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Vistara Refunds

If you are making use of the carrier’s own booking system then the refunds will be processed within 7 days but when the booking has been done through an agent or online portal, refunds would be processed by them.

As a policy, there is no provision of offering future travel documents in lieu of refund of tickets.

Cancellation of domestic flights within India

In cases of cancellations happening due to forces beyond the control of airlines, the carrier is not under any obligation to pay the compensations or to provide facilities. These conditions also include cancellations attributable to ATC, meteorological conditions, risks of security, strike, etc. These even include external factors such as bird strike, bandh, crew not able to reach due to jams, delays due to offloading or gate no-shows.

It is the duty of Air Vistara to inform the customers who have provided it relevant landline/mobile nos or email ID at least 3 hours prior to the flight departure time. If it fails to communicate the cancellation, passengers are eligible for monetary compensation or refunds of tickets.

Air Vistara Ticket Cancellation and Change in Itinerary Fee is given in following chart:

    Change Fee (besides fare difference) No-Show Fee Cancellation Fee
Economy Super Saver INR 3,500 Non Ref INR 4000
Saver INR 3,000 Non Ref INR 3,500
Flexi fare difference INR 5,000 INR 2,500
Premium Economy Saver INR 3,000 Non Ref INR 3,500
Flexi fare difference INR 5,000 INR 3,000
Business Class Saver INR 3,000 Non Ref INR 4,000
Flexi fare difference INR 5,000 INR 3,000

Monetary compensation is the lower sum of Rs 2000 or ticket price for flights having block time of 1 hr; Rs 3000 or ticket value for block time of 1-2 hours and Rs 4000 or ticket value for more than 2 hours of block time for flights.

Monetary compensation will not be provided when the passenger has not provided the right contact number at the time of making the bookings and only refunds are provided in this case.  

Besides compensation, the other options provided are: refund of tickets, flight back to first point of departure and alternate transportation to final destination at the same time or at a future date.

There is also a provision of providing facilities such as meals and refreshments, hotel accommodation and transfers if these are necessary.

Delays in Flight

In case a customer has checked in on time but there is delay is flight of 2, 3 or 4 hours for flights having block time of upto 2.5 hrs, 2.5-5 hrs and of more than 5 hours, then passengers will get only the facilities at the airport. These facilities include meals and refreshments or hotel accommodation, if necessary. However, these facilities will not be provided if the factors causing delay are not in control of the carrier.

Denied Boarding

When the passengers have been denied boarding, the carrier is liable to pay the compensation. Voluntary denied boarding arising out of overbooking of flights would also be met with benefits to the passengers who have volunteered to deboard. In other cases, where the passengers are denied boarding against their own wish, the compensation will be according to the rule mentioned above. However, this compensation will not be payable in cases where passenger is denied boarding due to reasons of failure of observing safety and security rules, under influence of alcohol and drugs, objectionable and offensive behaviour, suffering from infectious or contagious disease, etc.




Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Vijay Kumar dhar

Posted on 28-Sep-2022
Refund initiated by vistara on 17 Sept 2022 in respect of PNR NO SQ9LFZ not paid by makemytrip with the reason that makemytrip has not received the same from vistara. Please resolve.

Admin Reply :

You will have to take up this matter with the agency itself. We are an indepent informative website only. 

Gottla Bhumesh

Posted on 14-Jul-2020
Sir pls my flight is cancel when are coming ammount tell me my mobile number 6005250495

Admin Reply :

The refund information will be given by the entity which booked ticket.


Posted on 12-Jul-2020
Booking Id FF2003226424215 PNR WXJ7WK GAU TO SXR on 06April. Plz cancel the tour refund the amount.

Admin Reply :

For cancellation and refund purposes, you will have to approach the entity which booked tickets for you. This could be airline or agency.

