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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

KLM acknowledges the role played by loyal customers and rewards its frequent flyers in a number of ways. It allows them to earn and redeem the points in different ways.

Flying Blue is the frequent flyer program of the KLM Royal Dutch International Airlines.

The program is based on amount of money spent and Miles are added for every unit of money spent.

Program Levels (Membership Levels)

The levels of membership are determined on the basis of Experience Points (called, XP in short). XPs are accumulated on all eligible flights of Air France, KLM, SkyTeam members, HOP! And Joon. These points are known with the help of a XP calculator wherein you provide itinerary details.

4 membership levels of the program are:

  • Explorer

  • Silver

  • Gold

  • Platinum

Besides there four membership levels, there is another type of membership which is called Flying Blue Petroleum. It is meant for people working in oil and gas industry organized as recognized by KLM and Air France. A Flying Blue member over the age of 18 years can become its member.

In order to retain the membership of Flying Blue petroleum, passenger is required to take atleast 1 round trip long-haul flight or 2 medium or short-haul flights for one of the oil destinations recognized as such by KLM or Air France.

The XPs gained are based on cabin class of travel and type of route flown, as given in chart below:



Premium Economy *

Business *

First *

Domestic(within a country)

2 XP

4 XP

6 XP

10 XP

Medium(less than 2,000 miles)

5 XP

10 XP

15 XP

25 XP

Long 1(2,000 - 3,500 miles)

8 XP

16 XP

24 XP

40 XP

Long 2( 3,500 - 5,000 miles)

10 XP

20 XP

30 XP

50 XP

Long 3(more than 5,000)

12 XP

24 XP

36 XP

60 XP

How many XPs are required to move to next level?

Here is the chart:

Explorer to Silver

100 XP

Silver to Gold

180 XP

Gold to Platinum

300 XP

Earning Miles

a) Flights (on KLM, AIR FRANCE, JOON and HOP!)

  • Explorers- 4 miles per Euro spent

  • Silver- 6 miles per Euro spent

  • Gold- 7 miles per Euro spent

  • Platinum- 8 miles per Euro spent

Taxes are excluded but extra options purchased and carrier charges are added for the purpose of calculation the Miles on the basis of spendings.

Miles are generally added within 24 hours of the flight. You can also claim these if not added.

There are 39 airline partners on which miles can be earned.

b) Hotels- there are 16 hotels or hotel groups which allow you to earn Miles.

c) Car Rental- 8 car rental companies currently allow you to earn Miles.

d) Shopping sites- 2 shopping sites have tied up with the airline for earning of Miles.

e) Experiences- 5 companies in experiences vertical have partnered with KLM.

Redeem Miles

There are three ways to spend the miles you have earned as a Flying Blue member. You can book a flight, shop online or donate the miles.

Booking a reward ticket- One-way or round-trip tickets can be bought on HOP!, Joon, Transavia, KLM and Air France in the economy or business classes. While flying Air France, you can get a seat in La Premiere.

Precisely how many miles are required to buy a ticket depends on route, airline and class of travel.

Online Shopping- Accumulated miles can also be redeemed for buying products at Shop@KLM and at Flying Blue Store.

Donate- Miles can also be donated for the cause of Charity or to a start-up.

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CHUNG Yiu Wing

Posted on 19-Dec-2019
I want to join the KLM frequent flyer programme. Please let me know how to apply.

Admin Reply :

You can do it online by visiting this link:

Elzbieta Prusiewicz

Posted on 14-May-2019
Traveling a lot on KLM, would like to become frequent flyer member. So difficult to find the way to sign in ! Waiting for HELP !

Admin Reply :

Please use this link for registering for the Flying Blue frequent flyer program of the airline

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