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Asiana Airlines Baggage Allowance

Carry-on Baggage

Cabin No. of Pcs Max Weight
Economy Class 1 10 kg 
Business Class 2 10 kg 
First Class 2 10 kg 

Size of each hand baggage shall not be more than 115 cm in sum of dimensions. L, B and H dimensions of the baggage shall respectively be up to 55cm, 40cm and 20 cm. 

Check-in Baggage 

Following table summarises the check-in baggage allowance available for Adults and Children travelling on Asiana Airlines on its domestic and international routes.

  Economy Business First 
Korean Domestic 20 kg NA NA
International-Americas 2 bags of 23 kg each 2 bags of 32 kg each 3 bags of 32 kg each
International-Others 1 bag of 23 kg each 2 bags of 32 kg each 3 bags of 32 kg each

There has been a change in policy w.r.t check in luggage allowances. Now, weight-based concept of baggage allowance is applicable only for Korean domestic flights. For all international routes, the piece-based systems is applicable.

On those domestic flights of Asiana which connect to its international destinations, passengers are allowed baggage as per international allowance policy.

Infants are allowed following allowance in check-in baggage:

Korean Domestic 10 kg
International-Americas 1 bag of 23 kg 
International-Others 1 bag of 10 kg
Either of collapsible stroller, safety seat or cradle is also allowed.

Additional Allowance for Frequent Flyer Members

Gold Diamond Diamond Plus Platinum
Free for extra 9 kg in 1 bag 1 Bag 1 Bag 1 Bag

A Gold member can carry an additional 9 kg while travelling in Asiana Economy class. Other members are allowed to take 1 additional check-in bag within the baggage weight.


Excess baggage charges on International flights

USA Routes

  • Additional Baggage (weight less than 23 kg and size less than 158 cm in sum of dimensions)
Route Price
Asia (including Oceania) - U.S. Routes (Saipan excluded)
Europe-U.S. Routes (Saipan included)
KRW 200,000
USD 200
CAD 200
From/arriving in Brazil KRW 175,000
USD 175
CAD 175
Asia (Oceania excluded)-Saipan KRW 100,000
USD 100
CAD 100
(Free for flights departing from/arriving in Brazil)
  • Over-weight Baggage charges
Baggage Weight Route Price

23 kg - 32 kg

All U.S. Routes KRW 100,000
USD 100
CAD 100
For flights departing from/arriving in Brazil (Free )

32 kg - 46 kg

Asia (Oceania included)- U.S. Routes (Saipan excluded)
Europe- U.S. Routes (Saipan included)
KRW 400,000
USD 400
CAD 400
For flights departing from/arriving in Brazil) KRW 350,000
USD 350
CAD 350
Asia (Oceania excluded)-Saipan KRW 200,000
USD 200
CAD 200
  • Over-sized Baggage Charges
Baggage Size Route Price

158-203 cm

Asia (Oceania included)- U.S. Routes (Saipan excluded)
Europe- U.S. Routes (Saipan included)
KRW 200,000
USD 200
CAD 200
Departing from/arriving in Brazil KRW 175,000
USD 175
CAD 175
Asia (Oceania excluded)-Saipan KRW 100,000
USD 100
CAD 100

More than 203 cm

Asia (Oceania included)- U.S. Routes (Saipan excluded) Europe- U.S. Routes (Saipan included) Oceania-Saipan KRW 400,000
USD 400
CAD 400
Departing from/arriving in Brazil KRW 350,000
USD 350
CAD 35
Asia (Oceania excluded)-Saipan KRW 200,000
USD 200
CAD 200

Non-USA International Routes

  • Additional Baggage
Routes Service Fee (per piece)
Short-distance from Korea (up to 1.5 hrs flight) KRW 60,000/USD 60
Korea–Japan/China/Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau/Mongolia KRW 80,000/USD 80
(excluding short-distance routes of 1.5 hours or shorter from Korea and Korea–Japan/China/Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau/Mongolia routes)
KRW 110,000/USD 110
Asia–Europe/Middle East/Africa/Oceania KRW 140,000/USD 140
  • Over-weight Baggage


