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Vistara Alliances and Partners

Air Vistara is a joint venture of Singapore International Airlines and the Tatas.

The airline has interline agreements with Air France, British Airways, Jet Airways, SilkAir, Air India and Singapore Airlines. 

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Posted on 14-Sep-2023
If I book a ECONOMY Class SINGLE ticket from CCU (India) to NAP (Italy) in Swiss Airlines , do I have to pay to pay for extra luggage, at required rate, THREE TIMES separately for each operator i e Vistara, Swiss Airline and Helvetica Airlines or ONE TIME only.

Admin Reply :

All three airlines are interline partners. So, the baggage policy of Most Significant Carrier will apply, which is SWISS in this case. So, excess baggage rules of SWISS will apply which is based on each leg but if the connecting flight is within 24 hrs of each other, then only 1 leg is counted. We suggest you speak to the airline in this respect for confirmation. 

Tarun Kanti Tarafdar

Posted on 02-Sep-2023
We have tickets to Toronto, CCU to Mumbai by Vistara then Mumbai to Heathrow and Heathrow to Toronto by BA,Return also the same reversed way, now our question is whether our luggage will directly transfer to B.A at Mumbai from Vistara or not? similarly at the time of return journey whether our luggage will directly transfer from BA to Vistara at Mumbai for CCU or not?

Admin Reply :

Whether through check in will be provided or not will be told by airline itself. Pls check with Vistara.

Village : Hatgacha

Posted on 01-Sep-2023
We have tickets to Toronto< CCU to Mumbai by Vistara the Mumbai to Heathrow and then Heathrow to Toronto by B.A, Return also the same reversed way, now our question is whether our luggage will directly transfer to B.A at Mumbai or not? similarly at the time of return journey our luggage will transfer from BA to Vistara at Mumbai for CCU or not?

Admin Reply :

This will be better told by the airline office, as it depends on many factors. We suggest you check this with Vistara airlines.

Hitendra BHAVSAR

Posted on 08-Nov-2019
Travelling to Delhi by Virgin airline, then to Ahmedabad by Vistra on the same ticket. On the same day of arrival How much baggage allowance will Visra accept. As it state 2 piece of laggege. From london to Ahmedabad.

Admin Reply :

Yes, it will accept the international allowance of baggage on its domestic route in India as ticket is same for both domestic and international leg of journey. 

s padhy

Posted on 05-Jun-2019
in the flight from bhubaneswar (vistara)-delhi-( luftansha) frankfort whether the checkin beggage at bhubaneswar transfered to the conecting luftthansa flight or one has to collect it at delhi and check in at delhi again?

Admin Reply :

If immigration is to be completed at Delhi, which is most likely going to happen, you will have to recheck-in again. 


Posted on 13-May-2019
I am travelling from Riyadh to Delhi by Flynas and Delhi to Ranch within 24 hours by Vistara usingPremiem Economy Class. How much Baggage allowance I can get? Appreciate your reply to book my ticket.

Admin Reply :

Up to a max of 2 bags of 23 kg each would be allowed if Vistara flight is taken within 24 hrs on Premium Economy class. 


Posted on 12-Dec-2018
I am traveling from US to Delhi on Qatar then from Delhi to Ranchi on Vistara in economy (V) on December 21, 2018. How much in US dollars is it going to cost me for two bags of 50 lbs each . Thank you.

Admin Reply :

If your flight is within 24 hours of arrival and your ticket is Economy Standard or Flexi, then 1 check in bag of 23 kg is free. If this is Economy Lite, then allowance is 1 check in bag of 15 kg only. 

At the airport, you will have to pay Rs 500 per excess kg. However, if it is an Economy Lite ticket, then Rs 500 has to be paid to convert the ticket to standard one. The charges for pre-paid discounted excess baggage, which can be bought at least 6 hours before the scheduled departure time of flight is as per slab given in the content above. The charges are for max 17 kg slab= Rs 6500 and rest will have to be paid at airport rates. 

Just to add one more point. You can pay for 1 check in bag of 23 kg in economy class cabin by paying Rs 8050. 

pramod sapkota

Posted on 10-Oct-2018
sir/ madam how much allowance in domestic flight allowance checking baggage & hand baggage

Admin Reply :

This depends on what is you cabin class of travel. The baggage allowance is given in the content above. 

