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S7 Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

S7 Priority is the frequent flyer program of S7 airline. This is a program in which you can earn and spend miles on this airline as well as on its partners. This program has following features:

  • Exchange of miles can be done on award flights of 16 airlines

  • Spend the miles for other near and dear ones

  • Benefits to be availed on oneworld alliance member airlines as well

  • Adults and children more than 2 years of age can become its members

  • Registration can be done online, through contact center and through a program partner

  • 500 miles on registration using online or contact center method to be availed after the first flight by adults and children of more than 12 years age and 1000 miles by a child more than 2 years but less than 12 years.

  • For flights travelled on S7 airlines during the 6 month period preceding the registration, miles can be claimed retrospectively.

Partners of S7 participating in this program are companies operating in domain of airlines, s7-tinkoff, travel and entertainment, hotels, car rentals, charity, insurance, shopping (online and otherwise), restaurants and other banking products.

Earning Miles

  1. S7 Airlines and Partners

  2. Payment for goods and services using the joint payment cards

  3. Use of services of other partners.

Spend Miles

  1. Award tickets for S7 beginning 6000 miles per one-way ticket. Award tickets for partner airlines from 7500 miles onwards for both one-way and return.

  2. Award tickets for oneworld Alliance flights

  3. Upgrades of service for S7. This can be done not later than 24 hrs before departure time of flight using the contact center and at the airport desk no later than 3 hrs before flight departure time. Make use of 6500 miles for upgrade from Economy to Business class.

  4. Transfer of miles to another member, up to a limit of 10000 miles.

  5. Charity

Partner Airlines of S7

American Airlines

Cathay Pacific

British Airways




Japan Airlines


Malaysia Airlines


Qatar Airways

Royal Jordanian


Srilankan Airlines

Membership Tiers

Classic: You become a classic member on joining.

Silver: You become a silver member by gathering 20000 status miles or flying on 20 flights in a calendar year.

Gold: Gold membership can be attained by earning 50000 status miles or flying on 50 flights in a calendar year.

Platinum: This level can be attained by flying 75000 status miles or flying on 75 flights in a calendar year.

Kindly note that the above-said calculations are based on Economy class ticket. Business class flight be twice of economy flight.

Status of tier can be maintained for rest of the year in which it is attained and also for the next year.

Miles Purchase

S7 airlines also provides the service of purchasing the miles in order to travel on a award flight. However, there are certain conditions for it.

  • You have got to be a Priority member.

  • You have taken at least one flight of S7 this or previous year.

  • The fare bought by you is eligible for accrual of mileage.

  • The upper limit of miles you can buy in a calendar year is limited to 10000 miles only.

Miles Transfer

  • Transfer of miles can happen when there are at least 500 miles to spend in account for transfer and you have flown at least once after becoming a Priority Program member.

  • No more than 10000 miles can be transferred in a year.

  • Transaction cannot be cancelled.

  • It costs RUB 375 for a minimum transfer package of miles.

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