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Air India Check-In and Boarding

(updated: 28-02-2018)

With Air India, you can check in different ways. You can make use of its counters at airports, website, mobile, city counters of Delhi, telephone and automated passport control in USA.

Counter Check In at airports

At the counters the check in closes 45 minutes before departure (for domestic flights). The international counters close 60 minutes before departure. For all those international flights, whose domestic leg is travel in India, the counter at IGI airport, Terminal 3, closes 60 minutes before departure.

Air India provides the web check in facility except for travel happening from Dhaka, Dubai, Muscat, Bahrain, Melbourne and Sydney.

Web Check In

Website check in not available at Bahrain, Dhaka, Melbourne, Sydney, Dubai and Muscat. For other routes, the web check in facility is available within 48 hours of departure and closes 2 hours prior to departure. For domestic travel within India, boarding passes are issued. For international sectors, the boarding passes are not issued. Rather, confirmation slips are provided. If the passengers are traveling only with a hand luggage, they can proceed directly to security check counters but if they are traveling with check-in baggage, they have to contact Baggage Drop counter and get their tags. So, suitable time provision shall be kept for this purpose.

Advance check in facility is also provided to passengers traveling from Mumbai to USA/UK/Europe on the same day and up to 8 AM the next day. They can personally contact the Mumbai airport AI office between 11 AM to 6 PM for this purpose.

Kiosk Check In

This facility is available for domestic flights only. This is a self check in facility and helps in speeding the process of check in.

Tele Check In

Passengers traveling in executive class and members of frequent flyer programs who are not traveling with check in baggage and have confirmed booking can avail this facility of telephone check in on domestic flights from six airports of Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai and Bengaluru.

City Check In

This facility is available in selected cities to those passengers who are have confirmed reservations and are traveling with hand baggage only. In Delhi, you can also check in at different Metro Rail stations at the Airport Metro Express Line.

City Check In facility is also available for international flights departing from Delhi. It is available on Airbus Flights and for passengers traveling with hand baggage only. This is available 24 hours prior to departure of flight. For this check in passengers are required to contact the reservation office at Safdarjang between 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM.

Mobile Check In

Mobile check in facility is also available for passengers traveling only on domestic flights and from six airports of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Passengers are required to log on to for this purpose. It is available 24 hours-2hrs before departure.You get a Mobile Bar coded boarding pass in mobile. However, you still need physical boarding pass print out and report to check in counter at airport 40 minutes before departure. Baggage drop counters close 40 minutes before departure of flight. Therefore, you shall plan your schedule accordingly..

Automated Passport Control (APC) for USA

This facility is available for US and Canada Passport Holders (who have B1-B2 visitor and business visa stamps) entering USA. This is currently available only at JFK airport and Chicago O’Hare airport.

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Saurav Islam

Posted on 24-Jul-2017
I am travelling to USA via Delhi flight to New York on AI 101. I tried web check in but was unable to do so as it said passport is expiring within 6 months even through total days left around 205. More importantly, for travel to USA the six month rule is not there for India according to USA government website. Kindly clarify.

Admin Reply :

There might be errors. Please use the other way of checking in.

Arvind Pawaskar

Posted on 01-Nov-2016
I had obtained web check-in / boarding pass of a domestic flaight of Air India 48 hrs before the departure of the flight. I have not saved its soft copy on my PC and I hve misplaced hard copy of the Web Check-in/Boarding Pass. I have my PNR Number and E-Ticket Number. How can I get printout of my Boarding Pass? Please help. Regards, Arvind Pawaskar, Mumbai, INDIA, Mob. No. 961600656

Admin Reply :

You can take the print at airport but will have to be in check in queue if there is no kiosk. 


Posted on 19-Aug-2016
Hi, I am travelling to india through Air India via Mumbai, EWR- MUM- VTZ. Shall I place my D5300 camara in Check-in Bag? or should i carry it in carry on bag? Please advise.

Admin Reply :

It is better to place it in check in. 


Posted on 27-Jul-2016
I booked my air tickets from indianapolis to chicago by United ,from Chicago to delhi and Delhi to chennai by air india through make my trip. Where will I get my air india boarding pass ?at Chicago or indianapolis

Admin Reply :

You will get the boarding pass at Chicago. 

arun sinha

Posted on 13-Jul-2016
my ticket is from Patna to denever, USA by air India via New Delhi, Chicago then to denever by united in a single ticket, whether my luggage will be booked upto denever?

Admin Reply :

If you are ticketed for all legs of journey on single PNR, through check in can be provided. Best practice is to seek through check-in service from the airline. 


Posted on 12-Jul-2016
Can i carry 50 inches tv from UK to India in airindia check in for free ? Does it fit under size limit? And is it considered as 2x23kgs bag plus 50\"tv or one 23kgs bag and tv ?

Admin Reply :

No, Air India people have stated time and again that the total size of LED TV allowed is 42 inches. It will be considered as one check in bag but as it might not be allowed, it will  have to be sent through cargo. It is still better to ask the local office of Air India. Earlier, the airline used to allow TV of any dimension which was within check in limits of size and weight but now this is not the policy. 

partha pratim sanyal

Posted on 25-Mar-2016

Admin Reply :

Yes it can be carried in the checkin baggage. Not  permitted in cabin luggage.


Posted on 18-Jan-2016
Can I carry some bottles of wine in my hold luggage on a flight from Chennai to Cochin?

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can carry liquor upto 5 litres in check in luggage in sealed condition. 

mohamed jafer sathik

Posted on 08-Dec-2015
how much baggage allowance in SHJ TO TRV

Admin Reply :

30 kg for economy and 40 kg for executive class.

Falguni Patel

Posted on 05-Dec-2015
Flying on 27th December 2015 return trip from Usa to India want to know how much weight n number of pcs of luggage i can carry Thanks

Admin Reply :

Economy class- 2 bags of 23 kg each; Business and First Class- 2 bags of 32 kg each.  This is check in allowance of each adult or child passenger (>2 yrs)


Posted on 01-Dec-2015
I will be traveling to New York (New Jarcy) from Kolkata by Air India to Mumbai & form Mumbai to New York, Air India Can I book my Lagauge directly to destination from Kolkata? Kindly inform. SP Chatterjee Sr. Citizen

Admin Reply :

Through check in is permitted but you will have to speak to the airline staff. There are conditions where this might not be feasible and these conditions depend on your flight. Hence, speaking to the airline or your ticketing agent is desirable. 

Mallika Raghavendra

Posted on 09-Sep-2015
I am flying from bangalore to london with stop at delhi by airindia . It will be by two separate airindia planes do i hqve to again collect my luggage in delhi and recheck in

Admin Reply :

No, if you have only one ticket issued for both segments of flights (meaning that this connecting flight is provided by Air India) you do not have to collect luggage at stopovers. Air India will check it through till the final destination.

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