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Singapore Airlines Special Assistance

Singapore Airlines provides special assistance for people with different types of disabilities. These include the following categories of passengers:

Having Sensory Impairment

Patients having vision and hearing impairment are required to notify the airline 48 hours ahead of their departure. Emergency exit row seat are not offered. A safety assistant is required if there is a hindrance in communication between the passenger and the staff of airline. Airline offers assistance in preboarding, to/from gates and flight connections, unpackaging and identification of food (for visually impaired). However, no assistance is offered for consumption of meals and performance of restroom functions.


Pets are either accompanied or unaccompanied by passengers.

In case pets accompany a passenger, these are treated as a part of checked baggage in the cargo section. However, this is restricted to cats and dogs of specific breeds and on certain sectors of travel. It is only the service dogs that are allowed in the cabin of the airplane. Further, if you are travelling with some other pet than dog or cat, then Singapore Airlines will treat it only as an unaccompanied pet.

Unaccompanied Minors

At first, children below 5 years are not allowed to travel alone on Singapore Airlines. Further, for the children between 5 to 18 years of age, special assistance is provided by the carrier if the child is not accompanied by an adult aged 18 years or above. This service is mandatory for children between 5 to 12 years of age but is optional for children between 12 and 18 years of age.

An important point to note that is that the “UM Handling Form” is required to be filled and the booking shall not be done online, through the website. You will be required to establish a direct contact with the airline for this service. However, if the child is aged 12-18 years and you want to waive this facility, then you can make the booking online, or through the agent or airline office and, thereafter, fill out the waiver form provided there and then contact the airline office to inform them of the required waiver.

Infants are not recommended for travel within 7 days of their birth and definitely not within the first 48 hours of their birth.

Mobility Aids and Wheelchairs

In general, if you are travelling using the mobile aids such as wheelchair, you are required to give a prior notice of 48 hours so that special arrangements can be made. This is also the requirement when you are travelling in a group having more than 10 wheelchair assisted people or when you are using the wet cell battery operated wheelchair. You are also required to arrive early for your flight.

Expectant Mothers

Expectant mothers having single or multiple uncomplicated pregnancies are not allowed to travel beyond 36th and 32nd week of pregnancy respectively.

However, these mothers having single or multiple uncomplicated pregnancies are required to produce a medical certificate for traveling during 29th to 36th and 29th to 32nd week of pregnancy respectively. The certificate shall state fitness to travel, number of weeks for which mother has been pregnant and the approximate time of delivery.

No medical certificate is need if expectant mother is traveling within 28th week of pregnancy and there in uncomplicated single or multiple pregnancies.

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Enquiry on assistance for preggors

Posted on 21-Jul-2019
Hello I will be going on a flight next week, and was wondering if I need to notify the airline in advance for special assistance when pregnant

Admin Reply :

You just have to check the airline policies in this respect. Advance notification is not required unless you want any special assistance from airline. However, do check the progress of pregnancy till the date of travel and know about airline policy regarding need of fit to fly certificate.


Posted on 03-Jun-2016
I m traveling to singapore on my 25th week of my pregnancy and have to return to india by 35th week is it possible to travel during that edd is on nov 9th by wat date i can return to india

Admin Reply :

If you are coming on Singapore Airlines only, there is no issue till 36th week of pregnancy in case of normal pregnancy. However, you will need a Fit to Fly Certificate. 

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