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Air Costa Refunds

(updated: 27-02-2017)

Important note: Airline does not operate flights anymore. Please choose other Indian carriers for flight requirements.

Cancellations of bookings on Air Costa shall be made at least 2 hours before departure time and the charges for cancellation are as per following table:

Up-to 7 Days
Between 2 Hours- 48 Hours
0-2 hours
No Show

Like other airlines, Air Costa also reserves the right to reschedule, cancel, delay, divert, postpone or terminate the flights when these are reasonably justified as per the circumstances beyond its control, or for reason of safety or for commercial reasons.

If there has been delay, rescheduling or cancellation of the flight after 3 hours of scheduled departure, the passengers have the right to either ask for refund or have the credit for future flight. There is a third option of booking an alternative flight of Air Costa provided there is availability of seats.


In cases where the passenger is flying on connecting flights of the carrier, and when the subsequent part of the flight of Air Costa is cancelled, passenger can either choose either of the following options:

  1. Stay at transit point and be re-booked on alternative Air Costa flight, or

  2. Remain at transit station and seek refund of the part of journey not flown, or

  3. Return to point of origin and receive refund, or credit for future travel or re-book an alternative flight.

In cases of denied boarding, Air Costa will strive to provide full refund or fly passenger on next available flight. As a policy, Air Costa does not overbook its flights but there might be situations when this become unavoidable.

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Durga Ram Dewasi

Posted on 02-Aug-2017
PNR number 02T4JL flight LB666 blr to jai report may refund long time not receive my refund return

Admin Reply :

Please contact whosoever booked tickets. 

Durga Ram Dewasi

Posted on 31-Jul-2017
Refund PNR 02T4JL long time with claims

Admin Reply :

Refunds shall be sought from the agency which booked tickets.


Posted on 01-Mar-2017
MY TICKECT'S PNR:- "02SX9V" REFUND OF CANCELLED FLIGHT BY THE MANAGMENT "AIR COASTA" DOMESTIC AIRLINES. Refund of My flight Tickets, as the flight was cancelled due to Operational Reasons on 28th of February 2016 with message "Dear Passenger, your flight LB613 MAA BLR on 28/02/17 DEP 0510HRS stands cancelled, due to operational reasons. Regret Inconvenience. Contact 08666699966". An reply for refund is highly solicitated. Thank you, E RAJASEKHAR

Admin Reply :

We request you to contact the airline since the refunds information is not provided to the third parties like us. 


Posted on 18-Feb-2017
i need cancel my flight ticket the pnr number is 02SZ3P

Admin Reply :

Please do so online on the website of airline if you have booked with it. Else, please contact their customer service. 


Posted on 07-Feb-2017
my pnr no I: 02qgho ..due t sum reason i hve t cancell the tocket ..kindly llet me know the refundable amount i ll get back

Admin Reply :

This information would not be told to us by the airline. It will be told to passenger directly. 

M. Suresh Kumar

Posted on 14-Nov-2016
It was informed that Dear Guest, aircosta regrets to inform cancellation of its flight LB673 BLRVGA on 14NOV2016. - My Booking Reference Number is FMN1XST311T. How to get refund for my ticket.

Admin Reply :

you shall get in touch with the agency which booked ticket or the airline in order to know refunds status. Please raise a formal request for refunds with them. 


Posted on 09-Oct-2016
Hi Team,, I booked for the flights for my wife from Bangalore-jaipur journey date 09-10-2016. The flight timing is keep on changing frequently. Till today they can't able to tell me exact departure time of the fliggt. I am not sure she will reach Jaipur today evening or not. Really bad service and my whole trip is spoiling due to this problem. Really bad service. This is just to trouble the passengers.

Admin Reply :

Thanks for the genuine feedback. We are not related to any airline at this stage.


Posted on 18-Sep-2016
Hi, I booked my tickets in wrong name, now I want to add my name in that ticket what should I do now for that.

Admin Reply :

You will be required to cancel the ticket and book again. Please call the airline to seek assistance.


Posted on 15-Sep-2016
I have booked a ticket frm Vijayawada to Bangalore by mistake for the evening flight instead of the morning flight...I revoked the flight .. How much on total will b charged extra? I have got a mail saying charges paid to air Costa 1919 And on the ticket it shows 1500 rs extra charges for rebooking.. I didn't understand that charge of 1919

Admin Reply :

Cancellation fee would be charged. These are Rs 1500. Please enquire about the other charges from the airline since they will not tell us.  


Posted on 14-Sep-2016
I have booked ticket from hyderabad to bangalore for 15/09/2016. i want to cancel the flight due to unrest condition of bangalore .Will i get some refund amount

Admin Reply :

If it is a refundable ticket, you will get the refunds after deduction of cancellation charges.