Fee (per piece)
24~28kg 29~32kg 33~45kg
Short-distance from Korea (within 1.5 hrs flight) KRW 25,000/USD 25 KRW 40,000/USD 40 KRW 80,000/USD 80
Korea–Japan/China/Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau/Mongolia KRW 30,000/USD 30 KRW 50,000/USD 50 KRW 100,000/USD 100
(excluding short-distance routes of 1.5 hours or shorter from Korea and Korea–Japan/China/Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau/ Mongolia routes)
KRW 50,000/USD 50 KRW 80,000/USD 80 KRW 160,000/USD 160
Asia–Europe/Middle East/Africa/Oceania KRW 80,000/USD 80 KRW 100,000/USD 100 KRW 200,000/USD 200
  •  Over-sized Baggage


Fee (per piece)
159–203 cm
Short-distance from Korea KRW 80,000/USD 80
Korea–Japan/China/Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau/Mongolia KRW 100,000/USD 100
(excluding short-distance routes of 1.5 hours or shorter from Korea and Korea–Japan/China/Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau/ Mongolia routes)
KRW 160,000/USD 160
Asia–Europe/Middle East/Africa/Oceania KRW 200,000/USD 200

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Danny moo

Posted on 24-Jul-2023
How many electronics devices are you allowed to take on an asiana flight eg. Phone Headphones laptop tablet etc

Admin Reply :

You shall not take more than 5 such items


Posted on 27-Jun-2023
hello im taking economy from korea to singapore can i bring long umbrellas on board? i want to buy umbrella from korea and bring back to singapore

Admin Reply :

Yes, umbrellas can be taken on board.


Posted on 23-Feb-2023
Greetings of the day! I am travelling from India to Seoul via Asiana airlines. Moreover I am a student and in my Air ticket free baggage allowance is of 2 pc, but at the bottom of the ticket it's written 1 pc for all non United States routes. Therefore, how many baggage should I supposed to carry (2 baggage of 23 kg or 1 baggage of 23 kg besides 7 kg cabin baggage). Furthermore, am I also supposed to carry only 1 litre resealable plastic bag (liquid essentials, individual weight not exceeding to 100 ml/g) in check-in baggage.

Admin Reply :

It is 1 bag of 23 kg since US/Canada routing is not involved.Cabin bag of 7 kg is okay. If you have to carry liquids then these can not be more than 100ml in a bottle and all such items shall be carried in a resealable transparent bag of not more than 1 litre capacity which is to be carried in cabin, not in check-in.

SH Tan

Posted on 10-Dec-2022
I am travelling from Singapore to Korea via Asiana aor lines. And I am a Krisflyer Gold member status - Star Alliance. May I know what is the additional Check-in Baggage Limit I am entitled to on Asiana airlines as a Star alliance Gold Elite status besides the 23kg free baggage allowance? And can I carry a backpack + a cabin bag as carryon on board the plane?

Admin Reply :

It would be good if you could carry either a backpack or a cabin bag as free allowance in Cabin. In case of Gold members, the free allowance increases from 23 kg to 32 kg for single check in bag. Economy class passengers are allowed 10 kg cabin baggage per pax.

Arturo Norona Jr.

Posted on 20-Jan-2020
Is it possible to use a cardboard box as a check-in luggage and what should be the size of the cardboard ????? We are traveling April 2020 LAX-ICN-MNL. Thanks

Admin Reply :

That can be done. Size shall be 158 cm sum of l, b and h.

Arturo Norona Jr

Posted on 17-Jan-2020
Is it possible to use a box as a check-in luggage and what should be the size of the box? we are flying on April 2020, LAX-ICN-MNL

Admin Reply :

What is the box made of? Cardboard?


Posted on 13-Jan-2020
Hi, i want to know wether its true that I can bring a checked baggage for 2 pieces with 23 kg and 9 kg in each bag? And 10kg in cabin? I flight jakarta-seoul and seoul-jakarta. A staff from asiana told me when i checked in in jakarta like that. I just want to make sure, thanks

Admin Reply :

1 check in bag of 23 kg is free allowance on your route if flying in economy class. 1 bag of 10 kg is the cabin allowance.


Posted on 31-Dec-2019
Hi, can I check what are the extra charges if I use a luggage total up of 160 cm for L+ B +H ? I am traveling from Singapore to Incheon, and to Tashkent. Thank you

Admin Reply :

USD 160 would be charged for carrying more than free size limits.


Posted on 09-Dec-2019
Is it possible to use a box as a checked in luggage?Thank you

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken. But, please ensure that you meet the size and weight limits of allowance and this is not irregular in shape

Elena Cuaresma

Posted on 22-Nov-2019
Good Morning! May I know if how many pounds is allowed for a carry-on from LAX to Korea. Is it 15 lbs or 22 lbs? Thank you in avance for your immediate response.

