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Vistara Frequent Flyer Program

(updated: 03-03-2018)

Club Vistara is the frequent flyer program of Air Vistara.

Club Vistara Membership Levels

This loyalty program has four levels:

  • CV Base
  • CV Silver
  • CV Gold
  • CV Platinum

This is a points based program which can be joined by online registration.

To move up to the next level, the members have to earn the ‘Tier Points’ or a particular number of flights whose sole purpose is to determine the next level and these can not be used for redemption.

Club Vistara Membership Upgrade Criteria

Following table illustrates what all is required to move to higher level:

Tier CV Silver CV Gold CV Platinum
Tier Points required for Upgrade 15000 25000 35000
Flights required for Upgrade 20 30 40

Assessment of Tier Points and Flights flown is done every day on the basis of last 365 days. It is not to be assumed that the Tier levels will remain same even when the required number of points are not earned in any particular year. The level can drop back to the lesser level if points are not earned.

Earning Club Vistara Points

Club Vistara points are price-based, not miles-based. How much you spend on buying tickets determined how many Vistara Points you have earned. These can be collected on the base fare value of the tickets and does not include the taxes or surcharges.

Tier CV Points per 100 INR spent
  CV Base  8
  CV Silver  9
  CV Gold  10
  CV Platinum  11

CV Points earned are valid for 12 months. These can also be earned on Partner airlines of Vistara. 

Redemption of CV Points

CV Points can be redeemed for Award Flights or Cabin Class Upgrades. This can be checked here

These can also be redeemed towards cabin class upgrades, as per this chart .

Retro claims on getting these points are also allowed by the carrier for travel happening within 180 days prior to the date of making the claim.

Club Vistara Membership Benefits

  • Additional 5 kg baggage allowance for Silver, 10 kgs for Gold and 15 kg for Platinum members.
  • Silver members can get priority check in facility at Premium Economy counter and Gold  and Platinum members at Business Counter at airport.
  • Guaranteed reservation for Economy class travel is allowed for Gold and Platinum members, upto 48 hrs before flight departure schedule in case of Gold members and up to 24 hours before departure schedule in case of Platinum members. 

There are many other benefits as well, such as lounge access, priority baggage handling, lounge access vouchers, upgrade vouchers and others. The carrier has entered into partnership with KrisFlyer FFP of SIA for award and redemption of points for the benefit of passengers.



Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled


Posted on 24-Jul-2023
i want to frequent flyer number utair

Admin Reply :

Your question is not clear to us.

Ardhendu Mandal

Posted on 26-Dec-2019
I want to be a member of Club Vistara .Frequent Flier I filled up the form & handed over the details to the crew in the flight . No response .

Admin Reply :

Please check the details with the airline. Do you have any acknowledgement of the form given to the staff or not. Else, you can fill the online form.

Renu Joshi

Posted on 31-May-2019
Hi Do the points get updated in the FFP account on purchase of a ticket or does one need to update. If the latter then how does one do it. Thanks

Admin Reply :

It updates on own after some days. However, if you notice that these have not been updated, you can mention the same to airline.

O. P. Poddar

Posted on 12-Oct-2018
Validity of Points should be carry forward even for next year also. Helping hand nature at boarding pass counter need to be instructed.

Admin Reply :

Please note that we are not the airline, and have not been associated with it as well. 

Jayant maheshwar

Posted on 28-Oct-2016
I have booked a flight of vistara by make my trip after booking i got the e-ticket but in e-ticket ghere is no seat no and class

Admin Reply :

Seat assignment can be done on the airline or by asking the agency to look for some specific type of seats. 

Sukhpal Sawhney

Posted on 27-Oct-2016
I have flown Air Vistara one week ago. I want to join the frequent flier program. Please advice

Admin Reply :

You can enrol online or call the airline for the same. The process is simple.

Nayan Bihani

Posted on 30-Sep-2016
What are the airport lounges which a golf club vistara member can have complimentary access to?

Admin Reply :

You can have access to all its own and its partner airline lounges. 

Naresh Chawla

Posted on 17-Sep-2016
While booking and web check in I forgot to add my Vistara frequent number which is 111728750. Can it be added now?

Admin Reply :

You can seek assistance from the airline customer service in this respect, if you face any problem,


Posted on 16-Sep-2016

Admin Reply :

You will have to enrol in its frequent flyer program. 


Posted on 07-Jul-2016

Admin Reply :

No, that is not possible. 

