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Ryanair Baggage Allowance

Cabin Baggage Allowance

Beginning 15 January 2018, Ryanair would allow only Priority passengers to carry 2 cabin bags. This would include one large baggage of weight up to 10 kg and of dimensions 55, 40 and 20 cms and 1 small bag of dimensions 35, 20 and 20 cms. However, for non-Priority passengers, only 1 small cabin bag would be allowed. At the same time, the rules prohibit the carriage of wheelie baggage in cabin.

If passengers carry 2 cabin bags, the larger one would be put in hold at the gate itself for free. 

There is no allowance for infant except for a 5 kg weight of baby bag which is to be carried in cabin when traveling with an infant (upto 23 months of age).

Ryan Air also has a policy of carrying only 90 bags in a flight and any luggage above that limit will be put in the hold and carried free of cost. Passengers with priority boarding privileges will not be asked to put their bags in the hold.

Check-in Baggage Allowance and Fees

There is no free checked baggage allowance on Ryanair flights. Each passenger is allowed to check in 2 bags by paying a fee on 20 kgs at the time of making the initial bookings.  20 kg check in baggage weight would be allowed on flights from January 15, 2018. This will be a raise from 15 kg check in baggage weight. Also, from January 15, 2018, there will be a reduction in the fee for check in bag from Euro 35 to Euro 25 per bag. Fee rates can vary from time to time. During the peak seasons, these are generally high.  

Check-in baggage fee of EUR 25/GBP 25 is to be paid by using the online medium at the time of ticket booking. However, if this is booked later on, either online or at the airport, the charges are EUR 40/GBP 40 per bag. Extra EUR/GBP 10 may be charged for festive season. 

Excess Baggage Fee

Excess baggage fee is to be paid only at the airports. This is EURO/GBP 10 per kilo and is not available for payment online. 

Ryanair also allows sharing or pooling of purchased checked luggage allowances. If any passenger is found to be exceeding his personal allowance (for which he/she has already paid the fee), he/she will be required to pay excess charges (these charges also vary from time to time). Send us your query below and we will update you on the currently prevailing rates of excess baggage.

The only things which can be carried free of charge as checked in baggage are:

  • the fully collapsible pushchair/baby sling/travel system per child, and
  • car seat/booster seat/ travel cot
  • mobility Equipment

All other items of infant or child will be charged at GBP 10 or EUR 10 per item per one way flight, provided that each such item does not exceed 20 kgs in weight.
Any individual item of more than 32 kgs of weight is not to be permitted as checked baggage except for mobility equipments.

There is no checked baggage allowance for an infant seated on the lap of an adult. However, there is a fee component of Euro or GBP 20 per infant per one way flight.


Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Diane Sellers

Posted on 15-Jan-2020
it ive paid to check in 10 kilos of luggage what can I carry on to the plane with ryanair?

Admin Reply :

What are the items which you intend to bring on the plane as carry on baggage? Please mention the name of these items so that we can tell you whether that would be allowed or not.

Greg Lamont

Posted on 25-Sep-2015
What is the fee for each bag checked in, (non-carry on), for flights between Dublin Ireland and London GWT?

Admin Reply :

Since it is a high season till Sep 30, you will have to pay Euro 25 or GBP 25 for 15 kg 1st and 2nd piece of baggage. For 1st 20 kg baggage, you will have to pay Euro/GBP 35.

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