Sandhya Thakur

Posted on 01-Jul-2020
We requested for refund over the phone. NO further actions were taken. THE PNR no is LOBOP4. Please kindly arrange refund and charge for the cancellation charges. As we have been put on hold endless times and in the last the person mentioned that there would be a cancellation fees and i agreed to that and than the phone call was disconnected. Please arrange the refund as soon as possible .

Admin Reply :

At first, we are not the airline, nor associated with any airline or agency. We are an informative website only. Second, with respect to the refunds during Covid 19 times, the airlines may not be able to process refunds in time. However, you shall approach the airline or agency whoever booked tickets for you.


Posted on 12-Dec-2019
I missed my flight. I went to vistara counter they told me that i can have goverment taxes back. so how can i get that.

Admin Reply :

Government taxes form a small amount of money which you get back when you miss the flight. It can be refunded to you in a week's time or so but do make a formal request for the same by writing an email or over phone.

Raina Sharma

Posted on 29-Nov-2019
how much money will be deducted if we cancel 5 tickets from delhi to bangalore(2/1/2020) and return from bangalore to delhi (5//1/2020).

Admin Reply :

You will have to check this in your ticket fare terms and conditions for exact figures. This depends on which fare ticket you have bought. Economy Flexi ticketed passenger can cancel for free before 3 days from date of departure (thereafter Rs 3000 is cancellation fee). Economy standard passengers are charged Rs 3000 as fee for cancellation irrespective of cancellation time. Economy Lite passengers get only taxes refunded (all amount forfeited). You have to check which one is your ticket.

sk sabir ali

Posted on 04-Nov-2019
shall i get any refund from cancellation of vistara flight after departure

Admin Reply :

No, there will be no refund.

Ngilyang yaku

Posted on 17-Jun-2019
As the flight has been cancelled due to operational reason.... When will I get my money refund?

Admin Reply :

It take 10-15 days. But, please make a formal request or enquiry for the same as well.


Posted on 16-Jun-2019
Flight ticket booked for Booking ID - NF2 0109205972644 from New Delhi to Raipur on 30th Jun 2019 charges Rs4329/- VISTARA Flt - UK797 PNR - MG4JTR. HOW TO CANCEL THE TICKET AND HOW MUCH IT WILL BE REFUNDED

Admin Reply :

You can do it online by visiting the Manage My Booking section. Or, you can call the customer support on given number to cancel it. They will tell the amount to be refunded. The airline won't tell the amount to us. 

C Manish

Posted on 12-Jun-2019
My flight has been cancelled through the vistara airline due to change in schedule process done by airline company and they have not refunded me ....... My flight was on 18jun , and the airline number is UK-834.. timing was 1:55pm.... from Port Blair (IXZ) to Chennai (MAA)......ok ...let me know when will be refund....

Admin Reply :

Please note that we are not the airline. Please raise a formal request for refunds with the entity which booked tickets (whether airline or agency)

Nitin Gosain

Posted on 16-May-2019
I had booked a ticket by Vistara to New Delhi for 18th May. Now I have to travel on 17th & have done booking by Vistara again. How do I cancel my booking for 18th ? which site do I need to visit to cancel the ticket ?

Admin Reply :

You can do it on the website of the airline itself under 'My bookings'. Else, you can contact airline customer service for this. 

Sivaraman Ganesan

Posted on 25-Sep-2018
My travel plans to Goa from Delhi dated 25th September 2018 on UK 847 has been delayed for 1 and half hour. My PNR is NGEPK3 with two tickets. I was not informed 3 hours before the scheduled departure. And I got the information on my mobile number at 9 am. I request compensation for my time as per your rules. Please process. The halt in overall has ruined one evening of my vacation. Ganesan 9654655386

Admin Reply :

Please note that we are not the airline and are not associated with it in any way. Your claim for compensation shall be put directly to the airline. 

Mohanan. P.S.

Posted on 20-Sep-2018
I have cancelled my two vistara air tickets during the last week of August, 2018. The person on duty has informed me that my tickets were cancelled and I am entitled for full refunds due to flood situation in Kerala. Now, almost one month is completing, But, till date I don't received my refunds. Kindly look in to the matter and arrange the payment immediately.

