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Jet Airways Special Assistance

(updated: 18-02-2018)

Infant and Child Care:

Children between 2 to 12 years of age are given a special Child Meal which needs to be booked 24 hours before departure. Bassinet seats are also available on international flights for infants weighing 11 kgs or less. These are available only in Economy cabin class. Facility of changing diapers on the table is also provided in one of the washrooms.

Child Restraint Systems (CRS) are mandatory for infants occupying the seats. These shall be of configuration approved by FAA. Jet Airways does not provide CRS and guests have to carry their own systems. 

Expectant Mothers:

The guidelines for expectant mothers vary on domestic and international flights.

On domestic flights within India and to/from Dhaka, Colombo and Kathmandu, following are the special assistance provisions:

  • For pregnancy up to 32 weeks, there is no requirement of fit to fly certificate provided there is no prior complication. In case there is some complication or in cases where there has been complicated single pregnancy or multiple pregnancies, then the Fit to Fly certificate is required from Obstetrician and Company Medical Department.
  • For pregnancy between 33 to 36 weeks, Fit to Fly certificate is required from treating obstetrician though clearance is not needed from Company Medical Department. However, cases of complicated single pregnancy and multiple pregnancies are not allowed.
  • For women in 37 to 38 weeks of pregnancy, cases of uncomplicated single pregnancy are allowed provided Fit To Fly certificate is issued to her by treating obstetrician and is accompanied by a MBBS doctor. Company Medical department clearance is also required in this case.
  • Women more than 38 weeks of pregnancy are not allowed on domestic flights.

On other international flights except Dhaka, Kathmandu and Colombo, the following provisions (as distinct from the domestic flights) are attracted:

  • Up to 28 weeks, there is no need for any certificate if there is no prior complication.
  • From 29 weeks to 35 weeks, uncomplicated single pregnancy cases are accepted but a Fit to Fly certificate from obstetrician is required. In cases of multiple pregnancy and complicate single pregnancy, Fit to Fly certificate from obstetrician and Company Medical Department clearance is needed. However, these cases are allowed till 32 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Women after 35 weeks of pregnancy are not allowed to fly on international flights.

Unaccompanied Minors:

Unaccompanied Minor is a person who is of age between 6-12 years (for domestic flights) or 5-12 years (for international flights) and is either traveling alone or with a person or group of persons whose one or more members are less than 18 years of age. Jet Airways takes complete responsibility of the child. The parent or guardian is required to fill a UMNR form providing the information about the person to whom the child shall be handed-over on reaching the destination. For connecting flights on other airlines, the policy of the connecting airline has to be considered. Another important thing to note is that Child Discount is not applicable in cases of UMNR. UMNR are seated at galley where the crew can keep an eye on the minor.

In cases of international travel where there is a need for overnight stay, the UMNR is not accepted but when he/she has to board a connecting flight on Jet or another airline, the parents or guardian is required to nominate a person at the stopover destination to take care of UMNR. If this is not done, UMNR will not be accepted.

Jet Airways will take responsibility of transfer of UMNR on a connecting flight on its own plane on the condition that connecting time is 4 hours or more. However, in case the UMNR has connecting flight on another airline, UMNR will be transferred provided connecting time is less than 4 hours and there is no need to leave the terminal building. However, where exit has to happen at the terminal of airport, there is a need for having some person nominated by parents/guardian to take the UMNR and deliver him/her to the onward aircraft.

Even Young Passengers (falling within the age bracket of 13 -16 years) can be treated as UMNR provided the parents request them to be treated thus.

Charges for UMNR: Rs 1500 or USD 30 are levied travel within India. Rs 3000 or USD 60 are levied on Short Haul international flights (India to SAARC nations + Return trip from Kolkata to Bangkok). USD 100 for rest of the Long-haul flights.

Persons with Disabilities:

Reduced Mobility passengers who require wheelchair for moving about. Charges are not levied if the person can give a certificate towards the necessity of this requirement. Personal wheelchairs and other assistive devices are carried as checked in baggage without the levy of extra charges. Power driven wheelchairs which have wet batteries are not carried on ATR. Dry battery driven assistive devices are permitted. On-board wheelchairs are provided on all airplanes of Jet Airways except B737 and ATR72. 

Persons who want wheelchair assistance shall inform airline at least 48 hours before departure time of flight. In case of boarding at Ex-Europe destinations, this request shall be made at least 36 hours prior to flight departure. 

Passengers who want to use their own wheelchairs are required to have wheelchairs in conformity with standards laid down by Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee (DPTAC), UK. 

For the visually, hearing and mentally impaired guests , there is a provision to allow for service animals and/or escorts.

