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Go First Frequent Flyer Program

GoStar Program

It is the membership program of GoFirst airlines. Key benefits of registering in the program are:

  • Zero convenience fee
  • Ability to save trips
  • Personalize Groups
  • Archive boarding passes
  • Seat Preferences

You can register for this program using your email/password or phone number/password.

Besides, the airline offers the GoSME program for the benefit of Small and Medium Enterprises.

GoSME program

Benefits of GoSME:

  •    Zero convenience fee
  •    Complimentary meal on-board
  •    Zero cancellation/ re-scheduling charges
  •    Complimentary seat selection

To avail benefits, SME customer has to register first and provide all documents needed. The airline will provide a self-booking tool to avail discounted fares on domestic routes for the registered employees of the SME customer.

GoMore Program

Under this program the customer has to pay a fee for travelling with a middle seat vacant (which is applicable for first two rows only).

This is applicable only for Economy fares.

At the time of booking the person can select for a GoMore fare. 

The passengers can also use GoMore Upsell on website, mobile app, at contact center and airport counter of the airline. The fee is Rs 3000 per passenger per sector for domestic flights and Rs 6000 per passenger per sector for international flights.

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled


Posted on 16-Oct-2022
FOr flights already travelled how do i registered for rewards/frequent flyer

Admin Reply :

You can simply register online on Go First website. 

Poonaam Naram

Posted on 06-Oct-2022
How do I register for Frequent Flyer Program?

Admin Reply :

It is not the typical frequent flyer program where you earn miles and can use these to spend in certain ways. In fact, the GoStar program gives certain benefits only. You can join it online using email/phone number and password. Check more at:

Suresh Kumar Meena

Posted on 20-Jun-2019
I wish to become a frequent flyer for go air. what is the procedure

Admin Reply :

It does not have a freqent flyer program.

Satyajit Saha

Posted on 24-Dec-2018
I would like register with Goair as freequent flyer. How to register is ?

Admin Reply :

The airline does not have a FFP as of now. 

Vikas Patodi

Posted on 10-Oct-2018
How i open my accounts or use Go Air Frequent Flyer Program

Admin Reply :

There is no frequent flyer program of Goair. 


Posted on 08-Oct-2018
How do you become a GoAir frequent flyer member?

Admin Reply :

There is no frequent flyer program of the carrier. 


Posted on 26-Aug-2018
Dear team Being an regular flyer with go air I would like to knwo about frequent flyer programme of go air if they and it’s process of registration.

Admin Reply :

There is no such program .


Posted on 09-Aug-2017
how to become a Frequent flyer member

Admin Reply :

There is no such program


Posted on 19-Jul-2017
can u please guide me regarding enrolment for frequent flyer

Admin Reply :

Enrolment is closed.


Posted on 17-Jul-2017
i am frequent flyer can u please guide me regarding enrolment for the same

Admin Reply :

There is no procedure for enrolment as a FF with Goair


Posted on 07-Feb-2017

Admin Reply :

It is good. 


Posted on 27-Jan-2017

Admin Reply :

Goair does not have a frequent flyer program. 

Anoop Bhagat

Posted on 06-Nov-2016
Plz register for FFP Thanks Anoop Bhagat 8400100863

Admin Reply :

The registeration for FFP are no longer available since the program is closed. 

Ketan Pai Angle

Posted on 03-Sep-2016
Best Indian airline. Nice flying experience.

Admin Reply :


Preeti Gupta

Posted on 24-Aug-2016
Want to add miles my of Go Air flight and become a member of the loyalty program

Admin Reply :

There is no such program

Abdul Lathif E M

Posted on 09-Aug-2016
Hi i\'\'m freguent traveler in go air . Why u cancelled Frequent Flyer program in u r flyte

Admin Reply :

There is no explanation from the airline. 

Sanjay .L.Gandhi

Posted on 20-Apr-2016
1)How to get a frequent flyer membership.