Admin Reply :

We are not associated with airline. Please follow up with the airline directly.

Satvinder Bains

Posted on 05-Sep-2018
I had a Virgin flight from London to Delhi (which was delayed an hour) which meant I missed my connecting flight with Vistara at Delhi to Amritsar. Please would you let me know who I should claim compensation from as I was delayed by 4+ hours at Delhi Airport until another flight was found.

Admin Reply :

Since this happened due to delay in Virgin flight, please contact that airline for any compensation claim.  


Posted on 30-Aug-2018
I booked 2 tickets on 27th July'2018 online at Vistara Airlines site for travelling from Ahmedabad to Bangalore as per following details - Travel date - 17th August'2018 Fight no. - UK 924 Booking Ref. - PNR was WU5VQY. Passengers Names - 1 Naveen Kumar 2 Ms. Shelly Mathur However, after boarding plane, some technical snag was observed and we were de boarded and flight cancelled. Refund Voucher was issued at Ahmedabad Airport to process full refund. Reference was - RP/SW11G/SW11GDP0706/3G5Y/1433994 17AUG18/0638Z WU5VQY. However, refund has not been credited to my Bank Account till date whereas I was expecting it within 7 days as per Company Policy. Will request to kindly arrange credit of refund to my Bank Account at the earliest. NAVEEN KUMAR Cell 9904402504

Admin Reply :

We are not related to any airline. Therefore, please request refund from the airline directly. 

Gurjit Singh Brar

Posted on 16-Aug-2018
I had Booking of 5 tickets (2285355913371,2285355913372, 2285355913373, 2285355913374, 2285355913375,,,, and PNR VGTQZS): from KOCHI to Delhi(DEL), and then Delhi to Chandigarh on 14 june 2018. We had a connecting flight of Vistara from KOCHI TO Delhi and then Delhi to Chandigarh.We travelled from Kochi to Delhi, but upon reaching Delhi airport we were told that our flight got cancelled, and we would be given full refund.and we had to travel by taxi causing immence inconvenience,as we had small kids with us. Refund Notice was given to us on airport itself but no refund has been received by us till now i.e. 18th Aug, even after 2 months.We have called Customer care +91-9289228888 also, but of no use.Please intimate the status and expected date of refund. Thank you. Gurjit Singh Brar. ph no 8054600004. email :

Admin Reply :

Dear sir, please note that we are an independent website, not related to any airline as such. So, we can not brief you about the status of refund. However, we would suggest that you contact Grievance Officer as per details given on this page: 

You shall also write a formal email to airline requesting for refund,  if that has not been done till now. 


Posted on 10-Aug-2017
my flight is on 13 the Oct but I want it on 10 th Oct now, how can I do it

Admin Reply :

You can ask for rescheduling of it from the entity which booked ticket. You might have to pay fare difference, if more, and some charges for rescheduling. 

Pankaj tiwari

Posted on 31-Jul-2017
Sir, Maine vistara flight me Delhi se port Blair ke liye round trip me 2 ticket book kiya hai..26&30 August. Agar ticket cancel karunga to kya refund milega..?

Admin Reply :

Please use English medium for communication. 

Ravi jaiswal

Posted on 28-Jul-2017
Sir one of my friend booked domestic flight ticket of my wife with my surname instead of her so tell me how to change because she doesn't have any I'd with my surname.

Admin Reply :

Need to contact the airline. It shall  be able to help you with this.

raju baba ghodechor

Posted on 26-Jul-2017
My ticket change the date

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline for this matter or whosoever booked tickets


Posted on 20-Jul-2017
My flight was booked on 03.06.2017 and flight was missed so will i be getting my money refund

Admin Reply :

For refunds, please raise a formal request with the airline or agency which booked tickets. 

