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Batik Air (Malindo Air) Baggage Allowance

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Carry-on Baggage

  • Economy class travellers allowed 1 cabin baggage + (1 laptop or 1 handbag). Max size 36 x 56 x 23 cm, Max weight 7 kg.
  • Business class travellers allowed 2 pcs of cabin baggage + (1 laptop or 1 handbag). Max size 36 x 56 x 23 cm, Max weight 10 kg for main cabin baggage. 

Check in Baggage

Max weight of a check-in baggage shall not be more than 32 kg. 

Economy class flights on Boeing airplane is now allowed 25 kg in check-in baggage. Earlier it was 15 kg. Further, the restriction of allowing only 2 pieces of baggage on on Boeing economy class flights does not apply any more. 

For all routes except for Bangladesh and Melbourne, the free allowance is-

Business Flexi 40 kg
Business Promo 30 kg
Economy Flexi 30 kg
Economy Value 20 kg
Super Saver 20 kg

For Bangladesh routes, the free allowance is-

Business Flexi 40 kg
Business Promo 40 kg
Economy Flexi 35 kg
Economy Value 35 kg
Super Saver 35 kg

And, for Melbourne routes where the flight number is OD173 / 174 / 175 / 176

Business Flexi 30 kg
Business Promo 25 kg
Economy Flexi 35 kg
Economy Value 20 kg
Super Saver 15 kg

You are allowed to bring more baggage after paying the excess baggage charges. These charges can be paid ahead of travel date as well. Here are the rates of pre-paid baggage. Please note that the charges are on per sector basis. IF there are more than one sectors to be flown, then rates will add up.

Pre-paid charges for domestic flights

(in MYR)

Sectors in both directions 10 kgs 15 kgs 20 kgs 25 kgs 30 kgs
All Routes 50 80 110 150 180

Pre-paid charges for international flights (all prices in MYR)

Route 10 kgs 15 kgs 20 kgs 25 kgs 30 kgs
Malaysia to Australia (v.v.) 100 150 200 300 500
Indonesia to Australia (v.v.) 70 100 130  150 180
Malaysia to Bangladesh (v.v.) 200 290 390 - -
Malaysia to Hong Kong (v.v.) 80 120 160 200 240
Malaysia to Bangalore / Cochin / Thiruvananthapuram / Tiruchirappalli / Chennai (v.v.) 80  120  160  200 240
Malaysia to Delhi / Bombay / Amritsar / Kolkata (v.v.) 100 150 200 300 500
Malaysia to Indonesia / Cambodia /Sri Lanka / Myanmar (v.v.) 80 120 160 200 240
Malaysia to Thailand / Singapore (v.v.) 50 80 110 150 180
Malaysia to Pakistan (v.v.) 100 150 200 300 500
Malaysia to Nepal (v.v.) 100 150 200 300 500
Malaysia to Japan (v.v.) 150 220 280 350 420
Malaysia to China / Taiwan (v.v.) 80 100 125 150 180
Malaysia to Vietnam (v.v.) 70 100 130 150 180
Malaysia to Korea (v.v.) 150 220 280 350 420
Taiwan to Japan (v.v.) 70 100 130 150 180

If you are flying on direct one-way flights operated by Malido Air and are having excess check-in baggage, then the following rates will apply depending on your one-way route of travel-

From To Per Kg
Malaysia All Domestic points RM 37
Malaysia All International points except Bangladesh, Pakistan & Nepal RM 48
Malaysia Bangladesh, Pakistan & Nepal RM 58
Australia Malaysia AUD 20
Australia Indonesia AUD 18
Bangladesh Malaysia BDT 1,500
China Malaysia CNY 75
India Malaysia INR 1,000
Indonesia Malaysia IDR 150,000
Indonesia  Australia IDR 120,000
Nepal Malaysia USD 20
Pakistan Malaysia PKR 2,100
Singapore Malaysia SGD 20
Thailand Malaysia THB 400
Vietnam Malaysia USD 10
Hong Kong Malaysia HKD 85
Taiwan Malaysia TWD 330
Japan Malaysia JPY 1,600
Korea Malaysia KRW 14,500
Taiwan Japan TWD 275
Japan Taiwan JPY 1,200



Posted on 21-Mar-2023
Hi. Why it appear “extra baggage cannot be booked for this PNR”? want to pre-purchase extra baggage but cant. Flight from NRT to KUL (10.00pm , 22/3/2023) Flight number OD 680 (Batik Air)

Admin Reply :

Did you book with the airline or any agency? If it was agency, then the confirmation number provided is the one of the agency, not of the airline. That might have caused this problem. 

We suggest that you speak with the customer support. 


Posted on 21-Mar-2023
I have a small bronze buddhist statue about 4 or 5 inches.Can I put that in my carry on

Admin Reply :

This depends on how the airline officials at airport take it. The best way is to take it in check-in baggage. 


Posted on 20-Mar-2023
what extra cost to take 40 kg of luggage from Malaysia to Jakarta Indonesia when only 20 kg is allowed?

Admin Reply :

IF you are taking 40 kg, then it is excess of 20 kg. The prepurchase rates of excess 20 kg for your route is MYR 480. 


Posted on 12-Mar-2023
Can i bring perfume 100ml 2 bottles handcarry

Admin Reply :

Yes these can be carried but these have to be put in a quart size bag.


Posted on 10-Mar-2023
Hai can I know how much does it cost to buy cargo from Kuching to klia?Thanks

Admin Reply :

Cargo information is not available with us. We can tell how much can be taken on the flight, either in cabin or in check in baggage?

Dean Bell

Posted on 09-Mar-2023
what extra cost to take 30 kg of luggage to Bali when only 20 kg is allowed

Admin Reply :

IF it is a direct one way flight from Australia to Indonesia, then AUD 18 is the charge for excess 10 kg. If it is not a direct one-way flight, then the charge in MYR is 70 (please convert to local currency). 


Posted on 08-Mar-2023
Hi! I'm flying Malindo from KL to Jakarta. This website says increasing baggage by 10kg extra is 80rm which is what I saw on their website, but now I'm hearing it's 250rm for 10kg. Can you confirm how much I have to pay? Thank you

Admin Reply :

The charges are RM 80 for 10 kg. These are pre-purchase charges, means that you will have to buy at this rate online, not at the airport. Airport rates will be higher. 

himanshu Jindal

Posted on 07-Mar-2023
Hi Team, My flight is batik air from delhi to Melbourne. I have allowed 20kg checked in baggage however i have purchased 10kg extra, so am i allowed to have 2 check in bags as long as their total weight is 30kg.

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can bring 2 check-in bags.


Posted on 06-Mar-2023
If i fly from pakistan to perth . I am allowed 20 kg. Can i take 2 bags or only one allowed? And what is the cost of extra luggage i will take with me.

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can bring 2 bags within 20 kg free allowance limit. 


Posted on 05-Mar-2023
Hi My flight is Malindo air from KL to Indonesia. I have 20kg free baggage for my ticket. Am I allowed to have 2 check in bags as long as their total weight is 20kg?

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can bring more than one bag in checkin within this allowance limit. 


Posted on 28-Feb-2023
0My flight on today from SIN to PEN, transit KUL. I decide to bring my hair dryer, hair dryer allow to handcarry? Any check in luggage allowance for this flight? My booking number RXAADG. Thanks

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried in the check in baggage. It might not be allowed in cabin baggage. Some airlines allow, some do not. Allowance is 20 kg for Super Saver and Economy Value whereas Economy Flexi tickets allow 30 kg allowance. PLease check which fare ticket you have bought. 

Nancy Ho

Posted on 24-Feb-2023
How many checked in luggage can I check in for Boeing economy flight from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore excluding cabin check in luggage?

Admin Reply :

Airline does not prescribe any limit on number of check-in bags within free allowance limits.

Harish Subramanian

Posted on 16-Feb-2023
How can pay extra luggage?

Admin Reply :

You can pay it online using website Manage Booking section. You can also call the customer support for this. Lastly, you can also pay at the airport during check-in. 


Posted on 16-Feb-2023
Hi I’m taking flight tomorrow 2:45pm from Taiwan to Kuala Lumpur taking Malindo air line. I can’t able to add on extra baggage and meal. Can someone tell me why and how much it cost if I need to buy it in airport?

Admin Reply :

It will be TWD 330 per excess kg at airport.

Manphool Singh Sekhon

Posted on 13-Feb-2023
Want to add extra luggage Please call on 0421597312

Admin Reply :

Please check this with the agency or the airline which booked tickets for you.