Admin Reply :

The program is closed. 


Posted on 15-Apr-2016
Frequently flyer no.

Admin Reply :

there is no loyalty rewards program.

Narendra Rathod

Posted on 11-Apr-2016
GoAir New membership

Admin Reply :

sorry, Go air does not provide loyalty program

Amlan Bardhan

Posted on 09-Apr-2016
Dear Sir / Madam, I wish to enroll for the Frequent Flyer Program. Please let me know about the process of the same. Regards Amlan

Admin Reply :

There is no FFP for Goair

Abhay Madhukar Fadte

Posted on 01-Apr-2016
I was enrolled to the Frequent Fliers Programme and have travelled exclusively on Goa Air Flights. However, I have lost the details of the Loyalty/FF programme. I wanted to know the details and the points accumulated to the cerdit of my account. Kindly help

Admin Reply :

Frequent flyer programme was closed long time back by GoAir. Please contact the airline directly for this purpose. 

Preeti Gupta

Posted on 18-Mar-2016
Does Go Air ave any frequent flyer programme. If yes, which program are they associated with?

Admin Reply :

No it discontinued this program long back.


Posted on 12-Mar-2016
Respected Team In evening I registered for Go air HI FLIER but Still I didn\'t get any mail or URL . Can You Pls help me out for this kind of issue. AWAITING REPLY Deepak Dawar

Admin Reply :

Please send us the link where you registered. 

Shiw Shanker Agarwal

Posted on 09-Mar-2016
Can I get Go Air membership like Jet Airways \"Jet Privilage\" membership and earn J P Miles like Jet Airways

Admin Reply :

Goair does not offer it anymore.


Posted on 17-Feb-2016
can i get previlege card for go air ,frequently one trip per month

Admin Reply :

No, membership is closed.

Ashwani JP Singh

Posted on 08-Feb-2016
Dear Admin, My boss is an Member of Parliament. How can he become member of Club GoAir and Frequent Flyer program???

Admin Reply :

Frequent flyer membership is currently closed for membership. 


Posted on 07-Feb-2016
I want to register for frequent flyer please help me

Admin Reply :

Sorry, this is not available.

Sayeed iqbal chiwane

Posted on 25-Jan-2016
How to get frequent flyer number registered done

Admin Reply :

Its closed for now. There is no new membership program initiation.


Posted on 21-Jan-2016
I had book Mumbai Chandigadh Mumbai Dt 8 Feb. Return Dt 15 Feb. Now I want to go early if u wish on Dt 6 Feb to Mumbai Chandigadh. I Mam frequent flyer in go air. Having next booking also on Dt 12 June Mumbai Chandigadh. Return on 3 July 3 tkt. My both Pnr no is 6HQ9BW AND GJ05YL. Pl help me out for one side change Mumbai Chandigadh for Dt 6 Feb instead of 8 Feb. Pl call me at 9321032000. Thanks

Admin Reply :

We do not provide the ticketing services for now and hence can not provide this service to you. You are requested to make this change using the agency which booked your ticket or visit the Goair website and under 'Plan My Trip' there is a Manage Booking tab using which you can do the needful.


Posted on 11-Jan-2016
I am a frequent flyer on your GoAir Lucknow Delhi flight G8-188. Kindly intimate as to how can I become member of Club GoAir and Frequent Flyer program.

Admin Reply :

Membership is closed. No new enrolment. 


Posted on 10-Jan-2016
Go air frequent flyer program active?

Admin Reply :

No, this program is not active.

P.C. Nambiar

Posted on 24-Dec-2015
I would like to become a GoAir Frequent Flyer club member

Admin Reply :

Entries are closed for frequent flyer program of Goair. It is not operational.

manisha Gowda

Posted on 13-Nov-2015
I am a frequent flyer at Go Air and i travel every month twice or even more.I have no reward points as yet.

Admin Reply :

Go Air does not have a frequent flyer program.


