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Tigerair Frequent Flyer Program

Tigerair has a rather special and distinctive program which is aimed at infrequent flyers. This is the online airline which has chosen to offer deals and rewards to those who do not fly often, encouraging them to fly more.

The program has many tiers of membership and the flyers are allowed to choose the one which suits them the best. There are no cards to be issued and the print-outs are taken at home.

Membership levels are:

  1. Wood Paneling

  2. Aerobics Leotard Blue

  3. Turkish Delight

  4. Deluxe Golden Glow

  5. Bling Bling Ruby

  6. Triple Emerald Sapphire Ivory

  7. 70’s Brown

  8. bin Green

  9. Purple

  10. Bronze

  11. 2nd PLace School Sports Ribbon Red

  12. Platinum

  13. Milk Chocolate

  14. Really Dark Black

  15. Boring White

  16. Antarctic White

  17. Soy Latte

  18. Beer

It is a novel way to develop emailing lists, provide information to people regarding deals and offers and pitching this market segment for booking flights more often.

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Jaime Gonzalez

Posted on 13-May-2019
How be a member of a Tiger frequent travel points.

Admin Reply :

You have to be a KrisFlyer member as Tiger Air is now a part of Scoot which is under Singapore Airlines. 


Posted on 11-May-2019
What is the Tigerair Frequent Flyer Program? What are the different tier levels? How do you apply?

Admin Reply :

The airline does not have its own program as we understand in traditional sense. The airline has merged with Scoot and now, KrisFlyer is its program. Krisflyer is a program of Singapore Airlines. Also, Tigerair was also a partner of Velocity program of Virgin Australia. Therefore, you have to be a member of Krisflyer program of Singpore Airlines

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