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All Nippon Airlines (ANA) Baggage Allowance

Hand or Cabin Baggage

Passengers can carry 1 piece of hand baggage (no more than 10 Kg(22lb)) besides personal belongings (handbags, laptops, cameras, umbrellas, etc.).

Total linear dimensions should not exceed 115 cm(45 inches), provided that each linear dimension does not exceed 55 cm × 40 cm × 25 cm(22 × 16 × 10 inches) respectively, including wheels and handle.

Check-in Baggage

Domestic Routes

  Weight Size
Economy 20 kg 203 cm in sum of dimensions
Premium 40 kg

There is no limit on number of check in bags for the domestic routes. 

A passenger is not allowed to bring more than 100 kg in total check in baggage.

A passenger is also not allowed to add more than 32 kg in one check in bag. 

Star Alliance Gold members are allowed 20 kg in addition to free allowance. You need to present the ANA Mileage Club app digital card or Premium status card during check-in to avail of these additional baggage allowances. 

International Routes

Class Max No of Pcs Weight per bag Sum of Dimensions
Economy  2 23 kg each Up to 158 cm per bag
Premium Economy 2 23 kg each
Business 2 32 kg each
First  3 32 kg each

Total linear dimensions (h +l + w) on all classes should not exceed 158 cm.

Due to space limitations even baggage with dimensions not exceeding 292 cm may not be accepted.

An adult accompanied by an infant below the age of 2 years who does not occupy a seat is allowed 1 piece of baggage in all classes.

A fully collapsible stroller, carrying basket and child car seat can be checked free of charge.

The size of the baggage should conform to the baggage rules which apply to the accompanying adult passenger otherwise excess baggage charges will be applied on adult ticket.

Free baggage and excess baggage for children between 2- 12 years will be same as for an adult passenger.

For ANA Mileage Club Premium members and Star Alliance Gold members

First Class passengers can carry up to 4 pieces/32kg (70 lbs) per piece

Business Class passengers are  allowed to carry up to 3pieces/32kg (70 lbs) per piece

Premium & Economy Class passengers can carry 3pieces/23kg(50lbs) per piece

Excess baggage charges

When baggage exceeds free baggage allowance then extra charges will be levied according to the applicable currency, itinerary and the sectors for which passengers baggage has been checked in.

For Domestic Flights

Overweight Baggage Charges are: (up to 100 kg)

Excess weight  Nationwide fares (excluding some routes*) Some routes*
1 to 10 kg JPY 2,500 JPY 1,500
11 to 20 kg JPY 3,500 JPY 2,500
21 to 30 kg JPY 4,500 JPY 3,500
For each additional 10 kg thereafter + JPY 1,000 + JPY 1,000

*Tokyo-Hachijojima, and routes inside Hokkaido,Nagasaki-Tsushima/Goto Fukue/Iki,  Fukuoka-Tsushima/Goto Fukue/Miyazaki, Okinawa (Naha)-Miyako/Ishigaki

For International Flights

  •  Area1: North America/Latin America/Hawaii
  •  Area 2: Europe/Africa/Middle East
  •  Area 3: Asia (including Japan)/Oceania

Additional Baggage Charges

For travel across the above areas 20,000 Yen
USD 200
CAD 200
EUR 150
For travel within one of the above areas 10,000 Yen
USD 100
CAD 100
EUR 75
Japan domestic sector  JPY 5,000
  • Fees incurred when the baggage weight/size limit is exceeded (per item)

Over-weight and Over-sized Baggage Charges

Sectors       23-32 kg 33-45 kgs 158-292 cms
For travel across
the above area
6,000 Yen 20,000 Yen 20,000 Yen
USD 60 USD  200 USD  200
CAD 60 CAD 200 CAD 200
EUR 45   EUR 150 EUR 150
For travel within the
above area
6,000 Yen 20,000 Yen 20,000 Yen
USD 60 USD  200 USD  200
CAD 60 CAD 200 CAD 200
EUR 45 EUR 150 EUR 150
Japan domestic sector 1,000 Yen 5,000 Yen 5,000 Yen

Any baggage exceeding 292 cm (115 in) total dimensions  or weight over 45kg (100 lbs) per piece will not be accepted as check in baggage.

