHINA. Regards, Girish Tavag

Admin Reply :

Please note that we are not the airline and are not associated with it in any way. Please check with your airline directly in this respect. 

Amrish shah

Posted on 04-Oct-2018
I have booked flight for Bomabay to kul to Singapore and return ticket kul to Bomabay for date 4th December 2018 and return on 10th dec 2018. Due to unavoidable circumstances i want to cancel tickets . Shall i get 100% refund for the ticket

Admin Reply :

In general, 100% refunds is not possible as ticket cancellation charges are deducted. However, refunds depends on your ticket terms and conditions and these can be known directly from the airline. We  suggest you contact the airline to know the quantum of refund you will get. 

Patricia Buhion

Posted on 01-Oct-2018
Hi, Would like to know if it is possible to refund my Malaysian Airlines filght to KL and back to Manila because I won't be able to fly on the dates given due to unforseen circumstances

Admin Reply :

Yes, refunds can be obtained depending on your ticket terms and conditions and after deducting ticket cancellation charges. 

Bram Innocent Rebello

Posted on 27-Sep-2018
Cancellation or modification charges of Business Flex return ticket from Mumbai to Manila

Admin Reply :

This would be  told by whoever booked ticket. If it is booked by agency, then agency will also deduct its charges. So, please contact whoever booked ticket-airline or agency. 

Akshat Rana

Posted on 26-Sep-2018
Hi, Due to some unavoiadable health emergency at my home, i want to re-schedule my flight . Currently its on 1st oct 2018 night del-sing and return is 7th october sing-del I want to reschedule it to 28th oct and return on 3rd nov. Can it be done?

Admin Reply :

Yes it can be done. You can change the itinerary online or use customer care services of the airline for this purpose. 


Posted on 24-Sep-2018
My flight MH114 was cancelled on 20.8.18 to Kathmandu. Resheduled to 21.8.18. I want to make a claim since I was not informed. Letter of apology was given by MAS. Kindly advise on the procedure. Thank you.

Admin Reply :

Please speak to airline customer care about your compensation claim and write a formal email to them. If there is no movement, you can even write to Malaysian Aviation Commission website 

Christine Schooling

Posted on 13-Sep-2018
I purchased 4 tickets for flights from Singapore to Tokyo. Booking reservation # VWHQNR I will be unable to make the trip so am enquiring about your policy for cancellation for 1 of the tickets. Can the fare be refunded? Are there fees? If so how much? Christine Schooling

Admin Reply :

If tickets are refundable, these will surely be done. Exactly how much would be refunded is best told by the airline and it will not tell this information to us. So, please contact the airline or agency, whoever booked tickets, directly. 

Elvita gusni susanti

Posted on 08-Sep-2018
hi my husband flight on 10/9/18 penang-kul then kul-brisbane and coming back again on 29/10/18 brisbabe-kul then kul-penang. But today my husband fall down and injured than Dr ask him to take rest at least 3month bcs injured at left heel. Air ticket will be cancel! Can i get refund from MAS? Thanks

Admin Reply :

Of course, you will get the refunds if the tickets booked are refundable in nature. Please do raise a request for refund after ticket cancellation with whomsoever you booked tickets with.

Thirukolluru NarayanN swamy

Posted on 07-Sep-2018
I booked two tickets round trip to Hongkong on 31st August to depart on 15th November 0.15 A.M. Now I want to cancel my tickets. How much amount will be refunded. I paid Rs 55000/.pl give me reply T.Narayan Swamy 9247463474

Admin Reply :

Exact refund amounts will be provided only by the airline. Please contact the airline for exact amount. 


Posted on 05-Sep-2018
Can I get refund if flight cancel due to natural disaster like typhoon?

Admin Reply :

Yes, full refunds are provided if you opt for refunds. This is on condition that airline cancels the flight, not you. 

Judita Kocian

Posted on 22-Aug-2018
My booking number is Q8DZL9. My flight From MH0783 from BKK to KUL on 15. 08. 2018 was cancelled due to technical difficulties. As a result I missed my connecting flight from KUL to ADL, which was business class. Malaysia airlines found me connecting flights the day 16. 08. 2018 with qantas, but economy class. I would like to receive the difference in ticket.

Admin Reply :

For this, you need to pursue the matter with Malysian Airlines itself. We are not associated with any airline in any way. We are just an informative website.

Munikoti Kumar

Posted on 11-Aug-2017
I have a confirmed flight from BLR to SYD, booking ref no, S7ZRVE. We are unable to travel today due to medical condition of a close relative.We spent more than an hour trying to call 18001027778 to cancel the booking.When we called ur local office in BLR we were told to call the toll free number.Please advise re any refunds or charges.

Admin Reply :

At first, we are not the airline and is not related to it in anyway. Second, the number +91 80-43587900 for BLR office.

Md Zaidi

Posted on 30-Jul-2017
On 25th July I was overcharged 5 times for one flight ticket.Each tranx cost RM108.96 which divided to two bank.Three by AEON credit card and two by Maybank debit card.Please help in refund/reverse process

Admin Reply :

PLease seek help from the agency which booked tickets for you. 

Zarith fitrah

Posted on 23-Jul-2017
Hye can i know how much will be refunded if i cancel my ticket one month before my flight

Admin Reply :

Only the entity whicih booked tickets will tell you that. 

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