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jetBlue Check-In and Boarding

Passengers have the option of checking in on jetBlue flights either online or at the airport. While checking online, they have the option of using the web medium or the mobile apps platform of jetBlue. And, while using the airport check in facility, they can either come to the check in desk or use the kiosks which are kept these.

jetBlue Online Check In

Online check in facility is available 24 hours in advance of travel date and is open till 90 minutes before date of travel, both for domestic and international flights.

If jetBlue mobile app is being used then check-in time requirement is 45 minutes before domestic and 90 minutes before international lights.

It is available only on confirmed tickets.

Boarding pass of jetBlue is available within 24 hours of departure time. You shall ideally have a printed boarding pass, but if you do not have it, you can have a mobile boarding pass by using its mobile.

Passengers with checked-in baggage are required to leave their bags at drop off area.

It is not necessary to be a TrueBlue member to avail online check in facility. Passengers can use this facility to check in up to 10 bags.

jetBlue Kiosk Check In

Kiosk machine kept at the airports can be used for checking in to jetBlue flights. These machines can be accessed using either confirmation number, log-in of TrueBlue, TrueBlue membership number, credit card or by scanning the itinerary barcode.

If you have a check in baggage, kiosk check-in can be used from 6 hours before the flight departure date. If there is no check-in luggage, this can be done 24 hours before scheduled departure time.

Kiosk check in can be used to pay baggage fees, see availability of pets, pay the fee of pet and even uncheck. However, uncheck cannot be done within 30 minutes of domestic and 60 minutes of international travel.

Kiosk check in is available on all BlueCities of domestic routes. Only Nassau at Bahamas and Montego Bay at Jamaica are the international cities offer kiosk check-in.

Web or Kiosk check in is not available for:

a)Unaccompanied Minors

b)More than 10 passengers on same PNR

c)Unconfirmed reservation passengers

d)Passengers requiring special assistance

e)Passengers who have bought extra seat

f)Passengers who have bought extra bag

jetBlue Airport Check-in

If there are no check-in bags, check-in shall happen up to 30 minutes before domestic flight departure and 60 minutes before international flight departure.

If there are check in bags, then check in baggage is accepted from 6 hours prior to scheduled flight departure time. It is not accepted after 40 minutes from departure of domestic flights and 60 minutes from departure of international flights.

On-boarding shall happen 15 minutes before flight time.

jetBlue Remote Check-in

Remote check-in refers to availing the boarding passes even passengers have not even reached the airport and without using the web check-in. jetBlue has partnered with BAGS company which offers services to customers at different locations such as at hotels, off-parking areas of airports, convention centers, car rental areas and also on-board the cruise ships. This service can be availed by visiting any of the remote check in properties which are operated and managed by BAGS. There are nominal charges to be paid for this service. Fee ranges from USD 0 to USD 20.  

jetBlue Curbside Check In

Curbside check-in is another option of checking in to jetBlue flights. Passengers can simply leave their checked-in baggage outside of the airport. No cash is accepted and only credit cards are acceptable. Fee is on per check-in baggage, and not for checking-in. So, if you do not have a check-in baggage, no fee needs to be paid. This service can be used to check-in during the hours of operation of the airport. 

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Sofia Tranberg

Posted on 19-Jan-2020
If you haven’t already checked in online or via the JetBlue mobile app, you can check in at a kiosk using your confirmation code, passport, credit card, TrueBlue number or barcode. You can also print your boarding pass and bag tags on the spot, whether you previously checked in or not. (Don’t forget to remove old tags before applying your bag tag to checked luggage.) Have your ID ready. A crewmember will weigh and scan your bag. And you’ll be on your way! Crewmembers will always be available to assist or answer any questions.

Admin Reply :


Lawrence Patricks

Posted on 04-Nov-2019
What are the requirements for prescription drugs such as insulin. Weight size of liquids such as shampoo.

Admin Reply :

Drugs can be taken in cabin if these are required during the flight and you have the doctor prescription with you. Shampoo and other products are not allowed more than 100 ml in cabin baggage and these too have to be kept in a separate transparent tamper evident bag for ease of inspection. 


Posted on 16-Jul-2019
Great Information!

Admin Reply :

Thanks Mr. Darpan

Arlene M Bell

Posted on 27-May-2019
want to pay for my luggage now for tomorrow departure

Admin Reply :

You can add it online on the website of the jetBlue airline. Please visit the 'My Trips' section of the website for this purpose. Else this can be added at the airport counter as well

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