Overweight charge (over 23kg(50lbs) up to 32kg (70lbs)) will be applied for tickets issued on/after April 1, 2015.    

Note: In the event such as baggage number and baggage weight or baggage weight and size, are exceeded,  travellers will be charged the sum of all individual excess charges.


Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Amit yadav

Posted on 02-Sep-2023
Meri flight delhi to tokyo haa mera 23 kg ka. Bag haa par mera bag ka size 70×40×20 haa wheel and handel include tho ye ok haa ya problem

Admin Reply :

PLease use the English language for making queries. What we make of this is that you want to know whether given size is okay or not. Size is okay as it is less than 158 cm linear dimensions.


Posted on 23-Aug-2023
My daughter traveling by ANA from New Delhi to Vancouver via Haneda in August end. I have two questions: 1. She has packed two Check in suitcases one weighing 24kgs and the other 26kgs. Will she be charged separately for these two suitcases for its overweight, or in total US$ 60? 2. Can the cabin baggage + laptop bag be overweight I. e. more than 10kgs or, ANA is strict about it's weight and dimension? If allowed excess weight in cabin luggage, how much is the cost? A quick response will be appreciated.

Admin Reply :

She will be charged for both oversized bags separately. If it is an excess of only 4 kg, it is better to take it in one bag only. This ca n help you avoid charge on second bag. Laptop can be carried in a laptop bag in addition to cabin baggage of 10 kg.

Alvin Vopata

Posted on 05-Aug-2023
For flights between SFO and MNL, is a box with the same weight limits as luggage accepted as well, without additional charges?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be accepted. But, it would be good if you reconfirm it with the airline officials at airport. 


Posted on 04-Aug-2023
Hi! I'm travelling to vancouver from India via tokyo haneda. My ticket has 2 checked baggage of 23kg each and it's written to carry 2 carry on baggage of 10kg each but I read on this website that only one 10 kg Baggagae is allowed .I'm literally confused...

Admin Reply :

Cabin baggage allowance is 1 bag of 10 kg per passenger only. You can take one personal item in addition to it. 


Posted on 27-Jul-2023
Hi, I'm traveling from Mumbai to Vancouver with a transit & airport transfer in Japan. My ticket hs 2 x 23kgs + 10kgs of hand luggage. Had two questions: 1. Can i add moe weight/extra check in bag of approx 10kgs and what would be the rates? I can't see them online, also the call centre is not responding 2. Is 10kg total for a cabin bag and a laptop bag or is the laptop bag seperate from 10kgs. Thanks :)

Admin Reply :

If you add 10 kgs, total weight becomes 33 kg which is more than 32 kg, therefore, USD 200 will apply. However, if you take below 32 kg, then USD 60 apply. Yes, laptop can be carried as a personal item. 


Posted on 23-Jun-2023
I am traveling Delhi to Canada Vancouver on 29 June, I am accessible to carry 2 p of check-in baggage is it okay to club in 1 number of check-in baggage weighing 46 kg at time with all nippon airways

Admin Reply :

No. If you club, the weight of one check in bag will increase, which will entail excess baggage weight charges. So, it is better not to do it. Even after paying for it, you can not do more than 32 kg in one check in bag. Therefore, second bag has to be taken in all cases. We suggest you keep it at 2 bags of 23 kg each.

Jhomar ignacio

Posted on 13-May-2023
Ask ko lang po mag kano po mag pa add ng bagahe

Admin Reply :

PLease ask your query in english language.

Jhomar ignacio

Posted on 13-May-2023
How much in peso extra baggage going to narita econo class

Admin Reply :

PLease mention route of travel and cabin class. 


Posted on 11-May-2023
I have flight from Delhi to Vancouver with a layover in Tokyo. The ticket says that devices other than a smart phone cannot be carried in the cabin baggage. How can I carry my laptop in check-in baggage?

Admin Reply :

You can take in cabin in addition to cabin baggage allowance.


Posted on 14-Apr-2023
I am flying from US to the Philippines tomorrow, I have an excess luggage planning to bring. Can I just pay for the fees in the airport when I check in? I am unable to pre-pay via their website.

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be paid at airport, but charges can be higher.


