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Air China Special Assistance

Air China strives to provide every possible help to passengers with special needs. It has clear policies laid out for some of those people who would need assistance at the airport as well as during the flight.

Pregnant Women

Air China does not allow carriage of following expectant mothers in its flights-

  1. Who are more than 35 week pregnant

  2. Whose expected delivery time is within 4 weeks

  3. Delivery date is approaching but is not known

  4. Multiple birth or complication cases

  5. Who are travelling within 7 days of delivery.

It allows women less than 32 weeks pregnant to travel as an ordinary passenger.

Women from 32 week to 35 week pregnancy are required to get doctor certificate from a hospital of not less than Grade 1 of Class II which is not older than 7 days from flight date. It is also required to inform the ticketing office if the expected delivery date is known and is within 4 weeks and there are no complications or multiple birth situation.

Wheelchair Assistance

Wheelchair assistance is provided By Air China at every airport where it flies. It is provided both on-ground and inside the cabin. For on-ground wheelchair requirement, there is a requirement to inform the carrier to make the request at least 24 hours before departure of flight in case of domestic flights and 48 hours prior to international flights.

For cabin wheelchair requirement, Air China allows only 2 wheelchairs in one flight. Therefore, you shall make a request at the time of booking of Air China tickets. There is a need for medical certificate for wheelchair assistance in cabin. The certificate shall be issued by a hospital of national level and of a minimum Class II-Grade A level. This certificate shall not be older than 10 days prior to travel day. On Sao Paulo route, the request for this service shall be made at least 72 hrs before flight time and on all other international routes, this service can be asked for at least 48 hrs before scheduled flight time.

In situations where Air China is not able to provide boarding bridge facility for flights, it can provide liftable boarding vehicle for passengers. This shall be mentioned during the time of ticket booking. On Sao Paulo route, it shall be asked 72 hrs before flight and on other routes, at least 48 hrs before flight.


Infants of 14 days (90 days in case of premature baby) to 2 years of age are accepted for air travel with an accompanying adult of more than 18 years of age. One adult passenger can take 2 infants, or 1 infant with 2 children or 1 sick infant. When taking 2 infants, one has to go on infant fare and the other on child-fare. Since there are limitations on number of infants to be taken on a flight, it is important that this service is requested at the time of ticket booking. Infant fare is 10 percent of normal adult fare without any seat occupation. Child-fare seat is has to be bought in case the infant is required to be seated.

Passengers needing Stretcher Assistance

Only 1 stretcher is provided in each flight of Air China and that too in the Economy Class. For stretcher assistance, request needs to be raised with the airline at least 48 hours before flight for US route flights and 3 days before flight on other routes. There is a requirement of accompanying adult passenger of more than 18 years age. These passengers are required to arrive at the airport at least 3 hrs before flight for check-in.

There is a need for paying special carriage charges to the airline for stretcher-bound passengers. This is depend on route of travel. On routes of Europe or North America, 8 times the fare of Y class normal fare is charged as fee. On other international and domestic routes, 6 times the normal Y class fare is charged.

Stretcher-bound passengers are also allowed free check in baggage of up to 60kgs where weight concept is applicable and 1 additional piece of 23 kg where piece concept is applicable.

Service Dog

Only 1 service dog is allowed on each flight of Air China. And, only a person of age 16 years of age and above can come with service dog, not less than that age. There is no need to pay any special fee for service dog. It has to mandatorily wear a muzzle and passenger must have its quarantine certificate and ID at the time booking ticket or during checking in. Request for carriage of service dog shall be made 48 hrs before departure.

Visual and Hearing Impaired

Air China assists the visual and hearing impaired to move to and from washroom, help with carry-on items, making the meal ready for their consumption and movement in and out of the seat. These are required to come to the check-in counter at least 120 minutes before departure time of flight. Those who are less than 16 years of age shall be accompanied by an adult of more than 18 years of age.

Unaccompanied Minors

Children of age more than 5 yrs and less than 12 years if travelling alone can take unaccompanied minor service of the airline. This service is not available for blind and deaf children of less than 16 years of age. Further, this service is not provided for interline flights where Air China and other carriers are involved in flight operations. Air China restricts the number of unaccompanied minors to be carried on each flight. Those aged between 5-8 years, only 5 numbers shall be carried. Any numbers of unaccompanied minors of more than 8 years of age can be carried.

For providing this service on domestic routes, carrier requires request to be made before 3:00 PM one day before travel day. For international flights, requests shall be made at least 48 hours before schedule.


Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled


Posted on 05-Dec-2018
I would like to know if you can provide assistance to a passenger who doesn’t speak English nor Chinese during the flight to South Korea. My mom is visiting me on January 2019 but she speaks only Spanish. I’m worried about the stopover in China. Thanks a lot in advance.

Admin Reply :

Please consult with the airline local office. Generally, airline staff are trained to handle passengers who can not speak in English.


Posted on 08-Aug-2017
I would like to fly back home with Air China because has direct flight from Shanghai to Barcelona. I want to make sure that I can fly without any trouble. I read that since the 31st week don't need medical certification . Later one is required. The flight is 13 hours. So I want to make sure that I don't have any restriction if I book my ticket on my 31st week. Thanks

Admin Reply :

If you would be in the 32nd week of pregnancy at the time of travel date (not the ticket booking date), then the medical certificate from doctor is required. 

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