P L Shankaranarayana Rao

Posted on 01-Sep-2016
I want to cancel my Aircosta tickets booked to Visakahapatnam scheduled 20.10.2016. I want to do it online. Not able to access the cancellation module Pl guide

Admin Reply :

In that scenario, please contact the airline customer service. 


Posted on 25-Aug-2016
I booked ticket from jaipur to Bangalore for July 30th, but i cancelled the ticket on 22nd july. i received the refund cancellation transaction id, but i didn't receive the money. please let me know how do i contact your customer care to know more details regarding the tranaction.

Admin Reply :

Please contact the person who booked the ticket. 

Hariomprakash Rao.a

Posted on 23-Aug-2016
Flight LB671, was cancelled on 5 Th August, I did not get money bk , trip I'd 16080385252

Admin Reply :

Please contact the concern which booked the ticket.

B Ramesh

Posted on 17-Aug-2016
My ticket PNR no. 01Y4E2 This ticket is cancelled , please give me my refund detailes

Admin Reply :

Sorry, we can not help you in this respect. You will have to contact the person whom you booked tickets with. 

srikanth reddy RV

Posted on 30-Jul-2016

Admin Reply :

Only the agency which booked ticket shall cancel the same. Please contact the person or agency which booked ticket.

muniraj kumar

Posted on 28-Jul-2016
Iam booking aircosta Booking ref 2adult Hyderabad to Coimbatore Booking ref. 01WOYP please cancel

Admin Reply :

We cannot cancel it. You will have to do it on your own or ask ticketing agency to do it.

Sai bikash Patnaik

Posted on 07-Jul-2016
Dear sir, I am having my flight from bangalore to vishakapatnam on 23rd of July and due to some emergency I want to book it on 22nd July.. Is it possible to reschedule? If no, then what should I do? Please advise

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be rescheduled. You can do it yourself by using Manage My Booking facility or calling up airline customer service and asking to do the needful.

Rajat Sharma

Posted on 01-Jul-2016
Dear Sir My flight LB635 from jaipur to chennai has been cancelled by the the flight agency itself. So I wanted to know when I am going to get the full refund. Thanks

Admin Reply :

You will have to raise a formal request for the same. IF already done, you shall ideally get the refund in 7-10 days time. If you do not get in this period, it is better to contact the airline again. 


Posted on 10-Jun-2016
Actually if i m not able to fly my tomorrow flight incase if i extend for next 2 weak is der available is der any charges

Admin Reply :

Your question is not clear to us. 

rajesh govani

Posted on 15-Apr-2016
Due to resedule Flight no.613on DT.13:04:16 I lost connecting train from Amdavad to Rajkot.No any flight arrangement done by Bangalore office.We suffer from 14:00hrs. To 23:00 Bangalore with family. PL.give me compensation as per rules.Details documents can be submit if needed..

Admin Reply :

Please speak to the airline or the agent which booked the ticket. Your matter will be resolved by them only. 

PBR Varma

Posted on 12-Apr-2016
Hi.. I booked the ticket from your site Hyderabad to vishakhapatnam. but I didn\'t get ticket and PNR is deduct from my account. I got mail from your Air costa( the reference ID is 375589081.As per your mail for future communication they given me ID no. above I mentioned. So when I will get back my money in my account

Admin Reply :

WE do not provide ticketing yet. So, there is no way that you could have booked ticket with us. This facility will be provided about 3 months from now. 

bankatlal indoria

Posted on 27-Feb-2016
i want refund for aircosta cancel the flight

Admin Reply :

pls contact airline or agent which booked ticket and raise a formal request for refund by quoting your PNR no.


Posted on 25-Feb-2016
Respected sir/madam I recieved a text message that the flight LB636 from CJB(COIMBATORE) to HYD(HYDERABAD) scheduled on 29/02/2016 DEP 9:45 HRS is cancelled. I have a connecting flight from hyderabad to visakhapatnam on the same day at 15:15 hrs. What do i do now?Are there any alternative measures made. I hope the concerned authorities will respond as soon as possible. Thanking you D.Mahendra (8527297794)

Admin Reply :

You need to contact the travel agent or the airline directly, whosoever booked the tickets for you. We are not related to airlines. Please speak to their customer service representatives at the earlierst.

Maija Zemitis

Posted on 13-Feb-2016
My flight today from Chennai to Jaipur was cancelled with no notification to me. I found this out only after I had arrived from my previous flight from Trivandrum. How do I get my refund? February 12, 2016; flight LB 634, Air Costa

Admin Reply :

The agency from which you booked ticket will process this request for you. You can speak to them and can even seek compensation if there was no prior notification on the contact details (email/phone no) from you. 

