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Ural Airlines Special Assistance

Ural Airlines remains alert to the requirements of people with special needs. These people are pregnant women, disabled, minors, unaccompanied minors and other such people requiring special attention at the airport and during the flight.

Here are its rules pertaining to such passengers-

Pregnant Women

Ural Airlines would allow carriage of expecting mothers if they have the medical certificate from the doctor which states the condition of her health and mentions that there is absence of any contraindications for her air travel. Ural airlines, as a policy, would not allow those pregnant women to fly who are likely to have premature delivery.

The certificate of doctor shall not be more than 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure time. Along with the certificate, her record of obstetric and gynecologic shall also be carried.

In case there is a no medical certificate, then an indemnity bond must be signed by the women before the departure of flight.

Disabled Persons

Ural airlines allows carriage of disabled passengers on its flights on the condition that the person does not have contagious disease; or, the appearance of the person or his/her mental condition is stable and is not going to be of concern to others. At the same times, there is also a requirement of consent of doctor by way of certificate or declaration.

Wheelchair can be carried on board and the passenger is required to apply for it in written. Passengers with stretcher requirements can also be flown on-board if the carrier is informed prior to departure of flight. This facility is available is available on direct flight from Ekaterinburg.

Visually impaired and auditory impaired passengers can also be carried on-board.

Visually, auditory and reduced mobility passenger are also accepted without an accompanying passenger and under the supervision of the airline after fulfillment of certain documentation requirements.

A guide dog with a visually handicap passenger is also accepted without any charge. The dog has to be wearing a collar and be muzzled. It shall be seated at the feet of passenger and tied to the chair of passenger.


One infant, not occupying seat, can be carried by an adult passenger for free on domestic flights and with a 90% discount on adult fares for international travel. For the second, third and fourth infant to be carried by an adult, there is a need to pay fare as is paid for a child up to 12 years of age.

It shall be remembered that the meals for infants are not available on-board, therefore, the passengers shall carry it.

It shall also be noted that it is not allowed to seat two infants on one seat.

In certain flights, like to ones of sun A- 319/320/321, infants are to be carried in laps of adults and no cradle is available.

Unaccompanied Minors

Ural airlines allows minors in the age group of 5 to 12 years to be carried unaccompanied on flights within Russian Federation and CIS countries. However, for other international destinations, children of 6-12 years age group can be carried unaccompanied. This is a paid service of the airline and it charges a fee for this purpose.

Since it is the airline staff which supervises the unaccompanied child, one flight can not have more than 4 such unaccompanied children.

If the parents or the legal guardians so decide, the service may be extended to cover children of more than 18 years age.

There is a requirement to fill an application for the carriage of such children by the parents of legal guardians of the child. This can be done at own sales offices of the airline as well as at agencies having direct agreements with the airline.

It shall be noted that this service is limited to only economy cabin class of the airline.

The unaccompanied minor shall be in possession of the airline ticket, application form, a valid ID proof (birth certificate for those who are less than 14 years of age, passport for those who are more than 14 years of age) and if there is a medical issue, then health certificate is also needed. Notarised consent of the parents, legal guardians, adoptive parents, trustees is also required.


Rouble 3000 for Russian flights

CIS and Georgia and other countries, Euro 50 per segment

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haim mermelstein

Posted on 02-Dec-2018

Admin Reply :

These medical equipments are allowed in the flights. Please check with the airline for the specific documents you would need to carry along with you in the flight. 


Posted on 08-Sep-2018
Good evening. Please can you send a link that enables me pay for extra baggage?. I don't have cash on hand and I'll like to pay with a card.

Admin Reply :

Do you want to pay for URAL airline? 

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