Posted on 13-Feb-2023
Kindly check with you that I am going to travel to Jayapura from Kuala Lumpur, however there's one stop at Jakarta, can I buy extra 20kg baggage? And then, I should pay extra 20kg baggage from KL to Jakarta or need to pay twice (Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta to Jayapura)? Thank you.

Admin Reply :

MYR 110 + MYR 160 is the charge for excess baggage of 20 kg from Malaysia to Indonesia. It is calculated on per sector basis. 


Posted on 12-Feb-2023
I am travelling from Subang to Langkawi on economy class and for that, I am entitled to have 20kg check in baggage allowance. My question is that the 7kg cabin baggage is included in 20kg or is it different?

Admin Reply :

Cabin baggage allowance is separate from check-in baggage allowance. 


Posted on 12-Feb-2023
I am travelling to Langkawi from Subang on economy class and for that, I am entitled to have 20 kg checked in luggage. My question is, does the 7 kg hand luggage included in the 20 kg or 7 kg hand luggage is additional?

Admin Reply :

7 kg luggage is additional to check-in baggage.


Posted on 10-Feb-2023
Hello I have a flight booked with you from Langkawi to Perth with a 7hour transit in KL. I only have 20kg with my fare but happy to increase it to accomodate a folding bike which is between 10-15kg and less than 168 cm. Can you please tell me if the vinyl zipped bike bag that I bought the bike in is ok to use or do I need to put it in a bike box too? Also can I check the bike to go straight onto Perth or do I need to collect it from KL?

Admin Reply :

Youcan takethe bike but it shall be within permitted allowance limits. Else there will be charges for it. For query on through checkin of bike to final destination,pls check with the local office of the airline.


Posted on 06-Feb-2023
Hi, this is my flight booking number: CNDBPG I booked the flight tickets for all of my family, and each of us entitled for 20kg check in baggage allowance. I’d like to understand is it possible that I could share 1 big luggage with my family? And the baggage allowance can be shared between us as well? Say we have 1 big bags weighted 30kg, and can both of our baggage allowance combine so it becomes a total of 40KGs baggage allowance?

Admin Reply :

At first, no check-in bag shall not be more than 32 kg, even if the check-in baggage is clubbed together. Further, you can club only the check in bags within overall baggage allowance limits provided all are ticketed on same PNR. 

Elizabeth Anthony

Posted on 06-Feb-2023
Hi I would like to purchase additional 5 kg , how much

Admin Reply :

You will have to tell us about the flight route and cabin/fare class in which you are flying.

Saravana kumar

Posted on 05-Feb-2023
I’m going to travel from thirchy to penang by economy class. How many kg i will get for check in baggage. I have to 50kg to check in. Pls advise

Admin Reply :

Your allowance is 30 kg. For excess 20 kg, you will have to pay charges. 


Posted on 02-Feb-2023
How to increase luggage weight

Admin Reply :

You can do so online on the website of airline, through the call center or even at the airport during check-in. 


Posted on 31-Jan-2023
I am traveling from KLIA TO NEW DELHI in economy class with allowed baggage is 20kgs. My questions are : No.1 How much are the extra charges for excess baggage? No.2 Where should I clear the payment upon my departure or arrival at which airport? No.3 Is 7kgs cabin baggage included in 20kgs or is it different?

Admin Reply :

From Malaysia to India, pre-paid excess baggage charge is MYR 80 per 10 kg of excess weight. This can be bought online from the website of airline. Otherwise, you can also pay a little higher sum at the airport. 



Posted on 31-Jan-2023
I purchased super saver which comes with 20 kg . Additionally I purchased 25 kg. Now when I tried to edit and add additional 5 kg, as we can have maximum of 30 kg as checked baggage , the page is still allowing me to add as many as 30 kg again. Not sure how to add the additional 5 kg .

Admin Reply :

For the remaining 5 kg that you want to add further, please do so at the airport or speak to the customer support for doing so.


Posted on 30-Jan-2023
How to purchase the prepaid luggage ?

Admin Reply :

You can do it online by visiting Manage Booking section available at . Or you can also book it through the call centre of the airline. 


Posted on 26-Jan-2023
Hi. I am unable to add extra baggage due to less than 12 hours scheduled departure time. India to Australia. Should I contact customer care to add extra baggage or I won’t be able to do it now.

Admin Reply :

You shall be able to do it by calling the customer support or even at the airport. It is just that the charges will be a little higher than when bought online.


Posted on 22-Jan-2023
Hi I have bought economy super saver ticket in which 20kgs baggage is mentioned but what about 7 kgs carry on bag? Can I take it or do I need to pay? I have transit in Malaysia so is it self transfer or do I not need to worry about baggage? Next flight is also with ur company.

Admin Reply :

Cabin baggage of 7 kg is in addition to it. Pls check with airline whether it can be transferred or not?


Posted on 22-Jan-2023
For flight KL-Kupang super saver (no baggage) do you Stirling allow cabin baggage IP to 7 LG

Admin Reply :

Qustion is not clear ro us.


Posted on 22-Jan-2023
Hey mate, I'll be traveling with Malindo Air from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur then with Turkish airlines back to Iraq, my question is please as far i know it's 30kg i can take with me, i got 3 check in bags, all of them will not exceeded 30kg, will be that ok please? cheers

Admin Reply :

You have 30 kg allowance only when you are flying on Economy Flexi or Business Promo class. PLease check the fare class which you are flying. You can take the three bags in Malindo. 

Turkish airlines provides 30 kg allowance for Business class travelers on the international flights. If you are flying that class, then you can bring 30 kg, irrespective of the number of bags. Both Airline does not limit the number of pieces of check-in bags.

Aastha Basnet

Posted on 16-Jan-2023
Hello, I am travelling in economy class with 20kg baggage allowance and have purcahsed additional 10 kg baggage. So my total baggage allowance is 30 kg in total. Could you please advise if this could be in two different bags? Or, would the 30 kg have to be on a single bag?

Admin Reply :

30 kg can be taken in two check-in bags.

Ng Pei Wei

Posted on 16-Jan-2023
Hi if I have 20 kg check in luggage allowance from KLIA2 to Kuc, can I check in with you 1 luggage and 1 plastic bag with comforter? Thanks

Admin Reply :

Yes it can be taken provided the size and weight limits of check-in baggage are met. 


Posted on 16-Jan-2023
How much baggage is allowed( both check in and cabin bags) if you are a student?

Admin Reply :

WE do not think any special allowance exists for students from Malindo Air. 


Posted on 16-Jan-2023
Hi, i am travelling from india to perth. I am a student so i wanted to know how many check in bags and cabin bag can i take? Like whats the maximun baggage allowance for check in bags? And is there an additional student baggage allowance??

Admin Reply :

Economy Super Saver and Value tickets have 20 kg allowance, Economy Flexi and Business Promo allows 30 kg free allowance and finally, the Business Flexi allows 40 kg free allowance in check in baggage. Cabin baggage allowance is given above in the content. 


Posted on 13-Jan-2023
Hi, I am travelling form Cochin to Melbourne. Is there any limit on the number of pieces on check in baggage. I currently gave 40 kg and 2 pieces. Is it possible for me to add 30 kg additional baggage which will make it 3 pieces in total. I have booked an economy class ticket. Thanks in advance

Admin Reply :

 If you have booked Economy ticket, then max free allowance is 30 kg only.You can not take more than 32 kg in one check-in baggage, so you have to take 40 kg in 2 check-in bags . Yes, you can book 30 kg additional baggage.


Posted on 11-Jan-2023
Hi, I have a flight from Perth to Mumbai and Mumbai to Perth. If i need extra luggae when i come back around 30kg, what is the price.Thanks Sweta

Admin Reply :

Australia to Malaysia- AUD 78 for 30 kg, + Malaysia to India- MYR 220 for 30 kg excess weight. 


Posted on 09-Jan-2023

Admin Reply :

Rs 1400 from India to Malaysia and MYR 80 from Malaysia to Australia. These are the charges for the excess 10 kg. 

Katrina Attwell

Posted on 01-Jan-2023
Hello. We are flying from Perth to Bali on the 7th of January and I just want to confirm your rules about aerosols. Do we put aerosols in our checked baggage or our carry-on luggage? I also wanted to know if we can check in earlier online and choose our seats so we can sit in the aisle? Thankyou Katrina Attwell

Admin Reply :

If the aerosols are being carried in bottles of size more than 3.4 ounces, then these have to be taken in check in baggage. If the size is less than 3.4 ounces, then it can be carried in cabin in a separate sealed plastic transparent bag. 