Service dogs and emotional support dogs are allowed to be carried in cabin with the condition that these shall be properly trained, restrained and muzzled. Additionally, you must be carrying a moisture absorbent mat where the dof would be seated. Advance notice of at least 48 hours is required for carrying emotional support animal (not the service dog). MEDIF form and proper documentation from licensed practitioner is required. Guests are required to produce credible evidence that the dog is properly trained, vaccinated and is healthy. 

Pre-boarding service is provided to passengers who are carrying the service dogs or medical instruments or assitive devices. 

Requirement of Safety Assistant for Certain Passengers

a) Stretcher-bound passengers

b) Mentally disabled, who are not able to read or understand or respond to safety guidelines

c) Mobility impaired, who would not be able evacuate themselves in case of an emergency

d) Severe hearing and visual impairment guests, who can not understand or respond to safety instructions or are not able to evacuate themselves in case of an emergency. 

e) Wheelchair bound children of less than 12 years of age.

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Firoz Akhtar

Posted on 16-Dec-2019
Sir, Need to know If I can carry 55 inch LED tv to Delhi, Please advise,

Admin Reply :

Is jet airways operational?


Posted on 17-Dec-2018
Hi I'm travelling alone with my 1 year old baby from Bombay to Dammam. Will I get a personal care attendant.

Admin Reply :

No, personal care attendants are not provided by the airlines. 


Posted on 13-Oct-2018
Hi, I want to travel from Kochi to Sharjah with my 4month old baby. What is the baggage allowance for both of us? Will I get any personal care Assistance since I am travelling alone with the baby.

Admin Reply :

30 kg is free check in baggage allowance for adults and 10 kg check in baggage allowance for infants. Cabin baggage allowance of 7 kg is allowed as well for adults. 

Ranna Parikh

Posted on 05-Oct-2018
What is the difference between Wheelchair required to and from seat &Wheelchair required to and from aircraft door

Admin Reply :

Please let us know what is your precise requirement. 


Posted on 01-Oct-2018
Could you please provide me for pregnancy fit to fly certification

Admin Reply :

Please contact your doctor for it. 

Boopathi natarajan

Posted on 30-Sep-2018
Hi ,this is boopathi Natarajan . My wife is 27 week pregnancy lady. We are going to go india from dammam ,Saudi Arabia on 9 th oct 2018 .We have fit to fly certificate from the hospital where we have been done medical checkup for pregnancy .I would like to know that this sufficient document to travel in flight. please let me know if it is anymore document for flight in your airways.

Admin Reply :

Fit to fly certificate is fine. It shall mention details such as expected delivery date, weeks of pregnancy and  others. 

Vellaichamy Shanmugavelu

Posted on 29-Jul-2017
Hello, I am Vellaichamy Shanmugavelu. Kindly cancel my air ticket that 29/07/2017 at 0915 am from Chennai to Thiruchirappalli. Thanks& Regards V.Shanmugavelu.

Admin Reply :

We did not make your  ticket. Please follow up with the website where it was made. 

anit gandhi

Posted on 16-Feb-2017
can we take more then 49" + led/smart tv from muscat to mumbai

Admin Reply :

If it is Boeing 737 flight, then only 48 inches max screen size TV allowed. If not, then up to 55 inches screen size allowed but for every TV more than 40 inches, charges have to be paid. This is given in content.

Mohammad ejaz

Posted on 20-Aug-2016
Sir i want to ask you why workpermit required to get GP letter because when i go to purchase jet airways ticket with GP letter . Travel agent ask me for work permit to issuer GP letter she told its necessary for kharafi national employs only

Admin Reply :

You will get your answer on this link:


Posted on 10-Aug-2016
so can i take 40 kg baggage for my son?

Admin Reply :

If child is more than 2 years of age, he or she is entitled to same allowance as that of an adult. However, this allowance depends on route of travel and one check in bag shall not be more than 32 kg weight.


Posted on 08-Aug-2016
Thank you, but in my ticket it has written that 20 kg for child, i spoke with customer care executive she told me that my child ticket booked in some concession ( differece between my son and my ticket price is 1000 INR), so they told me nly 20 kg is allowed for child.

Admin Reply :

Very correct. They are right. For booking classes W &O on child fares, the child bookings on discount fare would entitle them to 20 kg allowance. But, this is applicable when you are travelling in Premiere Class (non-economy). 


Posted on 06-Aug-2016
Iam travelling to chennai from doha on 12th nigh with my 2 and half old year son, I would like to know about the baggage allowances for my son .Thank you

Admin Reply :

He will be allowed same allowance as that of an adult since he is more than 2 years of age. 


Posted on 01-Aug-2016
Hi there, I am travelling to India from London UK 31st August 2016. I will be 15 weeks pregnant at the time. Will I be ok to travel without any confirmation from doctor? I will also be using a connecting flight from Mumbai to rajkot. Please can you provide me the correct procedures so that I am prepared for my travels. Kindest Regards,

Admin Reply :

There is no such requirement of a certificate if yours is a case of single, uncomplicated pregnancy.