Admin Reply :

It is 22 pounds. 

Billy Chew

Posted on 04-Nov-2019
Hi-travelling from Singapore to Seoul on Economy seat If I buy an acoustic guitar from Seoul and the total Weight is less than 23 kg for checked in on returned trip Do I have to pay extra? Thanks

Admin Reply :

Yes, it will have to be paid for because this is an additional piece of check-in baggage which you would be carrying. Therefore, charges will be due to 2 check in bags being carried even if the total weight of both is less than 23 kg. 

Marycatherine Ynot

Posted on 14-Jun-2019
Hello! A pleasant day to you! Can you please tell me how many check-in bag allowance allowed from Cebu to GSO via Asiana Airlines and United Airlines? And how many carry-on bag and weight as well please Thank you very much. Hoping to hear from you soon. Many thanks, M. Ynot

Admin Reply :

There is free allowance of 2 bags of 23 kg each in check-in baggage for US routes in economy class. 1 Cabin bag of up to 10 kg is free allowance as well for economy travelers. 

Philip Vander Gucht

Posted on 27-May-2019
I have a hockey stick bag going from Heathrow to Seoul. Measurements are: 1meter x 28cm x 20cm the weight will be 10 kilos max. Can this go as checked luggage free of charge? If not, what will the cost be ? Thank you

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can go free of charge within permitted allowance limits. So, your hockey equipment bag+1 stick will make for 1 check in baggage. This shall not be more than 23 kg in weight. Sum of three sides in your case is 148 cm which is well below the 277 cm mark set by the airline.


Posted on 25-May-2019
what are the items not allowed for checked in baggage and for hand baggage in flight betwwen india and south korea. please advise separately.

Admin Reply :

please ask for any specific item which you want to carry. 


Posted on 22-May-2019
Hello Traveling LHR-INC-ROR how many bags can I check in.

Admin Reply :

1 bag of 23 kg is allowed for economy class travel.

Atoullo Rajabov

Posted on 17-May-2019
Hi, Iā€™m flying from Fukuoka to Almaty via Incheon then Dushanbe by AirAstana. I have 2 luggage with dimension less than 158cm and weigh 23 kg and one carry-on. I always give my luggage in Fukuoka and take it right from Dushanbe( last destination). Will be flying with economy. So how much extra luggage will cost me and should I reserve or remind when buying ticket?

Admin Reply :

Can you break the journey with the airlines for better understanding? Asiana will charge USD 110 or so for additional baggage. However, there could be charges for other airlines as well involved in flight.

Russel Whitmore

Posted on 14-May-2019
My Wife and 8 year old Daughter will be flying one way home to Manila from Bangkok via Icheon. Having lived in Thailand for the past 6 years, they have aquired a few clothes. I'm trying to work out their baggage allowance for economy class. Can you confirm for me please? I think, from what I've read above, they are allowed 1 check in bag at 23 Kg each. An 10 kg for carry on. What I can't find is the price per Kg for additional weight.

Admin Reply :

The rates are given in the content above. If you increase weight from 24 to 28 kg, USD 50 is chargeable, from 29 to 32 kg, it is USD 80, nd rom 35 to 45 kg USD 160 is charged. Please note that no single check in bag shall be more than 32 kg in weight, so if you take more than this weight, then another bag has to be taken along.


Posted on 12-May-2019
Hi, I will be flying to Incheon from Singapore, then from gimpo to jeju with you guys as well. I understand that the baggage is 23kg on a one piece luggage. My luggage will be 28/29inch, which might be slightly more than 158cm in terms of dimension. May I know if I will be affected? And if so, what are the charges incurred? Any chance that it will be handled on exceptional basis since the first flight is already with Asiana. Thanks.

Admin Reply :

If you check in bag is 28 or 29 inches in L+B+H, then it does not make it 158 cm.It is less than 158cm because 158 cm=62 inches. Therefore, no issues in carrying it.

sumin do

Posted on 15-Dec-2018
Hello, I am flying from Seoul to Osaka and then later Osaka back to San Francisco with two suitcases. How much would it be to check in the luggages for each trip and is there a way to do so online or it must be done in person? Thanks!

Admin Reply :

IF tickets are issued on single PNR and the connection is provided by Asiana Airline, then 2 check in bags of 23 kg each is the free allowance. You are not required to pay for it. 