Hari Singh

Posted on 24-Jun-2016
We travelled Delhi-Goa-Delhi vide PNR: 5HHGP6, Tickets: 228-2254711314 and 228-2254711315 and would like to earn the Tier points retrospectively. Please do the needful. Hari Singh Asha Hari Singh

Admin Reply :

You will have to establish contact with the airline or the agent which booked the ticket. We can not perform this service. 


Posted on 11-May-2016
My membership no. is 112013904 and travelled on 03.05.2016 and 06.05.2016 from Delhi to Bhubaneswar and back to Delhi. My account shows the points earned on 06.05.2016 only. where as i have booked three tickets on 03.05.2016. Regards.

Admin Reply :

You can get these added by speaking to the airline. 

Taroon Sharda

Posted on 19-Apr-2016
In case i book the air tickets through agent, shall I be eligible to become a member of Club Vistara? As of now I have travelled only once i.e. from Pune to Delhi. But, in the current month I will be flying twice i.e. Delhi to Bhubaneshwar on dated 25.04.2016 and then again Pune to Delhi on dated 30.04.2016. i have already booked the tickets through agent.

Admin Reply :

Yes, for becoming the member of club vistara, please fill the online registration form available on its website and also mention the previous flight which you have undertaken. 


Posted on 15-Mar-2016
Want to enrol myself in Air Vistara Frequent Flier Program, Kindly update about it.

Admin Reply :  This link can be used for registeration as frequent flyer. 


Posted on 14-Mar-2016
Please send air vistara membership no

Admin Reply :

We are not related to the airline. Please contact the airline for this purpose.


Posted on 04-Mar-2016
How can I add my FFP no. To the flight that I took 2 days back. .

Admin Reply :

Yes, these can be added.

satish chansmiya

Posted on 02-Feb-2016
I have already account in vistara .. my ffp no is 111605631 so tell me about how to add my travel points in my account ..

Admin Reply :

You shall wait for 7 days from the date of your travel for these points to be automatically credited to you account. In case these are not credited after 7 days, you can file for a retro claim at . You will be asked to produce proof of journey against which this claim is being filed. Thus, you must retain the travel ticket and boarding pass of that flight.

Ankur Shukla

Posted on 31-Jan-2016
Hi! I have just enrolled in the frequent flyer program of Vistara. Just wanted to confirm my registration number. Regards Ankur Shukla

Admin Reply :

You will have to approach the airline for it.

Pritesh Kumar Bandyopadhyay

Posted on 16-Jan-2016
Contact No. to make frequent flyer confirmation number

Admin Reply :

You can use the customer service number provided on the website of the carrier.


Posted on 15-Jan-2016
I am not able to log in for frequent flyer programme despite having vistara no. pl assist.

Admin Reply :

Please raise an issue with the airline directly. 


Posted on 06-Jan-2016
Is there any miles get calculated in indigo airlines

Admin Reply :

No. Indigo does not have FFP.

Anuj Pandey

Posted on 14-Dec-2015
I have just registered online for the Frequent Flyer. Can I now put in the boarding pass details of a recently completed flight of Vistara.

Admin Reply :

Yes you can.

anu talwar

Posted on 11-Aug-2015
How to enroll into the frequent flyer program

Admin Reply :

Sorry for the mistake in replying earlier. Enrolment in frequent flyer program Club Vistara can be done by registering online.


Posted on 27-Jul-2015
Regn for frequent flyer by Air Vistara

Admin Reply :

The process is simple and has been explained in the content above this page. Please refer it and, if still in doubt, please ask your question.

Dhanesh Mohanlal Sanghvi

Posted on 11-Jul-2015
Like Air Vistara..

Admin Reply :

Thanks sir. Please explore more information on Vistara on its pages here.

Subhash Rathod

Posted on 03-Jul-2015
I want enroll Vistara Frequent flyer programme

Admin Reply :

Registration is to be done online on its website. 

bharat shah

Posted on 29-Jun-2015
I want to enrol in the frequent flyer programme

Admin Reply :

Please proceed with online registration on its website.

Ramesh Radia

Posted on 29-Jun-2015
Like to enrol in your frequent flyer programe. Kindly give the application form.

Admin Reply :

Registeration has to be done online on its website.

Partha Samai

Posted on 11-Jun-2015
I want to enrol in frequent flyer program. I am flying Mumbai Ahmedabad UK939 24A

Admin Reply :

You can enrol in the frequent flyer program of Air Vistara by registering online on its website and following the stated steps.

Mr. Ketan V. Shah

Posted on 27-May-2015
I want toregister as frequent flyer.

Admin Reply :

You will have to register online at the website of air vistara. Then they will send you memebership number in email and your account wiill get activated.

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