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easyJet Check-In and Boarding

Passengers shall note that easyJet is ONLY an online check-in airline. It does not provide the airport check in facilities.

easyJet Online Check-in

This can be done by visiting the website of the airline at or by downloading its mobile app. You are required to provide the reference number generated at the time of booking of ticket and the surname of the passenger. It can also be done by using the Manage My Bookings section of the website or mobile app.

Online Check-in is open from 30 days and upto 2 hours before the departure date of the flight.

Boarding passes can be downloaded and printed. These can even be stores in mobile app.

If there is any change to the booking, it is important to store, download or print the new boarding pass.

It is to be noted that the PDF versions of the boarding passes are not considered at the time of boarding since these can not be scanned. Therefore, the one downloaded using the mobile app shall be shown at airport.

If ticket has been booked by a travel agent, you might not be having the booking reference. In this situation, easyJet advices passengers to speak to the agent.

Passengers with only cabin baggage are allowed to go straight for security screening.

Passengers with check-in luggage are required to arrive at baggage drop-off counter and submit the luggage no more than 40 minutes before the scheduled departure of flight. For some airports, this time limit might be 60 minutes.

easyJet Speedy Boarding

A passenger is entitled to easyJet Speedy Boarding facility if he or she has bought Extra Legroom seat, an easyJet Flexi Fare,  an Up Front seat or is an easyJet Plus! Card holder.

easyJet Priority of Boarding on Plane

easyJet sets the priority of boarding for different passengers. Those who have special assistance are required to board at first, followed by those who have opted for Speedy Boarding and thereafter by those travelling with children of less than 5 years. After all these passengers are queued and boarding, the boarding of rest of the passenger begins.

easyJet Boarding Cut-off Time

30 minutes before the scheduled departure of flight, you shall be there at the boarding gate failing which you might lose your seat and all sums would be forfeited.


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