Ernest Sowandi

Posted on 09-Dec-2018
What will happen if I bring 2 carry on baggage in international flight? Will I be allowed to do that?

Admin Reply :

You might be asked to repack it and put it in check in baggage. 


Kong Debora

Posted on 05-Dec-2018
My flight is from Korea to Cambodia Can I bring 2suitcases and one carry on? and how much the baggage fee for 2 suitcases?

Admin Reply :

You can bring 2 check in bags of 23 kg each for free. This is the free allowance. Sum of dimensions of the bags shall not exceeed 158 cm (L+B+H). 1 cabin bag of up to 10 kg is also allowed free.


Posted on 02-Dec-2018
Hi, I understand one person for 20kg checkin luggage. However we hv 5 persons include 3 kids, it is impossible to ask the kids to carry 20kg each. We intend to bring only 2 luggage but it has exceeded 20kg each as we need to bring 5 sets of clothes and kids necessary. Please advise

Admin Reply :

The free check in baggage allowance of 20 kg is meant for the domestic routes of Asiana Airlines. If the kids are more than 2 years of age,then they are also allowed 20 kg check in baggage. Kids of less than 2 years of age are not allowed free check in baggage allowance of 20 kg. 

Generally, wherever the weight-based allowance is applicable, as is the case with the domestic routes of Asiana, the airline permits clubbing of the check-in bags on the condition that the weight of one bag shall not exceed 32 kg.  

We would request you to check with the airline local office also whether this is the policy there as well. 



Posted on 28-Nov-2018
Can i hand carry a small luggage (with wheels) and a backpack from US to MNL economy?

Admin Reply :

Luggage and back-pack will make 2 cabin bags which might not be allowed to be taken by hand. So, please take only 1 of these along with the personal item which is allowed in addition. 


Posted on 12-Oct-2018
Hello, I am confused about the dimensions of permitted baggage. Flying from London Heathrow to Fukuoka via Seoul Incheon, is a carry-on suitcase measuring 45cm x 40cm x 25cm (=110), weighing 10Kg, permitted in the cabin (carry-on)? And is a suitcase measuring 83cms x 52cms x 31cms (=166), weighing no more than 23Kg, permitted in the hold? And, if these suitcases are too big, what would the excess baggage charge be? Thank you.

Admin Reply :

Sum of dimensions of check in baggage is more than what is permitted. It shall be less than 158 cm in sum of dimensions nd up to 23 kg weight. For cabin baggage, the size and weight are okay.


Posted on 07-Oct-2018
Hi. Can i know the baggage allowance for business class from seoul back to singapore please. And what is the cost for excess baggage?

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 23 kg each are allowed free in check in baggage in business class travel. Cabin allowance is of 2 bags of total 10 kg.  The rates  for excess baggage are given in the content above. Please refer to these depending on whether it is oversized, overweight or additional baggage. 

Olivia C Alcantara

Posted on 03-Oct-2018
My husband and I are flying on Tuesday (Oct 9) going to the Philippines , How many free check baggages is allowed for us? If we have and extra check in baggage how much will I going to pay?

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the place of origin of flight. If you are not coming from Americas, 1 bag of 23 kg is free allowance in check in for economy class travellers. If it is business class, then 2 bags of 32 kg each. And, in First Class it is 3 bags of 32 kg each. 


Posted on 02-Oct-2018
I have purchased a mixed-class return ticket from Incheon to Sydney. The Incheon-sydney first flight was full in business so I had to book economy, but business was available and booked for the return flight from Sydney-Incheon. Will I be entitled to business baggage limits for the whole flight like with other airlines?... or will I only have economy limits for the first flight and business for the return flight?

Admin Reply :

It is economy class allowance for first leg and business class allowance for second leg of journey.

William Hilliard

Posted on 02-Oct-2018
I'm flying to Seoul Incheon from London Heathrow Saturday 13th October. My ticket say I get 1 piece of luggage. Is that 1 checked bag and 1 carry on?

Admin Reply :

Yes,  it  is 1 pcs of check in bag of up to 23 kg and 1 cabin bag of 10 kg whichi can be taken separate. 