With respect to online check-in, it can be done from 24 hrs prior to scheduled flight departure time and up to 1 hr before the scheduled departure time.


Posted on 30-Dec-2022
I want to purchase more luggage

Admin Reply :

Please do it either online on the website of the airline or speak to the customer support for the same.

Dhan raj

Posted on 26-Dec-2022
Checking baggage is only 20 kilos Can I take extra 10 kilos by paying extra for baggage when I fly from Delhi to Perth

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can buy additional baggage. However, the charge is based on per sector. So, you will have to pay for Delhi to [intermediarys stop] and from [internediary stop] to Perth.

Manoo Jeyakumar

Posted on 26-Dec-2022
Hello, I am traveling from KL to India and I am having issues to add extra baggage, as it says that Extra baggage cannot be booked for this PNR. How do I add Extra baggage with Malindo Air?

Admin Reply :

You shall get in touch with the airline customer support and then get the baggage added. 

Mohanraj Sivanathan

Posted on 11-Dec-2022
Extra Baggage cannot be booked for this PMR WHAT IS THE ISSUE

Admin Reply :

Please check with the entity which booked your tickets.


Posted on 08-Dec-2022
Helo, can i know malindo air have rules about vape ? Can i bring it ?

Admin Reply :

For electronic smoking devices, the batteries will have to be removed and stored safely. The device is to be carried in cabin baggage only. It is not allowed in check-in baggage. Further, if the battery in in-built, then it needs to be switched off and carried in cabin baggage.

Heng Khoon Yong

Posted on 05-Dec-2022
Hi I am travrlling to Kota Kinabalu from KLIA. Mine is economy class, It says 20kg cehekd in baggage on my ticket. Is that free or do I have to pay when I check in the bag at

Admin Reply :

This 20 kg is free allowance. You do not have to pay for it.


Posted on 01-Dec-2022
How many pieces of check in baggage allowed?

Admin Reply :

PLease provide your route and cabin class of travel


Posted on 12-Nov-2022
I am flying from KL to Cok and want additional baggage allowance. How can I do this prior to my travel? I booked through a travel agent and do not wish to go through them as it’s more expensive.

Admin Reply :

You have the option of speaking to the airline customer support or using their website . On the airline website, you have to use Manage Booking section and enter the PNR number with the first and the last name. Thereafter, you to look for provision of adding excess baggage. 


Posted on 09-Nov-2022
Flying from Thailand to Malaysia on Malindo, what are the largest carton box dimensions that may be checked in without incurring an extra charge. Thx.

Admin Reply :

Each check in bag shall be 158 cm in linear dimensions (L+B+H)


Posted on 22-Oct-2022
I am flying Melbourne to Bali in a week. My niece and her boyfriend both have 20kg checked luggage included. They want to just take one bag between them. Does this mean that their luggage allocation would be combined (up to the maximum weight per case)? Or do they need to have a case each?

Admin Reply :

People traveling on same pnr can club their check-in bags on this route. This is a rule followed worldwide by airlines. Even if they club the check-in baggage, they are not allowed to carry more than 32 kg in one check in bag. Therefore, two bags will have to be taken. 

chee kian chon

Posted on 03-Feb-2020
How much is the baggage charges for Subang air port to Batam indonesia for 15kg?

Admin Reply :

If you have Economy Supersaver ticket, then there is no free baggage allowance. If Economy Value ticket is booked then free allowance is 1 bag of 20 kg. If Economy Flexi ticket is booked, then free allowance is 1 bag of 30 kg.

Excess baggage charge would be MYR 75 if you buy a slab of 15 kg weight online at least 4 hours before scheduled departure time of flight.If you buy at airport, it will be expensive, about RM 40 per kg.


Posted on 22-Jan-2020
Are we allowed to bring a tripod as handcarry, if the whole tripod fits in a handcarry bag and is under the weight that is set? (It's a super light tripod) Does it matter if it is a domestic or international flight? Current flight is from Penang to SZB.

Admin Reply :

Even if it fits the cabin bag and is within free allowance limits by weight and size, there is a security viewpoint which also needs to be assessed. Since your route might not have security concern, we believe that shall be allowed. Still, we would like you to get the confirmation from the airline.


Posted on 18-Jan-2020
Is Jackfruit allowed in check in luggage?

Admin Reply :

We suggest you check this with the local office of airline.


Posted on 18-Jan-2020
Hi I'm traveling from Delhi to KL and return from Penang. I have the cabin only flight Besides my 7kg cabin bag, can I carry a laptop bag that shall contain obviously my laptop, charger, power bank and a book? My laptop bag is weighing 4kg as of now, while my other bag weighs 7kg.

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can bring one laptop, powerbank and charger along with the cabin bag.

June Edwards

Posted on 17-Jan-2020
Baggage charge from Adelaide to Bali on super saver ticket

Admin Reply :

AUD 20 per kg is the charge.

Louise walker

Posted on 08-Jan-2020
Could you please tell me if we wanted to add on an extra 20kg for a flight Bali to Perth how much this would be and how we arrange this once the flights are booked. Thankyou

Admin Reply :

Bali to Perth excess baggage charge is IDR 145,000 per kg


Posted on 29-Dec-2019
I am flying from alor setar to subang and the clause states that Each passenger is allowed (1) one piece of cabin baggage AND 1 laptop bag OR 1 handbag on-board and must not weigh more than 7kg. i am carrying one laptop bag and one cabin baggage so is the 7 kg a combined weight of both my bags or only my cabin baggage?

Admin Reply :

Laptop can be carried in addition to main cabin bag of up to 7 kg weight.


Posted on 20-Dec-2019
Hi I will be traveling from Dhaka to Bali. How should I carry my DSLR camera? Should I take it in my carry on luggage? Or am I allowed to bring it in my hand luggage?

Admin Reply :

It can be taken in cabin. The batteries need to be removed and packed separately and securely.

Hailee Kim

Posted on 19-Dec-2019
Hi, I'm flying to Bali from Melbourne and I wonder if I could bring a skateboard in a skateboard backpack into cabin.

Admin Reply :

No, these items are allowed only in check in, not in cabin.

Beatrice Chan

Posted on 14-Dec-2019
Hi, I am flying from Adelaide to KL, transiting in Bali. May I bring badminton bag with a length of 69cm (badminton racket in it) as hand carry?

Admin Reply :

It would be good to take it in check in baggage, within free allowance limits.

Hendy Wismayandi Arifien

Posted on 08-Dec-2019
Need to know on flight from Varanasi India to Kuala Lumpur how about our bagages with 3 lugages and weight of 18 KG average each thanks for prompt answer

Admin Reply :

The free allowance in check-in is 20 kg for Economy Value ticket or 30 kg for Economy Flexi tickets. This is for your route of travel. So, you would be carrying excess weight in check in baggage and that needs to be paid for.


Posted on 05-Dec-2019
Hi, can I bring a snow globe in a carry on baggage? Flying from SZB to PEN

Admin Reply :

This will depend on what it is made of. If it has any liquid, then it might be objected to. To avoid hassles, it is better to take in check-in. 

Veeragoudhaman Thickvijayansukumaran

Posted on 02-Dec-2019
Hi, I have purchased 50kg weight. How many pieces of luggages are allowed for 50 kg. My plan is here, kindly guide me 30 kg of books +15 kg of clothes and my two guitars 5 kgs = 50 kgs. I am flying this Thursday. Anticipating your reply.

Admin Reply :

No one check in bag shall be more than 32 kg weight. So, the total weight can be divided accordingly. You have not mentioned the route of travel and cabin class.

Mee Yee

Posted on 02-Dec-2019
I will be traveling from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur . Hand carry allow how many mls of liquid ? I have a bottle of oilment to carry in cabin.

Admin Reply :

Liquids of more than 100ml volume are not to be carried in cabin. If your ointment is a medicine which is recommended by a doctor as a medical prescription, it can be carried in cabin, otherwise not. This is best taken in check in baggage with proper packing provided this is not something which is prohibited by the airline altogether. 

Eleonore Tan

Posted on 02-Dec-2019
Hi can I bring unopened vitamin c and unopened 100ml perfume in a carry on baggage? Im flying from subang to Penang.

