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Akasa Air Baggage Allowance

Akasa Air Cabin Baggage Allowance

Carry-on or Cabin baggage of size with linear dimensions 115 cm and weight 7 kg is allowed free. 

In addition, the following items are also allowed free (including even the duty free items). These shall not be more than 3 kg weight-

(a) Ladies’ handbag

(b) An overcoat or wrap

(c) A rug or a blanket

(d) A camera or a pair of binoculars

(e) Reasonable amount of reading material for the flight

(f) Umbrella or walking stick

(g) Infant's feed for consumption during the flight and infant's carrying basket provided an infant is carried

(h) Collapsible wheelchair and / or pair of crutches or braces for passenger's use if dependent on these and

(i) A gift item purchased from duty free shops

(j) Laptop bag

Akasa Air Check-in Baggage Allowance

Free allowance is limited to 15 kg check-in baggage and only 1 piece is allowed free. Linear dimensions shall not exceed 158 cm. 

There is a fee of Rs 1500 for sports and music equipment.

Students and defence personnel can take 1 bag of up to 25 kg.

Excess Baggage Airport Charges

Rs 550 per kg 


Excess Baggage-Pre Purchase Charges

Passengers can book excess baggage online or through the call center up to 2 hrs before the scheduled departure time of flight. Pre-purchase of excess baggage is at discounted rates. For passengers who take a connecting domestic flight after an international flight, there are pre-purchase charges for excess baggage. Domestic flight shall be within 48 hrs of the international flight.


Pre-purchase charges for Domestic Flights


3 kgs

₹ 1,350

5 kgs

₹ 2,250

10 kgs

₹ 4,500

15 kgs

₹ 6,750

20 kgs

₹ 9,000

30 kgs

₹ 13,500


Pre-Purchase International Connecting Flight Charges



₹ 800


₹ 1,000


₹ 1,500


₹ 3,000

Excess Baggage- Additional Check-in bag Charges

Carrying more than 1 check-in bag will attract a charge of Rs 900 per piece when booked online and Rs 1000 at airport. 

No more than 2 additional bags are allowed. 

Sports and Musical Instruments

Rs 1500 per piece is charged as fee.

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Aryan Sharma

Posted on 17-Sep-2023
Can i carry an acoustic guitar in a light cover bag in hand carry?

Admin Reply :

There is a charge for it. We suggest you confirm with airline as well.


Posted on 17-Sep-2023
Is alcohol allowed in akasa air ? & If yes how much?

Admin Reply :

You shall be able to take it upto 5liters in well packed and sealed condition.

Moyukh Mukherjee

Posted on 14-Sep-2023
I have a travel guitar which is very small in size. Less than 105 cm. Why can't I carry it as cabin baggage without paying an additional fee?

Admin Reply :

Rs 1500 fee is to be paid.

Kajol Agarwal

Posted on 11-Sep-2023
I m a student can I carry a bag of 25 kg

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried. Also carry proof of your being a student with valid ID card. Do check the terms and conditions on airline website.


Posted on 07-Sep-2023
Can we carry guitar?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried but in payment of fee of Rs 1500.

Vismaya Nair

Posted on 31-Aug-2023
I have a student ticket. Can I carry 2 check-in bags with a total 25 kg limit allowed to students by Akasa Air ?

Admin Reply :

The limit put by the airline is of 1 check in bag of 25 kg only. 


Posted on 10-Jul-2023
baby carry cot allowed in flight.. without wheels and unfold.carry cot is plastic material

Admin Reply :

Yes it can be taken

Anirudh Murali Nair

Posted on 30-Jun-2023
Should I carry rechargeable body trimmer with charger in check in baggage or hand baggage

Admin Reply :

It is better to take in check in baggage, but you might be asked to remove the lithium ion battery and carry it in cabin. 


Posted on 02-Jun-2023
If two passengers were travelling what is the weight of the check in it calculated separately..

Admin Reply :

If two passengers are travelling on same PNR, you can club the check in baggage, but not the cabin baggage. 

Akhil Vincent

Posted on 05-May-2023
What is the luggage allowance for defence personnels?

Admin Reply :

15 kg is check in baggage alliwance normally.Defence personnel allowed 10 kg extra.

Thara babu

Posted on 04-May-2023
What is the luggage allowance for defence personnels?

Admin Reply :

25 kg is the allowance for defence personnel.


Posted on 29-Mar-2023
Can a extra 7kg carry on bag be carried along with the laptop bag? Laptop bag consists of. Laptop, charger, mouse, harddisk,controller

Admin Reply :

Yes laptop bag can be taken in addition to cabin baggage.


Posted on 27-Mar-2023
Can i take punching bag in Akasa air luggage bag

Admin Reply :

If it meets the check in baggage allowance limits of size and weight, then it can be taken.


Posted on 14-Mar-2023
Carrying a new packed desktop monitored allowed to carry in cabin baggage on domestic flight?

Admin Reply :

WE believe that the airline will allow it in check in baggage and might request payment of a fee. 

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