Marina Kuznetsova

Posted on 02-Oct-2018
Dear Sir/Madam, we are flying with Asiana Airlines tomorrow from Rome to Seoul. Than we are making stopover for a little bit more than 24 hours. Then we are flying home to Sydney, Australia. My question is:"Will we receive our check-in luggage in Seoul or it goes directly from Rome to Sydney? We need to receive an answer as soon as possible due to booking a luggage storage. Do we need a storage or our luggage goes direcly to Australia, no matter that we stay in Seoul a little more than 24 hours? Your fast reply would be greatly appreciated, kind regards, Marina

Admin Reply :

Whether through check in would be possible or not will be told by the airline flying first. Please check with the airline directly. 


Posted on 27-Sep-2018
We are flying from Seoul to Jeju with 2 adults, 1 child, and 1 infant. How many pieces can we check in and carry on? Can we take a collapsible stroller on board??

Admin Reply :

Adults and children are allowed 20 kg free check in baggage per person. 1 check in baggage of 10 kg allowed for infants on Korea domestic routes of Asiana Airlines. Cabin allowance is 7 kg per person.

Shelley Remengesau

Posted on 26-Sep-2018
If I'm a Silver Member of Star Alliance and traveling from Taipei-Incheon-Palau, can I have two check-in baggage? Or if just one, how much do I have to pay to get a second bag checked in?

Admin Reply :

1 bag of 23 kg is free allowance  for check in and if you want to have more, then charges of up to USD 140 might have to be paid. 

Lydia Robledo

Posted on 25-Sep-2018
Can a passenger check in 2 pieces luggage for the for 23 kilos free check-in baggage allowance? (Traveling MNL-ICN-MNL on OZ)

Admin Reply :

No, this has to be 1 pcs of check in bag for a max of 23 kg and with size of 158 cm sum of dimensions.


Posted on 21-Sep-2018
what to do for 1 pc extra baggage as your in your promotion from delhi to korea

Admin Reply :

We do not think that they are running any special offer on baggage.


Posted on 20-Sep-2018
I am going to be travelling to Pakistan by Asiana(till beijing) and will have a connecting flight from Beijing(PIA) to Islamabad.How much weight I can carry on economy class?Also if I want to take an extra bag,how much will it cost me?

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the origin city from where the first flight will fly.  


Posted on 13-Sep-2018
Hi, Can I bring flashlight inside the plane it measures 8ā€ H and 2ā€ diameter?

Admin Reply :

It is better checked in. 


Posted on 13-Sep-2018
Hi, I would like to bring a violin in a hard case plus a small backpack on as cabin baggage. The total weight for both will be less than 10kg. Is this permitted as cabin baggage for economy class?

Admin Reply :

If sum of dimensions of the violin case is less than 115 cm, it can be carried for free in cabin. 


Posted on 13-Sep-2018
Hi, I am flying from Seoul Incheon to Singapore on economy class. Can I check for the 1 piece carry-on baggage does it refer to 1 bag pack only or can I carry 1 bag pack + 1 cabin luggage? Thank you

Admin Reply :

Carry on bag allowance is separate from check in baggage allowance. It has to be either 1 carry on baggage or 1 backpack. 

Valentina Vega

Posted on 13-Sep-2018
Hello, I am travelling from Seattle to Clark, and I'm an Asiana Club Gold Member (previously Diamond). How many pcs of luggage of 23kg am I allowed to check-in for free? Do I get an extra free luggage? It says free additional 9kg. Can that be a 3rd box? Or should it be added to one of the two boxes making first box 23kg, and the second 32kg? Thank you for your answer.

Admin Reply :

Yes, this is right. You are allowed 2 bags of 23 kg each and 1 cabin bag of 10 kg. Being a Gold member, you are allowed to take one check in bag of up to 32 kg ( 9 kgs more than 23 kg). This can not be a 3rd box. 


Posted on 08-Sep-2018
Travelling from Delhi to Incheon airport next week - what is the checkin baggage allowance in economy - 1 bag of 23 kgs or 2 bags of 23 kg each

Admin Reply :

It is 1 bag of 23 kg in check in baggage per passenger and 1 cabin bag of up to 10 kg. 


Posted on 08-Sep-2018
What is free baggage allowance from Seattle , USA to NEW DELHI in economy class ( CHECKED IN BAGGAGE AND HAND CARRY ) per passenger . So that we have no problem when we travel in Asiana Airlines in ECONOMY CLASS

Admin Reply :

2 check in bags of 23 kg each are allowed as free allowance per passenger (adult or child, not infant). Cabin baggage allowance is 1 cabin bag of up to 10 kg. Sum of dimensions of each check in bag shall not exceed 158 cm and sum of dimensions of the cabin baggage shall not be more than 115 cm. 