Angshuman Borah

Posted on 28-Feb-2017
I Booked two tickets (228 2400639195 and 228 2400639196, Booking Reference: 23IAET) from Delhi(DEL) to Guwahati(GAU) for 23Feb2017. Both the tickets were cancelled on 09 Feb 2017. Refund Notice received through mail for both the tickets on the same day. But refund was not made till 7 working days i.e. 17FEB2017. So enquired Customer care +91-9289228888 and the customer care associates informed that the refund process had been made and shortly the amount would be refunded to my bank account. But till date (28FEB217), no refund has been made on my bank account. Please intimate the status and expected date of refund. Thank you. Angshuman Borah (+91-9954127970)

Admin Reply :

You will have to contact the airline or the agency which booked tickets since airline will not part with the refunds information to us. Secondly, you need to check with the airline whether the money was kept in the credit shell which is a facility using which the money is not sent back to the accounts of customer but retained for their future travel. In case that has been done, please ask them to release the same. 


Posted on 26-Feb-2017
I have booked Nike name of my dater she is 10 yers old how can change that name my flight is 24 March plz tell all details are current only name

Admin Reply :

You will have to contact the airline directly in this respect


Posted on 19-Feb-2017
My flight has been booked on7 7-03-17 . I have to change the booking date i.e 14-03-17 with the same flight my booking was done, moreover my flight is non-refundable For this I have to pay the full money of the flight Or I will have concession??

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline or the agent which booked tickets. 

Anju antony

Posted on 16-Feb-2017
Ihave booked 3 tickets from delhi to cochin for 3/3/2017.actually it was a wrong booking I need tickets from cochin to delhi.i done it before 30 minutes.and what could be do next.?do I cancel?? and how il be the refund

Admin Reply :

You will have to cancel these. please do so at the earliest. Some ticket cancellation charges would be deducted. 


Posted on 15-Feb-2017
I have a booking o 21february ,2017 from hyd to Delhi but my personal problem I have to cancel my trip how much refund I will get i booked economy class

Admin Reply :

Only airline will tell this. Ticket cancellation charges will surely be deducted but what will be refunded can not be told to us. 

umashankar singh

Posted on 15-Feb-2017
sir m apna ticket modifide karke 1 din or aage karna chahta hu mere pass sirf mob hi h or koi sadhan nahi h plz idea bataye

Admin Reply :

Please use the english language for communication. 


Posted on 12-Feb-2017
I have a booking on 23rd Feb,2017 from BLR to CCU..But due to my illness i have to cancel my booking.I booked economy class.How much refund i will get?

Admin Reply :

This will depend on which ticket you booked and whether that was refundable or not. You shall contact the airline for this purpose since airline will not tell the amount of refund to us. 

julian coelho

Posted on 12-Feb-2017
I have booked a flight for my daughter on the 22 feb delhi mumbai .is it possible to prepone the flt.What are the costs Thanks

Admin Reply :

You will need to cancel and rebook it. Costs would involve deduction of cancellation charge and payment of fare difference if any. 

vikash sharma

Posted on 12-Feb-2017
My flight date is 2nd april and i want to prepond from 2nd april to 15 th march. Plz guide me is this possible and how?

Admin Reply :

This can be done by using the Manage Booking section of airline website and changing the dates. Relevant charges would apply. 


Posted on 08-Feb-2017
I have booked flight from Delhi to Bangalore for 18th feb 2017 which have been rescheduled due to air show.Pls let me know how much will be refunded in case I cancel the tickets. Thank you. Regards

Admin Reply :

Quantum of refunds would be only through the agency which booked ticket. You will have to ask them.


Posted on 01-Feb-2017
I have made the flight booking in the name of wrong passenger. How can I get the same corrected?

Admin Reply :

You will have to speak to airline if this is a minor correction to be done. However, if total name has to be changed, then ticket will have to be cancelled and rebooked.


