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easyJet requires you to inform it in advance by at least 48 hours from flight time for any special assistance required.

How to seek special assistance from easyJet?

You can do so at the time of booking tickets when you are adding the passengers. You can also do it after tickets are booked by visiting Manage My Booking Section. Special assistance team can also be contact via phone for any such request. Another alternative is to approach via email but this approach shall be done at least 14 days before the flight.

Pregnant Women

If yours is a single pregnancy, then you can travel up to 35th week of pregnancy. If multiple pregnancies are there, then upto 32nd week. If you have booked for return journey as well, then it must of completed within this time frame only.

Wheelchair Passengers

Passengers with wheelchair are allowed to bring their wheelchairs so long as these are able to go through the door of  cargo section, which is 1.5 meter wide by 1.24 meter high.

Powered wheelchairs that require special handling has to be given to our Ground Crew before the flight. Before arriving at the airport, you are also required to email the Special Assistance Team information about the type, size and weight of battery.

It is to be noted that wet cell battery powered wheelchairs are not allowed on board the airline. You can only bring the one powered by gel and dry-cell batteries.

Personal wheelchairs are put in hold.

Blind  Passengers

Visually challenged passengers are give full assistance right from the airport, into the plane and on arrival at destination (passing through baggage reclaim, immigration and to the point from where you would leave the airport.

While in flight, cabin crew helps in locating oxygen mask, life jacket and with your seatbelt. Movement to/from toilet and opening of food/drink are other helps provided.

Hearing Impaired passengers

For the passengers who are deaf or hard of hearing, the assistance is provide on ground at the airports of arrival and departure and also in the flight.

easyJet cabin crew members are trained to communicate with the deaf passengers in Sign language and they can hold a separate safety briefing for them.

Carriage of Assistance Dogs

If dogs are being carried to assist a disabled person, then easyJet would permit those that are trained by an organization which is affiliated to or approved by one of the following:

  1. International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF)

  2. Assistance Dogs International (ADI)

  3. Assistance Dogs UK (ADUK)

All proper documentation, including the health certificates of the vet are required.

Self-certified dogs are not accepted on-board easyJet.


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