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Qatar Airways Refunds


In cases of Rescheduling, Cancellations or Delay, or failure to stop at destination or causing missing of connecting flight, Qatar Airways will:

  1. Fly you on another of its scheduled flights on condition of availability of space.

  2. Re-route to the destination using its own services or that of the other carrier. Refunds of difference of sum of ticket fare, excess baggage and service charge and refund value of ticket will be done. Passengers do not have to pay anything extra.

  3. Make the refunds as per the policy outlined below:

  • Refund to be made to person whose name is present on ticket or who has paid for it (proof of payment needed)

  • Refunds to be made after surrender of all coupons.

  • Involuntary refunds in cases of cancellation, failure to operate on schedule or stop at stopever destination, inability to provide previously confirmed space (overbooking, denied boarding) or causing to miss the connecting flight, refunds will be either the total fare paid (if ticket has not been used) or higher of one way fare from point of interruption to destination or difference between fare paid and fare of transportation used.

  • Voluntary Refunds: Amount of refunds would be total fare paid less any service charges applicable(if no portion of ticket has been used) and (if some portion has been used), difference of paid and applicable fare after deducting the applicable service charges.

Schedules can change without notice and Qatar Airways also reserves the right to change the carrier or the aircraft without advance notice of the same.



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Posted on 14-Sep-2023
I need a terminal fee for OFW

Admin Reply :

Your question is not clear to us.

Ibrahim khan

Posted on 19-Jun-2019
I missed my returning flight, so this way i've used the ticket partially, i want to know if Qatar airways would refund my money.

Admin Reply :

It depends on fare rules of the ticket. PLease check these. Airlines can refund the money for leg of journey not undertaken with certain conditions. 

Rien Dieryckx

Posted on 03-Oct-2018
Dear Due to a security problem was our flight QR 0195 from Doha to Brussels(02/10/2018) more than 3houres in delay. Normal departure: 01u40 --> Effectief departure: 4u45 Normal arrival: 07u30 --> Effectief arrival: 10u40 Is it's possible that we can we get a refund? Kind regards Rien

Admin Reply :

You can seek a refund from the airline directly. 


Posted on 12-Aug-2018
Hi, I missed a flight not because I wasn't there but because I wasn't allowed just a one way ticket from Canada to Qatar. I would like to add to reschedule my flight with my one way ticket but I don't know how to issue this complaint. The Qatar Airways in Canada is closed at the moment which make it even harder to solve my situation. I need help, please email me back at My Airline Booking Reference(s) are: AC (Air Canada): LBTEQI QR (Qatar Airways): LZVRM4 I hope to hear from you soon. Salima.

Admin Reply :

We are very sorry for being so late in responding to you. We hope that the issue would have resolved by now. We would have suggested that you make use of Twitter Account of the airline for sending a Direct Message to help you out. 

Anita Pritchard

Posted on 03-Aug-2018
My family and I travelled back from Manchester to Doha on the 17 Feb 2017. When we landed at Doha we were greeted by the airline staff who notified us that the connecting flight to Adelaide had taken off. There were other passengers with us that were also stranded the airline staff told us we would be put on a flight the next day. This turned out to be a night time flight and we were also told we would be landing in Sydney as there was no direct flight to Adelaide. I have been told that we should be entitled to compensation for the inconvenience. If this is so please can you let me know the procedure for a claim. Our flight details are from MAN-DOHA QR0022 and DOHA-ADELAIDE QR0914 Kind regards Anita Pritchard and family

Admin Reply :

You can initiate the process of claim by writing them email OR over the phone with customer service executive OR fill the form given on this link 

james jones

Posted on 31-Jul-2018
we booked our holiday through travelbag and our flights were booked with Qatar to go to bali via Doa airport to transfer to another pain to denspar bali. At Doa airport we waited for our transfer flight to board, at the checkin to board plain we were told that the seats were over sold and we would have to be delayed for 6hours 30mins. we have tried to claim from our holiday insurance and they have told us to claim direct from Qatar. can you please tell me how i claim from qatar for this delay which resulted in us loosing 1 days holiday from our dream holiday

Admin Reply :

Visit this page to know contact details of Qatar Airways and lodge a compensation claim.   Also, speak to your ticketing agent.

Mohammad abul khayer

Posted on 10-Aug-2017
I have bought a ticket of qatar airways to travel from dhaka to roma.departure date is 13august17 at 3.20 i want to cancel my much bdt will be charged from paid amount?how much time will be taken to refund me?

Admin Reply :

Ticket cancellation charges can vary due to many factors. You need to call airline directly or agent who booked ticket to know what are these charges. Refunds are generally processed in 7-10 days times. 

Mandisa Fubesi

Posted on 26-Jul-2017
I still haven't received my unused flight ticket that was arranged for 8June from Dubai to Cape Town, i booked through Cleartrip id 17042433978 I'm tired of calling them, they say Qatar airline has not released the refund, i wanna know why is this happening & when am i getting my money back please.

Admin Reply :

You need to contact Cleartrip only. 

Mehbooba Bilal

Posted on 20-Jul-2017
My family was coming from Karachi Pakistan. but due to staff problems they did not allowed the passengers to board, they were asking the return ticket which they were carrying but they said its not confirmed where on ticket its written confirmed, so they miss the flight, now how much qatar airways will refund, where as the ticket was used by one side from Doha to Karachi.

Admin Reply :

What amount will be returned will be decided by whosoever booked the tickets. Normally, if it is booked with agency, some amounts are deducated from the refundable tickets towards cancellations and the rest is returned. 