Posted on 07-Sep-2018
Im flying from Uzbekistan-Korea-Japan, so im allowed to carry 1 check in baggage (23kg) and carry on baggage (10kg), right?

Admin Reply :

Yes, this is right. 

Rob Smith

Posted on 03-Sep-2018
What is your policy on bringing umbrellas onto the plane as part of your carry on allowance? I have one that is under 90cm long. It also has a novelty katana-looking handle if that makes any difference?

Admin Reply :

Folding umbrella is allowed in cabin baggage. We must add that it will still depend on the airline officials at the airport whether they allow it in cabin or ask you to check it in. 

Genevieve Jackson

Posted on 30-Aug-2018
How many free luggage i can check in flying from US to Philippines? And what is the weight limit

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 23 kg each is the check in baggage allowance per passenger. Max weight which can be taken in one check in bag on payment of excess weight charges is 32 kg. 

Alfredo Molinas

Posted on 29-Aug-2018
I want to check in a box containing a bike. The box total dimensions is 203cm and the weight is less than 15kg. The route is from Korea to Japan. What would the charge be?

Admin Reply :

KRW 100,000/USD 100 would be charged since the size is more than 158 cm. 


Posted on 28-Aug-2018
Hi, Can I check if the additional piece of baggage needs to be bought in advance? Or will I be able to buy it over the counter at the airport during check in?

Admin Reply :

You can buy additional baggage online on You will get discounts when you buy online. However, it can also be bought at the airport check-in counter as well. 


Posted on 26-Aug-2018
how do they charge for extra 10 lbs on check in baggage USA-PHILIPPINES

Admin Reply :

For carrying more than 23 kg but upto 32 kg, the price is USD 100 for every such baggage. 


Posted on 25-Aug-2018
We are travelling from manila to los angeles. Can we bring frozen cooked foods in our check in luggage? Thank you.

Admin Reply :

Generally, the airline would allow it's carriage in check in baggage. However, you will have to seek permission on whether to take it in proper dry ice packing box or carry it frozen as it is. 


Posted on 21-Aug-2018
I'm flying from US to Philippines and work as a Sea-ferrer does it applies the same rule regarding the weight cause I'm over the limit of 23 per baggage

Admin Reply :

Airline does not provide special allowance for seamen.

MA LOURDES de leon

Posted on 21-Aug-2018
How much is the charge of additional baggage, route is Manila tp JFK New york?

Admin Reply :

Additional baggage charge is KRW 200,000 (equivalent) or USD 200. 

gladdy castillo

Posted on 21-Aug-2018
Can I checked in a television 55inc as a baggage in Asiana Airlines. If not what is the maximum inches of tv I have to bring

Admin Reply :

So long as the check in baggage weight and size limits are observed, any size TV can be carried. 


Arvind Arora

Posted on 19-Aug-2018
I am fying to Seoul Incheon Airport on 19/8/2018 0220 hrs flight from New Delhi. How much bagage can I carry as check in ? One bag or 2 bags? Ticket mentions 20 kgms check in & your website mentiions 23 kgms 1 bag. Pls clarify.

Admin Reply :

If its economy class travel, 1 check in bag of 23 kg  and 1 cabin bag of 10 kg is the allowance. From where the ticket has been booked-agency or Asiana Airline?


Posted on 14-Aug-2018
How heavy in kilograms my check-in luggage should be when I travel from London Heathrow to CLARK International in Luzon, Philippines?

Admin Reply :

It is 1 check in bag of 23 kg for economy, 2 bags of 32 kg each for business and 3 bags of 32 kg each for First class passengers. 


Posted on 11-Aug-2018
Hi, I want to trevel Busan(korea) to Lahore (Pak) in economic class. I have 3 baggeg 30+19+14 =63kg What is the extra charge?

Admin Reply :

Free checkin baggage allowance is limited to 1 bag of 23 kg only. For taking two more bags, KRW 110,000 per bag is to be paid. Additional KRW 80,000 is to be paid for bags of more than 23 kg but less than 32 kg weight.

Hermie Benaza

Posted on 08-Aug-2018
Are dried fish allowed in a check in luggage

Admin Reply :

For this , we would request you contact the local office. If allowed, it must be carried in proper packing and under certain conditions so that it does not smell at all. 


