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Scoot Airlines Special Assistance

Scoot provides special assistance to passengers having special needs. It is always better to inform the airline in advance of travel date, preferably at the time of ticket booking. If the passenger fails to notify the airline about the special needs and the airline is not able to make suitable arrangements at the airport, the carriage of passenger might be denied.

There is a need to fill a Special Service Request Form.

Pregnant Women

28th week and earlier

No medical certificate is required. If return journey happens beyond the 28th week of your pregnancy, then needed.

Uncomplicated single or  multiple pregnancies during:                     29 to 36 weeks

Medical certificate stating the following is required: fitness to travel

number of weeks of pregnancy

estimated date of delivery.

The certificate must be dated within ten days of the first flight after 28 weeks of pregnancy.

Uncomplicated single pregnancy beyond 36 weeks, or Uncomplicated multiple pregnancy beyond 32 weeks

Air travel is not allowed.

Unaccompanied Minors

Scoot does not allow carriage of unaccompanied minors below the age of 18. A person of 18 years of age or more shall travel with them.

Disabled People

Disabled persons have to call the airline at least 48 hours before the travel time to inform of any  special assistance required.

The passenger shall arrive for check-in at least 2 to 3 hours before the flight time.

Wheelchairs, even if these are carried by person, are checked-in at departure and these are returned at the arrival airport. Scoot provides wheelchair and high lift assistance for non-stop and single-stop flights of the airline and there are charges for the same.

  • Wheelchair: SGD 35 for non-stop flights and SGD 70 for 1-stop flights

  • High Lift: SGD 200 for non-stop flights and SGD 400 for 1-stop flights.

Other mobility assisting devices such as crutches, collapsible walkers and canes are to be carried in the overhead cabin.

Visually Impaired Passengers

Guests who are not able to see fully or partly are assisted by Scoot Airline. If a visually impaired passenger is not being accompanied by an  assistant, it is mandatory to have a meet and greet service taken from the airline.

It is important to contact center at least 48 hours before the flight departure time.

The airline staff will assist with assignment of seat, providing individual safety briefings and opening meals.

Hearing Impaired Passengers

These passengers are allowed to travel independently. However, it is required that they inform the airline about their hearing disability.

Service Dogs

If there is a need to carry the service dogs along with, the passenger shall inform the airline at least 48 hours before the travel, and preferably at the time of making the booking because only 2 service animals are allowed in a flight.

It is mandatory to seek meet and assist service if the passenger is travelling with service dog but not with a caretaker.  

Muzzle and harness are mandatory on service dogs but the airline does require you to carry these just in case there is a need for the same.

The dog is carried in cabin and does not entail any charges.

The dog is to be seated near the feet on the moisture absorbent mat.

For emotional support animals, there is a requirement to have valid and current documentation stating the purpose and establishing the identity of the animal.

IATA regulations on battery-powered mobility devices, including wheelchairs.


Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Rena Quek

Posted on 21-May-2023
Does Scoot charge for check in wheelchair ?

Admin Reply :

No, there are no charges for carryin wheelchair.

Sarmila Rai

Posted on 13-Apr-2023
I am 15 weeks pregnant and I have booked my flight ticket from bangkok to perth via singapore.what are the documents required?

Admin Reply :

If pregnancy is normal, no medical fitness certificate is needed. You can carry your regular pregnancy progress report just in case airline wants to ascertain period of pregnancy.

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