Posted on 01-Aug-2016
My mother will be travelling alone for the first time from doha to mumbai on 6th aug 2016.She is 60yrs.Is there any provision in jet airways that she can get special assistance in flight and on ground both in doha and mumbai??

Admin Reply :

What kind of assistance is required? If she needs assistance with luggage, the porter services are provided by the airport, not by the airline.


Posted on 26-Jul-2016
My wife is 2 month pregnant and traveling alone on. 30 th July From dammam to kochiand she is having nausea and vomiting is there any services is provided in jetairways to help her in that condition

Admin Reply :

What kind of assitance would you expect? Cabin crew can assist her in taking her to the restroom if she feels nausea. In case you feel that there could be problem, we recommend taking a fit-to-fly certificate from doctor. 


Posted on 20-Jun-2016
Please sir tell me I book a ticket from jaipur to kocchin in September our flight is layover at Mumbai so I am very confused that how to get again flight for kocchi from mumbai

Admin Reply :

Which airline you booked with and whether it was some agency which booked tickets? Also, what it the layover time at Mumbai?

Bala Bhat

Posted on 04-Jun-2016
I am planning to travel from Pune to Delhi on 30th July this year. That would be the last day of my 36th week of pregnancy. Can I travel on jet airways if I have fit to fly certificate from my gynaecologist?

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can travel with Fit to Fly certificate but yours shall be a case of single and uncomplicated pregnancy. 

Deva Pon Pushpam

Posted on 30-Mar-2016
Please send me the format for fit to fly certificate for 30 weeks expectant mother in domestic flight.

Admin Reply :

The format is available with the doctors. You can have it from them. However, if you want to take some guidance, it is incorporated in this PDF file of Spicejet Airline- 


Posted on 26-Mar-2016
My route of travel is from jammu to srinagar.... Than how much weight is allowed?

Admin Reply :

22 kg check in allowed. No hand baggage. 


Posted on 25-Mar-2016
How much weight of luggage is allowed in jetairways???

Admin Reply :

This depends on your route of travel, cabin class booked and frequent flyer membership status.


Posted on 20-Mar-2016
Can I travel from jammu to srinagar in jetairways flight if I m 35 weeks pregnant, provided I have no complications at all and have fitness certificate from certified gynecologist?

Admin Reply :

Allowed if you are carrying  a Fit to Fly certificate from treating doctor/

priyanka gandhi

Posted on 16-Feb-2016
hii, I want to courier some parcel( food items) to my husband who lives in London n Sheffield ..what is courier charges per kg...and how many time its takes to deliver the parcel

Admin Reply :

We are not the right people for this query. Please contact the local courier agency. 


Posted on 15-Jan-2016
Hi, My Wife is 22 weeks pregnant now, and plans to travel during April 1st week and she will be 33 weeks then. Can the flight be booked now without any need to submit her pregnancy details to Jet-Airways? Or is there a document to be submitted before booking the flight, if so pls provide the same? Thanks

Admin Reply :

Yes, flight can be booked. But, you will have to take all necessary docs with you at the time of flight. There will also be a need for Fit to Fly certificate from her treating doctor since she would be 33 weeks pregnant. This certificate shall be taken a few days, 2 or 3, before scheduled departure of flight. 


Posted on 30-Dec-2015
can i travel during 29 weeks of pregnanacy

Admin Reply :

yes you can travel in 29 weeks of pregnancy. If you do not have any complication and when it is a single pregnancy, there is no need for medical certificare as well. 


Posted on 30-Dec-2015
hi, i am currently 24 weeks pregnanat and have booked my tickkets from dubai to kochin on2016 januvary 25.i am flying alone i want to confirm whether fit to fly certifacate is required for me?

Admin Reply :

No, it is not needed if there is no complication and yours is a cases of single pregnancy. 


Posted on 16-Nov-2015

Admin Reply :

Please contact the agency with which you booked initially. 

debajit chakraborty

Posted on 05-Nov-2015
Hello, my wife is travelling from Dibrugarh to Ahmedabad via jet on 28th November she is expecting baby on March last week now she is 21 weeks pregnant should I take any medical certificate fitness certificate.

Admin Reply :

No certificate is needed provided there are no prior complications. However, you must carry pregnancy progress report/chart/booklet to prove that she is less 21 weeks pregnant.


Posted on 22-Oct-2015
Dear Admin, My wife is pregnant 32 weeks , she is allowed to travel from DMM(DAMMAM. SAUDI ARABIA) to TRV(TRIVANDRUM, INDIA),

Admin Reply :

She is allowed to travel up to 32 weeks of pregnancy. Though Fit to Fly is not required bythe carrier for this time period, there is no harm in getting the advice of doctor and taking this certificate. 