Posted on 27-Jan-2017
i am planning to book flight from mumbai to srinagar in may last week with my family. what will be the return charges approx. , and what will be the cancellation charges , if any thing happen and we have to cancell the tickets . pl reply in detail

Admin Reply :

Refunds would depend on when the ticket is being cancelled and whether it is actually a refundable ticket. Ticket cancellation charges would apply as given in the content above. 

Shikhar Tripathi

Posted on 10-Nov-2016
Kindly help me raise a formal request for claiming refund of taxes, etc for no-show on Delhi-Bombay flight on Nov 03, 2016

Admin Reply :

You have to speak to the customer care centre of the airline.

Shikhar Tripathi

Posted on 09-Nov-2016
How can I get a refund on missed flight for taxes?

Admin Reply :

Please raise a formal request for the same with the airline or the agent whosoever booked the tickets. 


Posted on 27-Oct-2016
please let me how to reschedule a flight for 31st otcober16.My existing booking is for 1st nov16.Also indicate the charges for reschedule. thanks

Admin Reply :

You can do it using Manage My Booking on Vistara website. You can find the field of 'Manage' in the booking engine on its website.

Harneet Kaur Dhupia

Posted on 19-Oct-2016
What is policy For lost check in baggage Mobile no 9958112274 Harneet Kaur Dhupia

Admin Reply :

You shall lodge  complaint with the airline as well as with the airport authorities (police station)

Vijay Kumar

Posted on 12-Oct-2016
Booking agency is telling he has not received any correspondence regarding refund from vistara since cancellation request.

Admin Reply :

There is a need to make a formal request for refunds. You can check the status of refunds directly from Vistara, though it will not talk about the figures. 

Vijay Kumar

Posted on 11-Oct-2016
i have requested on 08 oct 16 for cancellation for PNR QQ91QW Flight UK778 for 10 Oct 16 and not received any refund status on my registered mobile 9933263368. pl intimate soon. Thanks

Admin Reply :

Please speak to the agency which booked the tickets. 


Posted on 26-Sep-2016
I want to cancel air ticket Booking Reservation Number 4Q939D bokked on Cleartrip website. There is no link in manage my bookings for cancellation.

Admin Reply :

Please call their customer service and get this done. 

Satish Kumar

Posted on 08-Sep-2016
I want to cancel air ticket Booking Reservation Number 3PCQCT bokked on vistara website. There is no link in manage my bookings for cancellation. Both the customer care telephone numbers are not attended

Admin Reply :

Please seek help from the agent who booked the ticket. This is a agency ticket. 


Posted on 06-Sep-2016
I have to cancel my flight

Admin Reply :

Please use Manage by booking or call the airline at customer service for this purpose. 


Posted on 11-Aug-2016
hi i want to cancel my ticket

Admin Reply :

please get in touch with the entity which booked the ticket

Habeeb koruhajige

Posted on 09-Aug-2016
I what cancel my ticket

Admin Reply :

PLease do so online on the website of the airline, if you have booked tickets with it. Else, pls ask the agency for doing it. 

Sunildatta Rasal

Posted on 23-Jul-2016
Refund status of e-ticket Srinagar -mumbai RPNR no 4211RQ5 and RPNR no 5000UI2 cancellation due curfue declare in Jammu Kashmir.

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline or the agent which booked the ticket for this purpose. Airlines would not divulge these details to us. 


Posted on 14-Jul-2016
Sir I want to ask I booked tickets for Delhi to cochin International Airport and there was a mistake in my Name can it be change new. My Flight is on 18th july

Admin Reply :

You will have to book again. 


Posted on 13-Jul-2016
I booked tickets for Delhi to cochin International Airport and I want to cancel my tickets how much money I will get back..

Admin Reply :

These are provided in the content above. PLease make a check for your reference.


Posted on 06-Jul-2016
I booked vistara flight for 5/8/16.... Rs. 2589 Now I want to change my date.. 6/8/16.... Pls tell me what will extra chargers I have to pay. How types of charges.