Vishal Kamani

Posted on 22-Sep-2018
Im a Frequent Flier with American Airlines (which is a code share partner of British). Will I be able to avail any benefits in Vistara during my India trip? Secondly, Can I use my American or AirIndia miles to buy excess baggage or travel tickets for Vistara?

Admin Reply :

Frequent flyer points based benefits of earning and redeeming points is limited to partnership of Vistara only with Kris FLyer and Silk Air for present. It does not extend to AA or BA. 

Mayukh Virnave

Posted on 20-Sep-2018
We are taking American Airlines flight from Dallas via London to Delhi. This flight is operated by British Airways form London to Delhi on behalf American airlines . The question is do we get the same baggage allowance in Vistara flight from Delhi to Ranchi? We have booked ticket from Delhi to Ranchi PNR NO. /Booking ref no. S2T46F

Admin Reply :

If it is single ticket for Vistara and BA/AA flights then, you are allowed same baggage allowance as international one provided you travel within 30 days of international flight. If tickets are different, and you travel Vistara within 24 hrs of international flight, the higher allowance between domestic and international will be allowed. If you are travelling after 24 hours, then Vistara allowance would apply and you would be charged excess baggage fee. 

jaikishen virwani

Posted on 06-Sep-2018
Hi do you except jet airways miles to book on your airlines and is it possible to transfer all my jet miles to your programme

Admin Reply :

No, this is not possible. 


Posted on 08-Aug-2017
What if I am travelling from USA to DELHI hmvy air India flight and further going to Ahmedabad can I get 2 bags of 23 kg chekin ?

Admin Reply :

yes, you can carry 2 bags of 23 kg each in Vistara if you fly in Premium Economy class. 

Rais malik

Posted on 18-Jul-2017
Sir.. I have jet airways ticket from Jeddah to Delhi.. Then I have booked economy class ticket in Vistara..same day...can I carry same 30 kg weight as in jet airways... Thank u for support

Admin Reply :

Up to 23 kg in check in baggage would be allowed in Vistara economy flight. 

tasneem yaqoob

Posted on 17-Jul-2017
i am travelling from uk to deli with jet air and from deli to srinagar by vistara what will be my baggage allowance.

Admin Reply :

This is given in the content above. Please read through it. 


Posted on 28-Feb-2017
How much baggage is allowed in economy class if we have connecting Singapore airline flight in next 6 hours?

Admin Reply :

You would be allowed a total of 23 kg check in baggage if international flight is within 6 hrs. 

Nayan chand bihani

Posted on 04-Oct-2016
I am a gold member via the axis credit card... plz let me know the airlines tie ups.. am I entitled to the same benefits in those airlines also? Also plz inform me the partner lounges I am entitled to access

Admin Reply :

You will get the names of lounges to which you have access by seeking this information from city to city basis. Please note that this priviledge is available at select departure airports. Also, this is available only for the Gold members and not for other persons accompanying them. Also, lounge access at stopover will be provided only when the next flight is on Vistara. 


Posted on 16-Sep-2016
can i check in two 23 kg baggage on vistara flight in the premium economy class if i am travelling next day of my international flight

Admin Reply :

Yes, this is now permitted. 

rushil bathla

Posted on 26-Aug-2016
what will be the baggage policy, im travelling on British Airways, which is your code share partner from DELHI-TORONTO, delhi-bombay on vistara and bombay to toronto via london on BA. I have the ticket on the same PNR.

Admin Reply :

Can you tell us the PNR no?

ram diyal

Posted on 24-May-2016
What is the checked baggage allowance for passenger who travels into India by Kenya Airways from Nigeria to Nairobi to Mumbai and mumbai to travels to Delhi destination in India by Air Vistara

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 23 kg each are allowed in check in and 12 kg weight in cabin on Kenya Airways. But, from Mumbai to Delhi, allowance on Vistara is only 15 kg checkin and 7 kg cabin baggage.  You will have to pay for carrying excess baggage to Vistara. 


Posted on 23-May-2016
What is the checked baggage allowance for passenger who travels into India by Qatar Airways from USA and travels to any other destination in India by Air Vistara ?

Admin Reply :

Air Vistara will by its own domestic allowance and you will have to pay for the excess baggage being carried. 

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