Posted on 10-Apr-2023
I am travelling from New Delhi to Seattle I have 2 bags of 23kg and hand bag 10 kgs, do ANA allow laptop bag for free? How much it cost if I add extra baggage of 23kgs ? Your reply shall be appreciated

Admin Reply :

Yes laptop can be taken for free . Extra bag of 23 kg will entail USD 200.


Posted on 16-Feb-2023
hi just wondering if i can use 1 luggage with 40kg instead of using 2 luggage with 23kg each?? Economy class SINGAPORE- VANCOUVER thank you in advance.

Admin Reply :

You are not allowed to have more than 32 kg weight of checkin baggage. Secondly, on your route, piece based baggage system applies. So, it is good to take 2 bag of up to 23 kg for free. If you increase weight in any of these beyond 23 kg, there will be charges.


Posted on 15-Feb-2023
Traveling Singapore to Honolulu With ll Nippon Airways NH 802 Operated by Air Japan Company Ltd I am planing to bring 1 bag with 20 kilos and 1 surfboard bag 20 kilos and 190cm length - is this subject to extra fee?

Admin Reply :

Up to 292 cm of size, the normal restriction will be waived off for the surfboard. So, it is okay to carry one check in bag of 20 kg an one surfboard of 20 kg of 190cm length. There will not be excess charges. 


Posted on 31-Dec-2022
I'm travelling to the Philippines on the 23rd of January 2023, can I check in a box that measures by 20" X 20" X 20" or a total of 60 inches linear and weights 22 kgs for free instead of a large luggage, thanks and God bless

Admin Reply :

It shall be allowed since it is within the permissible free allowance by weight and size. Thanks for your blessing.

Kristine Tayag

Posted on 03-Nov-2022
Are you allowing golf club(1) as hand carry luggage?

Admin Reply :

No, golf clubs are not allowed in cabin.

Zuraida Zuraida

Posted on 27-Dec-2019
Hi I am travelling on Sunday, December 29th from Newark Liberty Int. Airport (EWR) to Soekarno Hatta Int. Airport (CGK) via Narita Airport (NRT), flight UA 79 (Dec 29th) EWR -NRT and UA7915 (Dec 30th) NRT-CGK. How much do I have to pay in total if I have a third checked in luggage at 23 kg? How many kg the maximum I can fill in the 3rd luggage at a minimum cost? How much extra I have to pay if my dimension is 50wide+30tight+80tall? Thanks

Admin Reply :

USD 200 for additional one check in bag of up to 23 kg weight. Linear dimensions are 160 cm in your case. We suggest you keep this at 158 cm, by somehow reducing 2 cm.


Posted on 08-Nov-2019
The baggage allowance from ORD to DEL KINDLY CLARIFY Thanks

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 23 kg each is the free check in baggage allowance. Cabin allowance is of up to 10 kg. Size of check in bag shall not be more than 158 cm linear dimensions (L+B+H) and size of cabin bag shall not be more than 115 cm linear dimensions. 

Sunil Maheshwari

Posted on 01-Jul-2019
My son is planning to travel from New Delhi INDIA to Los Angeles USA through your airlines. Do you have any leverage for 3rd baggage for students (travelling 1st time from home to university).

Admin Reply :

Please note that we are not the ANA airline, but an independent website. We do not think there is additional allowance for students at present. Please confirm with the airline local office

Charles Chamberlain

Posted on 21-Jun-2019
I will be flying Nippon Air this summer from Hawaii to Jakarta. I am planning on bringing surfboards and would like to know your rules. I would like to bring a travel surf board bag to hold a surfboard bag right at 295cm and carrying three surfboards. Can you please advise as to if this allowable and if so, what additional fees will I be charged? Thank you very much. CC

Admin Reply :

As per ANA rules, the size shall not exceed 292 cm. IF it does, it will not be allowed in check in and has to be sent through cargo. Now, since yours is only 3 cm more, we are not sure whether airline will be relaxable with this or not. Further, it might not allow taking 3 surfboards. We suggest you speak to the airline local office for better confirmation.


Posted on 20-Jun-2019
Hi, we are travelling ANA from Sydney to Tokyo and will have a ski bag with dimensions 180cmL+40cmW+20cmD=240cm total dimension. Will this attract an excess baggage fee given it is under 292cm?

Admin Reply :

Size wise it will be okay to take it. But, charge will depend on whether this ski bag is being taken in addition to free check in baggage allowance or not. If not, then charge has to be paid for additional bag.