Admin Reply :

This can be done online by visiting My Booking on vistara website


Posted on 24-Jun-2016
Please confirm whether the vistara flight number UK797 from delhi to srinagar on 29/06/2016 is there or not? If there please confirm our booking with pnr no- 8LW8RM from bhubaneswar,please.

Admin Reply :

Sir, this service is provided by airline or travel agent who book tickets. We currently do not provide flight status information 


Posted on 27-May-2016

Admin Reply :

Please do so online on Vistara website if you booked it from there or ask the agent who booked to cancel it. 


Posted on 06-Apr-2016
How much money approximately is being refunded?

Admin Reply :

This information would be made available to you after verification of certain details. So, please contact the booking agency. 

Shaurya Singh

Posted on 05-Apr-2016
Dear Manager, Greetings of the day! I AM SENDING THIS MAIL FOR THE 3 rd TIME (seems like you have no one on your customer service E- Mail Id- no one replies) I write to you regarding refund for our flight (given below). We had booked the same through Ibibo and they said that you would process the refund , I had mailed them twice for the same. We got though security check and were then not allowed to board the flight (even though we were at the boarding gate with more than 20 min to spare), we were not even given a seat on any other flight and then had to buy exorbitant same day flights as we were travelling for my marriage. I hope you look at the refund request compassionately and help in the same. Regards, Shaurya - 9654 272 007 FLIGHT DETAILS 23NOV 14:30 MUMBAI (2015) FLIGHT- 6E124 PIN NUMBER - INDIGO I9PNNG NEW DELHI

Admin Reply :

Let us make a few things clear on the onset. We are not a ticketing agency as of now and are neither related to any airline. We only provide information and help to people with respect to their air travel queries. Now, to your question we must say that Goibibo will process refunds to you. You can ask the airline whether refunds have been done on their end or not. You will have to speak to your agency. 


Posted on 24-Feb-2016
I booked my ticket for 19 March on Visatar airlines via ixigo. Now due to change of plans I have to cancel my ticket. How should I proceed for it.

Admin Reply :

Ticket cancellation has to be done by the same agent who booked it. Please do so by calling their customer support.

ashish mishra

Posted on 11-Jan-2016
i want to cancel my ticket.

Admin Reply :

Please do so with the entity with which you booked the ticket.


Posted on 30-Dec-2015
How to check canceled ticket details

Admin Reply :

You can log into the website of airline to know it or call their customer service. 

mohan sharma

Posted on 13-Dec-2015
My amedeus 66PKOG UK955 del ahmedabaD ON 9.12.15 I CUD NOT TRAVEL. HOW TO GET MY REFUND

Admin Reply :

Please raise a request with the agency with which you booked the ticket. You shall get it in 7-10 working days. 

d surti

Posted on 12-Nov-2015
i had booked air tic delhi - lucknow for 25/11/2015 for vistara airlines, E ticket. Due to unavoidable circumstances i will have to cancel my trip. How do I get refund for the same, pl sugest.

Admin Reply :

You will have to raise a request for refunds. This is best done by calling the entity with whom you booked tickets. They will inform you about the amount of refunds to be granted as well as when and how will you get it. 

sukhdeep singh

Posted on 30-Oct-2015
sir please inform me on 18oct i booked flight and my flight was on 3november delhi to pune ,but i cant go there so i want to cancell the ticket so please tell me in such casae how much money will u refund me out of 3879 rupy

Admin Reply :

For refunds related queries, we need to have full information about the PNR ticket so as to seek answers from airline. However, the person or agency which booked your ticket, shall be able to process your request. Have you raised a request for refunds after cancelling your ticket?

Ramesh Kr Baluja

Posted on 15-Oct-2015
In case I want to change the flight on the same date whether I will be required to pay the fare difference only or fare difference and cancellation charges. Pl advise me. Regards

Admin Reply :

By same date are you referring to same date as on booking or on same date as on flight departure? 

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