Posted on 28-Oct-2015
how to make ID with go air to getinf

Admin Reply :

You will have to register online with the airline by filling out the details in form.

Gopal Ramourti

Posted on 14-Oct-2015
My Go Club Membership No. is 9RSGJVH3PW. Kindly confirm whether it is valid or not? This year I have completed 17 flights and I have not availed the facility of Go Club. Kindly guide me how to avail the facility while booking the ticket online. Your kind co-operation on the subject matter will be highly appreciated. Thanks/Gopal Ramourti

Admin Reply :

Please contact airline at  092-2322-2111 / 020-2566-2111 

Jyoti Patwa

Posted on 13-Sep-2015
Please provide me the frequent flyer no.

Admin Reply :

There is no frequent flyer program of the airline.


Posted on 24-Aug-2015
I\'m a frequent flyer of go air airlines

Admin Reply :

Sorry, the program is closed for now.

piyush kaushik

Posted on 12-Aug-2015
i want to be a frequent flyer

Admin Reply :

Sorry, membership is closed.

Pradip Laxman Chaudhari

Posted on 11-Jul-2015
I want to be a member of frequent flyer Member

Admin Reply :

GoClub Frequet flyer program is no longer accepting more members.

Tarun Paryani

Posted on 02-Jul-2015
Want to get membership for frequent flyer for goair

Admin Reply :

It is closed.

Jitendra Kumar Upadhyay

Posted on 15-Jun-2015
Hi, I would like to join the Go club, loyalty programs.

Admin Reply :

It is not provided for now.


Posted on 14-Jun-2015
I would like to have your go club membership. I have travel planned for next 28 week; will be using ~56 tickets for that route.

Admin Reply :

Memberships are closed for now.


Posted on 04-Jun-2015
Hi, I travel often with GoAir and like your services. I would like to be part of Go-Air club.

Admin Reply :

New membership has been closed since Feb 27, 2014.


Posted on 31-May-2015
I prefer this flight because of its time and cost

Admin Reply :

You are requested to use this space for asking questions only.

Meher Alam

Posted on 08-May-2015
How can I become member of GO CLUB

Admin Reply :

GoClub memmbership has been closed since February 2014.


Posted on 18-Apr-2015
I love goair.People working at New Delhi Airport with goair are very helpful.

Admin Reply :

Thanks for your nice comments.

Albert chettiar

Posted on 17-Apr-2015
Frequent flyer +919821649812

haseena shaikh

Posted on 17-Apr-2015

Queensly chettiar

Posted on 17-Apr-2015

Dr C Suryawanshi

Posted on 25-Mar-2015

Sir, I have been a frequent flier with Go-Air, You can checkup from your records as to how many times I have collected tickets from my id. I remember to have furnished form duly filled in for my registration as frequent flier. May I request you to pl, communicate reward points if any at my credit. drcss

Admin Reply :

Sir, with due respect to your question, we would like to state that we do not have any information which is privy between passengers and airlines and, therefore, are in no position to answer this question. Only GoAir would be able to answer it. You can contact their customer service for this purpose.  


Posted on 02-Dec-2014

Myself and my daughter Ms.Raageshwari Loomba applied for Go Club membership three years ago and we have together taken Go Business travel on many occasions but we do not have any account details. Would you kindly locate our membership details. I am flying to Delhi tomorrow by G8 329 to Delhi from Mumbai. Is the Go Club functioning? Our cell Nos. are 9819845689 and 9820329300.

Admin Reply :

You shall have asked GoAir about the membership status after not receiving their response when you applied. However, you can still put up your case with them at You can even seek answers on phone by calling customer service at 092-2322-2111 / 020-2566-2111

Ramaswamy Naidu

Posted on 05-Oct-2014

I want to become the member of Frequent flyer

Admin Reply :

The process for the same is easy. You just have to register by filing out the form and then make online bookings.

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