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Cambodia Angkor Air Baggage Allowance

Carry On Baggage

Passengers are allowed to bring in one hand baggage of 7 kg weight with max dimensions of 115 cm (sum of three sides). In addition, the passengers are allowed to bring one personal item which could be any of the following items:

Personal Item

Dimension Restriction

1 female handbag or a book, a magazine, a camera, a children food kit, a duty-free bag

Up to 30 cms × 20 cms × 10 cms

1 jacket bag

Up to 114 cms × 60 cms × 11 cms

1 laptop bag

Up to 40 cms × 30 cms × 10 cms

Checked Baggage

Class Maximum weight Maximum dimension
Business 1 pcs of up to 32 kg 158 cms
Premium economy 1 pcs of up to 32 kg 158 cms
Economy 1 pcs of up to 23 kg 158 cms

- Children (CHD) would be having the same check-in baggage allowance as an adult.

- Infants (INF) would not be able to benefit from this policy.

- Every Infant is entitled to bringing a collapsible stroller free of charge.

- More than 10 pieces of baggage per passenger would not be acceptable.

- Any piece/single item weighing more than 32 kilograms would not be transported as baggage.

If each of the dimensions is in excess of 119 cms it would be considered as oversized baggage; passengers need to place their request in advance and it would be subject to the aircraft arrangement/capacity.

Excess Baggage Policy

Charges for Overweight bag (in USD)


Airport purchased (*)

Airport upgrade (**)

23 kg/p

32 kg/p







Domestic flights






Between Cambodia and Vietnam






Between Cambodia and China






Other routings







(*) Applicable in cases where the passengers do not have the check-in luggage allowance; or in case the passengers have more pieces than the prescribed limitation.

(**) Applicable in cases where the passengers have pre-paid luggage, wish to upgrade it but have not yet paid

Charges for Oversized Bag

Baggage having dimensions in excess of 119 cms / 45 inches would be considered as oversize baggage.


Domestic routing

International routing

Oversize Fee

80 USD/Piece

100 USD/Piece

.  In case oversized baggage is in excess of the permitted weight (as per the ticket) the passenger should buy the oversize and upgrade option.

. If oversize baggage weighs more than 32kgs it would not be permitted.

Infant Policy

  • A Lap Infant would be charged 10% of adult fare as ticket fare.

  • An Infant is entitled to bring a collapsible stroller, free of charge

  • As per the Baggage Policy indicated on the site, infant are not allowed to take free Hand Baggage and Checked Baggage.

Frequent Flyer Members Extra Allowance

No Extra baggage allowance for Angkorwards members mentioned, only free tickets given upon redemption of points.

Musical Instruments

Delicate musical instruments, not suitable to be carried in the cargo compartment, but within the permitted dimensions (for hand baggage) can be carried in hand luggage provided the passenger has given prior intimation and advanced notification. The passenger would be expected to pay separate charges for this service.

Sporting Equipments

No information has been given in the website


Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Kylie Mackinlay

Posted on 01-Dec-2019
Hello I have a flight booked for Siem Reap to Danang on the 28/12/2019 with Cambodia Angkor Air and I would like clarification of the checked luggage allowance - do I have an allowance for a suitcase no more than 23kg to be checked in free of charge or is all luggage (other than handbag) have to be paid for at time of check in as additional cost to flight? Many thanks Kylie Mackinlay

Admin Reply :

1 check in bag of up to 23 kg is free per passenger for your route. 

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