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Aeroflot Frequent Flyer Program

Aeroflot Bonus is the frequent flyer program of Aeroflot airlines of Russia. You can get registered in this program and avail of many benefits. Joining online entitles you to 500 bonus miles straightaway.

Membership tiers

An Aeroflot Bonus member accumulates points and can become silver, gold or platinum tier member. Qualification for each tier is based on miles flown or flight segments flown.

Silver members need to have 25000 miles or must have travelled in 25 flight segments.

Membership upgraded to Gold once 50000 miles are accumulated or must have travelled in 50 flight segments.

Platinum membership is given to those with 12500 miles or flying on 50 flight segments.

Each of these tiers has its own set of privileges and facilities.







Lounge access (Russian and international airports)


+1 guest

+1 guest


Priority check-in


Accelerated security and passport clearance



Priority boarding


Priority service at ticket/transfer desks




Extra baggage allowance



+2 +1


Priority baggage drop off


On-board privileges

Advanced seat reservation in economy class not depending on fare restrictions (excluding group bookings and block-charter flights)


"Space+" seats in economy class


50% off the cost of this service;





Arrange at check-in

Arrange at check-in

Can be arranged



through concierge service

Service class upgrade



3 upgrades throughout

tier duration;

Can be arranged

through concierge service

Booking service

Priority service in Aeroflot offices, equipped with queue management system



Guaranteed paid booking on fully booked flights



Y-class 24 hours in advance

Y-class 24 hours in advance

Priority on waiting lists for paid bookings


Dedicated contact center


Concierge service

Aeroflot Bonus privileges

Extra bonus miles for flights




Award ticket for double miles

once a year

Twice a year

Four times a year

«Mile credit» award ticket booking with insufficient miles

2 000 miles

5 000 miles

10 000 miles

Waived exchange fees for award tickets




Gold tier card as a gift









Discounts from Aeroflot Bonus partners




SU- Aeroflot; ST- Sky Team

Since Aeroflot is also a member of Sky Team Alliance, its membership tiers of Elite, Elite plus can be compared respectively with Silver and Gold and Platinum membership tier as well.

Aeroflot Bonus Program Partners

·        Airline partners

·        Non-airline partners

Airline partners are:

Aero Mexico

China Southern

Aerolineas Argentinas

Czec Airlines

Air Europa

Delta Airlines

Air France

Garud Indonesia



China Airlines

Kenya Airlines

China Eastern

Korean Air

Vietnam Airlines


Xiamen Air




Earning Miles

Aeroflot bonus miles can be earned by flying on its flights and airline network partner flights and also on hotel booking. You have to provide the origin and destination information to know how much miles have been earned by you.

Spending Miles

The miles accumulated can be spent on award flights, upgrades, mercy miles (donating miles for children cause), partners (about 124 partners), hotel booking and on a number of products on rewards catalogue.


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