Posted on 17-Jun-2019
Dear Sir/Mdm If I am travelling from Tokyo to Singapore via ANA - just checking, I am alone and can I check 2 luggages and one luggage weighs 23 kg each. kindly advice. thank you

Admin Reply :

Yes, Tokyo to Singapore there is premium economy class cabin and it allows you to take 2 check in bags of 23 kg each in check in baggage

Daniel Oon

Posted on 11-Jun-2019
Just want to confirm on baggage allowance on international routes, is it referring to 2 bags with each maximum 23 Kg therefore 2 bags x 23 Kg = 46Kg for both, or is it referring to 2 bags but totalling 23Kg? Or if 1 luggage bag weighing 24.5Kg, then how does this applies? Thank you very much.

Admin Reply :

It is 2 bags of max 23 kg each in checkin which is free allowance. If weight of any one is more than 23 kg but less than 32 kg, there are extra charges to be paid for it.

Michael Greig

Posted on 21-May-2019
For a return ticket are the above fees covering the return too or each way?

Admin Reply :

It is each way. 


Posted on 09-Dec-2018
Will U.S military dependents traveling on order get a free baggage check beside the first two free for economy class?

Admin Reply :

It would be good if you consult the airline local office for this. We do not think this is allowed for any other person than active or veteran military personnel. 


Posted on 04-Dec-2018
Hello! Can I checked in cardboard boxes instead of luggages from U.S.A to Vietnam?

Admin Reply :

Yes, these can be done. However, these shall not be of irregular shape. 


Posted on 04-Dec-2018
Hi, May I know what is the power bank capacity for ANA flight (international) per person?

Admin Reply :

Single spare battery of max 300Wh, or two spare batteries max 160Wh are allowed. They must be carried as cabin baggage.

Further details can be checked in this post:


Posted on 07-Oct-2018
Hello, I booked a flight from Bangkok via Tokyo to Calgary with ANA. That should allow me to take 2 x 23 kg checked baggage. I am thinking of taking one 23kg bag and one filled up to 32 kgs and pay the additional 60 USD. I live in Vientiane and plan to fly to Bangkok with Lao Airlines. Can my baggage be checked through directly from Vientiane to Calgary? If so, how and to whom would I have to pay the baggage surcharge? Thanks for your help and looking forward to your reply.

Admin Reply :

To know whether the baggage can be checked through to the final destination, you need to contact the first airline you would be flying with- Laos Airline. It depends  on a number of factors which only the airline help desk will be able to tell. You can also request for the same during check in at airport and know whether they allow it or not. 


Posted on 04-Oct-2018
Do I need to pay for extra baggage allowance prior to flight or at the airport when I check in? Thank you, Amanda

Admin Reply :

You can pay both in advance of travel by using its pre-paid extra baggage service or at the airport.

Advance payment can be done online on its website and is available for flights operated under ANA flight number and have one piece of luggage exceeding free allowance. 


Posted on 03-Oct-2018
Hello, beside my baggage I have a 1,80m stick with me. Is that subject to extra charge? Thank you.

Admin Reply :

If this is a walking aid, it will be allowed free. 


Posted on 25-Sep-2018
Hello, I can't seem to find a clear answer: I will be flying from Toulouse to Narita with a snowboard bag, as long as it is less than 23 kilos and less than 292cm additional length is it ok? Also does it count as one baggage and I can have another one? With my carry on luggage can I also have a small backpack? Thank you

Admin Reply :

In general, you are allowed check in bags of sum of dimensions 158 cm. However, the airline relaxes this limit and allows you to take bags of sum of dimensions 292 cm on payment of certain fee. But, beyond 292 cm it will not allow the carriage of bag. Similarly, the weight limit is 23 kg in general, relaxable to 32 kgs on payment of extra charges.

If you want to take another bag, in addition to your free allowance, you can take on payment of charges. 

We do not advice for carrying backpacks along with the cabin bag. 


Kazuko Floyd

Posted on 25-Sep-2018
I am scheduled to fly to/from Okinawa-Tokyo(HND) on December 9 and January 2. . What is baggage allowances? Thank you.

Admin Reply :

20 kg is check in baggage allowance for economy class and 40 kg for premium economy travellers. Cabin allowance is of 1 bag of 10 kg. 


