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Singapore Airlines Refunds

Refunds for the tickets are paid to the person in whose name the ticket is issued or to the person who has paid for the ticket. Application for refund shall be made within 30 days of expiry of ticket.

In cases of cancellation, diversion or delaying of a flight, SIA promises to provide meals, accommodation, rebooking assistance and transportation till the point of accommodation. However, the airlines will not be liable if the delays, diversions or cancellations happen due to factors beyond the control of airlines.

If there is a travel to or from USA and have purchased the tickets at least one week before scheduled departure, you can cancel it without paying penalty within 24 hours of purchase of ticket.


In cases of:

    failure to operate according to schedule
    failure to provide previously confirmed space
    failure to stop at stopover destination
    causes missing of connecting flights,

the carrier shall:

    carry passenger ASAP on its scheduled service, or
    reroute passenger using its own, another carrier or even surface transportation, (and also make refunds for balance amount of ticket) or
    make involuntary refunds to passenger.

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Posted on 10-Aug-2018
Requesting to cancelle the ticket on the Name of Mr.VENKATESWARA RAO CHOWDARI BOBBA (Booking code-RX3VR3) Dear Sir/Mam, Please Cancelle my Ticket from Chennai to Singapore Given Name :VENKATESWARA RAO CHOWDARI Surname : BOBBA My Ticket details are as follows 1.Booking Reference Code :- RX3VR3 2.Passenger Name :- Mr. VENKATESWARA RAO CHOWDARI BOBBA 3.Singapor Airlines :-SQ-529 4.From & To :- MAA to SIN (Chennai to Singapore) 5.Date of Journy :-11.08.2018 at 23.15 PM

Admin Reply :

Please note that we are neither related to any airline nor are ticketing agents. Please contact the person or agency who booked your ticket for cancellation. Else, please visit the airline website and use 'Your Booking' under 'Plan Travel' for the same. 

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