Admin Reply :

Is Vitamin C in table form? If yes, it can be carried in cabin. 100 ml perfume needs to be packed properly and taken in cabin in a separate transparent tamper evident plastic bag of not more than 1 litre volume.


Posted on 01-Dec-2019
Sir, i am flying tiruchirappalli to yangon via KL. Can i bring home made honey and tirupathi laddu in hand luggage.

Admin Reply :

Liquids more than 100 ml not allowed inside cabin. So, honey more than 100ml will not be allowed. Other dry sweets are okay to carry.

Shazna Hameed

Posted on 20-Nov-2019
Hi, I would like to know if a power bank should be in hand luggage Or should it be in my main luggage.

Admin Reply :

Powerbank has to be carried in cabin, in carry-on baggage. It is not allowed in check-in baggage.

Wai Theng

Posted on 14-Nov-2019
I am travelling from Senai International Airport to Ipoh, would like to bring 20 x 24 (inches) photo frame. Do i need to buy check in luggage? If yes, how i check in and get the fragile tag. Please advise. Thank You.

Admin Reply :

Fragile items can be taken in cabin on permission from airline. However, if this is not accepted, then a limited release tag is to be signed for taking fragile package in check-in. 


Posted on 13-Nov-2019
I am travelling from Jb to Ipoh, would like to bring 20 x 24 (inches) photo frame. Do i need to buy check in luggage? If yes, how i check in and get the fragile tag. Please advise. Thank You.

Admin Reply :

Please use proper names of cities or airport codes for us to help you. We did not understand "JB".


Posted on 12-Nov-2019
Hi, I have booked for a hand luggage only flight.but my luggage exceeds 7kg. How much money should i pay?

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the route of travel and cabin class of travel. Please provide complete information for us to help you.

Yap Wei Wei

Posted on 29-Jul-2019
If I hand carry my luggage what is the allowance for all my toiletries?

Admin Reply :

There is no separate allowance for toiletries. PLease observe the total weight and size limits of cabin baggage. Also, take due note of some of the items which might not be allowed in hand baggage.


Posted on 27-Jul-2019
How much is it to buy a checked in bag around 10kg DPS-PER AT Denpasar Airport?

Admin Reply :

IDR 145,000 per kg


Posted on 24-Jul-2019
I am not able to add extra baggage to my super saver flight from Bali to Mumbai

Admin Reply :

Please speak to the airline customer service in this respect as it could be due to technical flaw or you might be able to add it during checkin at airport.


Posted on 23-Jul-2019
S'il vous plaît je voudrais savoir le coût d'un kg de plus du bagage d'un vol de 15kg de l'Indonésie à kuala Lumpur et inversement. Merci

Admin Reply :

De l’Indonésie à Kuala Lumpur, un excédent de 1 kg du poids des bagages en soute coûte 145 000 IDR par kg

Dans la KUL-Indonésie, 1 kg en excès correspond à 48 RM par kg.

Julie Borger

Posted on 22-Jul-2019
I am travelling Sydney Australia to Bali, please advise cost for baggage before I book my ticket please

Admin Reply :

Does your itinerary involve another carrier? Please provide details of travel including cabin classes of travel. 

Rucha mohite

Posted on 22-Jul-2019
My booking is India to Kaula lumpur Malaysia Pls tell me ur 25 kg baggage per adult is included in ur economy fair My pnr no is HQADEP

Admin Reply :

You have booked a Super Saver ticket which does not involve a free check in baggage allowance. You will have to pay for carrying any check in baggage.


Posted on 22-Jul-2019
I have carry a 55led tv from Singapore to tiruchirappali .if any fare excess?.i have 20kg checking allowances

Admin Reply :

Sum of dimensions shall be 158 cm in sum of dimensions of TV package.


Posted on 16-Jul-2019
I forgot to ask you can i check in 120w mini car vacuum cleaner (check in baggage )

Admin Reply :

It is allowed if size is within permitted dimension limits of 158 cm sum of dimensions and weight is within permitted allowance limits. Also, if there are lithium ion batteries in it, these need to be removed and carried separately in cabin. 


Posted on 14-Jul-2019
hi I'm traveling from Guangzhou to dhaka (Guangzhou - KLIA M flight no OD613 AND KLIA M -DHAKA flight no OD162) and my luggage allowance is 35 kg so can I check in 2 pieces of luggage within 35 kg ..and one more thing can I carry 26 inch ukulele as a hand or cabin bag waiting for your reply

Admin Reply :

You have to take 2 check in bags of total weight 35 kg because one check in bag can not be more than 32 kg. You can carry the ukele in cabin provided it meets the size limits. 


Posted on 12-Jul-2019
What are the restrictions for liquids on a domestic flight from SZB to LGK ?

Admin Reply :

Liquids shall not be more than 100 ml of one type in a bottle. No corrosive, inflammable or harmful liquid shall be carried. 


Posted on 11-Jul-2019
Hi, I'm travelling from Kuching to KL, may I know if I can bring multiple travel sized (less than 50ml each) liquid (shampoo, shower,hair oil), 1 bottle of 5ml perfume and 2 bottles of 60ml contact lens solution? It will be hand carry. Also, the limit of liquid for hand carry

Admin Reply :

These can be carried in hand in a separate transparent resealable plastic bag of up to 1 litre total volume. No liquid shall be more than 100 ml.

Sidney Chow

Posted on 07-Jul-2019
I am travelling from HK to Dhaka via KL. I understand the check in baggage is 35 kg. is this applied to only one piece of check in baggage? seems quite heavy. Can I split this up to two pcs with total not exceeding 35 kg?

Admin Reply :

You have to take it in 2 check  in bags because one check-in bag can not be more than 32 kg in weight. 


Posted on 04-Jul-2019
Hi im traveling from australia to cambodia via kl can i carry on board as carry on luggage a led aquarium light size is about 40 cm long 25 cm wide and 12 centimeter derp weighs about 5 kg its in the box still sealed from the supplier (not opened ) thank you

Admin Reply :

You will have to check this with the airline for this particular product. Since it is a fragile item, it might be asked to be kept in check in after signing the limited release tag.


Posted on 04-Jul-2019
KUL-Bangladesh allowed 35 kg, can i take 2 luggage.

Admin Reply :

Yes, this has to be taken in 2 check-in bags because one can not be more than 32 kg in weight.


Posted on 03-Jul-2019
hi, can i bring on the flight a powerbank of 30000mah?

Admin Reply :

Yes it can be taken in cabin baggage, not allowed in check in.

Abdun Noor

Posted on 02-Jul-2019
would you please tell me checked baggage allowance size of malindo airlines. can i take a bycycle in my checked baggage it's size 100 *19* baggage is 35 kg. Thanks

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the place of origin of flight and destination reached. 


Posted on 27-Jun-2019
Hi there!! Is badminton racket allowed to carry on board for domestic flight from KLIA 1 to KKIA?

Admin Reply :

It would be good if you could check this in. 

Indra St John

Posted on 26-Jun-2019
I am travelling with my family to Redang Island on malindo airlines. We are allowed 15kg each check in luggage. Can 2 people travelling together combine their luggage into 1 bag. Please advice. Thank you Indra St John

Admin Reply :

Clubbing of check in bags is allowed for people flying on same PNR.

Jayshree Butler

Posted on 24-Jun-2019
Hi, I have purchased a super saver ticket and realise this does not come with any checked in luggage. If I add 10kg to my booking will this be checked in or carry on luggage?

Admin Reply :

It will be added to check in luggage.

Duc Bui

Posted on 23-Jun-2019
Hello, does the checked baggage linear size of Malindo Airlines also 62 linear (total) inches, like other airlines? Please answer me asap. Thank you

Admin Reply :

Yes, that is right.


Posted on 19-Jun-2019
I am traveling on 27 June 2019 from Kuala lampur ( Malaysia ) to Phnom Penh ( Cambodia ) Economic Class How many Kg baggage allowed to carry Check in and carry on ? Thank you I appreciate

Admin Reply :

There are 3 fare classes: Super Saver, Value, Flexi within Economy cabin class. And, their check in baggage allowance are 0,, 15kg, 30 kg respectively. Cabin allowance is of 7 kg. Please check which of these tickets have you bought. 


Posted on 19-Jun-2019
Hi ! I m travelling fr trichy to kl and hv purchased 35 kg for my check in luggage and would like to kw is there any limited pcs of bags to carry. I mean for 35 kg can i take3 or 4 bags in total of the kg purchased.pls reply bcoz today is my flight

Admin Reply :

Since you are not allowed to take more than 32 kg in one check in bag, you have to take 2 check in bags for your allowance. We would suggest that you restrict these to 2 check in bags.