Posted on 25-Sep-2018
flying on all nippon and connecting to air canada will my check in luggage transfer to my connecting flight

Admin Reply :

This is something which the airline check in desk would be able to tell. 

Andy Hopla

Posted on 23-Sep-2018
Hi, I am travelling from London to Haneda on NH212 on the 12/10/18. My hold baggage has total dimensions of 166cm. Will I be charged for this and if so how much? Regards Andy

Admin Reply :

Euro 150 would be charged for exceeding size of 158 cm and being less than 292 cm in sum of dimensions. 


Posted on 19-Sep-2018
Hello Sir, I am travelling to Narita airport from India.The carry on baggage allowance is 10kg.Does this 10 kg include Laptop or it is 10kg+laptop

Admin Reply :

Laptop can be carried in addition to cabin baggage allowance of 10 kg. 

Vaibhav Kulkarni

Posted on 15-Sep-2018
I will be travelling from Delhi to Narita and my checked in baggage size is 166 cm. So how much charges I need to pay? And by what method we have to pay those charges?

Admin Reply :

USD 200 is chargeable. You can pay online on website of the carrier. 


Posted on 12-Sep-2018
Hi I am will be traveling from NRT Tokyo to Singapore does that means I get free 2 23kg baggage and 1 10kg hand carry. Thanks !

Admin Reply :

Yes, that is right. 

Shahista Shaikh

Posted on 07-Sep-2018
Hi, I'm flying from India to Narita by economy class. 1. Can I've one cabin bag(less than 10kg) and one laptop bag with me as well? 2. And if my weight in checked bags increases beyond 23kg how much is the cost per kg and how the payment should be done? Thanks in advance

Admin Reply :

1. You can have 1 cabin bag along with 1 laptop bag. 

2. For weight more than 23 kg but less than 32 kg, flat fee of USD 60 is to be paid. For 33kg-45kg, flat fee of USD 200 is to be paid. Payment can be done online on its website. 


Posted on 07-Sep-2018
does a golf set count as normal baggage if it is within the weight limit?or does one pay extra?.my flight is from tokyo to bangkok and then after an 8 hour layover with thai air from bangkok to karachi.its a miles ticket.would 2 bags (one golf) be allowed for free?

Admin Reply :

It is to be carried as a part of the free check in baggage. Items allowed must not be more than 45 kg in weight and 292 cm in sum of dimensions. 

phaitoon sarujikamjornwattana

Posted on 03-Sep-2018
What is the Maximum of Portable Charger Battery; allowed to carry on the air plane: watt-hour capacity ?

Admin Reply :

Upto 100 watt-hour lithium batteries can be carried in cabin baggage but with prior approval. This is rule in general. 


Posted on 03-Sep-2018
The weight of my cabin luggage is exclusive of laptop and handbag? What if I am carrying the laptop within the cabin luggage? What if the total weight of checked in luggage is less than 46kgs but individually one is more than 23 and the other less?

Admin Reply :

If check in baggage is more than 23 kg in any of the bags, it will be charged for. Total weight of cabin bag shall be within prescribed limit. It is up to discretion of airline staff at airport whether they allow more cabin bag weight by carrying laptop within it or not. 


Posted on 24-Aug-2018
Hi ! I am traveling from Fukuoka to Tokyo Narita via NH 2144 on 20th September.How much is the baggage allowance for Cabin and Check in and then from Tokyo to Delhi via NH 827 on 20th September . Thanks and regards Dr Archana Iris Robinson

Admin Reply :

If these are separate tickets then separate allowances for domestic and international journeys would apply. However, if these are connecting flights provided by ANA and single ticket is issued then international baggage allowances would apply. Therefore, 2 bags of 23 kg each are allowed while travelling economy in check-in and sum of dimensions 158 cm. Cabin allowance is 1 piece of 10 kg with linear dimension of 115 cm. 

Mohamad zurady Ahmad nizuwan

Posted on 22-Aug-2018
We will be traveled on 27 august (3 adults) from KIX to haneda using ANA (economy). Does the allowances are 2 bags (23kg each) and 1 carry (10kg) for every person?

