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Singapore Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

KrisFlyer is the frequent flyer program of Singapore Airlines.

Earning KrisFlyer Miles

a)      While Flying: There are many different ways in which the KrisFlyer Miles can be earned. These can be earned for flying (with Singapore Airlines, SilkAir and other partner airlines), stay, charge, book, drive, call or shop.  What you will earn will also depend on class of travel.

While flying with Singapore Airlines, Suites class travelers will get 300% for R and 150% for F and P, First Class will get 150% for A,F and P booking class, 125% for Business class and C, D, J and Z booking categories and the Economy travelers are further categorized in three levels-100% for B, E, H, K, L, M, S, U, W, Y booking class, 50% for N and Q and 10% for T and V booking classes.

You are not entitled to earn the Miles while travelling on Suites and First Class travel on SilkAir. Business class travel would be able to earn 125% of miles flown on C, D, J and Z booking classes whereas for the Economy Class travel, there are three different slabs as given in the preceding paragraph.

If you want to know about the miles gained while flying with partner airlines, then you will have to use the mileage calculator as it varies according to the sector of travel.  Partner airlines include the 26 member airlines of Star Alliance and 6 other airlines such as Air India, TAM airlines, Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia and US Airways.

It takes 2-4 weeks for the miles to be shown in the account.

b)      Co-branded credit card is another way of earning the KrisFlyer Miles (KFMs). These cards are available for Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia and UAE.

For Singapore, there are 4 different types of co-branded cards with AmEx meant for Solitaire PPS (5000 bouns KFMs on first spend+2 or 1 KFMs on every SGD 1 spent on making online booking and on various shopping outlets+ 10000 KFMs for spending minimum SGD 50000 and another 10000 for reaching SGD 100000 on card spend during a calendar year), PPS Club Platinum(same as above, except that the additions 10000 KFMs for reaching SGD 100000 card spend is not available here), KrisFlyer Ascent (5000 bonus KFMs on firs tspend+2 KFMs for every SGD 1.2 spent on buying tickets online on and purchases+300 KFMs for every SGD 500 spent above the minimum of SGD 1000 in same calendar month )and KrisFlyer Gold (5000 bonus+ 2 KFMs for $1.6 spend on Krishshop, online buying and other purchases+ extra 50% miles for minimum charge of SGD 5000 on card+50% more by increasing spend to SGD 12000, upto a cap of 8000 miles).

For Australia, there are 2 co-branded cards: the Westpac Platinum (1 KFM for every AUD 2 spent for shopping with merchants located in Australia+1.5 KFM for every AUD 1 spent for shopping with merchants located outside Australia on Visa Cards and for AmEx cards + you can double the earned miles on usual spend by online booking+ 6 months complimentary travel insurance for paying for overseas travel using these cards+10000 promotional miles on activation extra) and Westpac Gold (1 KFM for every AUD 2 spent through Visa marker card and 1 KFM per AUD 1 spent through AmEx Card + double miles earning by online booking+5000 promotional miles on activation+3 months complimentary travel insurance for overseas travel) Cards. In each of these types of cards, 2 cards are offered.

For Hong Kong, there is only one co-branded card- BOC Singapore Airlines Visa Platinum Card (1 KFM for every HKD 10 spent + double miles for online booking + annual fee waiver worth HKD 800 and for additional card, fee waiver is worth HKD 600+56-day interest free payment period+24-month interest free installments for purchases at select outlets).

For Japan, there are two types of co-branded cards-JCB and Mitsui Sumitomo. JCB cards are of two types: JCB Gold (1 KFM for every JPY 100+ 5000 KFMs on activation +free travel insurance up to 100 million JPY) and JCB Classic (1 KFM for every JPY 100+2000 KFMs on activation +free travel insurance up to 30 million JPY). Mitsui Sumitomo cards are also of two types- Mitsui Sumitomo Gold (1 KFM for every JPY 100+2000 KFMs on activation + free travel insurance up to 3 million JPY) and Mitsui Sumitomo Classic (1 KFM for every JPY 100+2000 KFMs on activation +free travel insurance up to 10 million JPY and free shopping insurance of up to 1 million yen).