Posted on 19-Jun-2019
I am travelling from Kuala Lampur to Cambodia ( Phnom Penh ) on 27-6-2019 flight OD 580 how many kg are allowed to carry check in and carry on board ?? Thank you

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the cabin class and fare class ticket you have bought.


Posted on 19-Jun-2019
Hi sir , me and my wife and my child are traveling from Guangzhou to COK ernakulam india . And our luggage allowed 15kg per person so iam planning to make 2 bag only one is 30 other one 15 . Like this allowed to do ? Please give me answer

Admin Reply :

Yes, this would be fine. 


Posted on 19-Jun-2019
Will b travelling from India to Bali via KL. My TKT says 0 check in luggage. How much do I pay per kg for d check-in luggage

Admin Reply :

At airport, Rs 1000 per kg from India to KUL + RM 48 per kg from KUL to Bali.

Pre-purchase a slab of weight is cheaper. That depends on how much is excess. For example, a 5 kg excess slab will cost you INR 1200 +IDR 3,00,000.

lynette taite

Posted on 19-Jun-2019
I booked my brother on a malindo air from perth to pukett and on the return flight home he was charged for baggage he paid nearly a 100 Australian dollars we assumed that baggage was included as he did not pay for baggage to go to pukett

Admin Reply :

The fare classes booked for each leg could be different. That is the reason for charges. 

Seet Eng Neo

Posted on 17-Jun-2019
My bkg ref TRZKWA stated 25 kg baggage. Can I check in 2 luggages?

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can bring 2 check in bags within 25 kg allowance limits


Posted on 16-Jun-2019
I'm flying from KUL to PER soon. I was wondering if I can bring my skateboard as a carry-on. Of course, dismantling the parts and carrying in the deck

Admin Reply :

Please take it in check in baggage, not in cabin.


Posted on 14-Jun-2019
hi, can you check my book ref fxshjt, any luggage allowance? as I tried to check and send mail to malindo I didn't get the answer. thanks. hope you can help.

Admin Reply :

You seem to booked it with some agency which has given its own reference number to you. If this is the case, then the booking reference needed is of the airline. 

Pranav Adhikari

Posted on 11-Jun-2019
what are my options for travelling with my guitar ?

Admin Reply :

Guitar can be taken in cabin within permitted allowance limits f size and weight. If it is large, then it has to be checked in.


Posted on 08-Jun-2019

Admin Reply :

Your's is a Value ticket, therefore, allowance is 15 kg check in baggage and 7 kg cabin baggage per adult or child passenger.


Posted on 08-Jun-2019
15 kg checked in baggage is one pcs ?

Admin Reply :

You can take more than one check in bag within this allowance limit but it will be good to limit the number of check in bags to 2 for a 15 kg allowance


Posted on 07-Jun-2019
I will travel from Bali to Kuala Lumpur and then to Chennai from KUL in malindo air. We do not have check in luggage facility. Only hand luggage. So I am unsure abt these items.. 1. Is hair straightener allowed in cabin/hand luggage? 2. Are a few perfectly packed food items allowed in cabin? 3. DSLR charger in cabin? Thank you.

Admin Reply :

We would suggest that hair straightner be carried in check-in. We do not say that this will not be allowed in cabin but this will be on discretion of airline officials at airport. This is generally a check in baggage item. But, you are not carrying any check in luggage which makes the role of airline officials at airport even more crucial. Food items can be taken in limited quantities and the charger can also be taken in cabin.


Posted on 07-Jun-2019
I hv booked flight from HK to KUL but not included baggage, I bought t ticket online using how i add in the baggage

Admin Reply :

You can visit Malindo website and add baggage using If you can not do it from this link, please speak to customer service of the airline at your local airline office.


Posted on 07-Jun-2019
Hi. I’m travelling from szb to kb. Can I carry power bank in hand carry bag?

Admin Reply :

Power bank has to be carried in cabin baggage.

Eshar Chandra

Posted on 06-Jun-2019
Hi, Just like to know if I can carry 100ml of perfume unopened in my cabin baggage on flight from K.L. to Perth

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried.

ayushi jain

Posted on 05-Jun-2019
Hi! I''ll be travelling to Bali from India via malaysia, I want to carry my hair straightener so is it allowed?

Admin Reply :

It is allowed and can be taken in check in baggage.


Posted on 04-Jun-2019
I m travelling from delhi to kuala Lumpur,,how much check in baggage they alkowed...We r 2adults and 1child ,,i book my seats at sky scanner that's why I don't know whether it is in value or in other pack..So pls tell how much check in baggage allowed for us

Admin Reply :

The fare type shall be mentioned in your ticket. Allowance will depend on it. Please check the fare type with the agency.


Posted on 04-Jun-2019
Hi, I am flying from JHB to Guangzhou (CAN). Because i don't have checked-in luggage, so i would like to ask can i bring some shampoo and shower gel and toothpaste in my cabin luggage? The cabin luggage limit would be 7kg right?

Admin Reply :

Yes, cabin baggage will be 7 kg. Shampoo, gel and toothpaste are semi-liquids. These need to be carried separately in a transparent resealable bag but please ensure that each of these are not more than 100ml.


Posted on 03-Jun-2019
I am flying from Singapore to KL, can I bring badminton racket to the cabin? Thanks

Admin Reply :

It is better to keep it in check in baggage. 


Posted on 03-Jun-2019
Hi, I'm planning to flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu, And I'm bringing along my Drone, is Drone can check in as Fragile Baggage? And the battery need to taken out as hand-carry item? Total how many battery WH are allow to hand carry?

Admin Reply :

Whether you can bring in drone or not will depend on local laws of the land.  So, please check directly with the airline office.


Posted on 31-May-2019
Hi. I am flying from Subang to Penang. Is there any rules and regulations for alcohol in check-in baggage? Either from the airline or the airport? Can i check-in more than 1 bottle of alcohol? Is alcohol considered as one of the dangerous good? May i please know where can i find the relevant article? Thank you!

Admin Reply :

Generally, airlines allow you to bring 2 litres of alcohol. Alcohol is not considered dangerous good. It shall be declared at checkin and shall be in sealed condition. We would suggest you check with the local airline office for details.


Posted on 30-May-2019
Hi, I have bought a flight ticket from KL (SZB) to Batam. I have bought baggage for 20 kg. Is that possible to buy more extra baggage for this flight? Because I transfer from New Zealand

Admin Reply :

That shall not be a problem. Please try doing it online on the website of the airline or speak to the airline customer support. Sometimes, the airline  might also restrict the maximum baggage to be carried per person because of shortage of space on airplanes. So, please speak to the airline directly in this respect.


Posted on 29-May-2019
I am flying from Subang to Langkawi. I would need to carry along a drone with me which has 2 batteries of 89 kW/h and 4 propellers. Am I allowed to carry it as a cabin baggage?

Admin Reply :

Drones have to be carried in check in baggage. If batteries are of lithium ion type, these have to be carried separately in cabin baggage.

Kimberley Glise

Posted on 27-May-2019
I am flying Phuket to Bali class value I am going to pay for extra baggage allowance can this be in the form of a second checked bag or is it still only one checked bag?

Admin Reply :

How much excess is the weight? No check in bag shall be more than 32 kg in weight. So, if your total check in bag weight is more than 32 kg, you have to take another one. 


Posted on 26-May-2019
Hi.. I havw a pnr IZ0B4I with name of prachi bahri travelling Delhi to Singapore and back How much is total baggage allowed.. ticket says 15kgs .. so can i carry 2 bags of 15kg each plus one hand baggage?

Admin Reply :

Airline does not limit the number of checkin bags within permitted allowance limits.

salman syed

Posted on 24-May-2019
what is the chekin baggage free allowance from Mumbai to Bali (To and fro) under class Value (V)

Admin Reply :

15 kg check in baggage allowance


Posted on 22-May-2019
I have a sewing machine less than 10 kg Can I take to Hanoi to Ktm and only have a check in bag is only 15kg

Admin Reply :

You have to tell us where have you booked tickets from and which fare type have you bought? There are different weight allowances for check in baggage for Malindo Air.


Posted on 21-May-2019
Can I put my sewing machine inside my luggage and fly from Hanoi to Kathmandu safely. If I want to add any weight how it would charge?

Admin Reply :

Size of the machine package and its weight shall be within your permitted check in baggage allowance limits, if you want to carry it free.


