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Air China Check-In and Boarding

Air China provides the facility of check-in through 3 different ways- airport, online and self-service. Check-in the process through which the passengers select their seats and get their boarding passes.

For most of the domestic airports of China, the Air China check in closing times are generally 30 minutes for domestic flights and somewhere it is also 40 or 45 minutes. For international flights the check-in closing times are 30, 40, 45 and 60 minutes at domestic airports.

Online check-in facility is extended to all passengers from Chinese airports and is also applicable for ticket bought via travel agents. However, if some leg of journey is done on other carrier, then this facility can not be availed for other airline. Different airports in China have different timelines of online check-in.

For majority of cities/airports, it can be completed for all Air China operated next-day domestic flights from 2 PM to 1 hour before scheduled departure of flight.

For international flights departing from various cities of the world, the online check in timelines are different. For most of these cities, online check in begins 24, 48 or 36 hours before scheduled departure of flights and closes 2 or 3 hours before departure time.

Self-service is another way of checking in at the airport. This facility is currently available for domestic, international and regional flights from certain specific airports only. For the international flights operated by Air China, the self-service kiosk check in facility is open till 1 hour before departure time of flight and passengers can begin check in at 3 or 5 hours before flight for most of the departure cities.

Please feel free to ask us the check-in time limits for specific airports.

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