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Eurowings Special Assistance

For people who need special assistance such as the disabled, the pregnant women, unaccompanied minors or any other, the airline provides all support at the airports and during the flight. Germanwings stipulates that passengers with special needs must travel with express knowledge of the same by the carrier. Therefore, passengers shall either make the booking of tickets via call centre or, if they have done using the internet, they shall inform the airline about the special needs passenger as soon as possible.

Unaccompanied Minors

Children who are aged 5 years and up to 11 years are allowed to travel without any companion. This service is available on payment of charges but is offered only on some routes where direct flights are operated. Another limitation is that this service can not be got online. You have to make telephonic call or seek assistance at the airport in person.

Besides carrying a valid photo ID proof and confirmed reservation ticket, there is a need to fill a particular form by the parent or guardian of the child and the same shall be presented at airport during the check-in process. Another important consideration is that the person to whom the child is handed over, his or her name shall also be mentioned before departure of flights. The legally responsible adult of  is required to be present at the airport till the time flight takes off and will be allowed till the boarding gate.

Disabled Passengers

For the passengers who need wheelchair assistance, the provision for the same exists at the airport and even the passengers can carry their fully collapsible wheelchair in the flight. It is to be noted that in case of battery powered wheelchairs, carriage will be possible only when these wet batteries are sealed, leak-proof and with detached terminals assuring no short circuiting dangers. Per flight, Germanwings allows you to carry 5 wheelchairs. There are no additional charges for carrying wheelchairs.

Visually Impaired Passengers who require the assistance of service dogs are allowed to carry them without any charges. Since only one assistance dog is allowed in one flight, it is important for passengers to check the availability on a particular flight before making the booking.

Carriage of stretcher-bound passengers is not permitted on Germanwings.

Unaccompanied Children

Children of less than 12 years of age are allowed in flight if accompanied by an adult who is a parent or legal guardian or the one who has been expressly authorised by the parent or guardian.

Children older than 12 years can fly alone. There are exceptions to this general rule which are outlined next.

On direct flights within Germany and from Germany to Zurich or Vienna, Eurowings provide UNM service for children more than 5 years and up to 11 years. This service can be booked on by telephonic means by calling the customer service representative or by visiting the airport counter of the airline. This can not be availed using the online or mobile medium.

Another important point is that certain countries have their own entry and exit requirements of the carriage of children which might be different from what Germanwings has stipulated. Passengers are advised to know these regulations of entry or exit countries before making a booking.

Pregnant Women

Pregnant women are allowed to fly till the end of 36 weeks of pregnancy subject to the condition that theirs is not a case of complicated pregnancy. They are required to carry their maternity progress chart or report or maternity log while taking flights so as to show the proof of progress of pregnancy.

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled


Posted on 06-Dec-2018
How do I book special assistance from Geneva to Zurich?

Admin Reply :

If you have bought the ticket from airline, then special assistance can be added from My Trip section of the website of the airline. However, this can also be asked for by calling their customer service or visiting the local office of the airline. Please note that the different types of special assistance need to be booked some times ahead of the travel day and time. So, please check with the airline well in time. 

Traute Gladstone

Posted on 03-Dec-2018
How do I book assistance, I have a slight mobility problem and use a stick?

Admin Reply :

The booking for special assistance can be done at the time of ticket booking online or through call center of the airline. And, if the ticket has already been made, then these can be added later on as well using the online medium, on phone calls or through the contact center of the airline.



Derrick Mitchell

Posted on 07-Apr-2016
I have booked a flight to Catania from Stuttgart on May 2nd online through an internet holiday travel company. I cannot walk well and require wheelchair assistance, What do I do to organize it? Many thanks for your help.

Admin Reply :

Germanwings airline does provide wheelchair assistance at the airport. You can take your own wheelchair as well but it shall not be having wet batteries. However, please inform the airline directly about your requirement if you have already booked the ticket. 

isabel rookes

Posted on 23-Jan-2016
how do i book to have airport assistance from Newcastle to Dusseldorf on Eurowings as i will be taking my own wheelchair on the plane thank you

Admin Reply :

You can carry your own wheelchair provided it is fully collapsible. However, if you want this assistance from the airline, please inform them online through their website. Here are steps outlined:

1. visit

2. Click My Flights---> Add-ons. And, fill your fields.

3. Add your wheelchair under 'More Services'.

Else, you can call the call centre at +44 (0) 330 365 1918

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