Posted on 17-May-2019
I am travelling from KL to Trichy. My baggage allowance is 30kg. Can I carry a 55inch TV weighing 25kg?

Admin Reply :

Please check for the size of TV package as well and it shall be within permitted size limits


Posted on 17-May-2019
I m going to travel on business class to india.. Can i carry car tyres as baggage 1 tyre 10kg

Admin Reply :

Please check with the airline local office. 

Ai wei

Posted on 16-May-2019
Im traveling from langkawi to Kuala lumpur. Can i hand carry pressure cooker and bread maker on board? Or i need to check in them

Admin Reply :

These shall be checked in.

Debasmita Banerjee

Posted on 15-May-2019
Hi. I will be travelling from India to Bali via Malaysia in Malindo Airlines. Can I take a Mi 20000mAh Power Bank in cabin luggage?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken in cabin luggage

saw wai fun

Posted on 12-May-2019
limit powerbank ?

Admin Reply :

Powerbanks to be carried in cabin.


Posted on 12-May-2019
Hi i have added luggages in my flight however i want to add more luggage but i am.not able to add more luggage.

Admin Reply :

Please get in touch with the airline customer care for it. You might be able to do so at the airport. 

manpreet kaur

Posted on 11-May-2019
Hey can i bring some of my clothes in my cabin baggage

Admin Reply :

Up to given weight and size limits of cabin baggage, you can bring anything in it.

ajaypal singh

Posted on 11-May-2019
I am travelling to bali from delhi my pnr no is SEJZEE I have web checked in without adding the luggage and now m trying to add luggage but it is not being done so how can i do that please reply as soon as possible my flight is tommorrow

Admin Reply :

You can add it at airport at the check in counter.


Posted on 11-May-2019
Going to book Delhi- Bali - Delhi tickets on cabin bag only fares. We are a group of 10 persons... What will be the charges if some of us wish to book extra luggage...

Admin Reply :

For group bookings of more than 9 passengers, you shall speak to airline for booking. There is a provision for adding extra luggage on pre-paid basis, Min. slab is of 5 kg for INR 2200. However, if you have to book through customer service, they might also offer better rates. Please check with the airline as well. 

Tegan coutts

Posted on 09-May-2019
Hello, I purchased two flights. One flight is 30kg included baggage and the return flight is no baggage allowance but didn’t give me an option to add luggage. How can I add luggage to an existing flight? Thank you for your time

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the routes and the cabin classes being travelled. Due to lack of this information, we can not provide right answer.


Posted on 07-May-2019
I am going to KL from Kolkata by milando airways on 3rd June.Can I carry dry food items like cakes, chips, biscuits,cookies, ready made packed foods in my check in luggage and hand luggage both??? Is there any limit of carrying food items? What is the limit?? Can I carry 2 or 5 litres water only check in luggage?? Waiting for reply. thanks in advance.

Admin Reply :

There is no limit on quantity of eatables to be carried in check in baggage. Since Malindo prohibit carriage of outside food in plane, we do not suggest you take these items in cabin. Water can be had in the plane itselfby asking crew. 


Posted on 23-Dec-2018
Dear Team, I already booked tkt on january 10th from singapore to trivandrum. Can i add extra baggage and what is the cost for per kg from singapore to trivandrum Thanks Nidheesh

Admin Reply :

Please mention the full route. Is it SIN-KUL-TRV? From Singapore, it is SGD 30 per excess kg and from KUL to TRV is it RM 48 per excess kg. 


Posted on 23-Dec-2018
I will be travelling from KUL to KNO, 2 adult and 1 infant, we a giving 25kg per person (adult). My question is, are we allowed to bring multiple bag (for checked bag) as long it not exceed 25kg per person, or only limit for 2 bag per person on checked bag?

Admin Reply :

The airline has relaxed the restrictions on number of check in bags which can be carried within the allowed weight allowance. Earlier, there was a restriction of not allowing more than 2 check-in bags.


Posted on 18-Dec-2018
.1. Flying to India connecting fr jb to kul to Delhi Wat if I miss my flight due to jb -kul mahlindo delay? 2. Wat time does the bag drop off counter close b4 flight fr kul to delhi

Admin Reply :

The KL check in counters will close 60 minutes bfore scheduled departure time of flight. So, you must complete check in formalities before this time limit. 


Posted on 17-Dec-2018
Does Malindo air allow Christmas crackers in checked luggage ?

Admin Reply :

This would not be allowed on flights. Please do not carry these. 


Posted on 09-Dec-2018
Hi, i am travelling to Jakarta. Can I add my baggage? How much it will cost?

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can always add baggage using the website of the airline or speaking to its local customer care. PLease mention full route and cabin class for future enquiries.

Rabbi Mohammad Sakib Sadat

Posted on 11-Oct-2018
Hi there, I am planning to travel by Malindo air. Can I carry 2 check- in luggages?

Admin Reply :

Yes, 2 bags in check in can be carried. No more than that. 

Kamalavali Nagappan

Posted on 09-Oct-2018
How do I increase my baggage fr 25kg to 35kg ?

Admin Reply :

You will have to pay for it. Simply add excess baggage from your Manage Booking tab. Else, call the airline to do the same. Payment can be made online or at airport. Airport charges are higher than online one.


Posted on 04-Oct-2018
What if our baggage out of dimension but still under the allowances given? Will there be extra charge for that also? If yes, how much will it cost

Admin Reply :

What is the route of travel? Please also mention the cabin class you are travelling.

Yeeching Lau

Posted on 03-Oct-2018
Hello,may I know power bank 20000 mAh can bring?

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be carried in cabin baggage.

joanne conway

Posted on 27-Sep-2018
wanting to know if the carry on baggage to Bali is still 7kg and dimension ate H= 56cm W= 23cm L= 36cm I am travelling this week. Many thanks

Admin Reply :

That is right. 


Posted on 27-Sep-2018
Hi, I am travelling from Chennai to Bali via Kuala Lumpur. My son 5 year older is also travelling with me. He is a fussy eater. I would like to know If i can carry any food items like cakes,biscuits,rice in my hand luggage. Departure from Chennai is at 8:55 am reaching KL at 3:25 pm. Departure from KL is at 4:40 pm and reaching Bali at 7:40 pm.

Admin Reply :

You can carry some food items in hand baggage. 


Posted on 23-Sep-2018
I have plans to travel perth. I have a child (not infant) aged 4 yrs. You are charging the same fare for child also like adult. So how much is the free check in baggage weight allowance for child. Is it same 25 kg as adult. Nowhere I could find this information.

Admin Reply :

Yes, the allowance in check in and cabin luggage for a child of more than 2 years age is same as that of the adult. 

Sarah Leonard

Posted on 16-Sep-2018
Flying Melbourne to bali what is the luggage suitcase and carry on allowed for Economy.... also whats the charge to add a bag one way

Admin Reply :

25 kg check in baggage allowance free for economy class travel per passenger. From Australia to KUL, charge  is AUD 20 per kg and from Kuala Lumpur to Bali, the charge is RM 48 per kg


Posted on 15-Sep-2018
We booked 2 people onto a flight but on the booking it says 1 x 25kg, but we need 2 bags to be checked in? There isn’t an option to add another bag on. What should we do? How much extra would we need to pay or can both bags add up to 25kg and this be ok? Thanks

Admin Reply :

Check in baggage allowance is 1 bag of 25 kg per passenger for Boeing airplanes. Can you mention the route of travel and cabin class for better clarity. You can check all details given in the content above. 


Posted on 10-Sep-2018
Sir I am travelling to Perth on 13/09/18. Are extra baggage charges are same online and in airport? Can I take my laptop outside the 7 kg allowance?

Admin Reply :

Passenger can pre-book their baggage via website 24 hours before or via Customer Care 6 hours before flight departure.

N Thomas

Posted on 04-Sep-2018
Sir,I am travelling from kochi to Perth on 13/09/2018 .3 adults and 2 children. How much weight can I carry as checked in baggage? Can I carry laptop bag and another 7 kg hand carry?Is children’s ticket allows 25 kg as well? Is the hand bag weight included in 7 kg?

Admin Reply :

25 kg per person is the check in baggage allowance. Yes, laptop bag can be carried in addition to cabin baggage but total weight shall preferably be up to 7 kg. Infant passengers allowed 1 check in baggage of 10 kg. 