Posted on 15-Oct-2015
Hello sir, I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and have booked my tickets from Dubai to Delhi of 7 November. I am flying with my husband I want to confirm whether fit to fly certificate is required for me?

Admin Reply :

By the time you would be flying, you would be about 31 weeks pregnant. Now, Jet does not required a Fit To Fly  certificate till 32 weeks of pregnancy provided there is no prior complication or multiple pregnancy. However, you shall carry the pregnancy progress medical reports or chart in order to prove that you are up to 32 weeks pregnant.


Posted on 18-Sep-2015
sir I\'m 35 week and 3 days pregnant.I want to fly kolkata to jaipur. I have fit to fly certificate but it is written on a doctor\'s latter head not on a format...becouse my dr had no any format. is it sufficient to fly?

Admin Reply :

What information is contained on that letterhead is important. It shall mention progress of pregnancy, expected due date and that you are not having any complications and that you are fit to fly in all respects. These are just indicative mentions and not an exhaustive list. 


Posted on 16-Sep-2015
is there any format of fit to fly certificate?

Admin Reply :

Doctors have the format with them. 


Posted on 24-Aug-2015
Hi, I would be flying from London to Mumbai with Jet airways on 6th of September 2015. I would be 31+6 days pregnant then. Would then travel from Mumbai to Nagpur on 8th of September 2015 again by a Jet airways flight. Mine is the case of a single uncomplicated pregnancy and I\'ll be carrying a Fit to fly certificate from my general physician. My GP needs a format for fit to fly certificate that Jet airways would require. Can you please give me a sample or a format form that I need to get filled in from my GP. It would be a great help. Thanks in advance!

Admin Reply :

We nearly missed your query in the middle of server upgrade. Generally, gynaes and obstetricians have this format. PLease note that this certificate has to be from the treating obstetrician. 


Posted on 23-Aug-2015
Hi,I want to travel from Dxb to cok in jet airways which will b 31 week of pregnancy.I can travel these time actually.can u replay plzz anyone.i have docter certificate also replay plz .

Admin Reply :

IF there is no complication and it is a case of single pregnancy then Fit-to-fly certificate from obstetrician is required since you are more than 28 weeks pregnant. However, if yours is a case of complication, then you need additional clearance from Company Medical Clearance. 


Posted on 13-Jul-2015
Dear Sir, I want to travel from Cochin to Doha on 22 july 2015 in Jet Airways, which will be my 23 week of pregnancy. From your information it is clear that there no need of fit to fly certificate. I want to know that, Is there any need of any other evidence or certificate for travelling in this week. Kindly reply....

Admin Reply :

You are right. There is no need for any certificate as such but it is advisable to carry your pregnancy progress report so that, if needed, you can show it as an evidence of which week you are in. 

Jalada Vadodaria

Posted on 04-Jul-2015
Dear Madam/ Sir i am an expectant mother and i want to travel from coimbatore to mumbai in the end of september, which will be my 32nd week of pregnancy. I have been through your website but couldn't get exact information regarding my travel, so please answer me properly regarding it. Kindly let me know whether i can travel through air india in the week and tell me if i need to bring any more certificates to travel. Waiting for your quick reply. yours sincerely, Jalada Vadodaria

Admin Reply :

You should have put this question on this page: Upto and including 32 week pregnancy at the time of flying, you are not required to produce any certificate. But, if you are making a booking when you have crossed 32 week of pregancny, and would be flying at a time when you would be 35 weeks pregnant, then a Fit to Fly certificate is required from attending obstetrician.  

Geetha Muneendra

Posted on 24-Jan-2015

JET AIRWAYS: Am planning to travel from Hyderabad to Bangalore during 31st week of my pregnancy through jet airways, As i red the that FIT TO FLY certificate is not required for less than 32 weeks. *Is there any evidence required to prove that am less than 32 weeks during boarding. * If i plan journey after 32 weeks where can i get the format of FIT TO FLY CERTIFICATE or doctor prescription letter is enough. kindly clarify. Thank you.

Admin Reply :

yes, there is a need for evidence that you are less than 32 weeks of pregnancy. This evidence is of carrying your medical card or booklet which records your visits to your doctor. There is no need for Fit to Fly certificate if you having a single pregnancy and there are no complications and also when it is less than 32 weeks. However, if it crosses 32 weeks, then a Fit to Fly certificate is required. Ideally, the best practice is to have this certificate issued in less than 48 hours of travel date. However, if there is no complication and there is single pregnancy, then this time period can be relaxe to 10 days. 

Fit to Fly certitificates are provided by the doctors (they have their formats) and these are mandatory. 

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