Jan Ruzicka

Posted on 20-Feb-2017
Hello, I would like to ask whether you might be able to help us with a very old matter? We were a small group of 6 persons (2 families) travelling with Qatar from Munich to Phuket through Doha and Kuala Lumpur. Our flight from Doha to Phuket - no. QR848 scheduled on 31.12.2013 with short stop in Kuala Lumpur might continue on 01.01.2014 to Phuket then. But we were asked to wait at Kuala Lumpur Airport for 2 hrs delay which was postponed couple of times to final more than 9 hours when we were transferred to Phuket by spare plane. Qatar Airways gave us just meal tickets and we were so tired and stressed that we have not done any other steps. Our holiday in Thailand was wonderful so we totally forgot about complaints but by an accident I have recently heard about the option to claim requests/complaints years ago. Would it be possible for you to help us with this trouble? Best regards Jan Ruzicka

Admin Reply :

Generally, there is time limitation about receiving complaints. That period might be over by now. However, we would request you to get back in touch with the airline and check out their response. Airline will not entertain our involvement,

Prem chhantyal

Posted on 27-Jan-2017
My ms. Couldn't return to us on jan 24 as scheduled because of some paperwork delays here in Nepal. She had booked round ticket from us to Nepal @1600$. when i asked ticket officer about cancellation 2 days earlier ie22 jan, she told cancellation charge to be 250$. I was shocked in the point that i had read over your brochure that cancellation charge was just 175$. So, how could this happen to me?

Admin Reply :

If tickets are booked through the agents, then this usually happens. 

Let us make this clear that we are not related to any airline and we are an independent entity offering information services. 


Posted on 07-Nov-2016
we four of our family members bound to begium cancelled the tickets 2.45 before the scheduled departure because we dont know that we have viasas are not valid,since the visas are in much refund do we get for upward and down ward journey

Admin Reply :

In the absence of PNR no it is not possible to say anything. Second, airline will not disclose this information to us being a third party. Hence, you are  requested to do the same at your end.


Ketut Budarka

Posted on 21-Oct-2016
I have refound more than one month ago i have cancel flight my refound not comeback yet .loong time waiting i need soon ny money comeback

Admin Reply :

Please contact the person or entity which booked the ticket. Refunds are given by those who book tickets. 

mugula Robert

Posted on 18-Oct-2016
my sister booked a ticket to travel to Oman.. ,but on the final day at the airport and after Check In, she was stopped on grounds that she was goin to work as a *house maid* something thatz not allowed! .. now we cant do anything but to cancel the flight.. and so need Ticket fee refund. how shud we proceed?

Admin Reply :

Please approach your ticket booking agency or the airline which booked ticket. 

S Maloney

Posted on 12-Oct-2016
I missed my flight, dew to the train being delayed with children playing on the tracks, It was delayed 1 hour 35mins. I was at the airport booking by 15:45 and was told I could not board as the plan had left. But the flight was scheduled to leave at 16:15. Can I get a refund for the flight I was not allowed to get on.

Admin Reply :

Since yours is a cases of no-show, very small amount of refunds would be granted. Please check with the person who booked tickets for details. 


Posted on 11-Oct-2016
I am not asking refund nor i cancelled the ticket i am asking compensatition about voucher what i got from qatar airways can be paid in cash as per IATA Rules.

Admin Reply :

In this respect, it is the airline which will be able to shed better light. 


Posted on 08-Oct-2016
I travelled with qatar airways on 8-9-2016 from gassim saudi arabia -Doha-hyderabad. During trasit they denied me boarding in doha flight QR500 to hyderabad. They gave another ticket from Doha-dammam-hyderabad . I travelled in jet airways from to my destination they gave me voucher from denied boarding reason of 250 USD equalent to 920 qatari riyal. And concerned person told me to collect cash from hyderabad office after presenting voucher. When i visited hyderabad office they are saying me to give details of bank account to get funds trasfer and it will take 8 to 10 days to get money to local account. I have only N R I account from where i get local saving account. I asked them to pay cash or a cheque in my name but they denied they asked me to collect cash from doha only. I request you to please tell me the procedure i suffered a lot i got my baggage after 20 days . If a person dont have local account cant they pay in cash. Please help me

Admin Reply :

The rule is that the refunds are not given out in cash. 

Jasani dineshkumar jethalal

Posted on 06-Sep-2016
I want to cancel ticket booked on line show me procedure

Admin Reply :

Please visit Travel---->Special Services----> Manage Booking and enter the details asked. 


Posted on 12-Aug-2016
Dear Sir, I buy ticket from qatar airways online, if I want to cancel how many days need to get the refund process.

Admin Reply :

7-10 days are required to get the money back. 


Posted on 16-Apr-2016
how can I check refundable balance on line

Admin Reply :

If you have booked tickets with some agency, then the agency will provide this information. Else, you need to call the agency or the airline to know the same. Refund status is not available online. 

Christopher Dela paz

Posted on 12-Nov-2015
Is it posssible for a colleague to be the one to come over your office and do the transaction in the absence of the person named?

Admin Reply :

We do not have a physical presence yet and will soon be having it once we begin air ticketing for visitors. For refunds, please contact the entity which booked your tickets. 


Posted on 26-Jul-2015
Dear Sir, I had booked my air ticket no ETKT 157 2348353058 from Raleigh Durham to New Delhi on 21.07.2015 in Qatar Airway through Qatar Airways website for travelling on 23 July 2015. The American Airline flight no AA 3474 Raleigh to New York was cancelled and hence I could not catch flight from New York to Doha and wasted my 12 hours and had to go back to place of stay for which I had to incur to & fro CAB charges USD 54 (Fifty four Dollars). Kindly pay the CAB charges and also the compensation for the inconvenience caused and time wasted. MONAM AGARWAL

Admin Reply :

Ms Monam, all refunds or compensation from the airlines will be processed by the agent which booked your ticket. We only provide information to the people who are not clear on certain services of the airlines. We are not into ticketing yet. 

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