Posted on 31-Aug-2018
What is the maximum capacity of the powerbank that i can bring in into cabin by hand carry? Is there any restriction on the maH? This is because i have 20000maH powerbank with me.Please advice.

Admin Reply :

It can be taken in cabin. 


Posted on 30-Aug-2018
Hi, I am planning to travel from Brisbane (BNE) to Sorong (SOQ). Which airlines have the most baggage allowance? Do any offer free extra bag/allowance for scuba and camera gear? Thank you.

Admin Reply :

25 kg is free check in baggage allowance per passenger for economy class travel on this route. Scuba diving equipment can be carried as a part of free check in luggage within the allowed weight limit. 


Posted on 29-Aug-2018
Can i bring in 20000mah powerbank into cabin by hand carry?

Admin Reply :

yes, it is to be carried in cabin baggage only.


Posted on 28-Aug-2018
I am going from KUL-KTM I have 2 luggage bag total weight around 30KG Can I bring it or I have to pay extra money Please reply as soon as possible Thank you ????

Admin Reply :

Free allowance in economy class is of 25 kg per person. RM 48 per excess kg needs to be paid for excess baggage of 5 kg. You can take it in 2 check in bags. 


Posted on 26-Aug-2018
Can i ask if there is any restriction on the capacity of power back that i carry into cabin luggage? and if i can bring more than 2 units?

Admin Reply :

No restriction as such. While there is a wattage based differentiation of batteries, most of the airlines allow powerbanks of any wattage. How much is your powerbank wattage in mAH?


Posted on 20-Aug-2018
Can I carry the chargeable lithium battery for torch light and hand drill in the checked in luggage or hand luggage? Pls advise.

Admin Reply :

Chargeable lithium battery in cabin but with terminals protected from accidental connection. Hand drill in check in baggage is fine. 


Posted on 19-Aug-2018
I'm flying to india. Would like to know how much liter of water I can check in luggage? And how much ml water I can bring in cabin?

Admin Reply :

100 ml water in one bottle allowed in cabin. Total volume of water in check-in can be 5 litres but we suggest you check with the local office of airline. 

Melista Manuel

Posted on 13-Aug-2018
I'm flying from KL to KK, flight on 24/08/2018. Can I drop baggage earlier before the flight? My 6 months baby has MYKID, should I bringlove along her birth cercertificate?

Admin Reply :

We do not think this is possible. It has to be done within the permitted check-in timeline. You can bring the birth certificate of infant as age proof which is required by the airline. 

Munira Sultana

Posted on 11-Aug-2018
Can i take 6 smart phones with me on hand luggage? 3 of them i personally use and others three for gift purpose.

Admin Reply :

Airlines do not have any issue. We can not say about the other authorities at airport. 


Posted on 01-Aug-2018
I am travelling from India to Kuala Lumpur,i want to bring printed wedding cards from Chennai to malaysia.Is there any additional charges to bring the cards?

Admin Reply :

If these are to be carried within the checkin baggage limits, these could be allowed in check-in baggage. Still, we would request you to contact the local airline office at airport to know more because the quantity would be more and that might raise issues with the destination authorities. 

Asish Murukesan

Posted on 31-Jul-2018
I am travelling to trivandrum from kuala lumpur on the 11th of August 2018. I want to carry my 55" LED TV as checked-in baggage. Will I have to pay any extra charges or customs duty for this? Should I hand over the TV to any special department at the time of check-in or can I directly check it in at the counter aling with my other check-in baggages? Thanks

Admin Reply :

You can take this in check-in baggage but it is advisable to check with the airline office at your airport to know what size of LED is allowed. We can not say about the custom duty in India. No special arrangement is to be done unless the airline staff asks you to send it through the cargo route. 


Posted on 15-Aug-2017
Could I pack adhesive remover aerosols into my checked baggage from Malaysia to China?

Admin Reply :

Airline officials at airport will have final say. 

Mukundarajan Seshadri

Posted on 14-Aug-2017
Dear Sir Will be travelling from KUL to Chennai India. What is the rule for carrying a 49" television

Admin Reply :

You will be allowed to take it so long as it meets the size and weight limits of check in baggage allowance. 


Posted on 13-Aug-2017
Hi I will be travelling from Dhaka to Kualalampur tonight in Economy class. My questions are: - Can I carry 2 power banks? If yes, where? cabin or luggage? - Can I carry Xiomi action camera? If yes, where? cabin or luggage? - Can I carry selfie stick? If yes, where? cabin or luggage? - Can I carry toiletries? Thanks in advance!

Admin Reply :

Power banks are allowed in cabin and their carriage depends on their power rating. Xiomi camera is best check in. Selfie stick to be carried in check in baggage


Posted on 12-Aug-2017
Hai. My parents and I travelling from KK to KL. Economy class. Each of us get 30 kg free right?

Admin Reply :

yes,it is based on per passenger. 


Posted on 12-Aug-2017
Hello, How many bags can I check in on Business class with Malinda airlines? If luggage exceeds 40lg how much should I charge?

Admin Reply :

You can check in 2 cabin bags and 2 check in bags at the maximum. Cabin baggage weight shall not be more than 12 kg and one bag not more than 10kg. 

Excess baggage charges would depend on route being travelled. 

Bala Kannan

Posted on 10-Aug-2017
Hi, I am travelling from Perth to Kochi(India). Can I carry 3 check in baggage apart from the one cabin baggage and laptop bag? Travelling in economy class. Thanks

Admin Reply :

No, Maximu of 2 check inbags are allowed. 


Posted on 09-Aug-2017
KL - Kuching 1. Where to check in? KLIA / KLIA 2? 2. How many is the baggage allowance? 3. Is perfume and power bank allowed in handbag?

Admin Reply :

It will be from KLIA. If it is economy class, 15 kg in ATR flights and 30 kg check in + 7 kg cabin baggage weight allowed free. Power bank to be taken only in cabin baggage. Perfume not more than 100 ml can be taken in resealable bag in cabin. 


Posted on 07-Aug-2017
Can I bring along with my tennis racquet?(hand carry)

Admin Reply :

It might not be allowed in cabin because of security concerns even though this can fit the cabin baggage size and weight limit. But, can surely be taken in checkin. 

Hoa Be

Posted on 06-Aug-2017
Hi, I booked one way ticket from Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) to Mumbai (India) with 30kg checked baggage allowance. I can't add more with my PNR. So how much I have to pay for 10 kg additional checked baggage when I check-in in the airport from Ho Chi Minh?

Admin Reply :

You will have to speak to local office to know the charges in local currency. 


Posted on 05-Aug-2017
How much charges to carry a 32 in tv?

Admin Reply :

If it fits within the permitted allowance of check in baggage by weight or size, it would be allowed free.

Margaret Boccalatte

Posted on 03-Aug-2017
How much do you charge for extra luggage over 30 kgs from Bali to Australia. Also how much for fragile over size items. Thank you

Admin Reply :

Economy class travel allows 30 kg check in baggage allowance. Max 2 check in bags can be taken within this weight allowance. 


Posted on 03-Aug-2017
how price baggage one kilogram destination guang zhou to jakarta

Admin Reply :

Can you share the different legs of journey and which all airlines are involved.


Posted on 02-Aug-2017
Sir , we r plann for malindo airlines in next february,2018 .now tell me that how many maximum baggage allowance for PHUKET TO MUMBAI for Economy class...

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin 

fegie tiurma

Posted on 02-Aug-2017
hi , how about liquid that we can carry ? is it not more than 100 ml per items or the total of liquid must not more than 100 ml? because I bit confuse, some of website said the total not more than 1000 ml.

Admin Reply :

It is 100 ml per item and this is to be taken in a resealable pack whose capacity is 1000 ml. 

satyanarayan vellur

Posted on 01-Aug-2017
PNR AQVEEG. I woud like to know the baggage allowance for OD-232 and OD-23. Thanks

Admin Reply :

Please mention the routes.

Grace poudel

Posted on 01-Aug-2017
Can we carry small mirror in hand bag???? Can we carry perfume ??? What is the exact baggage and hand bag weight for going in tourist visa?????

Admin Reply :

Mirror is fine. Perfume to be carried in check in. You have not mentioned the route of travel.


Posted on 01-Aug-2017
Hello admin, I am traveling from Delhi to Kuala Lumpur, can I take 5 bottles of my favourite deo in my baggage, or is there any limit. Please reply ASAP. Thanks

Admin Reply :

Has to be checked in.


