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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Baggage Allowance

KLM Royal Dutch Airline allows generous cabin and check-in baggage allowances.

Cabin baggage

The hand luggage allowance is dependent on class of travel. Following table gives information in this respect. As the airline operates different airplanes, there might be different overhead bin sizes. This might warrant that your cabin bag be placed in check-in free of cost even when the allowances are being met.


European and Intercontinental

No of pcs

Total Weight


Economy Class

1 pcs + 1 accessory item

12 kg max

55 x 35 x 25 cm

Business Class

2 pcs  + 1 accessory item

18 kg max

55 x 35 x 25 cm

An accessory item could be a laptop bag, hand bag or briefcase.

Passengers booked on Light fare tickets can only take cabin baggage.

Check-in Baggage


European and Intercontinental

No of pcs

Total Weight


Economy Class

1 bag

23 kg max

upto 158 cm

Business Class

2 bags  

Each 32 kg max

upto 158 cm


Frequent flyer members

Flying Blue Silver, Gold and Platinum, and, SkyTeam Elite and Elite Plus members can bring 1 extra check-in baggage as per their cabin class free allowances.


Extra baggage allowance


Up to €10 discount on 1st paid check-in baggage on Air France, KLM and HOP! flights worldwide


1 extra baggage allowance on flights operated by Aircalin, SkyTeam, HOP!,  and on Air Corsica flights to/from Corsica.


1 extra baggage allowance on flights operated by Aircalin, SkyTeam, HOP!  and on Air Corsica flights to/from Corsica.


1 extra baggage allowance on flights operated by Aircalin, SkyTeam, HOP!  and on Air Corsica flights to/from Corsica.

Infants and Children

If separate ticket has been bought for child, same cabin and check-in baggage allowance would apply as in case of adults.

For infants, the passenger can carry one hand baggage with personal care items of the baby. Size and weight shall be as per allowance.

1 check-in bag of max 10 kg is also allowed.

In case Light tickets have been bought, there is no check-in baggage allowance for infants on flights from France to Caribbean, South and Central America and Reunion islands, and also for flights between Europe and French Guiana, Guadeloupe, United States, Canada, Martinique and Reunion.

Buy Extra Baggage Online

You have the option to buy more weight or more pieces of baggage online at a discounted rate as compared to the airport rates. Further, the Flying Blue frequent flyer members get another Euro 10 discount on first additional check-in baggage if they buy it before 24 hours from the scheduled flight departure time.

The airline provides a calculator to determine what it will cost to buy additional piece or more weight in a baggage up to 32 kg.

Baggage Through Check-in on Connecting Flights

If you have a single ticket itinerary and are having connections of less than 24 hour duration, generally, the baggage is sent off to the final destination. The baggage tag always comes with your final destination. However, please note that in the following cases, the through check-in of baggage would not be possible:

  • 2 more tickets have been bought from different airlines

  • Transfer is to happen from an intercontinental flight to a domestic one

  • There is a change of airport at the connecting point

  • Some part of your journey is covered by rail or bus.

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled


Posted on 30-Jan-2020
I’m flying to Czech Republic Prague from Beijing and my baggage is not checked through in Amsterdam to Prague, what’s the best solution for this as I have no transit visa. Is it possible to ask the stuff to get my luggage for me??

Admin Reply :

Please check this with the airline and try to persuade the immigration authorities about it. You can also contact your embassy in this country, if you need their help.

narasimhulu 599435706070

Posted on 10-Nov-2019
I have booked two tickets from Bangalore to Phoenix az USA and return in Royal KLM Dutch Lete know the frerbaggage.

Admin Reply :

If yours is an economy ticket, allowance is 1 bag of up to 23 kg in check-in and 1 carryon and 1 accessory item of total 12 kg weight.  Size of check in bag shall not exceed 158 cm linear dimensions and that of carry on baggage shall not be more than 115 cm linear dimensions.

narasimhulu 599435706070

Posted on 10-Nov-2019
Let me know the free check in baggage for two adults from Bangalore to usa

Admin Reply :

Allowance given in earlier mail on per person (adult or child, not infant) basis.

Julie Watson

Posted on 10-Jun-2019
Good day, we have booked flights with Mytrip 3 x adults and 2 x children. We couldn't pay bfor baggage, and we cannot add it. We are flying from Manchester operated by virgin via Atlanta then Delta onwards to Florida. can yu please advise how may cases and what size we can take and what the cost will be for example 23kg bags return, aslo do we have to pay again in Atlanta for luggage? Thank you Julie

Admin Reply :

1 check in bag of up to 23 kg is the free allowance and a hand baggage of 12 kg is also free. This is for economy class passengers. Return journey will also entail same free allowance and you will have to pay for excess baggage for both legs of journey.


Posted on 04-Dec-2018
i want to additional baggage?from Catania Italy to

Admin Reply :

You can buy it online on the website of the KLM Dutch airline. The website also provides a calculator to know how much is it going to cost you.

Calculator can be found here:

For your route, if you want to take an extra bag of 23 kg, then you will have to pay Euro 100 at airport or Euro 80 when you buy online.

You can also make use of My Trip section of the website to login to your account and add the baggage. This can be done by visiting 

Also, please read through the terms and conditions for buying the excess baggage online ahead of your travel date. 

If there is any other information you are looking for, please let us know. 

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