Admin Reply :

No, for the domestic flights of ANA, check-in bagggae allowance is 20 kg in Economy and 40 kg in Premium  class of travel per passenger. There is no limit on number of pieces to be carried but each check in bag shall not be more than 203 cms in sum of dimensions. 

Cabin baggage up to 10 kg in weight is allowed free, and it is 1 cabin bag per passenger.


Posted on 12-Aug-2018
Hi, I am allowed 2pcs luggage at 23/kg(50lbs) each. how much will i have to pay if one of my luggage exceeded the weight limit? One of my checked in bags weigh at 70lbs right now. Flight is Manila to JFK with layover at haneda.

Admin Reply :

USD 60 per excess kg. 

Mou Saha

Posted on 10-Aug-2018
Hello!! I am flying to Nagasaki on the 21st of August by 3 different flights. The first flight is Thai airways to Bangkok & after that 2 flights with all Nippon airways., Now my question is how many baggage allowance will be applicable for me as I have one premium economy booking & 2 economy class bookings..

Admin Reply :

In case the flight connections are on code-share flights, then the baggage allowance rule of Most Significant Carrier would apply. We would request you to check with the agency which booked ticket on this. IF you booked ticket with Thai Airways or ANA, please contact that airline customer service to know your baggage allowances. 


Posted on 09-Aug-2018
Dear sir or madam, Good day to you! I have booked my flights to Madison, US on the 22nd of August and my booking confirmation number is IM8HMX. I was checking for my check in baggage allowance and realised that it said I am allowed to bring 2 pieces (weight per bag is 23kg) for free. Does that mean I am allowed to bring a total of 46kg? Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you! Regards, Bi Qing

Admin Reply :

Yes, this makes a total of 46 kg. But, if you plan to add more than 23 kg weight in one bag and reduce the other with same weight, keeping the overall weight up to 46 kg, you would be charged excess baggage fee for carrying more than 23 kg in one check-in bag. Therefore, please keep it at max 23 kg weight per check-in bag. 

Elliott Lieb

Posted on 11-Aug-2017
Eactly how much CARRY ON can I take on the JFK Tokyo route when i am Business class _ star alliance premium gold card? Thank you

Admin Reply :

Only 1 piece not more than 10 kg. Total linear dimensions no more than 115 cm(45 inches), provided that each linear dimension does not exceed 55 cm × 40 cm × 25 cm(22 × 16 × 10 inches) 

Nisha laju

Posted on 11-Aug-2017
Hi, we are flying from India to Narita. Can we carry indian sweets as cabin luggage?

Admin Reply :

Yes, these can be carried in small quantities. 

Mi Ghent

Posted on 31-Jul-2017
I would like to enquire, what is the check-in baggage allowance for my flights (see below) - Flight Information [1]SUN., NOV. 5, NH816 Kuala Lumpur - Tokyo(Narita) DEP. 08:00 ARR. 15:40 Seat number: 32D,32G Economy:L / OK [2]SUN., NOV. 5, NH172 Tokyo(Narita) - San Jose DEP. 17:30 ARR. 09:45 Seat number: 25D,25G Economy:L / OK

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 23 kg each are allowed in check in and 1 bag of up to 10 kg in cabin. 

Elena Peralta

Posted on 04-Feb-2017
My husband and I will be flying economy class from San francisco to Manila. How many luggages can we check in?

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 23 kg each would be allowed as free check in baggage. 


Posted on 03-Feb-2017
We're actuall fying from Chicago O'hare (sorry, my bad) to Manila,Philippines in May. My childresn"s ages are 13 and two 9 years olds. I read that 2 checked baggage for each, is that correct? Thank you again!

Admin Reply :

Yes, it is 2 bags of 23 kgs each for every passenger.


Posted on 31-Jan-2017
we're flying in May from milwaukee to asia (international flight) There are 5 of us 3 kids under 14 years of age. What is our maximum baggage. Is it 2 checked baggage each and i carry on each? Thanks

Admin Reply :

You have to specify the destination city so that we can help you with baggage allowances on ANA. Also, we would like to know whether age of children in more or less than 2 years. 

Lule Donald

Posted on 23-Jan-2017
Am flying in February from KIX to EBB economy class what is my maximum baggage. Thanks

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 23 kg each are allowed. Cabin allowance is 1 pcs of upto 10 kg weight.

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