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US Airways Refunds

Voluntary Refunds: Refunds are available only for the refundable tickets. If no portion of the ticket has been used, the refunds will be equal to the paid amount (after deducting the applicable fees). However, if some portion of the ticket has been used, then the amount to be refunded is remaining value minus the ticketing fee.

Involuntary Refunds: When the US Airways is not able to provide seating to a previously confirmed seat and is not in a position to reroute the passenger over its own network or over the network of other airlines, then the refunds will be:

a) If no portion of the ticket has been used, full amount to be refunded after deducting the applicable fees.

b) If a portion of the ticket has been used, amount of refund will be equal to lowest applicable one-way fare (50% of published roundtrip fares).


In case there is a delay, cancellation or diversion of the flight, US Airways shall update passengers with the current situation present onboard or at the airport.


Denied Boarding: In case of denied boarding, the US Airways will request passengers to leave their seats voluntarily in exchange for compensation (monetary or travel credit).  However, if there are not enough volunteers, boarding is allowed as per the laid down rules of boarding priorities. Preference is given to the Dividend Miles members depending on their status and time of check-in. For the people who have been denied boarding the carrier will make efforts to fly them on the next flight of its own, or, in the event that it is not available, on another carrier with which US Airways has an agreement.


Compensation for Denied Boarding

a) For Flights between US destinations (Puerto Rico, US VIs and Canada): To the volunteers, the compensation would be a transferable vouched dollar discount which can be used for buying one ticket for flying anywhere in US.

For the involuntary denied boarding cases, US Airways offers a number of choices out of which one can be chosen. These are:

  • Transferable voucher for dollar discount

  • Cash compensation

  • Arranging the alternate transportation.

    • If customer reaches within 1 hr of original arrival time, no compensation.

    • If customer reaches within 1-2 hours of original arrival, compensation is 200% of passenger’s one way fare to next stopover or destination subject to a maximum of USD 650.

    • If more than 2 hours is taken, the compensation is 400% of one-way fare subject to a maximum of USD 1300.

b) For nonstop flights (except from EU): To the volunteers, compensation is transferable discounted dollar voucher.

For involuntary denied boarding, rules are same as above.

c) For nonstop flights From or Within EU: For those who volunteered to alight from the airplane, there are two options of compensation:

  • A transferable voucher for dollar discount, or

  • Cash of amount Euro 600 (or equivalent in USD)

For the people who have been denied boarding involuntarily and those who have re-accommodated on flights scheduled to arrive within 4 hours of scheduled arrival, are offered one of the following two options:

  • transferable vouched for a dollar discount.

  • cash component of EURO 300 (or equivalent USD amount)

If there is delay of more than 4 hours, the options are:

  • transferable vouched for a dollar discount.

  • cash component of EURO 600 (or equivalent USD amount)

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