Posted on 01-Aug-2017
Hi is OK to travel on board with a Dji MavicPro + 2 spare batteries (power/ battery = 41.6Wh)

Admin Reply :

Airline does not have a problem but is to be carried in check in baggage. We can not say about the local laws of land. 


Posted on 31-Jul-2017
hi i'm travln from Delhi to Bali via Kualalumpur with layover of 12 hrs pl help me with 1) How much alcohol can i carry in my check in baggage 2) we have same airline transfer from kualalumpur to bali..Will we get our bags directly at Denpasar airport once checked in Delhi?? 3) in case we buy wine from Kualalumpur airport, will same be allowed in handbag or a seperate check in from kualalumpur to bali??

Admin Reply :

You have to check the airline airport office to know whether through check in would be allowed or not. It would be good if liquor is taken in check in baggage. 

Morgan price

Posted on 31-Jul-2017
Can I carry a 300ml kispray in my luggage carry on or checked bags?

Admin Reply :

In check in baggage. 

John harvey

Posted on 30-Jul-2017
Hi , what is the baggage allowance from K.L ti phuket ? Economy class

Admin Reply :

20 kg check in baggage for economy class and 7 kg for cabin. 


Posted on 30-Jul-2017
Hi Admin, I have my flight from KL to Mumbai and the maximum checking baggage allowed is 30 KG. I want to buy 55 inches sony tv and take back to India. Is that within the allowed baggage limit. I know the maximum allowed dimension is 158 cm. But does 55 inches tv fit in this condition ?? Its going to utter waste of money if I buy and airline does not allow so request a Yes/No answer from you. Also what extra precaution can I take to make sure that baggage is safe. Thanks in advance

Admin Reply :

Please contact the local airport office to know whether this will be not allowed altogether or allowed after payment of certain fee as size is more than 158 cm sum of dimensions. 


Posted on 29-Jul-2017
Hi, I am travelling to Bali from Chennai. Will I be allowed to carry snacks items on board? Also, please let me know is there any restriction on the food items I can carry in check-in baggage? For ex: Ready-mix, pickles etc..

Admin Reply :

Please be more specific in query. You can take snacks in Malindo but in limited quantities. 


Posted on 27-Jul-2017
What is the check i n luggage allowable weight for kuala lumpur to kota kinabalu

Admin Reply :

15 kg check in and 7 kg cabin allowance per person in economy class travel. IF travelling in any other class, please let us know. 


Posted on 23-Jul-2017
Can I carry air conditioner to India from Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

Admin Reply :

If it fits the check in baggage size limits, it can be carried. Airline shall not have a problem but we can not say about other authorities at the airport 

Kesava kumar

Posted on 22-Jul-2017
Hi, I am planning to take below dimensions LED TV from kuala lampur to Tiruchirapalli .please let me know it's allowed or not. 43 inch LED TV. Dimensions with package : Width 97.6 cm / depth 21.7 cm / height 63.3 cm. Weight : 9 kg Thanks in advance

Admin Reply :

The problem is with the dimensions. These exceed free allowance, therefore, you might have to send it through the cargo route. 

Jayan Vidanapathira

Posted on 22-Jul-2017
I have to go to Colombo to Bali via kuala lumpur. I need to bring my DJI phantom 3 standard to Bali. Is it okay or is there any restrictions to transport phantom batteries.

Admin Reply :

Is it a Lithium ion battery and what is its power?


Posted on 21-Jul-2017
Can I bring my skateboard as hand carry item from perth flight to kuala Lumpur?

Admin Reply :

No, it would not be allowed as hand baggage.

Sbaurav Barua

Posted on 19-Jul-2017
Does Malindo Air allow to carry selfie stick in hand baggage on their CGP-KUL-DPS flight?

Admin Reply :

No, these shall be checked in


Posted on 19-Jul-2017
Hi there, I've just booked a flight from Hanoi to Dehli economy and am just wondering what the free check in baggage allowance is? If it's less than 30kg I will need to call up asap to add extra, or if it's possible to upgrade to business class I could do that also? Thanks, Hannah

Admin Reply :

It is 30 kg check in baggage allowance 


Posted on 18-Jul-2017
Flying from Perth to KL. How do I bring/check in a bicycle? Packed up weight appox. 12kg, and how much extra if I have to pay for the increase in weight?

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin luggage is allowed free. The size of the bicycle package is going to matter. If it is within permitted allowance limits, it is fine but if it exceeds than it might be charged for or declined altogether. 

Hannah Schoell

Posted on 01-Mar-2017
i will fligh from Bali to Thailand, I have 25 kilos in my baggage. How much did I have to pay for overweight or is it possible to book another baggage?

Admin Reply :

You are allowed to take 30 kg in check in baggage and 7 kg in cabin.

Leighton Clucas

Posted on 01-Mar-2017
Can you advise the maximum physical size of checked in luggage. Thanks Leighton

Admin Reply :

Sum of dimensions shall be 158 cm. 

Toyanath Sapkota

Posted on 28-Feb-2017
I am travelling from KUL to Kathmandu by economic ticket , I have 30 kg baggage and 7 kg hand bag. but I want to know how many pieces of bag is allowed for hand bag? and laptop also weight or not ?

Admin Reply :

2 pcs of check in baggage are allowed. Laptop can be carried additionally.


Posted on 23-Feb-2017
Hello, my husband and I are going to travel from Mumbai to Denpasar Bali in Next month. We have a stoppage at KUL. How much luggage weight can we carry? Your post says we can carry 30kg + 7 kg from Mumbai to KUL but is it the same from KUL to Bali as well? We are travelling by economy class.

Admin Reply :

Yes, it is 30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin allowance per person.

Rajesh Purushothaman

Posted on 20-Feb-2017
Hi, I am planning to fly to cochin (India) in March end. we are doing a partial re-location to India. We have lots of books and clothes to be carried. Can I use Cardboard boxes instead of suitcase to pack the books and clothes for the checked-in luggage instead of suitcases? We are four people travelling and as I understand our free luggage is 30kg per person. Thanks

Admin Reply :

yes, carboard boxes are generally accepted by airlines as a check in baggage, provided the weight and limits of each check in bag are observed. Yes, you are allowed to carry 30 kg check in baggage per person.


Posted on 18-Feb-2017
How much cabbin baggage allowed on economy class from COK to KUL

Admin Reply :

7 kg cabin allowance per person. 

Arjanpal Singh

Posted on 17-Feb-2017
Dear admin, on 24th I'm going back to my country to Malaysia.From Amritsar to Kuala Lumpur on economy class I wanted to confirmed that how much weight I can bring.And I got important mucis instruments with me like harmonium,tabla can I bring with me in cabin.......???

Admin Reply :

20 kg check in and baggage and 7 kg cabin baggage per person. 

Srinivasan R

Posted on 15-Feb-2017
traveling on saturday from kochin to KL to singapore Can we carry food for duration of the flight. like chappattis or iddlies as we are travellign with kids.

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be carried. 


Posted on 15-Feb-2017
Domestic flight can bring over 100ml liquid?

Admin Reply :

Liquids more than 100 ml not allowed in cabin. 


Posted on 13-Feb-2017
M travelling from KLIA to delhi airport .i want to add somemore weight so how much weight i can carry i will pay extra for that

Admin Reply :

RM 48 per kg is to be paid for excess baggage weight.


Posted on 12-Feb-2017
Hi, Kindly let me know if it is possible to take 50" led tv to Kathmandu via Malaysia. I couln't find any information on it.

Admin Reply :

Size of check in baggage having TV shall not be more than 158 cm in sum of dimensions.Else, it will have to be sent through cargo


Posted on 11-Feb-2017
If I bring TV.. Should any documents should be checked when check-in time.. bcoz the warranty of my TV is missing.. it's that any problems from here.

Admin Reply :

No, airlines do not ask for the documents. You also need to make sure that the weight and the size of TV is within permitted allowance limits. 


Posted on 07-Feb-2017
Hi I am travelling from KUL to KTM airport.I would like to know if there is a size limit for the TV I can check-in? I would like to bring an 32 inch TV.

Admin Reply :

It shall fit into your free check in baggage dimensions. So, TV package sum of dimensions shall be 158 cms. 


Posted on 05-Feb-2017
What is the maximum limit of liquid allowed in cabin for international flights? At what amound it has to be in checked in baggage?

Admin Reply :

100 ml is the quantity of loquids that can be brought it. It can be any quantity in check in baggage, as per free check in baggage allowance. Usually, liquids in check in are limited to 5 litre quantity but it is better to get this confirmed. 

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