Posted on 07-Aug-2018
Hello, My baggage on my paper ticket says 2PC.. does that mean I can check in 2 baggage + hand carry or 1 baggage +hand carry? and how much is the max weight? Thanks

Admin Reply :

You shall mention the route of travel and cabin class of ticket booked so that we can help you. 

Beth Beveridge

Posted on 06-Aug-2018
Am I able to carry on board flight Syd. To Seoul _ a CPAP machine. I will not use it on the flight. For use in hotel and London only.

Admin Reply :

All airlines do allow CPAP machine to be carried in cabin baggage. Even if you do not use it in flight, we would recommend that you take it in cabin. You might need to produce documentation suggesting that this machine is needed by you (during the course of flight). 

Tasho Naumov

Posted on 05-Aug-2018
Hello, can I bring a pointy umbrella 85cm long with me on board? Will be travelling Business class Tokyo - London. Thank you!

Admin Reply :

Umbrella with pointed ends are generally not allowed inside cabin. 


Posted on 04-Aug-2018
I have a conection flight from Korea to Oceania and my final destination is South America. What's the baggage allowance?

Admin Reply :

From Korea to anywhere in Americas (north or south america), check in baggage allowance is 2 bags of 23 kg each for economy class, 2 bags of 32 kg each for business class and 3 bags of 32 kg each for First Class. Details are given in content above. 

One more thing to add. The allowance will be as given above when you are ticketed on same PNR for both legs of journey. If tickets are separate, do let us know. 


Posted on 04-Aug-2018
I am flying ethiopian airline to Accra via bangkok using asiana airline. What is the baggage allowance (check-in) because Ethiopia airline allow 2x 23 kg. will Asiana also allow for this?

Admin Reply :

From where are you flying? You have not mentioned the point of origin.

Ruby Lim

Posted on 12-Aug-2017
Is the check in baggage allowance from Gimpo Airport to Jeju Island - 20kg (FREE) (considered as domestic sector)? Carry-on per person is 10kg

Admin Reply :

Yes, it will be domestic flight. 


Posted on 30-Jul-2017
I am traveling from Seoul to Singapore Econ flight. What is the baggage allowance ? How many bag is allowed ? What is the charges for excess baggage . Thank you . POLLY

Admin Reply :

It is 1 check in bag of 23 kg each. Chrarges for extra baggage of up to 23 kg are KRW 110,000/USD 110 for your route. 

Megha Verma

Posted on 24-Jul-2017
I will be flying from New Delhi, India to San Fransisco, US on 10th September, 2017. For economic class, what is the charge for baggage exceeding 23kg? Also, what is the cost of an extra checked in baggage? For cabin baggage, can I bring one 8kg one and a bagpack?

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 23 kg each are allowed in check in baggage. If weight exceeds 23 kg but is less than 32 kg, then KRW 100,000/USD 100/ CAD 100 is the charge. And, if you are taking an extra baggage, then cost is just double of these prices, that is KRW 200,000/USD 200/CAD 200

Maya santos

Posted on 21-Jul-2017
I'm flying from Seoul to jeju on July 23. can I check in more than one piece of luggage ? Thanks

Admin Reply :

For domestic flights of Asiana, you are allowed 20 kg check in baggage free. However, if you are travelling on a codeshare flight of Asiana with Air Busan, this allowance is only 15 kg in check in baggage. Excess baggage will be charged at 2000 KRW per kg.

Richard Tan

Posted on 20-Jul-2017
How much is the baggage allowance from Incheon to Jakarta, Indonesia, for economy class passenger? How much is the excess baggage charge from Incheon to Jakarta?

Admin Reply :

1 bag of 23 kg is allowed in check in for economy class travel. 

Excess baggage charge with respect to carriage of one more piece of check in baggage upto 23 kg in weight is KRW 110,000/USD 110.

However, if the weight is more than 23 kg and bag is same, then there are different charges. 


Posted on 25-Feb-2017
Is there any size restriction for a checked box to Manila from NYC?

Admin Reply :

Yes, for economy class travellers, allowance is 2 bags of 23 kg each.

Gavin Yong

Posted on 20-Jun-2016
Hi, I have purchased a 2 wheel hoverboard. I would like to check whether this can be treated as check-in baggage or hand carry.

Admin Reply :

These are not allowed to be carried in flights. Neither in check-in nor in cabin 

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