Lalit Bhatnagar

Posted on 08-Dec-2015
I booked flight scheduled on 03rd December 2015 for 22:05 from Ahmedabad to Chennai. booked from Flight was cancelled as informed by airline by SMS. However I have not received any refund till now. Please refund my amount fully. Details are below. Booking ID-NF2201965258374 Flight no LB -633 PNR No 01VN18 Mobile no 09574628592

Admin Reply :

It is MakeMyTrip which owes you the refunds. We are not related to it or to any airline. Further, even the airline will be of no use since ticket has been booked with agency. SO,please raise a formal request, preferably through email, for refunds with the agency which booked tickets. 

Dr. Narsimha Reddy

Posted on 29-Nov-2015
I have booked a ticket in Air costa flight for 1st December but got a message a couple of days back that the flight has been cancelled by the Airlines. How do I get the refund? I have booked my ticket online through Make my trip.

Admin Reply :

You will have to contact your agent which booked the ticket. 


Posted on 26-Oct-2015
how to cancel from one ticket in aircosta filght

Admin Reply :

This can be done online or speak to them on phone

Vikram singh

Posted on 06-Sep-2015
I booked a ticket jaipur to Bangalore on 4th Sept. What is the cancelation charge

Admin Reply :

If you cancel it before 7 days of departure time, Rs 1500, if cancellation is done between 2-7 days, Rs 2000 and if it is done 2 hrs-2 days before flight then Rs 2250. 

ananya agrawal

Posted on 03-Sep-2015
We hv booked a flight tickets with aircosta but now we want to reschedule it at our end pl tell the policies urgently

Admin Reply :

You can effect the changes to itinerary by logging into your account at Air Costa website. ELse, you will have to call their customer service and request for rescheduling.


Posted on 24-Aug-2015
My flight to vizag today at 11 am but it\'s reschedule at 2:40 pm refund policy?

Admin Reply :

You are entitled to full refunds, save government taxes and charges.

venkateswarlu jagarlapudi

Posted on 17-Aug-2015
My trip(blr to vizag on 21-08-15)is cancelled in unaviodable kindly cancellation of my ticket with immediate effect.and refund the amount to my account as per our rules

Admin Reply :

You are requested to contact the entity who booked the ticket for you. Only that entity would be able to process the refunds.

navneet mehrotra

Posted on 05-Aug-2015
I have a return ticket booked from Ahmedabad to Chennai of 16th August. I want to cancel both tickets. Total how much will be deducted till 7 days in advance?

Admin Reply :

Rs 1500 would be deducted if cancellation is done upto 7 days before departure of flight.

bommana geethamaheswaramma

Posted on 26-Jul-2015
Kindly cancel my Flight ticket. AIRLINE Booking Reference-01RW3J Air costa LB652. HYDERABAD (HYD) MON ,27 julY 2015,2:30 PM .TO CHENNAI, E-ticket No.6661001120158 Service Tax No.:AAACL8700FSD004

Admin Reply :

You will have to provide these details to the agent or airline which booked this flights. 


Posted on 20-Jul-2015
Kindly cancel my Flight ticket. AIRLINE PNR-01RMDG Air costa LB-673 Bangalore(BLR)Sun,26 jul 2015,2:40 PM to Vijayawada. Air Costa LB-668 Vijaywada (VGA)thu,jul 2015,01:15 PM to Bangalore. E-ticket No.6661001101889 Booking ID:FMN1EOLDQZ1

Admin Reply :

Cancellation has to be done by the same person or entity which booked your ticket.


Posted on 14-Jul-2015
i have booked a ticket from ahmedabad to bangalore on august 15. How much money will be refunded if i cancel that ticket before 15 days of my departure date. Is there any option to reschedule that ticket to any date ? Please let me know as far as possible.

Admin Reply :

Rs 1500 will be deducted and rest would be refunded. For rescheduling, please speak to the agent or air costa directly. It might be possible.

madhusudanreddy g

Posted on 08-Jul-2015
your air show is cancelled ,how to process refund my amount

Admin Reply :

Refunds can be processed by raising a request with the carrier or with the agent who booked your tickets.


Posted on 19-Jun-2015
Ive booked a ticket from vtz to hyd for 22nd of june. Can you please tel me how much amount will be refunded if i cancel the ticket before 6hours.

Admin Reply :

If you can cancel booking before 6 hours of scheduled departure, a fee of Rs 2250 will be deducted and rest of amount will refunded (barring taxes). 


Posted on 09-Jun-2015
i booked on 23.05.2015. two tickets in the name of deepa and prabha vide pnr-01p1io vide ticket number-6661000974777,4778 in flight no.lb672 hyd to cjb.but flight canceeled i booked thru my hdfc credit card after 15 days not yet credit my card.when will it credit?howmany ruppes will credit for both tickets? What is the status of refund?reply immediately. regrds sethuramalingaqm.s 9585858503

Admin Reply :

Whosoever booked your ticket, will be able to provide the answer on how much money will you get back. You will have to put up a refund request with the entity with which you booked tickets. So, please contact the booking entity for this purpose. If you have booked through agent, even the airlines will ask you to contact that person for refunds. 

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