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Aeroflot Special Assistance

Aeroflot offers special assistance to needy passengers for their flights.

Expectant Mothers

Pregnant women who are in their last 4 weeks of single pregnancy are required to take permission of their doctors for air travel. This period is 8 weeks for multiple pregnancy cases.

Expectant mothers are also advised to take doctor recommendations if they have to travel during the first 7 days after pregnancy or with infants of less than 7 days.

Unaccompanied Minors

Unaccompanied minors in the age group of 5 to 16 years are also accepted for air travel by Aeroflot under the supervision of its staff. The airline staff takes custody of the child and assists in all sort of clearances at the airport and is under supervision during the flights. The child is handed over to the person who was mentioned in the form only after confirming the identity.

This is a paid service and the charges are:

3400 Rouble for domestic flights within Russian Federation

40 Euro for flights to/from a foreign destination


Disabled passengers are required to furnish information on the nature of their disability, special needs, whether any person or a dog is accompanying them and the mobility aids or devices which are being carried on board.

Wheelchairs and other mobility aids, such as crutches, walkers and sticks, and oxygen cylinders are allowed free of cost in addition to their baggage allowances.

Special needs and disabled passengers are not required to queue up either at the reservation counters or during the check in times. They are also allowed pre-boarding facility.

Aeroflot requires following special needs passengers to travel with the escorts for all time during the flight:

  • patients on stretchers;

  • seriously ill passengers who need medical assistance during the flight, including an oxygen cylinder;

  • passengers with either sight impairment or hearing loss;

  • wheelchair-bound passengers, who are not able to move around freely

  • disabled children under 12 years of age.

Wheelchairs shall be requested for 36 hours before the flight departure time. These are carried as check in baggage.

If carrying powered wheelchairs, the batteries need to be disconnected and terminals isolated so as to ensure that there is no short circuit. Passengers are also required to carry the keys which will be used for this purpose and also the cardboard or plastic boxes in which the batteries would be kept.

Manual wheelchairs can be registered during check in or the person can remain on these till the boarding gate but shall hand over the chair to staff for checking in at the gate.

Visually Impaired

These passengers can carry their guide dogs in the flight for free on condition that they are able to produce special service dog certificate and documentary proof of disability at the time of check-in.

If there is a need to carry a guide dog, the same must be mentioned at least 72 hours before the departure of flight.

These passengers are required to check in at the airport counter only.

Special Service Dogs on flights from USA can also be carried in the cabin along with the passengers on condition that these are properly muzzled, leashed and have a collar. It must be tagged suitably as Service Dog. The passenger will explain what the dog is trained to do.


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