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TAP Air Portugal Frequent Flyer Program

TAP Victoria and Victoria+ are the two loyalty rewards program of TAP Air Portugal. The programs allow its members to earn miles with the airline and its 150 odd partners. Also, it allows its members to redeem the miles easily and save money.

Earning the Miles on Flights

Miles can be earned on TAP airlines and its partner airlines. Partner airlines also include the Star Alliance members.


Europe and North Africa





10% Miles

10% Miles

100 miles

100 miles


40% Miles

50% Miles

500 miles

150 miles


70% Miles

100% Miles

500 miles



100% Miles

150% Miles

500 miles

250 Miles


150% Miles

150% Miles

1000 miles


Top Executive

200% Miles

200% Miles

1000 miles


Membership Levels of the Victoria Program

There are three membership levels of the Victoria Program

  • Miles

  • Silver

  • Gold

Extra Miles on TAP flights are earned by Silver and Gold members to the tune of 25% and 50% respectively.

Qualifying Criteria to Move to Next Higher Status Level

Silver Membership

30000-69999 Status Miles

25 flights or legs

Gold Membership

70000 Status Miles

50 flights or legs

Retention Criteria


20000 Status Miles

15 flights or legs


50000 Status Miles

40 flights or legs

Status Miles and Bonus Miles

Status Miles are different from the Bonus Miles in that the former are not added to mileage account and, therefore, can not be spent on award tickets. However, if you want to reap the benefits of upper level membership, you can convert the bonus miles into status miles.

For Silver Status, you can use 10000 bonus miles to convert to 5000 status miles.

For Gold Status, you can use 20000 bonus miles to convert to 10000 status miles.

For maintaining the respective status, 10000 bonus miles are required for 5000 status miles.

Redemption of Miles

The miles earned in the program can be redeemed for the following depending on the Victoria membership status:

  1. Award tickets- on TAP, Star Alliance and other partner airlines

  2. Round the world tickets- Also allows flying on Star Alliance members in Economy and Business cabin classes

  3. One-way award ticket: You can get a 50% discount on one-way award ticket. It is valid only on TAP operated flights

  4. Upgrading the cabin class to Executive class.

The Victoria+ Program

Victoria+ or V+ is another frequent flyer program of TAP which is essentially based on paid annual membership. This paid membership is of three levels, as given below:


V+ Base

V+ Super

V+ Prime

Membership Annual

Euro 180

Euro 360

Euro 480

Miles per month




Miles on joining




Bonus miles on TAP




Total / Year




The plans in the package are valid for 12 month period only. There is no automatic renewal for these plans, and once these expire, the new one is to be opted. On expiry, all benefits and miles accumulated expire.


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