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Air Canada Refunds

If flight of Air Canada, Air Canada rouge and Air Canada Express is expected to get delayed by certain time, there are different set of options available to passengers.

For flight delays of 2 hours or more, you can a) choose new date of departure; b) retain unused part of ticket for future use; and, c) request for a refund of unused ticket amount.

If delay is of 4 hours or more, you will get a voucher which can used at an airport restaurant or for our on-board cafe service.

For delay of 8 hours or more, if the flight has been rescheduled for the next day, then the passengers will be provided amenities depending on whether the circumstances leading to delay have been within the control of Air Canada or not. If circumstances were within the control of carrier, then you will get meal vouchers, transportation facility to/from airport and accommodation (provided it is available). In case where the delay is due to circumstance beyond the control of carrier, you will be provided contact details of hotel for accommodation at concessional rates.

On My Way service from Air Canada can be bought for flights to/from North America. The charges are CAD/USD 25 for short haul and CAD/USD 35 for long haul (more than 1001 miles). These rates are based on per one-way trip. This is a non-refundable service which goes an extra mile to ensure that loss or inconvenience due to delays are minimised. This service can be bought at least 96 hours before scheduled departure of flight and on the website of the carrier.

Flight Cancellation

In case of cancellation of flights of Air Canada, Air Canada rouge and Air Canada Express:

a) You will be rebooked:  

    i) on next available flight of these airlines within 7 days of original travel date;

    ii) with another partner airline

    iii) if possible, with rail transportation

b) your booking will be cancelled and given the  option of:

    i) retaining unused portion of ticket for future use, or

    ii) getting refund for unused portion

c) if the next flight is not available for the next day and it goes beyond the next day, then the carrier will provide meals, accommodation and transport facility to/from airport.

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Victor Kan

Posted on 07-Jan-2020
My flight AC 569 leaving SFO to YVR at 4:50 p.m. Dec 27th was delayed until after mid-night Dec 28th. My arrival time at Vancouver was around 2:30 a.m. Dec 28th. I would like to get compensation for such inconvenience caused. Please direct me how to do the claim. I can be reached at (604)444-4644 or (604)444-4544

Admin Reply :

We are providing you two links on Air Canada Canadian website for taking your matter forward. This link tells us how much compensation can be gained and how. This is the link for web forms for making different claims or requests.

You shall also speak to the customer service agent of the airline for this purpose. Airline can also be contacted on their twitter handle or facebook account.

You do have many options to take this forward.


Ron Freeman

Posted on 07-Jun-2019
We flew on air canada rouge from Pearson Airport to Fort Lauderdale on May 21st 2019.....We checked 2 bags of luggage and have been charged for 3...Also believe Charge for the two checked was too high. Passengers were Tami Wilkinson, Audrey Freeman and Ronald Freeman..Paid for on Visa. Look forward to receiving Cheque at least for $ 56.70 Thank you in anticipation of your prompt attention to our issue. Ronald Freeman 5340 Lakeshore Road Unit 804 Burlington Ontario L7L7A8

Admin Reply :

Please note that we are not the airline and are not associated with it. We are an independent website. Now, with respect to your query. The airline can not charge you for 3 checkin bags if you have carried 2. Second, please check whether you were carrying anything which would have been deemed to be a check in baggage. Even an additional piece apart from the 2 check-in bags allowance could be deemed to be the third check in bag. If that was not the case, then please get in touch with the airline directly and seek an explanation from them. 

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