For Indonesia, there are 2 cards- BCA Singapore Airlines PPS Club Visa Infinite Card and BCA Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Visa Signature Card. Visa Infinite card spending would earn 1 KFM for IDR 5500 spent + 12500 KFM after spending IDR 5 million in first 2 months of issuance date + complementary Sapphire membership for spending IDR 20 million in first 2 months. Visa Signature card spending earns you 1 KFM for every 10500 IDR spent in Indonesia and for every 8000 IDR spent internationally. Welcome bonus of 10000 KFM is tied to spending 3 million IDR within 2 months from issue of card. Other benefits include converting the spending into interest free instalments, pay 1 for 2 for dining in select hotels and watching movies at the Premiere.

For Malaysia, there is one card called Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer American Express Gold Credit Card. The miles earned are related directly to amount of money spent. Spending RM30000, RM40000 and RM100000 respectively earns you 15k, 20k and 50k miles. 3000 KFM is earned on the activation of card. There is no bonus miles for RM30000 but for other two categories of spend, the miles earned are 20k and 50k respectively. Bonus miles are awarded after yearly renewal

For Taiwan, there is one card-American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Credit Card. First spend earns you 5000 KFMs. 2 and 1 KFMs are earned for every NT$30 spent respectively for booking tickets online on the website of Singapore Airlines and on making purchases of other items.

        For UAE also there is one card-Standard Chartered - Singapore Airlines Business Credit Card. On spending every 3 AED from this card, you earn 1 “Business Reward” which can be converted to 1 KFM.

    c)    Credit and charge cards: Singapore Airlines has tie-ups with 33 credit and card companies worldwide. You can earn the KFMs while spending on these cards. These 33 companies are: AmBank, American Express, ANZ, Bank Danamon, Bank SA, BCA, BII, BNI, CTBC bank, CIMB Niaga, Citibank, DBS, Diners Club International, HSBC, ICICI Bank, Bank Mandiri, Maybank, Metrobank, Mitsui Sumitomo, MUFG Card, National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia, OCBC, Panin Bank, PermataBank, RBS, RHB Bank Berhad, Samsung, Cathay United Bank (Cambodia), Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, UOB and Westpac.

    d)    Hotels and serviced residences: Worldwide, 31 hotels/ hotel groups can be used for earning KFMs. Here is how will you will earn these KFMs:

        Accor hotels (4000 Le Club points = 2000 KFMs); Ascott, Citadines and Somerset (150 KFMs for 1 qualifying night stay); For most of the hotels such as Carlson Rezidor Hotels, Fairmont, Raffles & Swissotel, Global Hotel Alliance, HPL hotels and resorts, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, InterContinental Hotels, Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts, Langham Hospitality, Leading Hotels of the World, Mandarin, Maybourne, Meritus,  Melia, Millennium & Copthorne, New Otani, Okura, Park Regis, Peninsula, Preffered Hotels, Regent, Rendezvous, Rotana, Taj Hotels and Worldhotels, you earn 500 KMFs for 1 QN stay.

For some other hotels such as Hilton Worldwide and Kerzner, you earn 1 KFM for every eligible USD spent. In case of Marriott, 2 KFM is earned for every eligible USD 1 spent. For Shangri La Hotels and Resorts, you earn either 1 KFM per Golden Circle Award point converted or 500 KFMs per QN. For Starwood Hotels and Resorts, you earn 1 KFM per Starpoint or up to 3 KFMs per USD spent.

    e)    Other Partners: Singapore Airlines KFMs can also be earned with some of the other partners which include shopping and car rental companies.

     f)    KrisFlyer Spree: Singapore Airlines has launched the online mega mall selling a diverse range of products and services by the name of KrisFlyer Spree. The miles can be earned in this program by by buying the products from about 2000 different partners. Spending every USD 10 on here could earn you 19 to 25 KrisFlyer Miles and if you choose Godaddy domain names, hosting serives or other products, then the earning can even be 185 KrisFlyer Miles for every USD 10 spent. In case of refunds, the Miles will not be transferred into account. For this reason of processing of refunds, the miles would be transferred to account after 90 days.


Redeeming KFMs


There are three ways in which you can redeem the KFMs. These are availing the awards tickets, upgrading the class of travel and mixing the KFMs and cash for booking done on the carrier and SilkAir through

When you buy the award ticket online, you would often get a discount of 15% of original number of KFMs required. The awards which can be gained are of three types: saver, standard and full. These vary according to sector of travel. The airlines has divided the sectors of flights into 15 different zones and redemption is calculated on the basis of a chart. This awards tickets redemption can  be done for one-way or round trip.

Like the awards, you can also opt for upgrades. These are also available for one way or round trips, with half as many miles required for one-way as compared with two-way trip.

You can also mix miles and cash on Singapore Airlines and SilkAir tickets with the condition that you shall be having at least 5000 KFMs balance per transaction. In case of mix, you can either use part or full air fare for KFMs. Also, this redemption can be done in favour of any or all of your five redemption nominees.


Redemption can also be done on other partner airlines, including 26 Star Alliance members and 3 other airline partners (Virgin Atlantic, TAM and US Airways). You can get the Star Alliance award tickets for which you need a minimum of 15000 KFMs in account. For the purpose of redemption, there are 12 regions or sectors of flight and redemption also varied according to class of travel-economy, first or business class.

Star Alliance upgrade awards can also be taken towards redemption. How many upgrade awards have to be used depends on booking class of travel and region of travel (there are 12 regions for this purpose). Besides the one way and round trip awards, there are the Round TheWorld Awards for which you can use 180000 KFMs in economy, 240000 in Business and 360000 in First Class for traveling to any 7 cities around the world.


PPS Club is the exclusive recognition program of Singapore Airlines and SilkAir. This program has been created for those travelers who travel frequently on premium classes of these carriers (only Business Class of SilkAir included).

By becoming a PPS Club member, you get higher levels of service as well as personalised attention. If you accrue a PPS value of SGD 25000 within a period of consecutive 12 months, you become its member. If the accrual exceeds this value, then the excess with go towards the Reserve Value which will be the first charge for next renewal of PPS Club membership. There are a number of privileges for its members. These are:

  • 25% tier bonus on actual number of miles flown. This is not available on economy class tickets booked in G,N,Q,T and V booking classes.

  • Guaranteed Economy Class seat booking on Singapore Airlines and SilkAir only. Not applicable for award flights or for flights operated on code-share basis.

  • If you are in waiting list of Singapore Airlines, SilkAir or Star Alliance partners, then you would be given priority in case seat becomes available. But, this is not applicable in cases of award flights or flight upgrades. Even your immediate family can avail of it (spouse and children).

  • You would also be given a preference over others for Airport Standby if you do not have confirmed ticket. This is applicable to Singapore Airlines, SilkAir, Star Alliance or Virgin Atlantic but not for award flights or upgrades.

  • Priority Check In is another facility provided to you and to your immediate family. You are allowed to use Business Class counter while traveling in Economy Class of Singapore Airlines or SilkAir. Similarly, you can use designated counters of Star Alliance members and Virgin.

  • You and your immediate family members can also have a 100% increase in allowed baggage allowance while flying on Singapore Airline or SilkAir. Also, you can either have additional 1 piece of luggage or extra 20 kgs while flying on Star Alliance partners depending on whether the ‘piece’ or the ‘weight’ concept applies. On Virgin Atlantic, you can carry an additional piece of luggage with maximum weight of 23 kg. On Virgin Australia, privileges associated with check in baggage are dependent on types of flights and class of travel. For domestic and short haul flights,  economy class travelers can bring in 2 additional pieces of luggage of max weight of 23 kgs or 1 additional baggage of up to 32 kgs in Premium and Business class categories. For the long haul flights to USA, an additional baggage is allowed and for other destinations, an additional 20 kgs is allowed.

  • Priority boarding and baggage handling and access to lounges of airlines are some of the other benefits associated with it.

Besides the PPS Club, there is an even more exclusive category of Solitaire PPS Club Member. PPS Club members are elevated to the Solitaire status if they are able to accumulate PPS value worth SGD 250000 within 5 years of their becoming the Club members.

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